NetBanking Betting Sites (2021)

Top 10 NetBanking Betting Sites 2021

  • Big cricket focus
  • Sports Guru challenges
  • Multibet multiplier of 100% promo
  • Free cricket bets
  • Booster bets
  • 100% up to ₹20,000 Bonus
  • Great cricket markets
  • Live betting smaller sports
  • 100% deposit bonus up to 2,500
  • Giant cricket markets
  • Free live streaming
  • Up to 4,000 in bet credits
  • VIP benefits
  • Huge cricket markets
  • 10,000 winning welcome
  • Multi-LIVE
  • Live streaming
  • Welcome bonus up to 100,000
  • Over 60 sports
  • Great in-play options
  • Up to 50% winnings on 3+ acca bets
  • Loads of cricket markets
  • Live statistics
  • 100% deposit up to €25
  • In-play power-ups
  • Lots of cricket markets
  • 10% live betting bonus
  • Betway boosts
  • Big sports catalogue
  • 100% deposit bonus up to 2,500

Best NetBanking Betting Sites

  2. Funbet
  3. ComeOn!
  4. bet365
  5. 10CRIC

What Is NetBanking?

NetBanking is an online banking method for Indian punters to make NetBanking deposits and NetBanking withdrawals at their favourite NetBanking betting sites in India. It's simple, inexpensive, and all you need is an Indian bank account.

Is NetBanking Safe?

All the NetBanking betting sites on our list are safe and regulated, using high-level encryption protocols and actively following anti-money laundering and anti-fraud procedures. Transactions are exchanged with a 128-bit SSL encryption that ensures a high level of security. Furthermore, two-factor authentication generates one-time codes (OTC), meaning only you can access your account. NetBanking services are also certified by the globally trusted SSL authority, Verisign.

How NetBanking Works

NetBanking works by providing a secure online gateway for you to make payments at NetBanking betting sites without having to use your banking debit or credit card. Instead, it's a direct connection to your bank and a very fast process.

How to Open a NetBanking Account

To open a NetBanking account, all you need to do is open an account with a financial institution that offers online banking, such as a major bank like Bank of India. To register a NetBanking account to be used at NetBanking betting sites, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Head to your bank’s website and navigate to “NetBanking Registration.
  • Enter your log-in details with your customer ID and registered mobile number.
  • Once you receive a one-time code, enter it in the provided space.
  • Once the code is accepted, you'll be prompted to enter your debit card information.
  • Once completed, you'll be requested to set up your PIN so you can securely access your NetBanking account and use it at NetBanking betting sites.
  • You’re done! You can now access your NetBanking account. You're free to head to your favourite NetBanking betting sites and make your first NetBanking deposits.

How to Make NetBanking Deposits

So you’ve found a great operator from our list of NetBanking betting sites and are now ready to make some NetBanking deposits. The process will vary slightly between NetBanking betting sites, but the same basic procedure is generally followed:

  • Go to your chosen NetBanking betting site and log in. Navigate to the “Cashier” section and select “Deposit“.
  • Next, choose “NetBanking” or “Bank Transfer” from the payment method options.
  • Choose your bank from the list of bank options.
  • The operator will then direct you to the log-in page of your chosen bank, where you’ll be requested to enter your customer ID and PIN.
  • On your first transaction, most NetBanking betting sites will send an OTC to your registered mobile phone. After the first transaction, you can disable this feature if you wish; however, it's a great safety measure.
  • Confirm the deposit and the transaction will processed instantly. You can now make your first sports bets!

Don’t forget to check the minimum and maximum deposit limits that may be imposed by NetBanking betting sites!

How to Make NetBanking Withdrawals

Well done! That IPL multi got up in the biggest way and now you’re ready to make some NetBanking withdrawals. To withdraw your well-earned winnings, just follow this simple guide:

  • As with many operators, some NetBanking betting sites will require you to complete a simple Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure for anti-money laundering purposes. This is simple and only requires some basic information and documentation.
  • Navigate to the “Cashier” section and select “Withdraw“.
  • You'll be asked for your banking details and how much you wish to withdraw.
  • Remember that NetBanking betting sites will have minimum and maximum amounts for NetBanking withdrawals.
  • NetBanking withdrawals are not the fastest payment method, so expect anywhere from 1 to 3 days for the amount to clear and appear in your bank account.

