Blacklisted Betting Sites in India (2024) – The Ultimate Guide

The act of betting regulators blacklisting bookmakers and casino sites for various reasons isn't just a regulatory move; it's a shield protecting users from financial distress, gambling addiction, and other real-world risks.

To ensure your safe journey through the realm of online gambling, delve into this article, where we unravel the reasons, consequences, and precautions surrounding blacklisted betting sites in India.

Blacklisted Betting Sites To Avoid in India

Here is a compilation of the top blacklisted betting sites in India to be cautious of. It's important to note that the status of these sites may change, and you should always verify the latest information before engaging with the following worst betting sites:

Mahadev Betting App: The Biggest Scamster

Mahadev logo

Mahadev Betting App had a huge user base in India. But it is unsafe due to no proper user registration and unreliable payment options. The app was banned with immediate effect in India in 2023. More Than Just Predictions

Dream11 logo stands apart from conventional betting platforms. Unlike betting, where you wager money on unpredictable events, focuses on predicting game outcomes without financial implications.

Dreamexch: Unravelling the Limited Membership

Dreamexch logo

Dreamexch claims exclusivity with a limited member count. But do grand league contests promising lakhs and crores hold water? Customer reviews reveal a different reality.

Sportingbet: Battling Profitability Woes

Sportingbet logo

Sportingbet acknowledges profitability challenges, leading them to identify winning clients. The solution seems paradoxical: continuous losing. But even that doesn't assure account longevity.

Titan Bet: A Gamble on Customer Support

Titanbet logo

Titan Bet raises concerns with its lacklustre customer support and vague terms. You risk account closure without insight into others' experiences.

The Sun Bets: Gambling or Not?

The Sun Bets faced fines from the Gambling Commission, sparking debates on whether their activity qualified as gambling. The repercussions raised questions about their legitimacy.

Bwin: The Dangers of Untrusted Partnerships

bwin logo

Bwin's association with untrusted marketing partners tarnishes its reputation. This revelation lands it on the blacklist, a perilous territory for any betting platform.

Betsafe: Struggling with Support

Betsafe logo

Betsafe mirrors Titan Bet's struggle with deficient customer support. Bookies' concerns often fall on deaf ears, contributing to user dissatisfaction.

Skybet: Legitimacy at Risk

Sky bet logo

Contrary to belief, Skybet is not owned by Sky Bet, which has given birth to legitimacy concerns. Instances of customer deception by the marketing team further cast a shadow on its credibility.

10Bet: Bonus Wagering Woes

10bet logo

While new customers expect incentives, 10Bet demands bonus wagering ‘X' times before withdrawal. This stands in stark contrast to industry norms. Promotional Shortcomings

Gamebookers logo fails to provide adequate promo codes and discounts and sets a minimum odds limit, limiting your chances of cashing out.

Lotus 365: Lack of Transparency

Lotus365 logo

Lotus 365 demands a higher deposit compared to other reputable sites. Moreover, there is no user transparency, and the problem is further compounded by the risk of data breaches. Customer feedback questions the usefulness of promotions, and an overvalued wagering requirement raises eyebrows.

In the complex web of online betting, transparency is the torchbearer. You must navigate the above blacklisted casino sites in India through an intricate web of terms, customer support, and legitimacy to make informed choices.

What Is “Blacklisting” of Betting sites?

  • Blacklisting of betting sites refers to the process of designating certain online gambling platforms as undesirable or unsafe due to various reasons.
  • These reasons may include violations of gambling laws or regulations, engagement in fraudulent activities, or unethical practices that pose risks to users.
  • Regulatory bodies, government authorities, or independent reviewers issue blacklists to warn consumers about unreliable or potentially harmful betting sites.
  • Blacklisted betting sites can face restrictions, including being blocked or banned, to protect users from scams and unfair practices.
  • Reasons for blacklisting may range from operating without a valid gambling licence to voiding winning bets.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you do not access and engage with blacklisted betting sites to ensure a secure and fair gambling experience. Instead, only ever opt to play with leading cricket betting sites in India that are certified, provide the most competitive odds, and support easy payment methods for hassle-free deposits and withdrawals.

