The 5 Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in 2019 (Updated List)

A few years back, online betting was available only for major cricket tournaments such as World Cup, Ashes or Champions Trophy. But, the introduction of furious T-20 and league games has changed the wagering world and gives new opportunities to the punters. Now, one can bet on all the cricket events including the famous Indian Premier League (IPL), entertaining Australian Big Bash League, exciting England NatWest T20 Blast League and all other matches across the globe. Let us discuss some of the best cricket betting sites to bet on cricket online comfortably.

What to Look for in a Good Cricket Betting Site?

In our post “how to choose the best cricket betting site”, we have described several criteria you should look for when deciding upon which bookmaker you should use to bet on cricket. We have said that the first and foremost criterion is the security of the fund. Yes, you should look at a site which takes care of your fund. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble. Moreover, we have also said that you should select a bookmaker which has a good reputation in the market, provides the best odds, suitable deposit methods and importantly good customer support.

In addition to the above points, you should also consider timely payouts and banking methods provided by the sites  So that you do not have to face any trouble while depositing or making a withdrawal. Then comes inclusive of all cricket matches or cricket coverage. After all, a cricket betting website is of no use if you cannot find betting options for IPL or T-20 series, right?

As you see, you have to make time to research the above-mentioned areas. Well, no need to fear as we have already spent extra hours analyzing these criteria and then we have listed these following mentioned websites.

There are plenty of websites available in the market for cricket betting, but not all they are good for you. You should select a site which fits your needs most. By analyzing these above criteria’s, we have listed five best websites here. We call them best because they meet the criteria’s to be the best betting sites and we mostly bet through these sites.

Recommended Cricket Betting Sites

Ranking Bookmakers Rating Bonus (Up to)* Visit
01. Betway 5 out of 5 stars 100% Up to ₹2500 visit
02. Bet365 5 out of 5 stars Open Account Offer visit
03. Betfair 5 out of 5 stars €100 Free Bet visit
04. Betrally 4.5 out of 5 stars 100% Up to ₹7500 visit
05. 1xbet 4.5 out of 5 stars £100 Bonus visit

*New Customers Only. All Offers are subject to certain terms and conditions. 18+. Read carefully before sign up.

Best Cricket Betting Sites List:



1. Betway:

Bet Way is the best and recognized brand name in the betting industry. Active since 2006 from the UK, Also listed in the London stock exchange, it has over 2 million registered users spread in 175 countries. With an unbreakable security system, good reputation and extensive customer support, it has gained the trust of punters all over the world. The cricket betting odds are also good in BetWay. The betting service is the addition of their main services such as online casino, skill games, online bingo, and poker.
We are giving the top spot to betWay because of its 100 percent deposit bonus, a huge selection of cricketing odds, INR wallet, and presence of many other gambling games. All-together, if you want to play safely in the world of chances, betWay is the place where you want to be.


2. Bet365:

Bet365, a UK based bookmaker, established in 2001, offers great gambling service to its customers. As per as we know it provides the best coverage for cricket betting. We, the Punters, are always worried about getting ripped online. That’s right, we have to always be careful while transacting online as there are a lot of crooks, especially in the betting industry. But, bet365 is way too far from them. The betting site has over 1700 employees that work hard to provide one of the best gambling platforms to its customer spread in 200 countries.

Good reputation, secure servers, easy access to customer support and different deposit methods are the features giving bet365 a place in the top five cricket betting websites. It is easily one of the best places to invest your money as they have never seen a dark phase for their security.



3. Betfair:

betfair opened its service to the customer in 1999 and has since then grown into one of the best online sportsbooks all over the world. The business model of Betfair is slightly different from other sportsbooks. It is the best-known platform for betting exchange, which means you are not testing your luck against the site. You are betting against other players like you. betfair has the most number of bets placed, but still, there are wagers who tend to avoid it. Most of the times they blame its exchange system, complicated website layout, and customer service. The website is for frequent gamblers who gamble with a lot of money and that is why it manages to be on this list. If you are a casual wager, looking to invest a small amount and pick up bonuses then Betfair is not for you.


Betrally India

4. Betrally:

Betrally brand is expanding quickly, covers many European countries and now present in India as well. Founded in 2017, this betting website is focused on the Indian market where cricket is known to be a religion. Indian wagers: this is your place where you should create an account and start betting now.
A separate section for IPL news, trustworthiness and a high bonus of 20, 000 INR makes Betrally the second-best choice among cricket betting sites. You just have to deposit 500 INR, enter the correct code and the bonus will be transferred to your Sports Cash Account. This, not the end, you will see more bonuses credited to your account like reload bonus, Refer friends bonus, Live bet bonus and there are certain bonuses available during IPL and major tournaments.



