Cricket Betting Online from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the newest entrant in the international permanent membership of International Cricket Council. For a long time they have been considered as the minnows, but the old time minnows have recently performed brilliantly that made them to roar like a tiger in the international cricket arena. The enthusiasm in Bangladesh for cricket is awesome and you would really find it working as a catalyst to keep them united to cheer for their national team. On the same radar, you would find the betting on cricket is also getting the popularity.

With the rise of the team’s performance, Bangladesh has also been able to witness the rise in the bettors in the country. It has to be noted that there are good number of people who are betting on cricket in a more frequent manner. The Bangladesh cricket team has recently showed some best performance and that has fetched a lot of interest in the youngsters to take on the game in different ways too. The betting is seemingly a preferred option for those kind of people who put their money to play the game.

As far as legality of betting in cricket is concerned, you could be surprised to find that it is an illegal process. Since, Bangladesh is an Islamic nation, so any kind of gambling is treated as an unethical practice. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 that has been inherited by Pakistan and India, is seemingly the basis of law. If you are an offender under this act, then you may have to face the imprisonment up to 1 month and there is also a small amount in way of fine of 100 taka i.e. $1.25.

The interest of the people in betting on cricket is palpable and no one can deny the same. There are many people who have continuously betting through different mode. Online betting is gaining the popularity in this cricketing nation where people have almost free access to bet online in a conducive environment though the law suggest something else. The online betting websites like bet365 and betway  are very popular in Bangladesh as it supports them to bet online in a very positive way.

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They look putting a very fair trust on the same with the use of neteller, moneybookers and others which have made it simpler for the bettors to deposit and withdraw the money. Not just cricket but the other games like football, kabadi and others are also being bet by the people in Bangladesh. It clearly shows that the law of the land has not be implemented properly in Bangladesh against the betting.

In fact you should not be surprised if you find any government employee betting through some of these online websites. The inclusion of the Bangladesh Premier League has done the tremendous job in the growth of the betting on cricket matches in Bangladesh. People look enjoying the matches in a very positive manner. This is just the beginning and no one is having idea as how this confusing law would prevail in the coming years.