18 Best Sites for Cricket Betting Tips and Today’s Match Prediction

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It is everyone’s dream to get maximum fun from doing the things they love. Every good cricket fan is not left out, as this need is what led to the creation of cricket betting websites around the world. If you have a love for the game and enjoy the thrill while betting on your favorite team, then this is for you. We have created this site to guide you for better online cricket betting experience.

As we need frequent tips and pieces of advice to win in cricket betting, we have analyzed some best cricket match predictions sites that can take our winning odds to the next level.

Our expert team scrutinized the internet for the best cricket betting tips websites and narrowed down the top 18 sites based on their general performance, what they have to offer, their winning percentages, update frequency, how many tournaments they cover, professionalism, amongst other metrics.

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As you already know, there are a ton of these sites on the internet; however, our research team has been able to sift out the best sites. We performed in-depth interviews with top cricket bettors and gained insider information on the ingenuity and profitability of these websites. These sites consistently churn out valuable cricket betting information. Also, they aided the betting decisions of many professional cricket bettors for many years. 


The Top 10 – Highly Recommended


1. Onlinecricketbetting.net

onlinecricketbetting.net was established in 2009 by its founders Adrian and Jon to provide cricket betting guide and become the world’s leading cricket betting tips website. Just like us, this site aims at helping bettors around the globe to find the best guideline about online cricket betting. They offer quality cricket betting advice to fans around the world. They always ensure that their audience stays up-to-date with the best cricket match prediction on the internet.

They currently cover 34 different cricket tournaments and provide excellent betting tips on most matches in each tournament. Although they are still unable to cover all matches, they are quite professional in their approach. Onlinecricketbetting.net has a reputation for giving better win percentage in betting tips for every game they cover. The tips are provided by them are trusted by many professional bettors.

2. Cricketbetting.net

CricketBetting.net is another great website popularly known for the stellar cricket betting guide they offer to their audience. They were founded in 2013 and have a wide range of offerings from sportsbook tips, match odds, in-play betting etc. This gives them an edge in the crickets betting space as they ensure that all betting needs are available in one place.

This site is great for both newbies and professional cricket bettors. CricketBetting.net goes out of its way to do extensive research before making any recommendations. They also constantly update these recommendations in line with performance. Their offer includes cricket betting tips based on metrics specified by their team of professionals. Additionally, they add a few tutorials to accommodate the needs of newbies.


OLBG was established in the UK in 2002 to serve as a guide to other top notch betting sites. They offer the best information to guide cricket bettors in making the best betting decisions. Being one of the oldest, they have a reputation amongst the crickets betting community. OLBG currently boasts of serving about 500,000 online sports bettors in more than one way. They were established just a year after Bet365 and currently claim to have the most knowledgeable sports betting community in the UK.

OLBG has professional analysts who share their insights and knowledge of real-life experiences on various online cricket betting sites. They do this consistently by giving user reviews while discussing on their specialized sports forums. The site also offers free bets, betting strategies and betting tips.  Occasionally, they provide detailed insights into the major cricket matches they cover but you can’t always count on it. The site does not have a strong focus on cricket because they cover many sports.

4. Cricket World

Cricketworld.com is an authority website in the cricket community as they have a strong focus on the game and offer a wide range of services. They provide cricket betting information, cricket betting guide, lives scores and cricket match predictions. Cricket World has a reputation for providing insightful editorial coverage of all major cricket tournaments. They have also been operational since 1987, making them the oldest crickets betting tips company on the list.

As a company, they have a focus on the development and protection of the future of cricket as a sport. They are based in the UK and trusted by many due to their wealth of experience from being one of the oldest establishments in operation. Cricket World currently covers 30 tournaments around the world across 17 major countries and the rest of the world. Their reputation precedes them, as one of the most consistent, and reliable sources of cricket betting tips available on the internet today.

5. Bettingtop10

Bettingtop10 is another betting website based in India. They offer many sports betting tips for different kinds of sports. Bettingtop10 also has a strong focus on cricket due to their large fan base in India. Over the years, they have consistently offered excellent and reliable sports betting tips and reviews to their global audience. They have excellent insight into the game even going further to analyze the impact of weather on each cricket game. Bettintop10 consistently releases cricket reports to help their cricket fans in their betting decisions.

6. Betway Blog

Betway blog was established under the Betway brand in 2006 and is a prominent member of the European Sports Security Association. As a brand, their goal is to protect and develop the interests of all sports professionals in the UK. This goal has distinguished their offerings from other crickets betting website. They do not focus on just crickets alone and offer services across the entire sporting world. 

 The team of professionals ensures that they provide expert advice. However, when compared to other cricket betting tips sites, their coverage is quite small. They cover quite a small number of cricket matches and this might not be sufficient for professional bettors. Professional bettors require cricket betting tips from games in all major tournaments across the world. So, a website with a broader coverage would be ideal for them. It is no news that Betway Blog has had a bad history with their audience in the past. However, they have consistently improved the quality of their services over the years.

 7. Betfair Blog

Betfair Blog is similar to Betway Blog in many ways. They also cover a wide range of sports and offer a minute amount of cricket betting tips when compared to other cricket focused sites. Betfair is a top-notch international sports betting and gaming operator. It was established in London in 2016 and currently runs some of the world’s largest sports betting brands like Betfair, Sportsbet, FanDuel, TVG, and Paddy Power.

They contribute the cricket community with cricket updates of what is happening in matches across the world. Betfair Blog covers eight major countries mostly in Europe. This can be quite valuable in betting decisions. They also provide cricket betting prediction from time to time, but it is not their priority as they have a wide range of services to focus on in the cricket space. Most professional sports bettors who crave a variety of options might not find their services satisfactory enough to meet their needs.

