Best No Deposit Bonus and Free Bets in India (2021)

Every once in a while, an Indian punter may see the holy grail of bonuses – the no deposit bonus offer. In the meantime though, Indian sports fans are offered plenty of rewarding free bets to further their punting action online. Bookmark this page to keep updated with the latest free bet offers on the web!

Best Sports Free Bet Offers

  • Bet ₹1,000 Get ₹3,000 Free Bet
  • ₹1,000 Weekly Sports Bonus
  • 100% Up to ₹10,000 Welcome Offer
  • Place ₹1,250 and get ₹1,250 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
  • Hot Runs up to ₹500 Free Bet in Cricket Events only
  • Cricket Payback up to ₹500 for IPL matches
  • ₹100 Free Bet for every 50 runs in a cricket match
  • ₹500 free bets every week when spending ₹500 on multis
  • Bet ₹500 pre-match, get a Free Bet on selected matches
  • Make your first deposit and get up to ₹12,000 bonus
  • ₹372 free bets when you win at odds of 5.00 or more
  • Join Cricket Club for Bet Boosts and Free Bets on Cricket wagers
  • Deposit ₹880, bet ₹1,320, get ₹880 Free Bet
  • Up to ₹37,000 in Free Bet Credits
  • Weekly ₹800 Cricket Free Bets
  • Build your own Accas for a ₹400 Free Bet
  • Up to ₹2,200 Free Bet on the first bet of ₹880 at 1.80 odds.
  • Bet on sports daily for a weekly Free Bet of up to ₹1,761
  • ₹1,000 Free Bet if your very first bet doesn’t win
  • Weekly bet ₹1,000 on cricket, get ₹500 Free Bet
  • 50% matched Free Bet up to ₹5,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Up to ₹8,000 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
  • First deposit 100% match up to ₹20,000 Free Bet
  • Deposit between Monday and Wednesday to get up to ₹2,000 Free Bet

Best Sports Free Bet Offers

  • Casumo: Bet ₹1,000 Get ₹3,000 Free Bet
  • 10CRIC: 100% Up to ₹10,000 Welcome Offer
  • Melbet: Place ₹1,250 and get ₹1,250 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
  • Rabona: Cricket Payback up to ₹500 for IPL matches
  • Campobet: ₹100 Free Bet for every 50 runs in a cricket match

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

Regarded as one of the rarest bonuses that a betting site will sometimes offer, the no deposit bonus is the ultimate freebie. Sometimes called a free sign-up bonus, the no deposit bonus is an offer of bonus funds with no deposit required – that is literally free bonus money to place wagers with!

You won’t see these too often though – they are rarer than seeing Virat Kohli bowled for a duck. As you can imagine a bookie won’t want to give away wagers for free very often. There are also several requirements needed before a punter can withdraw any winnings from a no deposit bonus and this is called a wagering requirement (more on that later).

If you keep your eyes peeled and check with us on a regular basis, you may be lucky enough to catch a no deposit bonus before it expires.

Why Do Bookies Offer a No Deposit Bonus?

The no deposit bonus is one of the best incentives a bookie can offer to entice new punters to sign up at their betting site. It also doesn’t cost much for a bookie to provide such a bonus – it is usually a very small bonus amount and most punters won’t ever clear the wagering requirement with withdrawable funds intact.

So bookies will offer the no deposit bonus when they are really looking for sign-ups and since regular welcome bonuses are doing a great job, punters will unfortunately not see this bonus too often.

What are Free Bets?

Free bets are offered quite regularly by the best cricket betting sites in India and can vary quite a bit depending on the operator. A free bet is a wager with zero risks that is offered by the bookie. The major difference here is that the punter will only take home the win part of the wager and not the initial stake.

For example, a ₹100 free bet at odds of 10/1 would net a ₹1000 return. However, the punter would only receive ₹900 as the stake was placed as a free bet.

Free bets can be offered as a welcome bonus or as a special offer to existing players. There are requirements for using a free bet too – usually, they can only be placed on a particular sport or sometimes even a specific match or league.

Example of Free Bets bonus at Casumo

How to Qualify for Free Bets

Qualifying for a free bet will generally come down to two different actions. Either the free bets will be added as part of a welcome bonus – that’ll typically require a deposit – or you’ll be asked to place a bet of some kind first.

Most commonly you’ll see free bets as an offer to recoup some losses from a losing bet, or you’ll need to bet on a specific match or sport such in case of IPL betting or particular horse race.

How to Use Free Bets

Free bets don’t have to be a throwaway bet for fun. There are some strategies to make a free bet work advantageously for you. So when INR betting sites offer a free bet, don’t just wager it frivolously – consider these strategies instead.

