Accumulator Betting: All You Need to Know (2024)

There are many different types of bets, from betting on individual events to so-called accumulator betting. The latter is what we're going to investigate today, and for good reason. Placing an accumulator bet is one of the most popular betting practices out there. We’ll explain why.

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Top 4 Accumulator Betting Sites in India

  1. Rabona
  2. 22Bet
  3. Betway
  4. 1xBet

What is Accumulator Betting?

Accumulators (also known as “acca bets”) combine multiple selections into a single wager with higher odds overall. This means that with an accumulator bet, you can earn your wager amount several times over without staking a significant sum.

Acca bets are definitely worth it if you are looking for excitement in betting. You should carefully make selections for an accumulator bet as such bets have a higher bookmaker margin as compared to most other bet types, owing to the combination of several bets.

So, for example, if we place an accumulator bet on cricket matches in the Indian Premier League, the selections and odds might look something like this:

  • Chennai Super Kings to beat Mumbai Indians @ 1.9
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore to beat Kolkata Knight Riders @ 1.66
  • Punjab Kings to beat Rajasthan Royals @ 1.83
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad to beat Delhi Capitals @ 2.10

Betway Single bets

(Source: Betway)

Let's imagine that our stake is ₹1000 on an accumulator. For an accumulator to pay out, we need all of our selections to be proved correct.

Returns are calculated through a progressive approach, with the cumulative value increasing with every selection added. So in this case, our stake would be multiplied by the first bet (CSK to beat MI @ 1.9). If this selection goes through, the total returns (stake + winnings) will be placed on the odds of the second selection.

This process will continue until either:

a) A selection loses, meaning the accumulator bet has lost


b) All the selections go through, in which case the accumulator bet is a winner.
If lady luck is on our side and the latter scenario takes place, we would cash out on a cool ₹12,250 from an initial stake of just ₹1,000!

Difference Between Accumulator Bet and Single Bet

A single bet is a gamble on only one outcome. For instance, you might want your team to win by a specific margin, your favourite cricket player to take at least five wickets before the game is over. Then what is an accumulator bet? Accumulators are single bets as well, but they are links for numerous propositions at once. Thus, to win the accumulator, you must connect at least two bets and win all of the bets you combine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Accumulator Betting

Even though bet accumulators are appealing and can be profitable, they do have certain drawbacks. So, to assist you in deciding whether or not this concept is right for you, we'll list both their key benefits and their main drawbacks:


  • Win big prizes with a tiny stake.
  • Mix many cricket tournaments and get higher returns.
  • It's great fun to cross off winning selections off your bet slip!


  • The major downside is the high risk that comes with it. You predict one wrong outcome and all your money is lost.
  • The selection of accumulator bets is not as extensive as that of other conventional betting alternatives.

Accumulator Bets vs System Bets

A system bet is a form of wager in which you only need a few of your bets' legs or selections to land in order to win. It's not like an accumulator, which requires all of your bets to be correct. Using this strategy, your odds of winning are greatly increased at the cost of lower returns. That is why more experienced punters prefer system bets over acca bets.

How Does Accumulator Betting Work?

An accumulator bet is a straightforward single wager (requiring only one stake) put on numerous related events. You are free to link any events together as long as they are unrelated.

Because one outcome might impact the outcome of another, related bets cannot be connected in a traditional multiple. An excellent example would be placing a double bet on the first wicket and the total wickets taken in the same match; this is not permitted. These are known as linked contingencies, and specific bet kinds are frequently available in place of a standard accumulator bet.

Accumulators may connect any unrelated occurrences, even in real time. The bet will only win if all of your predictions are correct; if one event fails, you will lose. Because the odds are cumulative, each pick you add to the multiple raises the payoff while increasing the risk.

If any of your selections are void, it does not mean your accumulator is likewise void; it only means that the bookmaker will remove the selection, so a multiple with five picks will become four-fold.

How To Place an Accumulator Bet

When you place an accumulator bet, you're betting on multiple events at the same time. As a result, it may appear convoluted and challenging at first glance, but gambling with an accumulator is a straightforward approach.

After signing up with a bookmaker that has the most excellent offers and free bets, follow these steps to place an accumulator bet:

Step 1: After successfully creating an account and receiving the introductory bonus, you can place your first accumulator bet using the bonus and your original deposit. Remember: bookmakers do not always give acca bonuses, so make sure you choose a bookmaker that does. Making your picks for the games you wish to include in your accumulator bet is the first stage.

Step 2: After selecting the events, you must guess the winners you wish to wager for each event.

Tip: Look for value in your selections. In other words, look for opportunities that might give you the “edge” over the bookie with selections that have a better probability of coming through than the bookie's odds suggest.

Step 3: After you've decided on your selections, you'll need to choose your stakes. The stake you put down for each game will determine your winning amount, and you should choose it carefully because it could be lost if one of your selected teams performs poorly.

How Are Accumulator Odds Calculated?

The odds on your bets are now displayed next to the accumulator field on most betting sites, while the amount you will win from your stake is displayed at the bottom. Therefore, if they tell you how much you'll win, divide that by your wager to get the odds.

If you want to calculate accumulator odds on your own, all you have to do is multiply the numbers serially. The simplest method to do this is to convert all of your odds to decimal; most bookies will have a tab that allows you to switch between decimal and fractional odds or use a conversion chart.