Why Are Some Bookmakers & Casino Sites Blacklisted?

Betting regulators have the authority to blacklist illegal bookmakers and casino sites if they are found to breach regulations and pose potential hazards to consumers. The blacklisting serves as a successive measure, highlighting the regulators' commitment to ensuring compliance within the industry and safeguarding consumers from possible risks.

Here are some common reasons for blacklisting:

  • Operating without a licence: Betting sites engaging in operations without a valid gambling licence are often blacklisted due to non-compliance with regulatory requirements. Valid gambling licences are issued by leading regulatory bodies and government agencies, including (but not limited to) the Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), and the Curaçao Gaming Control Board.
  • Non-compliance with regulations: Failure to comply with gambling laws and regulations, including issues related to fraud prevention and self-exclusion policies, can lead to blacklisting by regulators.
  • Illegal operations in restricted regions: Bookmakers operating in countries where gambling is illegal or without proper authorisation may face blacklisting by regulators. You can learn more about the current legal status of online gambling in India.
  • Lack of responsible gambling measures: Failing to implement effective responsible gambling measures, such as addressing addiction issues or providing adequate player protection, may result in blacklisting.
  • Tax evasion: Bookmakers choosing offshore locations with the aim of to evading taxes may face regulatory scrutiny and potential blacklisting.

Why Should You Avoid Blacklisted Betting Sites?

So, why should you steer clear of blacklisted betting sites and other illegal bookmakers?

A list of features on blacklisted sites

1. bet365

bet365 logo

It was one of the most popular betting sites in India in the last decade, until a series of regulatory and legal challenges, along with the introduction of new taxation laws in July 2023, led to the permanent closure of bet365 in India.

2. Betway

betway logo

Another global betting site that is blacklisted in India, Betway was on the rise and set to overtake other bookmakers in the local scene. However, the company stopped their operations completely due to the new tax laws enforced on gambling in India.

3. William Hill

William Hill logo

The company withdrew from the country due to frequent payment issues and the non-acceptance of their terms and conditions in India.

4. BetVictor

Betvictor logo

BetVictor used to be one of the safest betting sites in India until they updated their terms and conditions and policies of usage. According to their current policy, the bookmaker will operate only under the legality and laws of a particular country. As betting and gambling lie in a legal grey area in India, BetVictor was added to the list of blacklisted sites.

5. DraftKings

Draft kings logo

While DraftKings is hands down the most popular bookmaker in the USA, they are not operational in India. The bookie does not support any India-specific payment options, and that's precisely why we suggest you don't use DraftKings in the country.

6. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes logo

If you talk about longevity, Ladbrokes would be the poster boy for it. There was a time when this British gambling company used to be a go-to option for punters in India, but then the government banned it due to data breaches and legal issues.

7. Coral

Coral logo

A reputed and trustable bookmaker in the European region, Coral is blacklisted in India. The payment options are not viable, and its operation is restricted to fewer territories.

8. Top Bet

Topbet logo

The bookmaker is not recommended due to fraudulent activities, reports of non-payments, and slow withdrawal times.


Skybook logo

Lack of proper security measures, very slow payouts, and allegations of frequent suspension of accounts are the reasons why Indian users must categorically steer clear of this bookmaker.

10. BetUs

Bet Us logo

BetUs is a USA-based sports betting website that is blocked in India.

Criteria for Blacklisting Betting Sites

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has taken measures to curb illegal bookmakers in India, blocking certain offshore and Indian gambling websites in a crackdown on unauthorised platforms. However, the enforcement of these measures varies. Here are key criteria for blacklisting:

  • Unlicensed operation

Operating without a valid licence from a regulatory body is a major red flag, indicating a lack of adherence to legal standards, which jeopardises your safety and financial integrity.

  • Stringent/unfair bonus T&Cs

Betting sites may face blacklisting if they impose unreasonable or unfair terms and conditions related to bonuses, compromising the transparency of the betting experience.

  • Poor quality of betting promotions

Subpar betting promotions, such as misleading offers or inadequate rewards, can lead to the blacklisting of a betting site. When choosing a bookmaker for yourself, ensure that it offers one of the best sports welcome bonuses along with generous free bets, cashback betting offers, and other promotions like referral bonuses.

