The Complete Guide to Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh (2022)

Cricket betting is not complete without cricket markets in Asian countries, especially south-east Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Below, we cover the fundamentals of online cricket betting, the scope of mobile betting apps, popular Bangladeshi deposit methods, and some of the best Bangladeshi betting sites around.

Top 15 Betting Sites in Bangladesh

  • Offers exciting cricket betting markets
  • Easy payment options
  • Live chat support
  • Provides cricket free bets club
  • Wide variety of cricket markets
  • Accepts UPI for deposits
  • Best-in-class live betting odds
  • Offers live streaming
  • Powerful mobile betting app
  • 100% deposit bonus after registration
  • Accepts bets via Telegram
  • Directly accept BDT currency
  • Interactive UI with a modern design
  • Dedicated focus on cricket betting
  • Daily games tournament
  • 100% up to ₹ 10,000 + free spins welcome offer 
  • Great in-play betting console
  • Tailored VIP benefits and loyalty programmes
  • Exciting bonuses for users
  • Regularly offers high odds
  • Smooth log-in and payments
  • Excellent odds on all sports
  • Outright cricket betting markets
  • Dedicated results and stats for cricket match betting
  • Fantastic 160% Welcome offer up to ₹16,000
  • Round-the-clock customer service
  • Bet on cricket with the mobile app and enjoy VIP perks 
  • Engaging live dashboard
  • Versatile bonus system
  • Smooth customer support system
  • Interactive UI
  • Dedicated sports statistics section
  • Live chat assistance
  • Available in 40+ languages
  • Bet constructor tool
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Cricket welcome bonus up to ₹70,000
  • Asia-focused design and UX
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Exciting cricket sign-up bonuses
  • 24/7 customer support team
  • Accept BDT currency
  • Offers Bangladeshi Taka currency
  • Multi-live feature
  • Great odds for top cricket tournaments

Popular Betting Sites in Bangladesh

  1. Parimatch
  2. betway
  3. bet365
  4. 1xBet
  5. 10CRIC

Is Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh Legal?

First things first, let’s clear the legal-or-not-legal haze. Almost all the countries that prohibit gambling have rather convoluted legislation, and Bangladesh is no exception. The British affected the Public Gambling Act in 1867, which governs every aspect related to betting and gambling.

However, the answer to whether online cricket betting is banned in Bangladesh is a resounding NO. Sports betting is widespread in Bangladesh thanks to the fact that cricket betting India and sports betting portals in general, are based overseas. This means they aren’t subservient to the country’s policies and gambling laws. 

While Bangladesh doesn’t have land-based betting establishments and casinos, international online betting sites in Bangladesh operate freely, allowing gambling buffs to make the most of competitive cricket betting odds and the opportunity to win a handful. Horse racing betting is also a popular option that has simpler regulations around it.

We advise against participating in any kind of offline gambling if you're a Bangladeshi citizen or currently live there. However, the online sports betting sites we’ve listed above are absolutely safe and highly regulated, so you won't have any problem gambling with them. As long as you practise a safe form of betting, you'll be fine!

Online Cricket Betting: An Overview

Cricket has long been a favourite among sports fans across the world, especially in Asian countries, where the British had a long colonial rule that spanned centuries.

In addition to its large fan following, the very format and the diverse elements of the sport make cricket one worthy of betting. From the start till the end, the game presents multiple opportunities to bookmakers for developing odds, and to players for earning money.

Most cricketing nations already have informal betting markets which function physically. However, these markets are largely unregulated and function in a dubious manner, yet have a mind-boggling turnover. A report suggested that India’s informal betting market witnesses a turnover of around $150 billion every year.

The late 90s saw the beginning of computer and internet usage by the common populace, and with it opened the doors of online cricket betting on a large scale. Since then, this form of betting has only witnessed growth, even more so with the availability of mobile betting apps on smartphones and rise in top cricket tournaments worldwide.

Scope of Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh

Given the long-standing cultural and historical similarities between Bangladesh and India, the betting market in Bangladesh often reflects trends identical to the Indian market.

