Online Cricket Betting from Pakistan

Despite the fact that online betting in Pakistan is banned, it is widely spread. More than 200 million Pakistanis are involved in online cricket betting and that is why Pakistan shares a name in the top 60 counties where online cricket betting with the best cricket betting sites occurs.

If you reside in Pakistan and interested in online cricket betting, you need a trustworthy online bookmaker, from the best Pakistan betting sites, with wide a range of betting options and better odds. To serve you the right way, we have outlined a list of three best cricket betting websites and how to bet on cricket from Pakistan to get you on the right path.

Best Pakistan Betting Sites for Online Betting in Pakistan

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Best Pakistan Betting Sites - Top 3 Online Betting in Pakistan

1. Betway

Serving over two million users worldwide, Betway offers one of the best Pakistan betting sites interface and an excellent mobile app. Early cash-out, joining bonus and a wide range of betting options, you will find everything on the website. The company with a fine reputation has employed over 500 employees to give you the best betting experience when betting online in Pakistan.

ย 2.ย Bet365

Ripping off a punter who is looking to bet online is an easy task. There are lot many crooks waiting for you online. But, if you wager through bet365, you will be safe and if you win any bet you are guaranteed to get the money. One of the best Pakistan betting sites and biggest firms in the UK, bet365 has over 19 million users across the globe. Sign up now to get the joining bonus when betting online in Pakistan.

3. 1xbet

One of the legitimate online bookmakers and best Pakistan betting sites around, 1xbetย has been active since 2001. Today then own Stoke City, which is a football franchise in English Premier League. Regulated by gambling commissions in the UK, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Gibraltar, and Spain, this is one of the safest online cricket betting sites for gamblers. They have a massive coverage for betting online in Pakistan, whether it is the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) or the World cup, you will find all the matches.

How to make a deposit for online betting in Pakistan?

When it comes to online betting in Pakistan, players have the toughest time as compared to gamblers from other countries. Popular e-wallet in the betting world, Neteller does not accept Pakistani addresses and virtual card Entropay does not have not have any payment option for Pakistani bank accounts.

One of the options left for online betting in Pakistan is Skrill, which is accepted by most of the best Pakistan betting sites but is difficult to set up.

Step 1. Create an account on Skrill and on any cricket online betting in Pakistan site.

Step 2. Fund you Skrill account using bank transfer and then deposit the same amount on the betting site. You are all set to start the betting.

How to withdraw the winning amount from the best Pakistan betting sites?

While withdrawing the amount from the best Pakistan betting sites, it is very common that you have to upload a copy of your identity and a utility bill as address proof. We recommend you to arrange a utility bill before you decide to start cricket betting online. As long as you are able to provide an identity and utility bill with your name, it is easy to get verified. If you are living on rent or with relatives in the country and getting a utility bill on your name is really a challenge than you can opt for bitcoin gambling.

Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has an exchange rate against all the currencies. To start betting with bitcoin, first of all, you need an online wallet like BLOCKCHAIN. Through the wallet, you will get a link where someone can send bitcoins to you. 1xbet accepts bitcoins, so the best way is to use the site for deposit and withdrawal.

You can get the bitcoins either from the wallet or through local individual selling bitcoin here. This is a marketplace where scams may happen, but you can see the number of transactions done by the seller and their rating. It is safe to buy bitcoins from reputed sellers but keep the amount less in order to avoid any troubles.

Once you win the betting amount, you can easily transfer the same to your wallet and then convert them to Pakistani Rupee (PKR). You can also sell the bitcoins to exchange or as a local bitcoin seller. We understand that this option may look tricky, but as you know that cricket betting is illegal in Pakistan then you have to follow a process to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Why online betting in Pakistan is better than local bookies?

Online cricket betting is safe in every aspect. If you are gambling through the above-mentioned best Pakistan betting sites, you are dealing with a company that respects your money.

  • ย You are guaranteed to get the winning amount and your deposit is not going anywhere until and unless you withdraw it. The reason, such websites are regulated and governed by legitimate gaming bodies to make sure you do not face any irrelevant circumstances. On the other hand, dealing with a local bookie is risky and returns are not guaranteed. What if the bookie gets raided and he has to shut down the business? If you are about to get the winning amount, it is gone forever, including your deposit.
  • Cricket betting through online websites is discreet and private. If you follow the right process and payment option, you will keep getting the winning money and no one will even know that you are involved in gambling.
  • Local bookies only focus on match results while the websites mentioned in this post will give you numerous betting options including top scorer or wicket-taker, methods of dismissal, runs in first ten overs and much more.
  • Online cricket betting sites give you access to all the tournaments at one place, whether it is domestic PSL or other leagues like Indian Premier League (IPL) or Big Bash. One day internationals and test matches including World Cups, Champions Trophy or Asia cup are also included. You may not find such variety with local bookies or you have to contact separate ones for different cricket events.

Is online betting in Pakistan is legal?

According to The Prevention of Gambling Act, 1977 โ€“ it is illegal to own a gambling house or visit similar places. If you are found guilty, there is a fine of 1000 PKR or up to one year of imprisonment or both. However, the act says nothing about online betting. In fact, the internet came to work in 1992 and that is why the old laws are yet to cover the online betting cases.

Still, we are not the lawyers who can give the right suggestions over laws. But, always keep in mind the contacting a local bookie is far riskier than online betting in Pakistan. A local bookie can leave trails for the authorities to track you. Things are different while gambling online. If you choose the right payment options and do not indulge in any other online criminal activities, there are fewer chances of being caught when placing bets with the best Pakistan betting sites.

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