How to Bet on Cricket Online: Step-by-Step (2021)

Best Betting Sites to Bet on Cricket Online

  • Extensive range of sports 
  • Great coverage of major and minor cricket events 
  • Live streaming
  • Highly Competitive Odds
  • Live streaming for select events
  • First Deposit Welcome Bonus up to â‚ą 10,000
  • Range of payment methods 
  • Nearly 40 sports available to bet on
  • Cash out
  • 1BET Reload Bonus 
  • Excellent esports offering 
  • Good player-based markets 
  • Stat packs offered 
  • Men and women’s competitions supported 
  • Good batsman-based markets

Top 5 Best Betting Sites For Beginners to Cricket Betting

  1. bet365
  2. 888sport
  3. Unibet
  4. 1BET
  5. NetBet

How to Bet on Cricket Online: 9 Steps 

Although betting online is a fairly straightforward process even for beginners,there are a number of steps that many either willingly or otherwise tend to glaze over which can have an adverse effect on their experience overall.

Below, we have listed some of the most important factors to keep in mind before you start betting on cricket. 

#1 Do Your Research

While many think the first thing you should do when starting to bet is to sign up with a bookie, this is not true. We strongly recommend that you head over to our list of the best cricket betting sites around and find out which is the best fit for you. Take into account the new customer offers, see if any existing customer promotions are available, and check whether the bookie offers things like competitive odds, good features, and a variety of payment options. This process may take some time, but it can save you a real headache in the future, ensuring that you sign up with a betting site that lives up to your expectations. 

Also, make sure to investigate the laws surrounding online betting in the country you're residing in. For indian bettors, we've answered the question “Is Online Betting Legal in India?”

#2 Register with a bookie

Once you have found your bookmaker of choice, it is now time to sign up. Whether you go for big names such as bet365 and 888sport, or a smaller bookmaker that may offer more niche markets and alternate welcome offers, you will need to verify your identity when creating an account. We’ll go into this later in the article.

#3 Choose bankroll size

Simply put, choosing a bankroll size involves allocating how much money you want to wager in a certain amount of time. This is important, as separating your bankroll from your own personal finances means that there is no overlap, and helps prevent you from betting excessively. Betting should always be done for fun and never as a source of income, so it's important to put a clear line between what you can and can’t afford to bet with. We also recommend being thoughtful about the amount of money you wager in a single bet. If you were to bet 80% of your bankroll on one wager and lose, then you may end up chasing your losses in an attempt to make your money back. This is not ever advisable, as this can lead to you ending up in even more debt.

#4 Deposit 

Once you have selected a bookmaker and set the size of  your bankroll, you can make a deposit. This can be done with any of a number of payment methods available at your chosen bookie, which are usually debit card, credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer. While these methods will offer you differing degrees of security, we recommend using one which you are already signed up with and trust.

#5 Choose your market

Before you place a bet, it is very important that you know full well what you are betting on. A certain team may be the best in the world in T20 cricket, but they may struggle in Test matches. Understanding what sport or tournament you are betting on is very important, as you'll be able to better predict how your selection will perform.

#6 Pre-Match Analysis 

 Often, bettors will look to make a quick bet that they think requires very little analysis beforehand. This usually takes the form of a match winner bet, where a punter will back the big name to win, regardless of the format, venue or recent form. While backing the big name is something many do, it is not always advised. It's always best to do your homework first, no matter the market or how relatively simple it may seem.

#7 Place your bet and await the result

When you are placing a bet, always look for value in what you are wagering on and weigh up the potential risk and reward. You should also become acquainted with different betting and cricketing terms, how betting odds work and how to pick winners in markets for the top cricket tournaments.

#8 Wait for the result/use in-play markets 

After you have placed your bets, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the results to come in. Of course, you can also choose make in-play bets, although we would not recommend having too many bets on the go at one time. With this in mind, it would therefore be best to wager in-play if you haven't made a pre-match bet beforehand.