The KYC procedure is only required upon your first withdrawal, so you won’t have to do it again the next time you make any NetBanking withdrawals.

Advantages & Disadvantages of NetBanking

As with any payment method, NetBanking has its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll need to weigh them all up to see if NetBanking is the best method for you. To make things easier, we've compiled all the best and worst bits about using NetBanking at NetBanking betting sites in India.

NetBanking Pros

  • There's no need to ever go to the bank, as all your NetBanking deposits and NetBanking withdrawals are securely completed online.
  • NetBanking deposits are processed instantly and can be used at NetBanking betting sites immediately. NetBanking betting sites don’t impose any fees for NetBanking deposits either.
  • No deposit limitations are imposed by the bank.
  • NetBanking allows you to track all transactions, so you always have a trail to follow in case of fraud.

NetBanking Cons

  • NetBanking withdrawals processing times can vary greatly from bank to bank and between NetBanking betting sites.
  • Other payment methods are often more accepted than NetBanking.
  • NetBanking may incur small fees depending on your bank.

Best Betting Sites That Accept NetBanking

There are many NetBanking betting sites, so how can you possibly pick one? Easy – just go through our top ten best NetBanking betting sites in India. To make the choice even easier, we’ve gone ahead and selected three of the very best NetBanking betting sites for Indian punters.



If you’re looking for loads of sporting markets, some truly fantastic cricket odds, and intuitive live betting features, then Funbet is one of the best NetBanking betting sites for you. There are over 25 different tennis leagues and tournaments on offer here, as well as every popular football league you can think of!

With over 30 different sports from across the globe, Indian punters should find all their favourite markets readily available. Funbet is also great for live betting niche sports, with many of those sports offering over 100 betting options. You’ll be spoiled for choice when betting on major sporting leagues with over 200 betting options during big matches!



ComeOn! is highly tailored for the Indian market, with a sleek user interface that makes live betting a breeze. There's a great range of sports to bet on, as well as a dedicated esports section. Football fans will find every European league and local competitions, too.

It's also one of only a few NetBanking betting sites that offer politics betting. Tons of specials markets are on offer, and you can even bet on TV shows like Dancing With the Stars UK.



Betway offers one of the largest range of sports you’ll ever find online, as well as some rather competitive IPL odds. There are so many markets among the vast range of sports, and punters can be kept informed through in-depth statistical tools and live updates.

Live betting is responsive, and the cash out feature allows for punters to move money around like a trader and make the most of their bets. Look out for Betway Boosts to increase your winnings on specified multibets.

Best Cricket Betting Sites That Accept Netbanking

With so many NetBanking betting sites out there, it can be tough picking the best one for you. To make things a little easier, we've gone ahead and selected three of the very best cricket betting sites that accept NetBanking.



10CRIC is the go-to sports betting platform for cricket betting lovers. Incredibly Indian-focused, 10CRIC really shows how dedicated to cricket they truly are, covering almost every cricket tournament from international leagues such as the IPL, to UK Country Cricket and the South African Momentum Cup.

Fantastic payouts, loads of payment methods, and gigantic cricket markets make 10CRIC a real standout among NetBanking betting sites, with a dedicated IPL betting section and VIP section offering loads of benefits, including faster withdrawals and higher stakes. is the first of a fantastic list of NetBanking betting sites that accepts Bitcoin transactionsOf all the NetBanking betting sites available, it's the cleanest, sleekest, and simplest to use.

You can navigate to a large offering of your favourite sports and drop into in-play betting with ease. All the in-play betting options can be displayed at once, ready to be taken advantage of instantly. Also, its Sportsbook Guru challenge will test the sporting knowledge of the most skilled punter.



bet365 is one of the biggest NetBanking betting sites in the world, a powerhouse of a betting platform offering Indian players the best premium cricket betting experiences.

