No-Risk Matched Betting in India — Bet Risk Free (2024)

Imagine placing bets without risk! No-risk matched betting offers a legitimate way and effective way of turning odds in your favour, and contrary to the scepticism that accompanies such claims, it is a legal and proven approach to profiting from the best cricket betting sites in India.

In this article, I will walk you through some of the leading no-risk matched betting sites in India and explain how matched betting really works with free bets.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a strategic technique that you can use to profit from free bets and other incentives offered by bookmakers. It involves placing bets on both possible outcomes of an event:

  • a ‘back bet' (betting on a event to happen); and
  • a ‘lay bet' (betting on an event not to happen)

Although the legal landscape of betting in India is complex, matched betting falls under the same umbrella as everything else. In short, there's no specific law banning matched betting through foreign bookmakers, meaning you won't face any legal consequences.

How Does No-Risk Matched Betting in India Work?

Some of the leading INR betting sites often provide incentives like free bets to attract new customers or encourage existing ones to continue using their services.

  • Step 1: Look for bookmakers offering a free bet as a sign-up bonus or promotion, such as a ₹1,000 free bet when you sign up and place a ₹1,000 qualifying wager.
  • Step 2: Let's say you place a ₹1,000 bet on Team A to win a cricket match as the qualifying bet. By doing so, you'll unlock the free bet.
  • Step 3: Once that's done, use a matched betting exchange (Fun88, for example) to lay (or bet against) your earlier wager, i.e., bet on Team A to not win. This effectively “cancels out” your initial bet.
  • Step 4: Thereafter, use a matched betting calculator to determine the amount you need to stake for your lay bet. The calculator will ensure you cover all possible outcomes and calculate your potential profit.
  • Step 5: Once your qualifying bet is settled, the bookmaker will credit your account with the free bet.
  • Step 6: Repeat the process by placing a bet with the bookmaker using the free bet and laying the opposite outcome on the exchange. The matched betting calculator will again help you calculate the ideal lay stake to ensure a profit, regardless of the event's outcome.
  • Step 7: After the free bet is settled, you can withdraw the profits. It's important to consider any withdrawal conditions or requirements set by the bookmaker.

Matched Betting Example

  • Qualifying bet: Bet ₹1,000 on Team A to win
  • Lay: Bet ₹1,000 against Team A on the exchange
  • Free bet: Receive a ₹1,000 free bet
  • Free bet use: Bet ₹1,000 on Team B to win using the free bet
  • Lay free bet: Bet ₹1,000 against Team B on the exchange

Possible Outcomes

  • If Team A wins, profit from the qualifying bet
  • If Team A loses or draws, profit from the free bet

To find out more about how you can use matched betting to your advantage, check out this video:

How Much Money Can I Earn from the Best Matched Betting Websites?

In a nutshell, you can typically pocket 50–80% of the free bet amount as profit. Just remember that matched betting exchanges often charge a commission on your winnings, and there might be a slight loss on the qualifying bet due to varying odds. It's also important to note the tax side of things: all online betting winnings are subject to a flat 30% tax rate, plus any applicable cess and surcharge, as per Section 115BBJ of the Income Tax Act.

What Is the Best Betting Exchange for Matched Betting?

In matched betting, the idea is to exploit free bets by strategically placing opposing bets to cancel out risk. Betting exchanges play a vital role as they enable you to lay bets, effectively acting as the bookmaker in the matched betting equation.

However, before you place your bets on a matched betting exchange, consider the following factors:

  • Exchange commission

Betting exchanges typically charge a commission on your net winnings. You should ideally compare the commission rates across different exchanges and choose the one that offers competitive rates. Lower commission rates mean more profit.

  • Market variety

A good exchange should offer a broad range of markets across different sports and events. The more options available, the better your chances of finding opportunities that align with your betting strategy.

  • Odds

In betting exchanges, it is you who sets the odds instead of the exchange platform. This peer-to-peer model often results in more competitive and dynamic odds compared to traditional bookmakers. Calculate these odds and place your bets accordingly to ensure you come up on top.

Now, coming to the question at hand. If we had to pick the best betting exchange sites for matched betting in India, we'd go with Fun88, Crickex, Dafabet, and Indibet. These platforms are not only user-friendly but also provide lucrative promotional offers, competitive odds, and a comprehensive sportsbook.

