Your Guide to Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh (2021)

Online cricket betting in Bangladesh is almost as popular as it is in India. Punters in this part of the world can gamble on a host of international matches that happen all year round. We'll be looking at the best online betting sites in Bangladesh, as well as betting tips and markets, standard deposit options, and much more!


Top 10 Online Cricket Betting Sites in Bangladesh

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  • Competitive cricket betting odds and ball-by-ball action
  • Pay securely at one of the best online betting sites in Bangladesh
  • Get free bets on online cricket betting
  • Among the top-rated online betting sites in Bangladesh
  • Online cricket betting on the move with the 22Bet app
  • Get free bets + deposit bonus on online cricket betting
  • Competitive cricket betting odds across markets
  • Online cricket betting on the go with the bet365 app
  • Free bets at one of the best online betting sites
  • Online cricket betting with UPI and NetBanking
  • Bet on cricket and other popular sports in Bangladesh
  • Get generous free bets on online cricket betting
  • Extensive collection of betting markets across sports
  • Live score & stats section for pre-match & in-play betting
  • Win free bets + other offers with online cricket betting
  • Host of promos in keeping with wagering requirements
  • Bet on the go with 888sport app
  • Reputable site offering impressive cricket betting odds
  • Bet on cricket, tennis, hockey, football, and others
  • Value-added features including Bet Maker and Combo Boost
  • Competitive odds + easy-to-use cricket betting app
  • Pre-match and in-play online cricket betting
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Get a hefty online cricket betting bonus
  • Higher withdrawal limits, account manager & other VIP benefits
  • 24/7 customer support with live chat option
  • Comprehensive online cricket betting section
  • Tailored VIP packages and other exclusive offers
  • Among the best online betting sites in Bangladesh

The Best Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh​

  1. 1xBet
  2. 22Bet
  3. bet365
  4. Funbet
  5. Unibet
  6. 888sport
  7. NetBet
  8. 10bet
  9. Betiton
  10. Campeonbet

Is Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh Legal?

First things first, let’s clear the legal-or-not-legal haze. Almost all the countries that prohibit gambling have rather convoluted legislation. Bangladesh is no exception to this. The British had affected the Public Gambling Act in 1867, which governs every aspect related to betting and gambling. However, the answer to whether online cricket betting is banned in Bangladesh is a resounding NO.

Sports betting is widespread in Bangladesh thanks to the fact that the cricket betting India, and sports betting portals in general, are based overseas. This means they aren’t subservient to the country’s policies and gambling laws. While Bangladesh doesn’t have land-based betting establishments and casinos, international online betting sites in Bangladesh operate freely, allowing gambling buffs to make the most of competitive cricket betting odds and win a handful. Horse racing betting is also a popular option that has simpler regulations around it.

We advise against participating in any kind of offline gambling if you're a Bangladeshi citizen or currently living there. However, the online sports betting sites we’ve listed above are absolutely safe and highly regulated, so you won't have any problem gambling with them. As long as you practise a safe form of betting, you'll be fine!

Online Cricket Betting With bet365

Not only is bet365 one of the best online betting sites in Bangladesh, but the UK-based bookie is also a leading in-play betting site, offering live markets that are a subject of envy for other portals. In-play markets are available across a number of sports, including cricket, kabaddi, and football. You can bet on a game while it's underway, place more informed wagers, and cash out instantly should you win.

Online Cricket Betting With 1xBet

One of the best in the business, 1xBet offers a flood of online cricket betting markets and big cricket betting odds. The bookie supports multiple payment methods commonly accepted in Bangladesh, including VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, e-wallets, bank transfer, and NetBanking, among others. It also has a straightforward app that you can download on your Android or iOS devices to enjoy mobile betting like no other.

Online Cricket Betting With NetBet

Wide range of sports betting markets? Check. Free bets? Check. Competitive cricket betting odds? Check. 

Don’t go by the number of years this bookie has been in the market – NetBet has deservedly claimed its spot among the best online betting sites in Bangladesh (and the larger Indian subcontinent). A leading name in the industry, NetBet seems committed to maintaining its reputation as many punters' favourite bookie.

