Top Cricket Match Betting Strategies To Beat The Bookie (2024)

With the sport swiftly evolving and embracing new formats, cricket match betting has become an art that requires not only passion but also a calculated approach. Here, we look into the top cricket match betting strategies, why strategic betting is a must, and several betting tips to up your game when playing at the best cricket betting sites.

The 8 Best Cricket Match Betting Strategies

Let's take a look at eight betting strategies that serve as commonly used tactics for cricket betting.

1. Dogon

  • Dogon is a positive progression strategy that involves consistently increasing the bet size on the same team until they win.
  • This strategy relies on the belief that the team's eventual win will cover the previous losses and yield a profit.
  • It is one of the easiest strategies you can use for cricket match betting.

For example, you start with a ₹500 bet at odds of 2.0. If the team loses, the next bet will increase to ₹1,000 with a possible odd of 2.50. Now, suppose you win this bet, you stand to make a net profit of ₹2,000 (₹1,000 x 2.50 – loss of ₹500). The key is to continue this pattern until the team secures a victory, ensuring that the accumulated winnings surpass the preceding losses.

2. Flat Betting

  • Flat betting is a straightforward betting strategy that involves placing the same bet stake on every wager, regardless of the odds or outcomes.
  • While it may not yield substantial profits in the short term, this method is favoured for its risk management properties and the ability to withstand losing streaks without a significant hit to your bankroll.

For instance, you have a budget of ₹10,000 for the upcoming IPL season. With flat betting as your IPL cricket betting strategy, you decide to wager ₹500 on each match you choose to bet on. If you bet on five different matches and win three of them with odds of 2.0, your total return would be ₹3,000 (₹500 x 2 x 3). Even if you lost the other two bets, your total loss would be ₹1,000 (₹500 x 2), leaving you with a net profit of ₹2,000.

3. Percentage of Bank

  • This is a risk management cricket betting strategy where you wager a fixed percentage of your total bankroll on each bet.
  • By betting a consistent percentage, such as 5% of a ₹10,000 bankroll, you are preventing excessive losses during losing streaks and optimising potential gains during winning streaks.

Let's say you have a bankroll of ₹15,000 for cricket match betting. Applying the 3% of bank strategy, your bet size would be ₹450 (₹15,000 x 3%). If you win your initial bet, your bankroll grows to ₹16,000, and your next wager would be ₹480 (₹16,000 x 3%). This approach allows you to adjust your bet size in proportion to your current bankroll, enabling you to manage risks effectively while maximising potential profits.

4. Ladder System

The ladder system is a progressive betting strategy that involves incrementally increasing the bet size after consecutive wins.

For example, you start with a ₹100 bet and win. Now, the subsequent bet might be raised to ₹200, followed by ₹300, and so on. However, in the case of a loss, the bet size reverts to the initial amount. This strategy allows you to capitalise on winning streaks while safeguarding your profits during potential losing streaks.

5. Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion is a formula used to determine an optimum bet size based on the perceived value of a bet. It considers the odds of winning and helps you allocate a percentage of your bankroll accordingly. The formula is: (bp-q)/b = f, where b = odds (in decimal)-1; p = expected chance of the bet winning; q = expected chance of the bet losing; f = percentage of your bankroll you can stake on the wager.

Let’s say you want to place a bet on India vs Australia, with the Men in Blue assigned odds of 3.0. You believe the chances of India winning is 60%, so the likelihood of India not winning is obviously 40%. Applying the Kelly Criterion formula to this example:

  • b = (3 -1) = 2.0
  • p = 60% = 0.6
  • q = 40% = 0.4

Therefore, f= (bp-q)/b = (1.2-0.4)/2 = 0.4

Based on this formula, you should ideally be staking 0.4 or 40% of your bankroll on the wager. This is that sweet spot where, mathematically and in an ideal world, you can maximise your profit from the wager and minimise the risk.

6. Method of Tank Attack

  • The method of ‘Tank Attack' involves placing multiple bets on the same outcome to increase the likelihood of a successful wager.
  • This strategy relies on the belief that by placing several bets on a favourable outcome, you can improve your chances of winning.

Let's consider a scenario where you strongly believe that a particular team will emerge victorious in an upcoming match. Using the Method of Tank Attack, you decide to place multiple bets on this team, like three separate bets of ₹500 each on the team to win. If the team indeed wins the match, you will receive a total payout of ₹1500 (₹500 x 3), maximising your potential profits.

7. The ‘+60%’ Strategy

  • The ‘+60%’ strategy involves focusing on bets with a perceived probability of winning that exceeds 60%.
  • This approach emphasises wagering on outcomes with a higher likelihood of success, aiming to capitalise on favourable odds.

If a team with a strong track record is playing against a relatively weaker opponent, you might place a wager if the odds suggest a 60% chance or more of the team's victory, ensuring a favourable risk-to-reward ratio.