8. BettingPro.com.au

This is a sport betting tips website based in Australia with a large focus on the general sporting audience. By implication, they also provide cricket betting tips and news updates but they do not specialize in it. The information they provide has been proven to be reliable over the years. However, they cover only major cricket tournaments especially the ones in Europe.

They are great for newbies who are looking to establish their cricket betting prowess. However, professional bettors would need a site that provides more insight into their betting decisions. Nonetheless, they have a professional touch to their information delivery and provide reliable high-level information on the cricket games they cover. BettinPro.com.au is great for bettors who have a strong focus on European matches. However, for those looking for insights into less popular matches, it is best to make use of other sites

9. Betting Pro

Also established in 2006, Betting Pro is one of the major cricket betting tips sites available today. They offer news updates and tips from major cricket games around the world. Betting Pro caters to their community daily by consistently releasing relevant information that is useful for making excellent betting decisions. They currently cover 10 cricket tournaments and this is quite small when compared to the competition.

Regardless of their small coverage, they do it quite professionally and have built a reputation in their competency over the years. They also cover most other types of sports and this reduces their ability to cover the cricket games in more detail. However, their constant ability to keep their audience happy cannot be questioned.

 10. Topbettingtips.net

Of all the sites listed so far, Topbettingtips.net is the newest in the game. They were established in 2017 and currently cover 16 cricket tournaments around the world. They provide cricket betting tips, update their audience with betting laws. A great thing about them is that they recommend cricket betting sites and provide cricket news updates daily.

Additionally, they have grown fast within a short time to have a positive reputation for themselves among the cricket community and have shown no signs of slowing down. Their persistence has put them in direct competition with the biggest cricket betting advice sites. A unique thing about them is that they have a strong focus on a younger sports audience. However, they are unable to provide in-depth analysis due to limited staff, making most of their information just general overviews.


Additional – Require More Research


11. Criclines.com

Criclines.com is another cricket website that provides cricket betting forecast on every day’s match predictions.  These match predictions help bettors in placing their betting on matches. However, there is little or no information about their origin, credibility or where they were founded. Nonetheless, the quality of their information shows that they have a strong potential for growth.

12. Cricfrog.com

Cricfrog is a small website that was established in 2015 and has grown in popularity among the cricket community. They are known for their match prediction services on cricket.  It is mentionable here that the value of their offerings makes them quite unique from competitors. If they choose to expand their services in the future, they already have an audience that trusts the quality of information they offer. They certainly have the experience and a certain level of credibility to their name in certain countries.

13. Govcarrers.com

Govcarrers.com is a cricket website that provides match predictions and dream 11 predictions as well. The company covers major cricket matches and tries to keep things simple. They do not show as much confidence in their match predictions. Govcarrers.com does not provide live scores, but their predictions’ articles are consistent. There is little information about their reputation, but from all indications, they intend to keep their offerings simple. This can be a bad thing because it would be a bit difficult for them to easily compete with the much bigger sites. However, if cricket fans need a place to find straightforward information, they would know where to look.

14. Cricdiction.com

The primary focus of this site is to remain on the cricket game. There is a little information available about them and they are not as popular as the other sites on this list. Cricdiction.com, however, made our list based on the consistency of information production. They do not cover many tournaments but compensate for this by providing bettors with match prediction and cricket betting advising. This is a site that would work well for beginner bettors as they break down all the information for newbies.

15. Crickhighlights.net

Crickhighlights.net is a growing cricket betting forecasting website that offers its audience regular information about cricket matches. Their coverage is quite small and they feed off information on the more credible cricket sites.  Either way, they are not recommendable for professional bettors as they have not built a reputation strong enough for us to make recommendations. However, for those new to the betting society, they are worth a shot.

16. Cricketmatchpredictions.in

Cricketmatchpedictions.net, as the name implies, provides major match predictions for cricket bettors. There is little information available about their base of operations and credibility. However, they claim to have made 700 match predictions of which 620 of them have been accurate. This is an impressive achievement, which makes it more surprising that they are not as popular as most other sites. However, their coverage still remains small, it is quite likely that they grow rapidly with their current success rate.

17. Matchespredictions.com

Matchespredictions.com is a mildly bigger site that offers cricket betting tips across twelve major tournaments. They were established in 2017 and have a success rate of 90% based on their match prediction algorithm. Moreover, they offer consistent cricket betting prediction to their audience with insights. Matchespdictions.com also provides cricket news updates that are relevant to professional and upcoming bettors. The company has had a strongly positive but still growing reputation over the past few months.

18. Crickpick.in

Crickpick.in is another small cricket website that provides match forecasting to its audience. The company hasn’t quite formed a reputation for themselves as the content they release is small when compared to the competition. They are however still a worthy mention based on their consistency. When it comes to Cricket betting advice, they try to offer the prediction for major matches. Furthermore, they also offer android apps to handle some of their specialized betting packages like dream 11 and this can be attractive for a younger audience. Nonetheless, the insights they provide into most matches are never in-depth enough for professional bettors.


In conclusion, when betting, it is important to have your facts right before making decisions. One wrong move could cost cricket fans a fortune. Our team has been able to narrow down the best cricket betting sites for you to choose from. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend these three, based on their consistency, authority, experience, and reliability; Onlinecricketbetting.net, Cricketbetting.net and Cricket World. However, it is worthy to note that regardless of our recommendations, cricket betting can be very tricky. So, make sure you do all the necessary research before engaging in it. Either way, have fun, enjoy the game and make some money while at it too.

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