  • Double Up – this is probably the most obvious betting strategy. You may be able to use the free bet to increase your winnings on a wager you already had in mind. Of course, this depends on whether the free bet is allowed in your chosen market but if it does, why not try and win even more!
  • Hedge your Bets – you can almost guarantee profits by placing a free bet on the opposite outcome of an actual bet with real money. For example, place a real bet on the Sydney Sixers to win a Big Bash League match and then place a free bet on their opposition. Your chances of winning should be dramatically increased.
  • Have Fun – ok, we said not to throw the bet away but it is fun to place a wager on something you wouldn’t with your own money. So use the free bet to wager on an unusual market or against the favourite. With any luck, you’ll be using one of the best betting payment methods to withdraw some free rupees!
  • Learn a New Market – some free bets can only be used in specific matches, markets, or sports. The free bet could be for a sport you don’t watch or are too well experienced in. You could experiment a little bit with absolutely no risk and you may walk away richer for it.

Tips on Free Bets and No Deposit Bonus

A cheeky free bet or an ultra-rare no deposit bonus can really increase your winnings if used correctly. Some may think to just wager them carelessly because they are just free. But the wise punter knows that they can use these bonuses to their advantage. We know this too and are prepared to hand down some knowledge to those receiving their first free bets bonuses.

Here are just a few important tips on free bets and the no deposit bonus offer.

Go on a Hunt

As we stated earlier, no deposit bonuses are rare these days. Understandably so, considering it is free wagering at a betting site, but you’ll stand a better chance of nabbing one of these unicorn-like bonuses if you actually look for them. Your best bet is to check out affiliate websites like CricketBettingAdvice. These sites get permission from the bookies to offer exclusive promotional codes such as no deposit bonuses.

So when you’re looking for a no deposit bonus betting site or any other best betting offers, be sure to check with CricketBettingAdvice first.

Check What Sports You Can Bet On

The first question that’ll come to mind for many punters in India is, what sports can I use free best on? While some online bookies may restrict a free bet to a certain sport – perhaps while promoting an upcoming event like an ICC World Cup final – most free bets can be used on absolutely any sport of your choosing.

Be sure to check what sports you’ll be allowed to bet on. If there are no restrictions, you’ll be free to bet on anything from football, tennis, and rugby to Kabaddi, eSports and any cricket league you can find.

Terms of a free bet bonus

Understand the Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is a vitally important component of any betting site bonus but especially so with a no deposit bonus. Since a no deposit bonus is free bonus money, the bookies will naturally want to make it as difficult as possible to actually withdraw winnings.

The bonus funds will not be able to be withdrawn for the get-go and you’ll be required to wager the bonus funds a certain number of times before any winnings can be taken. Since no deposit was made to receive the bonus funds, only the winnings can be withdrawn either – unlike a standard deposit bonus where the bonus funds and winnings can be withdrawn.

Even free bets can have a wagering requirement of sorts. You’ll typically see this written as having to “turn a bet over” a certain amount of times. For example, if a ₹100 free bet needs to be turned over 3x, then you’ll need to place ₹300 worth of wagers before your free bet winnings can be withdrawn.

No Deposit and Free Bet FAQs

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is bonus funds awarded by a betting site with no requirement to make any deposits. It is basically free wagers but there are some important rules and imitations to their use at online betting sites in India.

What Are the Best Betting Sites for No Deposit Bonuses and Free Bets?

The no deposit bonus may be rare but free bets are plentiful. There are many bookies across India offering their clients' free bets but we think that Casumo, 10CRIC, and Melbet are running some of the very best offers in India.

Can You Win with a Free Bet?

You certainly can! Winning with a free bet is a little bit different though. Since the stake is provided by the bookie, you’ll only receive the winning amount and not the stake return. As in a ₹200 stake with a ₹2000 win will actually be a ₹1800 win for the punter. Still a very handy return though!

Will Free Bets Expire?

That they do! Yes, free bets will expire over time and it is important for punters to fully read the conditions of the bonus to find out when they expire. Free bets are generally valid for 3 – 7 days but thankfully they are quite regularly offered.

What Are Some Examples of No Deposit Bonuses?

An example of a no deposit bonus could be “Sign-up today and get ₹40,000 no deposit bonus” or “Use promo code to receive ₹30,000 bonus funds with no deposit”. Both these no deposit bonus offers would have a wagering requirement and some payout limits too.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

There is no greater welcome bonus or best betting offer than the no deposit bonus. A rare sight to behold, punters should jump on one of these uncommon offers as soon as they see one. But just as good as a no deposit bonus, the best cricket betting apps and sites offer free spins in many forms.

Be sure to check out our massive list for the best free bets and no deposit bonuses available in India.

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