The assemblage of extra features, including Combo Boost, Bet Maker, Add2Bet, and the rewarding VIP Club, are testament to the site’s success and its efforts to better the overall wagering experience.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Online Cricket Betting Tips

By this time, you probably know some of the better online betting sites in Bangladesh. That's a good start. Now it's time to consider some time-tested cricket betting tips that should help you get a more solid grasp of things. So before you begin with online cricket betting, be sure to consider the following!

Home or Away?

Home advantage can have a telling impact on a match. The pitch curators who prepare a pitch in keeping with the hosts’ strengths and the massive crowd support can unsettle the best of oppositions.

Indian and Australian crowds in particular can get fiercely behind their teams and make it a disconcerting experience for the tourists. Therefore, it only makes sense to consider the venue of the game before placing your bets. More importantly, if a stronger team is taking on a weaker rival in its own backyard, you can back the home team nine times out of ten.

Weather Conditions

Never dismiss the elements if you want to have a successful crack at online cricket betting. Wind, humidity, and the overall temperature can set the stage for a team’s victory or defeat. Captains almost always consider the weather before deciding at the toss, so take a leaf out of their book and pay attention to what the weather gods might have in store. Then look at the following to bet accordingly:

  • It doesn’t matter which team takes the field; all batsmen heave a sigh of relief at clear blue skies. The sun beating down on the pitch removes moisture, making it a batsman’s paradise.
  • Overcast conditions, on the other hand, favour the fielding side. Fast and medium-fast bowlers love humid and cloudy skies, as the ball tends to move and swing in the air more, creating ample chances for the bowling team.
  • Bowlers don’t complain if there’s moisture in the air. In such a scenario, the pitch takes relatively longer to dry, allowing fast bowlers to have a go at the batting side.


How a wicket plays out can determine the eventual outcome of a match. This is how:

  • Hard pitches like the WACA in Perth are a delight for bowlers. That’s because the ball tends to fly off the wicket with good pace and bounce.
  • Grass also helps seam and swing bowling. Thanks to the ball behaving erratically in such conditions, batsmen find it difficult to get a look-in and settle down. This stems the flow of runs, tilting the scales towards the bowling side.
  • Dusty and worn-out pitches spin more, which is why you find spinners becoming increasingly crucial as play progresses. A Test match, for instance, becomes more spinner-friendly towards its closing days.

Ambient Factors

These include the size of the ground, batting and bowling line-ups, past H2H meetings, and any injury picked up at the eleventh hour.

It doesn’t matter if it’s online cricket betting or sports betting in general – you cannot adopt a cookie-cutter approach to this! Every game is different, as are the various match conditions that come into play. Even if you swear by the best cricket predictions in the world, you'll still need oodles of research, dollops of skill, and a generous sprinkling of luck to come out on top.

Online Cricket Betting Markets in Bangladesh

Here are a few sought-after markets that should be on offer at the best online betting sites in Bangladesh.

Match Winner

You get what it says on the tin: predict the winning team in a particular match. Before wagering on this market, factor in the playing XI, players’ form, the sides’ winning momentum, pitch report, weather conditions, and last-minute injuries.

Recommended online cricket betting site for Match Winner: 1xBet

1xBet Match Winner Market

Outright Winner

Considering it's an extremely common bet, chances are you'll come across this market at any of the online betting sites in Bangladesh. You simply predict which team will win the tour.

Suppose Bangladesh vs India is underway. In that case, you wager on the team you think would win the tour. A home victory is denoted by ‘1’, an away win by ‘2’, and a draw by ‘X’. Factor in the same conditions you would in the Match Winner market.

Recommended online cricket betting site for Outright Winner: Funbet

Funbet Outright Winner market

To Win the Toss

Predict who wins the toss. Simple as that!

Recommended online cricket betting site for To Win the Toss: 1xBet

1xBet To Win the Toss Market

Top Team Batsman

In this market, you predict which batsman would score the most runs for his team. Suppose you're watching Bangladesh vs Pakistan. When betting on this market, you'd put your money on Tamim Iqbal to score the maximum runs for Bangladesh, or, alternatively, Babar Azam to top the runs tally for Pakistan.

