Draw No Bet In Cricket: The Ultimate Guide

This blog is your 101 on draw no bet, a bet type that only grows in popularity by the day. In this article, we will explain what does ‘draw no bet' mean in cricket, how the market works, the various advantages of choosing draw no bet in cricket, and more.

Draw No Bet Meaning In Cricket

Match outcomes are usually binary – either counted as a win or a loss. However, there is another option of a draw or tie, where neither team wins or loses. The latter outcome makes up what is known as the three-way betting market.

In regular cricket betting scenarios, you win when the result on which you had placed your bet is achieved. The result is either a win, loss, or a draw. If either of the two outcomes on which you did not place bets occur, you lose the entire stake money.

Suppose that you place a bet on a certain team backing them to win. While your selection might indeed triumph, there is always the possibility that the match will end in a draw. Thus, even though your team did not lose, you lost the money.

This is where the Draw No Bet cricket betting market comes into the picture. It eliminates the option of a draw in the betting market, and your stake is refunded if the match couldn’t decide a winner, making a three-way betting market into a two-way betting market, and the betting risk is reduced.

Draw No Bet has become a very popular cricket betting market with not only experienced bettors, but also those who want to minimise risk. For example, if you were to bet on India vs Pakistan, and you are not overly convinced of either team scoring a definitive win, then you can opt for Draw No Bet for increased security.

How Does Draw No Bet Work?

To understand what is draw no bet in cricket, we'll clarify the concept with a simple example.

Suppose you place a Draw No Bet of ₹200 for India to win a Test match in a top cricket tournament like the ICC World Test Championship. The match can have three results: India winning, India losing, or a draw.

If, for some reason, by the end of the fifth day, no winner is declared, the match is declared to be a draw.

Now, if you had placed a regular bet (without the Draw No Bet option) for India to win the match, you would have lost the bet completely, since the match was drawn.

However, with a Draw No Bet, that ₹200 will be returned to you by the bookie.

The prime advantage of using Draw No Bet is that your stake is insured if the match ends in a draw result (which is quite common in Test cricket) – it is refunded to you, meaning you neither win nor lose your bet. The only drawback of the Draw No Bet is that the payouts you get are lower than those in the 1×2 market.

Advantages of Draw No Bet In Cricket

Here are some advantages of draw no bet in cricket:

  • The stake is returned if the match ends in a draw
  • Less risky than three-way betting markets
  • Helpful when both the teams are equally strong, and a draw is a strong possibility

Rules For Placing Draw No Bets In Cricket

1. The game should have draw as one of the outcomes

The Draw No Bet is only valid for games where the outcome of a draw is possible. These games include chess, cricket, football, hockey, and much more.

2. You can either bet on a win or a loss

You will need to bet on a team winning or losing the game. You are not allowed to bet on the possibility of a match being drawn.

3. You will get a refund only if there is a draw

If you place a Draw No Bet on your team winning a match, but your team loses the match, then you won’t receive the money back. In such bets, the stake money is returned only when there is a draw.

Scenarios Where Draw No Bet Bets Can be Placed

1. Normal bets

Many bookies offer Draw No Bet features in their normal bets, and the odds for this market are also available on their site so that you place the bet on the teams accordingly. Even if the Draw No Bet odds are not available on the site, you can calculate the odds for such bets yourself and make your own bet.

Here is how you can convert the 1×2 odds into Draw No Bet odds:

Suppose, the 1×2 odds for the game are,

India: 3.5
Draw: 3.80
South Africa: 1.90

The conversion formula is:

Draw No Bet Odds for team ‘A’ = (1- (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 odds for the team ‘A’

Let us consider that team ‘A’ is India, now the formula becomes:

Draw No Bet Odds for India = (1-(1/ 3.80))*3.5= 2.57


Draw No Bet Odds for South Africa = (1-(/ 3.80)*1.9 = 1.4

Suppose you have placed ₹200 on India. Here are the outcomes of the game:

Results Payout
India Wins You earn a profit ( ₹314)
Draw Your staked amount is returned
India lose You lose the staked amount (- ₹200)

With 1×2 odds, you can also calculate the stake Draw No Bet stakes.

The first step would be to calculate the stake on a draw.

Stake on a draw = total stake/draw odds = ₹200/3.80= ₹52.64

Draw No Bet stake on India= Total stake- stake on a draw= 200-52.64= ₹147.36

2. Accumulator bets

When you can combine all your selected betting markets in a single bet, it is called an accumulator bet. The stakes for this bet are very high, as to win an accumulator, each of your selections should result in a win. Otherwise, the whole bet will result in a loss, even if any of the matches couldn’t decide a winner.

This is where a Draw No Bet can be useful. By placing a Draw No Bet in an accumulator, you can ensure that you don’t lose the whole bet if some of your selections end up in a draw, and you may win the whole accumulator.

How to Make Draw No Bet Predictions

1. Study past stats

Go through the past records of the teams on which you would like to place your bets. Check their performance in the latest games. You should also look into the head-to-head stats of teams to get a clear understanding of their gameplay. Knowing the different stats of the home and away ground would also give a fair idea about them.

2. Research the teams

You can take a deep dive into the teams and look into the latest performances of the players to know their form and place your bets accordingly. Analysing the form of the players might give you more insight into how the match will go down.

3. Look for matches where the chances of a draw are low

This is one of the best ways to place a Draw No Bet. You can look for matches in which there is going to be a definite result, like in IPL betting matches, and increase your chances of winning the bet.

4. Dump the herd mentality

Don’t always bet on the team everyone is betting on. You will need to trust your gut feeling if you want to net higher earnings.

Sometimes you can win big if you bet on less-popular matches. This will again involve some research work. You must analyse the potential of upcoming teams and bet on their performances early on to take advantage of higher odds. Also read online cricket blogs from reputed bookmakers like 10CRIC to get your hands on some of the best cricket prediction in the world.

6. Use tools to track long-term team performances and identify Draw No Bet opportunities

There are several tools available online like Dutching, which can save you a lot of manual work and find the best Draw No Bet opportunities for you. These tools can maximise the odds of your bet and do everything in their power to save you from a loss. You can also find such tools as additional features in live cricket streaming sites and in play betting sites.

Draw No Bet FAQ

Is Draw No Bet worth it?

Yes. In a Draw No Bet, if a match is ended in a draw, your staked amount is given back to you. This way, you can use that amount to wager on some other games. Draw No Bet can be considered a way to gamble cautiously.

Which are the best cricket betting sites for Draw No Bets?

While we have already listed the top five cricket betting sites above, if we narrow down our list of the best cricket betting sites further 10CRIC and Unibet, will feature on the top of our list.

Can I use Draw No Bet in an accumulator?

Yes! Utilising a Draw No Bet in an accumulator is an excellent way to lower the odds and win the whole accumulator if one of your selections ends up in a draw.

Does Draw No Bet void the accumulator?

No, if the selections for which you have placed a Draw No Bet end up in a draw, then only those selections will be voided.

Which are some other sports that feature the Draw No Bet market?

Some of the games that have the possibility of a draw are cricket, football, hockey, chess, boxing, and racing sports.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Placing bets in the Draw No Bet market gives you an option to bet with low risk. These types of betting markets are especially beneficial for beginners who are new into the betting world and want to play safe.

As always, we recommend you to research and select value over everything else while placing bets. Be safe, bet safe!

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