Like in India, formalisation of the economy coupled with rapid internet penetration and digitalisation in the last few years has seen a growth in the online cricket betting market in Bangladesh. Estimates indicate that the betting market is growing at a rate of more than 20% annually.

Bangladesh is also seeing a rise in the disposable income of people, which further adds weight to the already positive growth sentiments supporting the betting industry in the country.

Key Factors for Selecting Betting Sites

Now, with your mind clear about online cricket betting and its legality, let’s jump onto the most important step; selecting the betting site. While we have mentioned the top 15 betting sites in the table above, we thought it would be best to give you a brief of the factors you should consider while shortlisting cricket betting sites.

1. Security

22bet security email screenshot

The most important factor that determines how safe your betting experience will be is the safety measures adopted by cricket betting sites.

First of all, ensure that the site uses an SSL-encryption certificate (spot the ‘https’ at the start of the URL). This certificate indicates that the website has followed some standard security protocols to ensure data safety and integrity of the website.

Payment is the top security concern as the biggest risk in online betting is the loss of funds. So next, ensure that the payment methods offered by the website are popular and widely used in your country or globally, as widespread usage ensures that the payment platforms are regularly maintained with the latest security updates.

2. Customer Support

It is common to encounter some doubts or problems while placing bets, and there are situations when you might need prompt customer support.

While shortlisting the betting site, check the modes through which they offer customer support. Email, call, and live chat options are offered by most of the leading betting websites. Call and live chat options have the added advantage of getting your problem addressed almost instantly. Such quick resolution is extremely helpful in rapidly-changing betting scenarios, such as during IPL betting online.

It is a bonus if the website has an extensive FAQs section as you can resolve common queries by yourself in the shortest possible time.

You can test the promptness and quality of customer support by trying to contact the website using any of their ‘Contact Us’ methods before registering your account.

3. Variety of Markets

Markets on bet365

After ensuring that you have picked a betting site that is credible and secure, check what and how  much it has to offer. Cricket, as we mentioned earlier, is a versatile game that offers plenty of betting markets.

Choose bookmakers that offer you a wide variety of betting markets; access to a greater number of markets increases your chances of diversifying bets and improving earnings.

You will generally observe that older bookmakers offer greater markets, as they have an experienced odds-developing team that can spot opportunities and build new markets and odds.

4. Affiliations & Registration

Look for the gaming licences and registration of the website. It’s usually mentioned in the ‘About Us’ or ‘Terms & Conditions’ section of the website. Licensing authorities require betting sites to adhere to certain security rules and regulations mandated by them.

Moreover, licences are necessary in the online betting world and differentiate the credible betting sites from the rest. Consider licences as a badge of authenticity and only bet with sites holding a valid one.

5. Offers & Promotions

Promotions on betway screenshot

Offers and promotions form a significant part of the online cricket betting experience of players. Most reputed and credible bookmakers invest large resources and regularly design new offers and promotions to attract and retain customers like you.

Right from welcome deposit bonuses to cashbacks, bookmakers go all in to attract players, so you should always search for promotions and offers before placing bets. Ignoring these aspects is letting go of golden opportunities to earn more money.

Popular Deposit Methods for Betting in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi bettors can use multiple payment methods to make deposits for online cricket betting. Though they do not have access to as many payment options as in European and other countries, here are some widely-popular global payment methods that they can use to deposit funds:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Skrill

The Bangladeshi laws are quite ambiguous in terms of betting, so a majority of the bookmakers do not directly accept the Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

In cases where the betting site does not directly accept BDT, you can deposit funds in another currency by paying the currency conversion fees on the website while depositing with your debit or credit card.

Another way you can convert currency is by first depositing BDT in your Skrill or NETELLER e-wallet, and then using that e-wallet to deposit money in your betting account through the e-wallet in another accepted currency. The advantage of using Skrill or NETELLER for currency conversion is their almost negligible (sometimes NIL) currency conversion charges compared to most betting platforms.

However, there is good news as there are a few betting websites that directly accept BDT currency. And the icing on the cake is that they are not some shady websites, but two reputed and globally-renowned bookmakers: 22Bet and 1xBet.

You can register on these websites and directly make BDT deposits to start placing bets instantly!