Remember that while going with proven performers is a safer approach, it also offers shorter odds. If you think you might want to take that extra bit of risk, bet on the dark horses, as they usually have much better odds and can win you a handsome amount if your bet comes through.

Recommended online cricket betting site for Top Team Batsman: Betiton

Betiton Top Team Batsman Market

Top Team Bowler

Much like the one mentioned above, this market requires you to predict the highest wicket-taking bowler for his team. Consider a Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe match. If you wish to bet on this market, you may want to put your money on left-arm-fast Mustafizur Rahman to take the maximum scalps for Bangladesh.

However, if two (or more) bowlers end the tour with the same number of wickets, the bowler who finally conceded the least runs would be considered for the bet.

Recommended online cricket betting site for Top Team Bowler: bet365

Highest Individual Score

In this market, you bet on that batsman who’d score the most runs by the end of the tour, regardless of which camp the batsman belongs to. Suppose it’s Bangladesh vs India – you could bet on Shakib Al Hasan to score more runs than any other player, irrespective of the team.

Recommended online cricket betting site for Highest Individual Score: NetBet

First Dismissal Method

You should find this skill-based market at the best online betting sites in Bangladesh. Here, you predict how the first wicket will fall. This isn't that simple. Almost every online cricket betting site primarily lists the five most common dismissal methods: LBW, Caught, Run-out, Stumped, Bowled, and Others.

For example, in a Test match being played on a seaming track with overcast conditions, chances are that the opening batsman could get a soft edge and the ball lands safely in the keeper’s hands (or caught in the slips).

However, this can flip on its head with a change in conditions and match format. For instance, consider a T20 game being played in Mohali, a ground that has traditionally been a batting paradise. In such a scenario, you could have the opening batsman attempting a front foot drive off the first ball, possibly creating an opportunity for the bowler to trap him on the pads.

So the idea is to assess the opening pair (both batting and bowling), understand their game style, and factor in match conditions before dabbling in this market.

Recommended online cricket betting site for First Dismissal Method: Betiton

Betiton 1st Wicket Method

Batsman to Score a Hundred/Fifty

This is a relatively straightforward Yes/No market. You simply predict whether there would be a 50 (or a 100) scored by a batsman in a match. Of course, the odds for scoring a 50 would always be less compared to those for a century.

Recommended online cricket betting site for Batsman to Score a Hundred/Fifty: Betiton

Betiton Batsman to Score a 100/50

These markets aside, there are plenty of others you can find at the best online betting sites in Bangladesh, including 1st Over Total Runs, Maximum 6s, Highest Opening Partnership, and Man of the Match.

Online Cricket Betting: Popular Deposit Options

Depositing Funds at Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Considering online cricket betting isn’t regulated in Bangladesh, many punters may be limited to prepaid cards and bank transfers. The latter is an incredibly straightforward process where you instruct your bank to transfer the funds directly into another account. Conversely, prepaid cards work by letting you load money onto them so that you can make transactions and purchases.

On other occasions, debit and credit cards may also be allowed. Still, not all online betting sites in Bangladesh allow punters to use them. Digital wallets like NETELLER and Skrill are popular as well. Overall, these are some of the best betting payment methods that can make your online transactions safe, fast, and uncomplicated!

Withdrawing From Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Again, given the restrictive nature of online gambling in Bangladesh, you may have to settle for bank transfers while withdrawing your winnings from your betting account. Remember that these can take up to a week to clear. That being said, e-wallets like NETELLER are undoubtedly better in this regard, with a maximum fund clearance time of up to 30 minutes.

All in all, ensure that you go through the deposit and withdrawal options available at the online cricket betting site of your choice. This will help you understand and choose your preferred mode of payment so you won't have to bide your time before withdrawing the winnings.

Popular Sports at Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh

By this time, you probably know how to bet on cricket. If one were to talk about wagering on global sports, online cricket betting would be the most sought-after in Bangladesh. However, there are plenty of other sports that Bangladeshis love to put their money on. Let’s take a look!


