How to Bet on Cricket Online?

It is estimated that over 100 million Americans participate in different kinds of sports bet each year and their bet bankroll is close to $100 billion. In Asia, betting is also gaining popularity day by day. So if you are not betting yet, you are lagging behind and missing out this great opportunity. Betting on sports is a trendy way to generate interest from a game. Cricket betting with operators such as bet365, 1xbet and 22bet is gradually becoming attractive because this sport offers a variety of opportunity than other football and soccer. In addition, the introduction shorter form of the game like t20 attracts better to place a bet on this game.

At present, the betting becomes easier, just a few clicks on your mouse by the blessing on the internet. However, it is not easy to start betting online, if you are the newcomer. You need to know about the betting process and guidelines. To help the newcomers like you, we have made this post about step by step guideline how to start cricket betting online. So let us see those guidelines following the post:

The process of opening, verifying, depositing, and placing the first bet is the same on all sites. Here, we try to show you the online cricket betting process by Bet365 and Neteller guide. By following these guidelines, we hope you will understand the whole process easier and can create account with other bookmakers.

Step 1: Register with a bookmaker:

First of all, you need to register with a sportsbook in which you can place a bet. There is a vast amount of sportsbook in the market. But you need to choose the best from the market. From our experience, Betway is the best bookmaker site for cricket betting. It is a well-established company and provides a great betting service. Apart from this site, you can register with Betfair and Bet365 also. If you need better bookmaker name, then we recommend you to see our best cricket betting site list. In the account opening process, you have to input your email ID along with your personal details. We recommend you to use your legal name, address and other information in order to ease the process of verifying.

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Step 2: Verify your account with bookmaker:

In the second step, you have to verify your newly created account with the bookmaker. This is due to different laws and policies regarding ‘know your customer' (KYC) and ‘Anti-Money Laundering' (AML). Also, bookmakers verify the age of customers as minor is not allowed to participate in gambling. There are several ways to verify your account. One popular option is to upload relevant documents using the verification menu. Another way to verify is by sending documents to the support email. All methods need 2-7 working days to complete. However, in the meantime, you can deposit and place bet on your account. But you can not withdraw your money until verification completion. In the verification process, you must submit at least two documents. The first one is for name verification and the second one is for address verification. When it comes to documents for name verification, you can use Passport (International), driving license and/or any other documents issued by the government. For address verification, you can use the above three as well as¬† bank statement and utility bill.

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Step 3: Pick a bankroll size:

The third step to start betting is to pick a bankroll size. This means how much money you want to bet for a certain period of time. Your bankroll size should be separated from your personal livelihood expense. We recommend you to use the excess money of your income in betting. You should not bet to make money, bet for fun only. You should not invest all your asset on betting. Also, do not bet all your bankroll in a single bet. You should bet 2-5% per single bet of your total bankroll size. 

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Step 4: Deposit into Bookmaker:

The next step is to deposit your bankroll fund to the sportsbook. There are various deposit methods offered by the bookmakers such as credit card, e-wallet, and bank transfer. You should choose the easiest method. We always recommend using a virtual wallet like Neteller. This site is very secure and reputable. First of all, you have to create an account with Neteller just like step one. Then you have to verify your Neteller account to get unlimited access. Later you have to deposit on your Neteller account using, credit cards or any other acceptable methods. After that, go to your bookmaker account, click deposit option, select Neteller, enter an amount, enter secured ID and click deposit. All set, your bookmaker account is ready to place your first bet.

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Step 5: Place a bet:

The next step is placing a bet on the sportsbook. Before placing a bet, you should learn about the cricket betting terminology, what should be the betting amount, cricket betting odds, what to bet on and how to pick the right winner. When placing a bet, always look for value, not for odds. Keep in mind that the favorite team does not always win. So be careful in your selection. 

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Step 6: Wait for the result:

After placing the bet, wait for the result of that match. If your teams win, you will get rewarded from your bet. Otherwise, you will lose. If lose, do not get disappointed, think more and make your decision wisely for your next bet. Do not be greedy. Do not run after your loss. Bet for fun and enjoy the beauty of cricket. Addict to the cricket not to betting. 

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Step 7: Withdraw fund and manage your bankroll:

This is the final steps. In this step, withdraw your winning fund from sportsbook and enjoy the financial freedom. You should manage your bankroll again to stay in this betting arena for the long term. Unfortunately, if you lose all your money on the bet, do not be angry and do not run after that loss. Most of the time you will lose, this is why we always recommend investing money that can you afford. 

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