Top Matched Betting Free Bets Offers in India

  • 20Bet: Up to ₹90,000 Free Bets for 10 Correct Score Predictions or Up to ₹4,500 Risk-Free Bets on Select Matches
  • Rajabets: 20 Aviator Free Bets or ₹1,000 Sign Up Bonus or Up to ₹3,000 Cricket & Kabaddi Free Bets
  • Fun88: ₹5,000 Aviator Free Bets Daily or ₹250 Aviator First Deposit Free Bets
  • 10CRIC: Up to ₹3,000 Free Bets on IND vs ENG Test Series
  • 1xBet: Up to ₹2,492 Cricket Free Bets
  • Leon: ₹20,000 Welcome Free Bets or ₹500 Cricket Free Bets or 720 Aviator Free Bets Daily
  • VBET: ₹10,000 Welcome Free Bets or ₹2,000 Cricket Free Bets Daily or ₹100 Free Bets + 15FS No Deposit Bonus
  • Dafabet: ₹2,000 Free Bets on Referrals or ₹350 Free Bets on Correct Score Prediction
  • 888Starz: Welcome Free Bets up to ₹1,752
  • Melbet: ₹832 Free Bets if First Bet Loses
  • Bettilt: Up to ₹1,000 Welcome Free Bets or ₹500 ATP Daily Free Bets or ₹250 Weekend Free Bets

Best Matched Betting Sites: Reviewed

1. 20Bet

A screenshot taken from 20bet website showing the odds for the cricket market

(Source: 20Bet)

20Bet offers up to ₹90,000 worth of free bets with competitive odds, along with diverse betting markets and frequent promotions that improve your chances of spotting profitable wagers.

20Bet Pros
  • Handsome free bets on correct score forecasts
  • HD livestreaming
  • A comprehensive FAQ section for user assistance
  • Site available in Hindi and Bangla
20Bet Cons
  • No telephone support
  • UPI minimum deposit of ₹1,000 is relatively higher than competitors

2. Melbet

A screenshot welcome offer

(Source: Melbet)

Melbet provides an extensive range of markets and high odds, contributing positively to matched betting strategies. Regular bonuses and a variety of betting options make it a favourable choice for matched bettors.

Melbet Pros
  • One-click registration
  • Convenient deposit options like PhonePe
  • Detailed results and stats sections
  • Hindi customer support
  • Low minimum deposit of ₹55 with Perfect Money
Melbet Cons
  • Withdrawals via Netbanking may take up to two banking days
  • The app design may feel dated

3. Rajabets

A screenshot of Rajabets welcome offer

(Source: Rajabets)

Rajabets may have limited market coverage compared to other bookmakers, but it is still good for matched betting due to its high-value promotions and favourable odds.

Rajabets Pros
  • Generous sports welcome bonus of ₹1,00,000
  • Extensive sportsbook
  • On-request call support
  • Competitive odds
Rajabets Cons
  • Absence of a livestreaming option
  • Interface improvements are needed

4. Fun88

A screenshot of Fun88 Website showing the promotions

(Source: Fun88)

As one of the best back and lay betting sites in India, Fun88 offers 100+ bet options and facilitates the use of advanced strategies, making it a good choice for matched bettors seeking more flexibility in their approach.

Fun88 Pros
  • Live in-play betting with detailed stats section
  • Betting exchange available
  • Telephone support available
  • Competitive odds
Fun88 Cons
  • No livestreaming option
  • Netbanking withdrawals can be time-consuming

5. 1xBet

A screenshot showing the registration window on 1xbet website

(Source: 1xBet)

1xBet has extensive sports coverage and frequent promotions, making it a versatile platform for matched betting.

However, you should exercise caution due to occasional restrictions on accounts involved in matched betting or arbitrage betting (explained later on in this article).

1xBet Pros
  • HD livestreaming
  • One-click registration
  • A variety of local payment methods catering to Indian punters
  • Low minimum deposit of just ₹100 with MobiKwik
1xBet Cons
  • Automated live chat can hamper addressing specific queries
  • No WhatsApp support

No-Risk Matched Betting Tips & Tricks

To give your chance of success a shot in the arm, consider the following easy matched betting tips and tricks:

  • Diversify your bookmakers: Spread your bets across top matched betting sites and betting exchanges to maximise access to promotions and opportunities.
  • Build a solid bankroll: Set aside a sufficient bankroll to navigate through multiple bets comfortably.
  • Use matched betting tools: The idea is to leverage matched betting tools and calculators to streamline the process. These tools help calculate optimal stake sizes and ensure precise execution of each bet.
  • Stay disciplined: Patience and discipline are the cornerstones of successful matched betting. Stick to your betting strategy, resist impulsive decisions, and avoid chasing losses. Consistency over time yields more sustainable profits.
  • Explore multiple markets: Diversify your portfolio by exploring less popular sports or niche betting markets at the best no-risk matched betting sites. These areas may present unique opportunities with less competition, allowing you to capitalise on favourable odds and promotions.
  • Stay informed on promotions: Keep an eye out for some of the best welcome bonuses and other betting promotions from bookmakers. Regularly check for new promos to capitalise on potential profit-making opportunities.