  • Complicated payment methods

Complex and confusing payment methods contribute to a negative user experience, potentially leading to a betting site being blacklisted.

  • Unfavourable odds

Sites offering odds that are unfair or uncompetitive compared to industry standards may find themselves on the blacklist, as it indicates a lack of integrity.

  • Lack of prompt customer service

Blacklisting can occur when a betting site fails to provide timely and responsive customer service, impacting user satisfaction and trust.

  • Unrealistic minimum deposit and withdrawal limits

Setting unrealistic limits for deposits and withdrawals can be a reason for blacklisting, as it may hinder a fair and accessible betting experience. Always ensure that your preferred betting site accepts a low minimum deposit, as that will allow you to start your betting journey without putting big money on the line.

  • Random account closure

Arbitrary closure of users' betting accounts without valid reasons raises concerns about the site's reliability, potentially leading to blacklisting.

  • Delayed or complete refusal of payouts

Failure to provide timely payouts or an outright refusal to honour winnings is a severe violation that can result in a betting site being blacklisted.

How Does a Betting Site Get Blacklisted?

Betting sites may get blacklisted for various reasons, often involving unethical practices or legal violations. Here are common factors leading to the blacklisting of fraud betting sites in India:

  • Regulatory violations : Betting sites may face blacklisting due to non-compliance with gambling regulations. This includes operating without a proper licence or violating specific conditions set by regulatory authorities. The Gambling Laws and Regulations Report 2024 for India emphasises the importance of adhering to relevant authorities and legislation when applying for a licence.
  • Financial irregularities: Instances of financial misconduct, such as fraud or embezzlement, can lead to blacklisting.
  • Unethical practices: Blacklisting may result from unethical business practices, including misleading advertising, unfair gaming practices, or failure to protect users from harm, such as gambling addiction. Regulatory bodies often monitor and assess these practices to ensure user safety.
  • Money laundering risks: To prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, gambling companies are required to implement stringent anti-money laundering (AML) measures. Failure to comply with these measures can lead to blacklisting, as highlighted in the revised AML guidance for gaming and gambling.
  • Online fraud prevention: Betting sites may face blacklisting if they do not effectively combat online gambling fraud. Implementing robust fraud prevention measures is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the platform and ensuring a secure environment for users.
  • Illegal operations: Operating without a licence or being declared an illegal bookmaker in specific regions may prompt blacklisting to safeguard users from engaging with an unlawful bookmaker.

In summary, blacklisting betting sites is a multifaceted process, encompassing regulatory compliance, financial integrity, ethical considerations, and the prevention of illegal activities. Sites engaging in unethical or unlawful practices risk losing their credibility and facing severe consequences.

Can a Blacklisted Bookmaker Improve Its Reputation?

Yes, an illegal bookmaker has the potential to improve its reputation, but the process is challenging. The steps to doing so include:

  • Addressing issues: The bookmaker must identify and rectify the reasons for blacklisting betting sites, such as resolving payment issues, ensuring fair practices, and obtaining necessary licences.
  • Maintaining communication and transparency: Open communication with stakeholders and the public is crucial. A transparent acknowledgment of past mistakes and a commitment to positive changes can rebuild trust.
  • Implementing trust-building plans: Establishing concrete plans to build trust is essential. This may involve third-party audits, transparent financial practices, and fair treatment of users.
  • Ensuring legal compliance: Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and obtaining proper licensing is fundamental for legitimacy and trustworthiness.

However, success in reputation recovery depends on the sincerity and effectiveness of these efforts. Public perception plays a significant role, and consistent positive actions are necessary for long-term improvement.