Let's say we have five choices, all with odds of evens (2.0 in decimal). To calculate the odds, multiply them together. So, 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0 = 32.0.

If you don't want to calculate the odds yourself or evaluate different bet alternatives, use an automatic bet calculator by simply googling it.

Tips and Strategies for Accumulator Betting

Here are some cricket accumulator tips and strategies that you can implement in order to earn big:

Use an Optimum Staking Plan

Planning is vital to be net positive in betting, no matter what form of a bet. For someone new to acca bets, the pro tip is to bet the same sum of money on each bet.

The reason why a well-thought-out staking plan is necessary is that in absence of one, you will undoubtedly lose money due to the factor of variance.

Be Mindful of the Number of Selections

Adding multiple selections is a double-edged sword. Pick the right selections and you can win a handsome return with a small sum. On the other hand, adding too many selections without thought reduces your margins because the bookmaker’s margins increase with every addition.

So, what should you do?

Ideally, the strategy followed by experienced bettors is to consistently play with doubles or trebles. You should avoid adding more than three selections in your bet slip.

Consider System Bet or Acca Insurance

Betting always comes with risk – that’s the charm and thrill of it, so be ready to bear at least some risk when you decide to place bets.

However, there are always ways and means to avoid betting risks that you cannot afford to sustain. One such way of reducing the impact of acca bet losses is to consider system bets. System bets are a combination of singles and accumulator bets. You do not need to get all the selections right for winning money, thereby reducing the risk element.

Another way of reducing risk is to take acca insurance. The insurance compensates for your losses, but then again, insured bets have reduced odds. However, since acca insurance is hard to come by in India, you should consider using system bets.

Don’t Rely on Other People’s Predictions

If you follow tipsters on Twitter and Facebook only to duplicate their predictions and then hope for the best, you'll never improve your betting skills because you'll always be relying on their luck. So instead of seeking bets of the day, acca betting tips, and the like, try developing your own betting model. Yet if you want to see what other people are betting on, you must first examine the source's authenticity.

Is Accumulator Betting Worth It?

Despite their popularity, many successful punters and betting experts believe that sports bettors should avoid accumulator bets if their goal is to earn big profits. If you are looking for fun, accumulator betting can surely entertain you. Before you start betting on acca bets, check out these two factors that determine the worth of a bet:

  1. Value
  2. Variance

1. Value

It is a significant factor you must consider before deciding to place bets on an accumulator. Placing an accumulator bet means not only compounding your wins, but also compounding the bookmaker's margin. Let's imagine a bookmaker charges a 5% commission on all of the bets in your accumulator.

If you place a single bet, the margin is 5%, but if you combine two events, the margins are added, yielding a total of 10% (5+5). The higher the selections you add, the higher the profit margin for the bookie becomes; a 10-fold acca in this scenario would represent a 50% profit margin for the bookie.

2. Variance

Variance is the assumption that you will lose at times. A cricket event's success is influenced by various elements, including luck, fine margins, field condition, human judgments, and weather – so there is a chance that you might lose. But with acca bets, this chance of losing intensifies dramatically.

Remember how many times you lost the entire bet because of one? Too many times, right? That is the same case for almost everyone; you are not at fault here. That is why experts swear by sticking to single bets when it comes to betting on cricket – or any other sport for that matter.

Biggest Accumulator Wins

#1. In March 2011, the Tote horse racing pool betting service had the most incredible acca winner ever recorded. Steve Whiteley, a heating engineer from North Tawton in Devon, was given free admission to a day at the races at Exeter Racecourse. He bet ₹200 on six different selections in a Jackpot bet. Semi Colon (2/1), Black Phantom (12/1), Ammunition (16/1), Mr. Bennett (16/1), Lundy Sky (5/1) and Lupita (12/1) all won, leaving Whiteley with approximately ₹146,801,739 profit.

#2. Fred Craggs from Yorkshire places an eightfold acca bet, which was struck at tremendous odds of 2,000,000/1. He placed the bet in a local William Hill betting shop in the market town of Thirsk.

#3. In early November 2017, a housewife, tired of her husband and son's fixation with the beautiful game, decided to wager ₹100 on 12 teams winning the English Football League. With all 12 outcomes coming in, her acca won approximately a massive ₹58,115,416.

Accumulator Betting FAQs

What is accumulator betting?

Unlike system betting, one wrong prediction in acca betting can make you lose all the money in the bet.

What are the best sites for accumulator betting?

The best accumulator betting sites are pretty much the best cricket betting sites. Namely, 22Bet, Betway, Rabona and 1xBet.

How much money can I make with an accumulator?

This depends on your stake, however, always be sure to check that you aren’t exceeding the bookie’s maximum payout.

What is acca boost?

Bookmakers offer acca odds boosts or bonuses, which enhance the price (odds) of your wager. That usually applies to acca bets with more than three picks, although it can also apply to single bets.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Although risky, placing an accumulator bet is undoubtedly an exciting way of making a bundle in a short time if you are looking for some fun while betting. One of the striking features of this betting type is that punters get the chance to combine a wide range of bets over different sports.

Therefore, accumulator betting is ideal if you enjoy betting on numerous sports or follow other games within the same sport.

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