Top Online Cricket Betting Markets in Bangladesh

Here, we present to you some of the most popular markets in the Bangladesh cricket betting market. These are among the most widely-betted markets and you will find odds for each one in every match.

1. Match-Winner

Bangladesh vs scotland match winner

The most straightforward market out of all available markets, the match-winner market gives you an opportunity to bet on the team whom you think will win the match. The odds are pretty simple to read; the team with the higher probability of winning will have lower odds than the other.

For example, in the above image of the match between Bangladesh and Scotland national teams, Bangladesh has a match-winning odd of 1.20, clearly indicating that it has a greater chance of winning the match at the time when the odds were published.

2. Top Runs-Scorer

Top runs scorer screenshot

This market, also known as the top batsman market, takes bets on the players who will score the highest run in the entire match. The market presents options for top batsmen from both teams and usually gives odds for all the players, even the bowlers.

3. Highest Wicket-Taker

highest wicket taker on bet365(screenshot taken at 11:44 Hrs IST approx. on 19.10.2021, IST=GMT + 05:30)

The highest wicket-taker market is meant to bet on the possibility of the player who might take the highest number of wickets in a match. At times, this market is also developed to predict the highest wicket-taker in a series or a tournament.

Consider a Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe match. If you wish to bet on this market, you may want to put your money on left-arm-fast Mustafizur Rahman to take the maximum scalps for Bangladesh.

However, if two (or more) bowlers end the tour with the same number of wickets, the bowler who finally conceded the least runs would be considered for the bet.

4. Most Boundaries

Twenty20 World cup odds(screenshot taken at 1146 Hrs IST approx. on 19.10.2021, IST=GMT + 05:30)

The popular Most Boundaries market requires you to predict which team is going to score the most fours or sixes. It is usually sub-divided into two; one market for maximum fours and the other for maximum sixes.

These markets are extremely active in T20s and ODIs as these formats require a lot of heavy hitting and players are always on the lookout for gaps to score some quick boundaries.

5. Player of the Match

Player of the match bet365(screenshot taken at 1149 Hrs IST approx. on 19.10.2021, IST=GMT + 05:30)

This straightforward market has you predicting which player will be winning the ‘player of the match’ trophy at the end of the match. Predicting this bet requires experience and involves considerable risk, as the player can be anyone; batsman, bowler, or fielder.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

No matter how experienced you get at betting, betting tips and match prediction insights always help in boosting your chances of winning.

Betting tips give a structure to your betting plans and make them both more logical and sound. So, here are some betting tips to keep in mind to improve your online cricket betting skills:

1. Read Past Records and Statistics

Past records and match statistics greatly help in determining how the match will proceed. H2H records give you an idea of how the two teams have performed against each other. Other records and statistics help you estimate the average top score, who has been the best performing batsman, and the highest score you can expect in the match.

Just as bookmakers refer to the past records and stats while developing odds, reading up on the same things makes you better informed and consequentially, more capable of making the right market prediction. 

For example, checking H2H stats will make you aware that Bangladesh has not won a single T20 match against South Africa up to now. So, for a match-winner bet in a Bangladesh vs South Africa T20 match, you can confidently select South Africa as your choice for the winner.

2. Do Your Pre-Match Homework

In addition to reading past records, you should also do some extra homework pertaining to that specific match. Read about the pitch where the match is scheduled to be played, check the weather conditions for that day, and check how the team has performed on that pitch in previous matches.

Cricket stadiums have different types of pitches, each delivering different outputs. A green surface pitch favours heavy hitting and can see high scores in a match, while a black-soil pitch slows down the ball and is highly suitable for spinners.

Weather conditions are also available on the internet well before the match begins. The weather report can tell you if there is going to be the ‘dew-effect’ in the picture, whether it is going to rain, and other weather stats. Such factors are crucial in planning the game strategy with regards to selecting batting or bowling after winning the toss in limited-overs cricket, where things turn pretty fast.

3. Make a Betting Strategy

The worst decision you can make is not to have a betting strategy in place. One of the most important elements in making such a strategy is to decide on a betting limit.

