Cricket Draw No Bet Betting

The Best Cricket Draw No Bet Betting Sites

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  • Great Cricket World Cup betting markets
  • Extensive team cricket team based betting
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  • Good betting options for T20 cricket y
  • Live streaming of certain sports
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  • Asian Handicap market offered for soccer
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Top 5 Best Cricket Draw No Bet Betting Sites 

  1. bet365
  2. Netbet
  3. Novibet
  4. Unibet
  5. 10bet

What Is Draw No Bet Betting? 

The first question everyone asks is always what is draw no bet? Simply put, draw no bet betting removes the draw outcome in the match winner betting market. This means you will either bet on a home or an away win, with the result of a draw being null and void, resulting in you being refunded your stake if the match ends in a tie.

This market has become a very popular cricket betting market with both experienced bettors and those that want to minimise risk in their betting. For example, if you were to bet on India vs Pakistan and you are not overly convinced by either team definitely winning, then you can utilise the draw no bet market. If you backed India in the draw no bet market than if India win, your bet will come in. If the match ends in a draw, your stake will be returned. If Pakistan win, then you will lose the amount your wagered.

bet365 cricket market*Odds correct at 13:23 BST on 29/3/2021

How To Bet On Draw No Bet

The draw no bet betting market can be easily found under the markets of a glut of different sports. For cricket for example, click onto the cricket tab on the left-hand side or at the top of the page. From here, navigate yourself to a particular match and search for the ‘draw no bet’ market.

Usually, this market will be found under a Test cricket match if you are looking to use it solely for cricket, which is something we will go into more detail later. You can also utilise draw no bet betting markets with a number of other sports too.

Draw No Bet Betting Tips

There are not too many pieces of advice that regular draw no bet bettors choose to follow. However, below we have amalgamated the most important, with these five factors important when using this market for cricket betting.

Don’t be afraid to back the underdog

In few markets will you have such a good chance to back the underdog with the risk on your bet reduced. In the draw no bet market, you eliminate the third option meaning that you can only lose due to one result, with the team you backed against able to see your bet lose while a draw will see your wager returned.

This simply means that when you back on the underdog, you will get longer odds than if you backed the favourite, while in two of the three scenarios, the worst situation is that you have your stake refunded.

Find evenly priced teams

If two sides go into a game evenly priced, then it stands to reason that both their chances of winning are similar. This means that protecting yourself against any potential draw is ideal as backing a draw in cricket is not always the best move as few teams go out of their way to draw a match, unless they are right up against it in the clash.

Utilise the smaller leagues

As with any sport, the bookies will use a lot of resources researching their markets for the biggest leagues in the world. The likes of the Cricket World Cup, IPL, Big Bash and the Ashes will see a lot of interest from both bookmaker and bettor, meaning all markets will be well-priced.

However, in a smaller competition like the Afghanistan Premier League, which is not as popular in cricket betting, you may see that teams are not priced up correctly. In this instance, a market such as draw no bet may work well if you can back the ‘underdog’ at good odds that you believe has every chance of beating the supposed favourite.

Do your research

As with any sport and betting market, any bet you make should be backed up by research, and this is doubly true for draw no bet betting. If you look into the two teams before the game starts then you may see that one side is something of a bogey team against their opponents.

For example, if South Africa have beaten Australia in five of their last 10 matches and drawn twice, then a positive result for the former is likely according to the stats even though they have been struggling of late.

You may be wary of the draw as this has happened in two of the last four matches so, by backing the Proteas in the draw no bet market you have protected yourself from a stalemate. Doing research before you bet is vital, and it can save you a lot of heartache, especially in this market.

Use draw no bet for Test cricket

Draw no bet betting is ideal for games and matches that are as likely to end in a draw. For fans of T20 and ODI cricket, this means that the draw no bet market is not massively relevant as the games themselves do not often end in a draw.

This is why this market is best utilised in Test match cricket. Test matches are renowned for going the full distance across five days and ending in a draw. This is why backing a side in the draw no bet betting market makes sense in Test match cricket as it protects your bet from losing due to a draw because of the weather, for example.

Draws happen often in Test matches and if you can protect your bet from this, then you should do so. You can also look to further improve your knowledge of the game by watching more Test cricket, which you can do through the best live cricket streaming sites.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Other Sports With Draw No Bet Betting

Draw no bet betting is not just confined to cricket. Indeed, it is probably best used with other sports in which the draw is far more likely. Below, we have gone over the biggest sports that offer draw no bet betting.