#9 Withdraw your money 

Once you have reached the end of your bankroll, you should withdraw your winnings. The amount of time this takes usually depends on the payment method you use; most of the time, you'll also have to withdraw with the same payment method you used to make your deposit. 


How to Pick the Best Betting Site for Online Cricket Betting

Whether you intend signing up to a bookie to bet on cricket or any other sport, there are a few important factors you must remain aware of, which we have listed below. 

  • Markets – The available markets on a betting site should be one of the biggest reasons why you choose to (or not to) sign up. The best cricket betting sites will provide a number of the more standard markets, like Match Winner, Top Batsman and Top Wicket-Taker, as well as more niche ones, such as To Win the Toss, First Dismissal Method and more. The most important aspect here is variety, which helps keep things fresh and exciting. 

Best betting site for cricket betting markets: bet365

  • Competitive odds – All bookmakers will claim to have competitive odds, but this is not usually the case. Some will offer great prices in nearly all of their major sports, while others will be more generous with one sport over another. Competitive odds are very important, as this dictates how much value you can get from particular bets. Let's say that bookmaker A offers odds of 2.00 on India to beat South Africa in a Test match, while bookmaker B offers the same at 2.50. If you had to calculate your potential payout, you would get a return of â‚ą2000 from Bookmaker A (2.00 x â‚ą1000) while bookmaker B will reward you a higher total of â‚ą2500 (2.50 x â‚ą1000). While this difference in profit may not sound particularly big, this is just an example of one bet. This difference will only increase as you bet more, so it is therefore very important to maximise the value in your bets. You can do more research on the odds from different betting sites by using an odds comparison matrix, which will show you the best odds from certain bookmakers for different markets.

Best betting site for competitive odds: bet365

  • Sports covered – Before you sign up with any of the bookmakers we recommend, you should first take note of the sports that they cover. If a bookmaker offers a wide variety of sports only to leave out the one you're actually interested in, it makes no sense to create an account with them.

Best betting site for range of sports: bet365

  • Live streaming – Live streaming went on to gain a lot of popularity as sports betting moved online, giving puntersthe ability to go onto a bookmaker’s website, sign in and watch matches as they unfold in real time. Not only is actually watching a match exciting, but it can also play a crucial role in betting too, especially in-play betting. Watching a live stream will allow you to pick up on subtle changes in tactics and performance levels on the pitch, allowing you to place more effective bets. If you want to take advantage of this function, make sure that you check your bookie of choice does actually offer live streaming. Additionally, be aware of the fact that there are some requirements you'll have to fulfil; bookmakers will usually ask you to have placed a bet on the game you want to watch, or to have a positive balance in your account.

Best betting site for live streaming: Unibet

Unibet Live Streaming Watch and Bet with Unibet

  • Payment methods – Having a varied selection of payment methods is very important. Many will be more inclined to pass up on a bookmaker that does not offer a payment method they trust in favour of a bookie that does, even if the latter is not as good a bookmaker as the former. It is therefore vital that bookies offer customers most, if not all of the most popular and trusted payment methods available today, such as Visa, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Skrill, NETELLER, or Paytm. Doing so reassures customers that their transactions are being made safely and securely via a method they are comfortable using. 

Best betting site for payment methods: 888sport

  • Welcome offers & existing customer offers – Bookmaker promotions are a big part of why bettors ending up choosing one site over another. A welcome offer is directed at new or potential customers in an attempt to get them to sign up. After you create an account, you'll be required to deposit a certain amount of money to claim this offer, and, in return, you could get free bets, bet credits, risk free bets, matched deposits and more. Promotions aimed at existing customers, meanwhile, are there to reward these bettors for their loyalty, and will generally be in the form of enhanced odds, acca insurance or any bonus that will potentially enhance your playing pot or get bigger returns on your winnings. 