Remember that betting is not a steady source of income and should only be considered for recreational purposes, so decide on a limit above which you cannot go without hampering your personal finances, and stick to it.

Moreover, in your strategy, list down the markets on which you want to focus, markets in which live betting is available, and the list of bookmakers with whom you want to place bets.

To ensure smooth and steady cashflow, check the withdrawal time of payment methods before depositing money or use fast withdrawal betting sites.

Quick Ways to Boost Your Earnings

Here are some ways in which you can quickly boost your betting earnings. Take a look and follow them if you want to make the most out of your bets.

1. Use Welcome Bonuses and Offers

You will be surprised to know that bookmakers offer welcome deposit bonuses in sums equivalent to thousands of Bangladeshi Taka to new and existing customers. Different bookmakers run different welcome schemes. Some offer a 100% welcome deposit bonus, some 50%, and others even more than double. 

Apart from welcome offers, bookmakers run exciting promotional schemes for existing customers too. There are no deposit bonuses on some special days, free bets, cashback on bet losses, VIP benefits, and so on. The best way to keep track of these myriad offers is by visiting the promotions tab on the respective bookmaker’s website.

2. Check the Payment Schemes of All Types of Betting Options

Checking the payment options does not always generate extra earnings, but helps in reducing payment charges. Most bookmakers have a standard policy of processing withdrawals via the same mode as deposits. If the deposit mode is not available for withdrawal, then it is processed through a bank transfer.

So what's the reason for checking payment methods?

Well, certain payment methods entail a high transaction fee during withdrawals, so checking and avoiding such payment methods beforehand helps you save on unnecessary transaction charges.

Betting sites may also have some preferred tie-ups with certain payment platforms. In such cases, you might not be charged any fee or might even receive some cashbacks if you choose those payment methods for your deposits and withdrawals.

These are some easy ways of saving and thus earning some extra money.

Mobile Betting Apps for Online Cricket Betting

If you want to make it even more convenient to bet on cricket online, you are in luck. With betting websites already having a strong presence in the betting world, online betting has got another shot in the arm with the introduction of mobile betting apps.

The rise of smartphones has led all businesses to offer their services on apps. Cricket betting websites have made no delay in following suit behind every other business to introduce apps, and now offer their customers the option of placing bets through their smartphones.

Most of the leading betting sites have developed mobile betting apps that include almost all the features, if not more, which are offered on their websites. Customers can access several of the best cricket betting apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

The biggest advantage of mobile apps in the betting world is the mobility and ease that they have introduced in betting. You can bet from anywhere in the world without logging in out again and again.

Online Cricket Betting in Bangladesh FAQs

Is betting legal in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh does not allow betting companies to register in Bangladesh. However, overseas online betting companies, such as bet365, are not illegal and can operate freely in Bangladesh.

Which are the most popular deposit options for online cricket betting?

E-wallets like NETELLER and Skrill are some of the most widely-used deposit options in Bangladesh. If you choose to use websites that accept BDT, then Visa and Mastercard are also good choices.

Which are some of the best online cricket betting sites in Bangladesh?

While we have already listed the most popular betting sites above, websites like 22Bet, 1xBet, and bet365 can be considered as the three best cricket betting sites in Bangladesh.

What are low deposit betting sites? Are they available in Bangladesh?

Low deposit betting sites are essentially those betting sites that have a relatively low deposit requirement, allowing all bettors to use their betting services. These websites are not restricted to any country and are generally available everywhere. However, owing to some betting curbs in Bangladesh, some low deposit betting sites might find it difficult to operate over there.

But there is no reason to worry as some of the leading sites in this list, like bet365, PureWin, and Parimatch, are available in Bangladesh.

How much time does it take to withdraw money from online cricket betting sites?

There is no standard time applicable for processing withdrawals across every website – in fact, every payment method has a different time requirement. Some do it instantly, while some may take 1-3 working days. You can contact the customer support team of the respective betting site to confirm the processing time.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Online cricket betting is growing at a healthy pace in Bangladesh, and the future of the industry looks bright in the country. While placing bets, always choose value over everything else and set a limit for yourself in every match in order to avoid spending more than you can afford to.

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