Matched Betting Risk Free Bets: Key Terms

  • Back bet: This is the traditional bet that you place on a particular outcome to happen. For example, betting on a team to win a match.
  • Lay bet: This is betting against a particular outcome. It means you are betting on something not to happen. For example, betting on a team to lose a match. You can only lay an outcome on a betting exchange and not any other traditional bookmaker.
  • Lay commission: When you place a lay bet on a betting exchange, you may need to pay a small commission (around 2-5%) on your winnings. This is how the betting exchange makes money.
  • Liability: It is the amount you need to have in your betting exchange account to cover the potential payout if the lay bet loses.
  • Qualifying loss: In the initial stages of matched betting, you may incur a small loss on purpose when placing a qualifying bet to unlock a matched betting risk-free bet. This loss is a calculated and necessary step in the process.
  • Arbitrage bet: This involves betting on all possible outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit, regardless of the actual outcome. It requires exploiting the differences in odds that different bookmakers offer.
  • Mug bet: A crucial strategy to maintain a positive relationship with the best bookmakers for matched betting is the incorporation of mug bets. The term “mug” refers to a bettor who appears to be a regular, recreational bettor rather than one strategically exploiting promotions.
  • Getting gubbed: When the best matched betting sites restrict or limit a customer's account, usually because the customer is consistently making a profit through matched betting, it is known as “getting gubbed.” Gubbing can result in reduced or no access to promotions and bonuses.
  • Betting calculator: You use a betting calculator to calculate the ideal stake and potential profits. This can help you determine the amount to bet and lay in order to ensure a guaranteed profit or at least minimise potential losses.

Free Matched Betting Advantages

No risk matched betting advantages

Matched Betting in India: Risks

Account Scrutiny

One of the risks with no-risk matched betting in India is that bookmakers may scrutinise accounts, limit promotions, or impose restrictions on successful players.

So, how can you mitigate this risk? Try to vary your betting patterns and avoid maxing out on promotions regularly.

Increased Volatility

Fluctuations in odds can impact the effectiveness of matched betting. Staying vigilant and adapting strategies to changing circumstances is essential.

Financial Discipline

Matched betting requires a disciplined approach to bankroll management. Impulsive decisions or overextending bets can lead to financial losses, underscoring the importance of responsible gambling practices.

Platform Reliability

Picking reliable free matched betting sites and exchanges for sports is crucial. Issues with platform stability, delays, or technical glitches can disrupt the process and bring down potential profits.

Human Error

Mistakes in calculations, misinterpretation of terms, or oversight during the betting process can compromise desired outcomes. Please exercise caution, double-check calculations, and maintain meticulous records to minimise the impact of human error on your success.

Top No-Risk Matched Betting Apps: Reviewed

In this section, I have reviewed leading cricket betting apps that I think are ideal for matched betting.

1. Dafabet

Dafabet stands out with its distinguishing feature: a comprehensive betting exchange. If you are interested in matched betting, this platform empowers you by providing a dynamic marketplace for back and lay bets, which offers increased flexibility and gives you a chance at maximising potential profits.

Importantly, the bookmaker offers matched betting free bets worth ₹2,000 (as part of its referral bonus programme).

2. Crickex

Crickex is popular, particularly for its betting exchange. Much like Dafabet, Crickex allows you to place both back and lay bets, helping you find an opportunity for assured wins.

3. 10CRIC

10CRIC is arguably one of the finest bookmakers tailored to Indian players' preferences. With a raft of betting markets and doubtless the most competitive odds, 10CRIC's user-friendly app simplifies the matched betting process, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through various betting options.

The bookmaker is currently offering matched betting risk-free bets worth ₹3,000 on the India vs England 2024 Test series. While this is a limited-time promotion, you can expect 10CRIC to regularly roll out free bets tailored to different tournaments throughout the year.

4. Bettilt

The Bettilt app is tailored to no-risk matched betting, featuring an array of markets and sports options. The user-friendly interface simplifies the whole process, allowing you to explore and capitalise on opportunities.