8. Danish System

  • This cricket match betting strategy requires you to aggressively increase your bet size as well as the stake odds after experiencing losses.
  • It aims to recoup previous losses with larger bets.

If you start with a ₹100 bet at odds of 2.0 and face a loss, the next bet might be increased to ₹200 at odds of 2.50. In case of another loss, the subsequent bet could be further increased to ₹400, and so forth. The key is to revert to the initial bet size after a win to mitigate the potential risks associated with prolonged losing streaks.

Now that you know about some of the top-rated cricket betting strategies, where do you apply them?

Which Is the Best Betting Strategy?

There cannot be a cookie-cutter betting strategy that's applicable to everybody, simply because, as bettors, your preferences and expectations will be different from someone else's. However, to get you started, here are two effective betting strategies that we believe can help you bet on cricket online confidently across the best betting apps in India.


Dogon is chosen over other positive progression strategies due to its persistent approach to recovering losses by consistently backing a specific team until they win. Unlike strategies such as the Method of Tank Attack or the Ladder System, which focus on multiple or incremental bet increases, Dogon's emphasis on sticking with a chosen team provides a straightforward and effective method of maximising potential profits.

Percentage of Bank

The tactic is preferred over other neutral strategies for its emphasis on disciplined bankroll management, ensuring a controlled and consistent approach to betting. Unlike flat betting, which does not account for bankroll fluctuations, ‘Percentage of Bank' adjusts the bet size proportionally to the total bankroll, allowing for effective risk management.

Important Live Betting Tips in Cricket

While strategies form the foundation of your cricket betting plan, betting tips in cricket help ensure you get the maximum value of your time spent betting online. Here are some actionable live cricket betting tips that can help you place the right bets across any of the live betting sites you choose:

  • Look for turning points: When betting on cricket live, look for moments where one team gains a significant advantage or experiences a sudden setback, as these can provide valuable betting opportunities.
  • Analyse pitch conditions: Continuously assess the pitch — whether it's assisting the bowlers or favouring the batsmen. Accordingly modify your betting plan if need be.
  • Evaluate player/team form: Look into players’ performances in the past to understand whether anybody is in exceptional form or struggling to make an impact. This can help you cash out or revise bets while betting live.
  • Observe captaincy changes: Monitor the decisions made by team captains during the match, including field placements, bowling changes, and batting orders. Track whether the captain is taking any decision that’s out of the ordinary.
  • Track fluctuations in odds: Keep a close eye on the fluctuations in live betting odds throughout the match, especially after crucial moments like an important dismissal or a big over. You can of course use live score apps to stay on top of every detail in the game.

We have covered more tips and tricks for cricket betting in further detail below!

T20 Cricket Betting Strategy

The shortest format of the sport, T20 cricket is arguably the most exciting to bet on. If you are thinking how to win in T20 or more specifically while betting on the IPL, below are a few IPL betting strategies that you can also apply to any T20 match worldwide.

  • Take on over/under markets

In T20 cricket, one of the more popular bets is to predict the number of runs the batting team could score. These betting markets come in several shapes and forms, but the most common is the ‘Over/Under Runs’ within the first six overs, as well as in the innings.

In the first six overs of powerplay, only two fielders can be stationed outside the 30-yard circle, so it’s good to back the batting team to score over the projected runs. But once the powerplay is up, fielders drop back, and the batters tend to play more cautiously, so runs start drying up.

  • Know the team composition

A crucial part of your IPL betting strategy is to understand the composition of the two teams taking the field and analyse the head-to-head rivalries in every game. For example, it is usually difficult to play a bowler who spins the ball away from the batsman’s body. That’s why a right-hand batsman finds it easier to play off-spin, while a left-hander plays leg-spin bowling more effectively.

The idea is to search for these tiny details and bet accordingly.

  • Watch out for early wickets

In T20 cricket, the key to putting up a big total on the board is not losing early wickets. So, a couple of wickets falling within the powerplay overs creates an absolute helter-skelter of a situation.

At this point, in live betting, it will make sense to back the batting team and then cash out after the next few overs when the batsmen have steadied the ship and the odds have gone down again.

  • Know the venue

We strongly suggest you don’t ignore this cricket match betting strategy. Remember that not all venues are built the same — the bigger the stadium (in terms of straight and square boundary sizes), the more difficult it is for batters to hit big sixes out of the park.

For example, Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla is the smallest cricketing venue in terms of playing area, with a straight boundary of just 60 metres and a square boundary of only 56 meters. This means more runs both square and straight off the wicket.

There are other factors you must watch out for as well while building your T20 betting strategy, including how the team batting second has generally fared at the ground, if it’s a batting-friendly wicket, and whether the pitch is more suited for spin or pace. Thankfully, with some of India’s best cricket analysis websites, you can easily find this data and use it to your advantage.