5. 1xbet:

The company was founded in 2007 when they acquired the license for gaming and established their gambling shop. As a result of marketing drives, 1xbet gained attention from the past few years but still, wagers are still unaware of it. However, it is one of the best cricket betting websites. 1xbet offers better odds than many of its competitors. It has unique bonuses and numerous betting options. Talking about the website’s layout and other basics, it has it all at the right place. If you are a casual gambler, it works well for you. But, if you are consistently betting, and you may face some troubles, especially from its customer support.

How we have selected these best betting sites?

We have not compromised even a bit while making this list. We have researched one various other cricket betting websites as well, but once we saw a danger sign, we dropped the idea of recommending them here. We do not want you to face any scams or financial trouble. That’s why we have kept the following points in mind while making the selection.

a. Security of your investment
This is paramount when you are transferring money to someone’s account. How will you know that they will not use it for themselves? Well, we have been to this game for quite some time now and we have only chosen serious actors. Bluffs are already avoided.

b. Reliable customer support
If you face any trouble while transacting or withdrawal, you need a friendly individual who can help. Even a robot who can guide you with the process will also work. Right? We have already tried to contact the websites with several different problems, checked the accuracy and then mentioned them here.

c. Good reputation
The number of active years, positive word of mouth/image in the betting kingdom, a partnership with serious establishments and an active license adds to the reputation of cricket betting websites. Names listed here are aware that gaining trust is hard, so none of them has been into the area of negative shades.

d. Banking options
Another important part of your betting experience, isn’t it? People tend to keep a separate e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill for their gambling needs and there are countries that do not allow bank transactions to gambling websites. So, more options for deposit and withdrawal are better.

e. Cricket coverage 

A site with little or no cricket coverage should not be recommended for cricket betting. Here, we extensively scrutinized all the sites for cricket coverage and recommend you by testing practically. All these sites are good in terms of cricket betting coverage.

f. Better odds:

Who does not want to get the better return from their betting? Okay, this only can possible when you get better odds in the market. We analyze the odds provided by the sportsbook and recommend you only who offer the best.

g. Promotional Offers:

One of the best features of a bookmaker is their promotional offers. We only select and recommend sportsbooks which offer attractive bonuses regularly.

h. User interface: 

We never recommend a site with ugly and slow user interface. As we bet regularly on cricket, we know the best what site is suitable to use in different devices. We select sites who has a great desktop interface and mobile responsive design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I trust your recommendation?

Interesting but important question. Like you, we bet on cricket regularly. We only recommend when we feel it’s safe and trustworthy. Once we were newbies like you, we learned by making mistakes. Now, we do not want you to make the same mistakes we made. You can trust our recommendation without any hesitation.

2. Should I have an account at more than one betting site?

If you are new to the betting world, you would no doubt be looking forward to managing an account. It is always good to have one main account with a betting site or booker which you feel is most reliable. As you spread your wings in the betting world, you can then start having more than one account. The benefits which one can get from having multiple accounts include flexibility and the enjoyment of the various point of difference between both bookmakers. You would find yourself making so much more profit than you would have thought possible.

3. What to bet on cricket?

Test, ODI or T20, cricket is a game that offers a variety of bets. We are listing some of the common types, but we are sure you will find many more while you gain experience.

  •  Top Batsman
  •  Most Sixes
  •  Player of the match
  •  Winner of match
  •  Most Wickets
  • Player of the series
  • Total runs in overs
  • Next man out
  • Dismissal Method
  • Series result etc.

5. Does the ranking change for different geography?

Maybe, but not so much. You can get our recommendation for the different region from this category ‘cricket betting by countries‘.

6. I am from India. Which site is better for me?

Betway, Bet365 and Betrally are the best sites for Indian cricket bettors. You can get more information from here ‘online cricket betting from India‘.

7. Which site offers INR betting?

All of these sites listed here offer to bet on Indian Rupees.

8.Why do I need to send in my ID documents to my betting sites?

Due to the different laws and policies which have been and enforced as regards Know Your Customer which is popularly known as KYC and AML, it is now compulsory for e-commerce sites and organizations to ask their customers to verify their identity. It is not only peculiar to betting sites. Thus, failure to verify your account may lead to a limitation in what you can achieve with your account.

Final Words:

Now, you must be familiar with the top names in the cricket betting kingdom. Try every website one by one to know which one you will like or feel easy to operate. At least try the ones offering bonuses. What we can recommend is to try Betway first as it is a proven name and always offer bonuses to the users. If you feel that the layout is not for you, simply move on to the next one. But, know one thing, every interface may look confusing for the first few times but place a few bets to be familiar with the process, take chances and test your luck. Happy betting!


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