Tips for a Safe & Rewarding Betting Experience

Online betting can be a thrilling pastime, but ensuring a safe and rewarding experience requires careful consideration of various factors. Follow these tips to bypass fraud betting sites:

  • Check for gambling licences: Always choose betting sites licensed by reputable regulatory bodies. A valid licence ensures the platform operates within legal frameworks, providing a layer of protection for users.
  • Verify safety measures: Look for SSL certification and end-to-end encryption to safeguard your personal and financial information. This technology ensures secure communication between your browser and the betting site.
  • Review bookmaker reputation: Check online bookmaker reviews to assess the site’s reputation. Avoid blacklisted betting sites as they may have a history of fraudulent activities or poor service.
  • Evaluate payout speed: Prompt payouts are essential. Verify the platform's track record of processing withdrawals swiftly, ensuring a seamless financial experience. To that end, you might want to check out some of the best betting sites in India with instant withdrawals.
  • Assess customer service: Quality customer service is crucial. Opt for platforms with responsive and efficient customer support to address queries or concerns promptly.
  • Evaluate usability: A user-friendly interface enhances the overall gambling experience. Choose platforms that are easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable betting session.
  • Check for diversity in betting markets: Pick platforms offering a variety of betting markets. This ensures you have a wide range of options to explore and keeps the experience dynamic and engaging.
  • Check for availability of easy payment methods: A reliable platform should support various payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Verify bookie's location: Choosing platforms based in jurisdictions with robust regulations adds an extra layer of security.

By incorporating these tips into your online betting routine, you can enhance the safety and enjoyment of your experience. Avoid blacklisted betting sites to steer clear of potential issues, and focus on platforms that prioritise user security and satisfaction.

Responsible Gambling: Strategies for Safe Betting

  • Set limits: Establish limits for both time and money before you start gambling. This helps prevent excessive spending and ensures you stay within your means.
  • Know the games: Before placing bets, understand the rules of the games to minimise the risk of making uninformed decisions.
  • Avoid emotional gambling: Refrain from gambling when upset or stressed. Emotional states can cloud judgement and lead to impulsive decisions.
  • Limit alcohol and cannabis intake: Consuming alcohol or cannabis can impair judgment, so limiting intake while gambling promotes clearer decision-making.
  • Seek help if needed: If gambling becomes problematic, don't hesitate to seek support. Various wellness-oriented interventions and psychosocial treatments are available.
  • Utilise support systems: Access support systems designed to assist individuals in maintaining responsible gambling habits. These systems offer guidance and resources to prevent gambling-related issues.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

At CBA, we recommend you steer clear of fraudulent betting sites to mitigate any safety concerns. Knowing which bookies feature among the blacklisted betting sites will help you ensure a more secure gambling experience, safeguarding you from potential risks associated with unscrupulous practices and maintaining the integrity of the betting environment.

Blacklisted Betting Sites in India FAQs

Why can our reviews and blacklist be trusted?

Our reviews and blacklist are the result of extensive research and analysis from diverse sources, such as reputable online platforms and regulatory bodies. The aim is to provide users with reliable information for a secure online betting experience.

Which are the blacklisted betting sites that I should steer clear of?

Refer to our comprehensive article for a detailed list of blacklisted betting sites, including the specific reasons for their blacklisting.

What should I do if I have been scammed by a blacklisted bookmaker online?

If you fall victim to a scam by a blacklisted bookmaker, report the incident to the relevant authorities and seek legal advice. Sharing your experience on online forums can also contribute to raising awareness about fraudulent activities in the betting industry.

How can I tell if the betting site I use is dishonest and unfair?

Look out for warning signs such as delayed payouts, unclear bonus terms, and poor customer service to identify dishonest betting sites. Our criteria for blacklisting can help you recognise potential red flags and make informed decisions about the platforms you choose.

How do I find the best and most trusted online betting sites in India?

Follow our tips for a safe betting experience in India, which include checking for a valid gambling licence, reviewing safety measures, and considering user feedback.

Should I still play on a betting site even if it has been blacklisted?

No. We strongly advise against playing on blacklisted betting sites, as it poses risks and could expose you to fraudulent activities. Only ever opt for bookmakers from our list of trusted platforms to ensure a safe and rewarding online gambling experience.

Why do bookmakers restrict accounts?

Bookies may restrict accounts for reasons such as suspicious activities, violations of terms and conditions, or engaging in arbitrage betting. Understanding these reasons will help you maintain compliance with platform regulations.

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