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League

Alternative Betting Markets To Draw No Bet

Below, we have explained a few of the most popular betting markets that are similar to draw no bet betting, with these markets focussing on many of the same elements as draw no bet markets.

Match Winner

bet365 cricket match winner

*Odds correct at 13:25 BST on 29/3/2021

The match winner market allows you to wager on which team you think will win the game. Here, you will usually see options like England to win, India to win or draw. You will then wager on one of these outcomes. Unlike the draw no bet betting market which completely omits the possibility of you losing your money if the match ends in a draw, if you were to choose either side to win and the game ends in a stalemate, you will lose your stake.

This market will see longer odds on either side to win as there are three possible outcomes here, rather than the two in the draw no bet betting market. You will not be able to solely bank on one of the sides winning then, and it is worth doing your research on how often a draw happens as this will usually offer pretty good odds, especially in a football match. This sort of market is incredibly popular in many of the top cricket tournaments as fans love to back their own team.

Best Betting Site For Match Winner: bet365

Handicap Markets

bet365 handicap market

*Odds correct at 13:27 BST on 29/3/2021

The handicap market sees you backing a team with a handicap for or against them. If a handicap is against a team, then this will see them have to overcome a negative handicap.

For example, in soccer, a handicap of -1.5 goals is common. This means that your chosen team must beat their opponents by two goals or more for your bet to win. If Chelsea beat Liverpool 4-1, then your bet would win as Chelsea have won by more than then 1.5 goal handicap. However, if they were to win 2-1, then your bet would lose as they did not overturn the handicap.

You can also back the handicap the opposite way too. You can handicap a team positively, although this is generally done to a weaker team in order to increase your chances of winning when backing them. If you back Burnley with a +1.5 goal handicap then your bet would win even if they lost by a single goal. However, if they lost 3-1 then your bet would lose as the opposite team has overturned the handicap amount.

If used correctly, there is a lot of value to be found in handicap betting, although it takes a lot of research and skill to pick out the right level of handicap to apply to a team.

Best Betting Site For Handicap Markets: Unibet

Draw No Bet Betting FAQs

What is Draw No Bet betting?

Draw no bet betting is a market that omits the draw from standard match winner betting. Whereas you will have team A, Team B or draw options in the match winner market, draw no bet betting will take the draw out, meaning the only two options are technically Team A or Team B to win. If a draw occurs then you will have your stake returned, while if you back Team A and they win then your bet will come in, while you will lose if Team B win.

This market may see the odds of either side winning shorten in comparison to the match winner market, but it at least provides some protection for your bet by always returning your wager to you if the match ends in a draw.

Which are the best betting sites for draw no bet betting?

Any of the betting sites we have listed above will give you the draw no bet betting market along with good odds to use with it. However, in our opinion, bet365 are the best draw no bet betting site. Their mix of the markets for a range of sports, coupled with competitive odds, good features and an array of betting payment methods helps to elevate them above the rest to become the best cricket betting site.

Can I use draw no bet betting with all sports?

No, you will not be able to use the draw no bet market with all sports. Sports like soccer, cricket, rugby union and basketball all offer the market, and while others do too, there are more sports out there that have no place for the market. This may be because draws are not possible in the sport or they are incredibly uncommon, meaning the draw no bet betting market would serve little purpose to bettors.

What other betting markets are there to draw no bet?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to potential alternatives. If you are looking for betting markets that are similar, then you can wager on the match winner or handicap markets, while niche opportunities like to win the coin toss are also popular. If you are looking for markets outside of cricket, then you can back match winner and both teams to score market in football, while points betting in basketball is incredibly popular. Many of these markets will be readily available on the best in play betting sites too.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The draw no bet betting market is a fantastic chance for you to back a side in the match winner stakes without the worries of the game ending in a draw. By doing this, you will see the odds on either side shorten, but it will at least give you more security in your bet.

If you are going to utilise this market, then you should make sure that you do your research or you have followed the best cricket prediction in the world. This will ensure that you are not betting frivolously and that there is reasoning behind you backing a side in this market.

While draw no bet betting may not be utilised best with ODI or T20 cricket, meaning IPL betting will not usually feature the market, it is perfect for Test matches as draws are so common, making this a viable option with any sportsbook.

As usual, enjoy your yourself and bet smart.

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