Punters with funds in their accounts are offered free live streaming of cricket matches, including the IPL, allowing you to watch the game while making in-play bets, all from within your browser or their app. You're also looked after as a cricket punter, with bet365 Extra producing regular cricket insights and news updates for your consideration.

NetBanking Alternatives

If NetBanking doesn't suit your needs, NetBanking betting sites thankfully offer many different payment methods. The best betting payment methods for you may be based on privacy needs, the most high-tech security features, simplicity, or maybe according to the most accepted by online betting sites in India. We've listed the best NetBanking alternatives that can be found at NetBanking betting sites in India.

Prepaid Cards

The simplest alternative to NetBanking for Indian punters will most likely be a prepaid card, which can be purchased with cash at many retailers, and can then be used at NetBanking betting sites with ease. Prepaid cards work in much the same way as a standard debit or credit card, except they can be funded and used without providing personal bank account details.

Prepaid cards offer the same level of security you would receive using a debit/credit card from a major Indian bank, but offer even more benefits for those who wish to bet more anonymously. Finally, since it's a virtual card, there's no chance of physical theft either!


E-wallets are quickly becoming a payment method of choice for millions of Indian punters. There are quite a few major e-wallet options at your disposal, each having their own benefits and great all-round payment services that can be used at many NetBanking betting sites. Here are a few:

  • NETELLER offers low fees, lightning-fast deposit speeds, and is very well-established.
  • Paytm is growing every day in India, and you’ll find that the payment method is accepted in quite a few NetBanking betting sites. 
  • Google Pay is widely accepted, and you'll find so many Google Pay betting sites available to Indian punters, allowing you to use your debit/credit card digitally easier, and adding another layer of security.
  • Skrill betting sites are becoming more popular, offering amazing simplicity.
  • PayPal is perhaps the biggest of all e-wallet services, and there's a range of PayPal betting sites in India. The only drawback for privacy-conscious punters is that PayPal in India requires the use of your personal bank account


You'll now find many supported cryptocurrencies at NetBanking betting sites in India, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. Cryptocurrencies offer practically impregnable security through blockchain technology that keeps a perfect ledger of transaction, allowing users to remain anonymous.

With the total anonymity offered by crypto wallets, Indian punters don’t need to let third parties anywhere near their personal bank accounts. Cryptocurrencies still have a little way to go when it comes to acceptance at NetBanking betting sites, but there are certainly lots of betting site options.

History of NetBanking

Online banking has been revolutionising Indian banking since the early 1990s, but was slow to be adopted. It wasn’t until 1999 that online banking became firmly established within major Indian banks. NetBanking is now offered by over 150 local Indian banks, and NetBanking betting sites continue to grow.

NetBanking Betting FAQs

What Is NetBanking?

NetBanking is an online banking method that allows Indian punters to make NetBanking deposits and NetBanking withdrawals through their personal banking account. With NetBanking, you don't need to download any apps or create any extra accounts to make payments at NetBanking betting sites.

Is NetBanking Safe?

Yes. NetBanking betting sites are secure, and NetBanking transactions are protected through SSL encryption protocols and two-factor authentication processes.

Why Should I Use NetBanking?

NetBanking should be used if you don’t want to use your debit/credit card every time you wish to make a deposit or withdrawal. It's the simplest way to make betting site payments through your normal bank account.

What Betting Sites Accept NetBanking?

There are so many NetBanking betting sites in India, but we've compiled a list of the ten best NetBanking betting sites. However, our top three would have to be Betway, Funbet, and ComeOn!

For cricket betting, we recommend 10CRIC,, and bet365.

Are There Any Alternatives to NetBanking?

Of course! There are plenty of alternative payment options. E-wallets are a great all-round payment option for online sports betting and offer some great features. Cryptocurrencies offer the highest levels of security and privacy you’ll ever need, while prepaid bank cards offer a more familiar way to make betting site transactions.

Are There Any Fees?

Some NetBanking transactions will incur a small fee of around Rs 2.50.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Words

NetBanking betting sites allow Indian punters to bet instantly and withdraw their well-earned funds, all through a fast and secure process. It also allows users to make payments at NetBanking betting sites using their personal bank accounts.

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