Kabaddi is Bangladesh’s national sport. Known as ‘ha-du-du’ in that part of the world, Kabaddi was officially declared the ‘first sport’ soon after the country broke out of its colonial past. Sure, a few eyebrows were raised at neither cricket nor football being given this prestigious title, but Bangladesh was in dire need of a sport that wasn’t steeped in the days of the Raj.

Should you want to bet on kabaddi, we've got you covered. The best kabaddi betting sites we’ve put together offer competitive odds so you can bet intelligently and take home sizable winnings.

Kabaddi online betting sites in Bangladesh: 22Bet


The most-watched sport in the world has a respectable following in Bangladesh. India’s home-grown footballing league, the Indian Super League, has gained traction there thanks to shared cultural interests and sentiments. ISL betting generates a lot of frenzy in Bangladesh, where almost every game attracts a sea of spectators and bettors alike.

ISL online betting sites in Bangladesh: 1xBet

Football buffs in the country root for the European leagues as well. Fortunately, the best football betting sites have a lot to offer when it comes to betting on the Champions League, English Premier League, Copa America, La Liga, and the FA Cup.

Football online betting sites in Bangladesh: bet365 | Funbet | Unibet | NetBet

Horse Racing

Online cricket betting aside, horse race betting is also a significant money-maker in Bangladesh. Its success is no surprise, considering it's fast, fun, and incredibly gripping. Punters love horse race wagering, especially at those online portals that offer live streaming of the races. That's a big plus, considering you’d surely want to tune into the live action.

Horse racing online betting sites in Bangladesh: Betiton

Online Betting Sites in Bangladesh FAQs

Is online cricket betting legal in Bangladesh?

Online betting and gambling laws in Bangladesh are confusing. While you may land yourself in a soup if you walk into a gambling den, there shouldn't be an issue with online cricket betting (or sports betting in general) at the best online betting sites in Bangladesh. That’s because these operators are based overseas, meaning they don't have to abide by Bangladesh’s legislation.

What tournaments can I bet on?

When it comes to online cricket betting, it's advisable to choose from the top cricket tournaments. These include, but aren’t limited to, the Ashes, Super Smash, Big Bash, and other top-level bilateral series like India vs Australia, India vs England, New Zealand vs Pakistan, and India vs South Africa.

And of course, how can we not count the Bangladesh Premier League! While BPL betting is a favourite among betting enthusiasts, you’d be surprised to know that IPL betting is equally popular as well.

What are some of the best online cricket betting sites in Bangladesh?

In this article, we've mentioned some of the best online betting sites in Bangladesh, but we'd personally recommend 1xBet, 22Bet, and bet365.

Are there online betting sites in Bangladesh offering live streaming?

Of course there are! 10bet, Unibet, bet365, and Dafabet are among the top live cricket streaming sites.

Can I use online cricket betting apps to bet on a match?

Absolutely! In fact, dedicated cricket betting apps are all the rage, and it’s easy to understand why. You can place cricketing wagers while you’re on the move – anytime, anywhere. The best online betting sites in Bangladesh have their own cricket betting applications that you can download on your device. The UI is exceptionally straightforward, betting markets galore, and payment methods aplenty.

Trust the best cricket betting apps to offer a one-of-a-kind wagering experience!

Is there a minimum deposit for gambling at online betting sites in Bangladesh?

While there's no set limit, the minimum deposit amount usually varies from one betting portal to the next. Generally, the sum ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.1000.

What factors should I consider while choosing the best betting site in Bangladesh?

  • Online cricket betting odds
  • Quality of promotions
  • Number of betting markets
  • Customer assistance
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

In Bangladesh (and the Indian subcontinent, for that matter), cricket is much more than just a sport, so it only makes sense for online cricket betting to sell like hot cakes in this region. With the advent of sports betting apps, wagering is truly only a click away. More importantly, it lets you win big, provided you stick to the fundamentals and learn how to manage your bankroll.

You now know about and can choose from among the first-rate online betting sites in Bangladesh! Bet with the most competitive odds, check whether the site is licensed by appropriate authorities like the UKGC and Malta Gaming Authority, and you should be good to go!

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