Notably, the bookmaker offers welcome free bets up to ₹1,000 as well as weekend-special free bets worth ₹250.

5. 888Starz

With its convenient layout and a straightforward UI, the 888Starz app had to make it to this list. Like its competitors, this bookmaker provides multiple markets across several different sports, offers competitive odds, and features high-value free bets along with other sports betting promotions for almost every day of the week.

Moreover, 888Starz offers free bets up to ₹1,752 (or 20% on a maximum deposit of up to ₹8,760), which you can then use for no-risk matched betting.

Matched Betting Sites in India: How to Get Started?

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started with matched betting in India:

  • Step 1: Choose from among the top no-risk matched betting sites discussed in this article and sign up.
  • Step 2: Complete the verification process by providing the required documents. Usually, you will need to provide age proof and address proof, so a copy of your Aadhaar card or driver's licence should be fine.
  • Step 3: Identify suitable free bet offers or sign-up promotions. Read the wagering conditions for the bonus.

A screenshot showing the promotions available on 20bet

(Source: 20Bet)

  • Step 4: Choose a trustworthy betting exchange such as Crickex or Dafabet. Create an account and verify it to enable lay betting.

Match betting on crickex

(Source: Crickex)

  • Step 5: Explore matched betting tools and calculators available online. These tools assist in determining optimal stake sizes for each bet, ensuring precision in your strategy.
  • Step 6: Start your free matched betting journey with small bets (remember that minimum requirement for such free bets must be met) to familiarise yourself with the process and minimise potential losses during the learning curve.

What Does Arbitrage Betting in India Mean?

Arbitrage betting in India is a strategy where you take advantage of the difference in odds across several bookmakers to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome.

This technique exploits variations in pricing (odds), allowing you to place opposing bets on all possible outcomes of an event and secure a positive return.

While arbitrage betting and no-risk matched betting share similarities, they differ in their primary objectives. In the former, you use your own money and focus on exploiting pricing differentials in the market to secure a guaranteed profit. In matched betting, however, you leverage free bets and promotions that bookies roll out to earn a profit by strategically placing opposing bets.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

No-risk matched betting apps and sites offer an excellent way to make a profit. However, you should proceed with it only if you have a thorough understanding of the concept, because real money is at stake. Even if this process does mathematically guarantee profits in the long run, you still have to completely understand the mathematics behind it to be successful.

If you have understood the concept thoroughly, sign up with any of the bookmakers and exchanges listed here and get started! Remember to follow the matched betting tips detailed here, and, as always, bet responsibly!

No-Risk Matched Betting FAQs

What is no-risk matched betting?

It is a strategy whereby you take advantage of promotional free bets (offered by bookmakers) by placing opposing wagers (back and lay bets) on all possible outcomes of an event. This almost ensures a guaranteed profit in the long run, regardless of the actual outcome, as the free bet cancels out any potential losses from the opposing wager.

How do I engage in no-risk matched betting?

Find and sign up with a bookmaker offering a free bet as a welcome bonus. Use the free bet on one outcome, and simultaneously lay against it on a betting exchange with your own money.

Is matched betting in India legal?

Yes, it is. You can start with no-risk matched betting on some of the best back lay betting sites in India mentioned in this article.

How much can I earn from no-risk matched betting?

You can typically earn about 50–80% of the free bet amount as profit. This is because betting exchanges usually charge a commission on winnings, and then you must also pay a 30% tax on your profit.

What are the possible risks of matched betting?

Despite the no-risk concept, potential risks include human error, account restrictions by bookmakers, and unforeseen changes in odds.

What is a no-risk matched betting calculator?

It is a tool that you use to optimise your bets in an attempt to try and ensure a guaranteed profit. A matched betting calculator calculates the necessary stakes for both the qualifying bet and the opposing bet on a betting exchange, factoring in free bet values and odds to achieve a risk-free outcome.

Which betting sites allow matched betting in India?

We'd rate Fun88, Crickex, Dafabet, and Indibet as the very best.

How do I use matched betting free bets?

First, you need to unlock free bets by fulfilling wagering conditions. This includes betting with a minimum amount (your own money), minimum odds, and more. Once these bets are settled, the bookmaker typically credits your account with the equivalent value in free bets. You can then use these free bets to place back and lay bets and other appropriate strategies discussed in this article.

Can I use a cash bonus (or a welcome bonus) for matched betting?

While it's possible, there are often wagering requirements attached. Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions.

Is Betfair matched betting available in India?

Unfortunately, Betfair stopped offering its services to Indian players way back in 2019.

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