Best betting site for welcome offers & existing customer offers: 888sport

  • Customer support – Many betting sites will offer 24/7 customer service via live chat, telephone chat, email responses and FAQs. Generally, a site that does not offer at least three of these options is seen as lagging behind in customer support, while those that do not offer 24/7 support are also seen as below par. The best betting sites with top-quality customer service will give you the ability to quickly resolve your problem, whether it is 3pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday or 2am on a Sunday morning.

Best betting site for customer support: Unibet

  • Site usability – It goes without saying that a bookmaker needs to have a site that is easy to use. Convoluted site structures and broken links will only serve to frustrate customers as they try to place bets. A slow site is the bane of any in-play bettor too, with time naturally being of the essence when it comes to live betting. Whether you are betting on your desktop or mobile, the ability to quickly and efficiently move through a site and find what you are looking for is crucial.

Best betting site for usability: 888sport

  • In-play betting – This refers to placing wagers on a match after it has started. Unlike pre-match betting, the odds will constantly be shortening and drifting depending to the events of the game itself. This means that a previously odds-on choice may drift out to provide generous odds, or vice versa. In-play betting provides bettors with the thrill of trying to work out which way the match will go next, offering real excitement when you nail a bet against the run of play. When you get it right, it can offer great payouts.

Best betting site for in-play betting: bet365

How to Verify Your Online Betting Account

When opening your account, you will need to verify your identity. This can be done through the following steps:

  • Enter your legal name, address and other personal information.
  • Upload relevant documents in the verification menu or by sending them to customer support. You must submit at least two documents, one to verify your name and the other your address.
  • Name verification can be done through passports, driving licences or any other document issued by the government.
  • Address verification can be done via any of the aforementioned methods or by using a utility bill or bank statement.
  • You should receive confirmation about whether your account has been verified or not within 2-4 working days. If it takes longer than this, we suggest contacting customer support.

Online Cricket Betting From Across the World

Cricket betting has become very popular all across the globe, involving all formats of the sport, including Tests, ODIs and T20 cricket.Below, we have rounded up a number of the countries in where cricket betting is most popular, and gone through the most popular competitions and markets there.

Bet On Cricket Online: UK

While cricket betting in the UK may not be as popular as football or horse racing, it still holds a very special place in the hearts of many bettors in the country. The most popular cricket tournaments that originate in the UK include the County Championship,T20 Blast, the Bob Willis Trophy and any match involving England, while games involving Ireland and Scotland invariably draw attention too. Cricket punters in the UK are generally very familiar with how to bet on cricket online, usually going for markets such as Match Winner and Top Batsmen, along with any outright betting market for big tournaments.

Arguably, however, the biggest cricket events in the UK include the Ashes (England vs Australia) and the T20 and ODI World Cups. Casual fans and passionate bettors alike love to bet on cricket online while these tournaments are ongoing. 

Bet On Cricket Online: India

Sports betting in India provides a glut of betting options that will keep fans of any kind of sport very busy. Of course, cricket is one of, if not the most popular sport to watch and bet on in India, with the national and regional teams playing some of the most exciting cricket in the game. The Indian national team has been superb in all three formats of the game for years, with poster boy Virat Kohli leading the charge in each. On the domestic scene, the IPL (Indian Premier League) reigns supreme. The IPL is a domestic tournament that sees the best T20 players in the world brought into different teams, who then battle it out in the most fierce T20 competition on the planet. With the stars of every country descending on India for this event, markets like Most Sixes and Highest Opening Partnerships have become very popular, providing one of the most optimal times to bet on cricket online.

Bet On Cricket Online: Australia

Australia boasts one of the most impressive cricket scenes on the planet. The Big Bash headlines the domestic circuit down under, with the T20 competition proving to be one of the most popular betting opportunities. Alongside this is the Sheffield Shield, the One-Day Cup, the Women’s National Cricket League and the Women’s Big Bash. All of these competitions draw big audiences, with markets such as Top Wicket-Taker and Man of the Match betting highly sought-after for cricket betting in Australia. To Win the Toss and Runs Scored off First Delivery are also popular, despite being smaller, more niche markets.