Why Good Betting Strategy Is a Must

Cricket betting is undoubtedly a form of entertainment and should only be used that way. However, since money is involved, it demands a sense of responsibility and maturity. To that end, consider the following benefits of adopting effective betting strategies:

  • Managing risks: Wondering how to win in cricket betting? Understand that earning a profit is as much about managing risks as it is about scoring winning bets. Most of the betting strategies provide a structure that is inherently aimed at containing risks, and diligently following them ensures that you never end up losing too much.
  • Bankroll management: Know how much you can afford to bet, especially during top cricket tournaments like the World Cup and some of the best cricket leagues like the IPL when emotions run high and a lack of a limit can cause severe financial strain if things go south. While betting strategies do not give an exact amount that you should adhere to, they do provide an idea of how much you will approximately need in your bank.
  • Better planning, more profit: Cricket betting strategies help you place informed and confident bets, increasing the probability of scoring winning bets and earning a higher profit. A strategy assumes even more importance should you bet high stakes.

How To Win in Cricket Betting: Tips & Tricks

While we have already covered live cricket betting tips above, here’s an extensive list of betting tricks to help you level up your game:

  • Value betting: A research-and experience-driven approach, value betting involves finding underdog markets (typically with higher odds) to place your bets. It requires an in-depth understanding of the game but can easily be mastered with diligent research. If someone were to ask us the best tricks to beat the bookies, value betting would feature at the top.
  • Bankroll management: Being prudent with funds is a safe betting strategy to ensure you do not go broke. Be it estimating maximum betting limits or determining a buffer limit for extra bets, planning funds to the last detail is vital.
  • Look for betting promotions: Be it the best sports welcome offers or free bets, always keep an eye out for these promos. Not only do these beef up your bankroll, but they also give you the leeway to explore new markets and betting strategies.
  • Analyse team performance: Assessing your team’s past records vis-à-vis the opponent, pitch, and format is crucial to ensuring that you place the right bets. You can always refer to sites like Cricbuzz for the latest details and updates on any team.
  • Analyse players' form: No amount of cricket betting tips can do much good if you do not follow this one. When probing into players' performances and form, make sure you analyse metrics like batting/bowling averages, economy, wickets taken, batting strike rate, and the like. Websites like ESPNcricinfo can help in this regard.
  • Consider the weather and pitch report: These two factors determine how the match will proceed. For instance, during ODIs in the winter, most teams will prefer to bowl first, as the dew factor increases as the night progresses, which lends an advantage to the bowling side.
  • Follow cricket tipsters and expert predictions: Reading expert columns and following match insights from seasoned journalists and expert match prediction sites can go a long way in improving your understanding of the game.

How Cricket Betting Works

Cricket betting usually begins with signing up with a trusted bookie of your preference, loading money into the betting wallet using a convenient payment method, zeroing down on your target matches, and finally placing bets. Of course, it is important that you remain updated with the latest cricket news and follow betting strategies that suit your taste.

How Cricket Betting Works

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

We hope that with this guide you now have a better understanding of how to win with cricket betting. Please remember that some strategies are more volatile (but also pay out more), while others are safer but will not grant instant rewards.

That said, if you do the legwork — shop around for handsome odds, follow the sport, understand betting markets — and learn how to master a betting strategy, you will undoubtedly improve your chances of winning significantly.

Cricket Betting Strategy Resources

For more information on Cricket Betting Strategy, check out the below resources.

  1. Investopedia – Statistics Basics: Introduces basic statistical concepts like mean, median, and standard deviation, which can be helpful in analyzing trends.
  2. International Cricket Council (ICC): Global governing body for cricket.
  3. ESPN Cricinfo: Leading online cricket news platform with extensive coverage of cricket in India.

Cricket Match Betting FAQs

How do I win in cricket match betting?

The million-dollar question remains unanswered. There is no sure-shot way to win in cricket betting. However, with consistent research and the use of strategies and betting tips in cricket, you should start seeing an increase in your wins over a period of time.

Why is it important to adopt cricket betting strategies?

Cricket match betting strategies add structure to your betting process, which thereon provides consistency. A consistent approach increases your chances of winning while also saving you from extreme losses.

How does cricket betting work? How do I bet on the IPL?

Be it the IPL or any other cricket tournament, cricket match betting involves the usual process of signing up with trusted bookmakers, loading your wallet, and strategising your bets. And yes, always consider going through the latest cricket tips and techniques to polish your strategies!

Is cricket betting legal in India?

While offline cricket betting is illegal, most states in India do not have any laws that clearly declare online cricket betting illegal. Given the situation, it is safe to assume that betting online on cricket with foreign-headquartered betting platforms like Parimatch and 22Bet is permissible in India.

You can read more about whether online betting is legal in India here.

What factors should I consider when placing bets on cricket?

The team performance, H2H records, player performances, and venue conditions are some essential factors that should guide your betting decisions.

Can one betting strategy be applicable to everybody and every situation?

Never! While we have suggested cricket betting strategies that are proven and popular, you should always consider a strategy that suits you the best. In order to decide the most appropriate betting strategies, you will need to experiment in the initial days and then single out the one that suits you the best.

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