Bet On Cricket Online: Pakistan

There are a number of cricket events that make online betting in Pakistan an exciting option. The biggest tournaments in the country include the Pakistan Cup, the National T20 Cup and – the biggest of them all – the Pakistan Super League. All three tournaments provide different betting options, with the likes of Top Batsman and Top Wicket-Taker seeing the most action. However, few other events draw as much attention as when Pakistan take on arch-rivals India. The two sides have played out some of the most entertaining and fiery battles in cricketing history, resulting in many learning how to bet on cricket online solely to bet on this clash.

Bet On Cricket Online: Bangladesh

Online betting in Bangladesh has proved to be a very popular pastime, with the sports betting scene providing an all-encompassing experience for punters. Without a doubt, the most popular event in Bangladesh is the Bangladesh Premier League, while the National Cricket League, the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League and the Bangladesh Cricket League are not far behind either. Despite the fact there is a decent amount of choice for all the tournaments on offer, it's the Bangladesh Premier League that gives bettors all of the options they could ask for, with this annual event proving to be incredibly popular for bettors from all over the world.

Bet On Cricket Online: Rest of the World

While cricket is definitely one of the most well-loved sports in England, India, Australia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, that is not to say that betting from different countries is unheard of for the sport. For example, cricket betting in USA is currently gaining traction, with an array of competitions, markets and betting options that is proving to be very attractive. While the Cricket World Cup may pass the USA team by, the options for bettors are massive, with the ability to bet on Match Winner, Top Batsman and Top Opening Partnership along with a range of outright markets providing a lot of variety. 

How to Bet on Cricket Online FAQs

Which are the best betting sites for online cricket betting?

If you feel this guide has helped you better understand how to bet on cricket online, we recommend bet365, 888sport and Unibet as the three best bookies to go ahead and sign up with. You'll find that each one offers an impressive range of sports and markets, along with highly competitive odds. Where they truly set themselves apart from the rest, however, is in their on-site features, with live streaming, bet builders, generous promotions and more all coming together to create a very impressive sportsbook. Of course, any of the bookmakers listed at the beginning of this article would be a great choice too, offering security, great service and, most importantly, a lot of entertainment.

How do you bet on cricket online?

When learning how to bet on cricket online, there are a number of key factors you must adhere to before getting started. The first is finding the right bookmaker. Next, you will need to sign up with that bookmaker and place your first bet. From there, it is all about finding markets that offer value bets whilst ensuring that you only bet what you can do so comfortably. Having the ability to bet on cricket online means that nearly all of the major competitions in the sport are there for you to wager on with just the click of a button!

Can I watch matches while I bet on cricket online?

Yes, you can live stream certain matches on a bookmaker site. To do so, you will need to sign into your betting account, and if your bookie has a live streaming function, you will be able to access their calendar. If they are showing a stream of your chosen game, then you will be able to watch it. To do, so you may have to have a bet placed on the game in question or a positive balance in your account. Learning how to use live streaming is something that you should definitely not overlook when getting used to how to bet online, as it can greatly enhance the way you bet.

Which are the most popular cricket betting markets?

If you know how to bet on cricket online, then you'll also know that it is important to find out the most popular betting markets of your chosen sport, be it cricket or something else. For cricket, these will usually be the Match Winner, Top Batsman and Top Wicket-Taker, each of which are very straightforward and offer a decent amount of value.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

When it comes to learning how to bet on cricket online, many key factors are based on finding the right bookies, competitions and markets, with one bettor's preferences often very different to another. From here, it is all about being smart with your money, setting yourself wagering limits and finding good value bets that see the potential reward far outweigh the risk. Having the ability to bet on cricket online has now made it even easier to bet on cricket tournaments all over the world, and with the cricketing scene thriving due to this, there has never been a better time to learn how to bet on cricket online.

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