How To Earn Money In Cricket Betting: The Risks And Rewards

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How To Earn Money In Cricket Betting Top 10 Best Betting

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  7. Dafabet
  8. GentingBet
  9. NoviBet
  10. Betway

10 Ways How To Earn Money In Cricket Betting

When trying to find out how to earn money in cricket betting, there are a number of factors you must take into account. While you do not need to strictly adhere to all of the below, generally, you should try to tick off as many of the factors before you start betting. After all, being prepared when betting is the best way to enhance your chances of winning.

Look for value

As simple as this sounds, not everyone actually takes their time to look for value. There will usually be a favourite, if not an odds-on favourite in any market, especially when looking to back the match winner. However, simply backing India at odds-on provides no real value. This means that a small ager will return little if India win, meaning that you will have to bet much bigger to see a sizeable return, but this means that if they lose then you will be out a decent sum. The risk and reward do not match up here despite the fact India are seen as big favourites. Instead, you are better off looking into other betting markets or games and finding options to back that provide a good chance of winning whilst also bringing with them some value too. This means that despite the fact your bet is seen as having a higher chance of losing than an odds-on pick, you will not need to bet as much to see a bigger return on a winning bet.

Best Betting Sites To Find Value: bet365

Don’t just bet on big names

The impulse for many, whether in cricket, football, tennis or any kind of betting, is to back the big names. If Manchester United were playing Wycombe in the FA Cup, most would back United even though they would offer not value at all. However, the very nature of sport means there is always a chance of an upset meaning, once again, the reward does not generally outweigh the risk of this bet. Indeed, backing Joe Root or Virat Kohli to continually top score may apparently be the best option if they usually have the shortest odds, but this is not always the case. A player or team that are seen as outsiders may be the side to back if you have done your research properly.

Get statistical

It is incredibly important to make sure you do your research before betting. For example, India may travel to face England with the latter big odds-on favourites to win the match. However, you may find that India have a fantastic record on a certain pitch with four wins in their last six visits. With this in mind, it would be an astute bet to go with India, especially if they offer good value and the stats and historical head-to-head says they have a good chance of winning. It is also important to look into when the match is being played. If a side is coming off a fantastic eight-game winning run at the start of their season then they constitute a side to back and not bet against. However, if that winning run is at the backend of an 18-match run and is at the end of their summer, physical and mental fatigue will become a big factor in both the match and your betting. Ensure you know how many games the teams and players have gone through that year before you bet.

Read pitch reports

Not everyone knows how important the pitch is in cricket, with how it will play something that has a monumental impact on the game. A pitch report will give you a breakdown of how it looks before a ball has been bowled, the weather, how it will likely deteriorate and how it will play. For example, a pitch in England will likely offer good conditions for swing bowling, with grassy tops and overcast conditions helping in and out-swing. As a Test goes on, the foot-holes of the fast bowlers will leave big dusty patches for the spinners to aim at, while cracks in the pitch will appear, making spin bowling very dangerous. This information is vital when betting as a batsman that struggles against swing and spin will more than likely have a hard time in England and so should be avoided. Similarly, in Australia, the pitches are dry and the weather is hot, meaning that swing is not as effective, while pace and spin bowling are dangerous. Make sure you know what sort of pitch the teams will be taking to before you bet.

Don’t chase bets

This is one of the most important things to remember when betting. Some bettors make big wagers and lose. Instead of taking a step back to minimise these losses, some choose to make further bets to try to recoup these losses. This is not something you should ever do. Betting should only ever be for fun and not as a source of income. You should set yourself bet limits and always take a step away from gambling if you lose and find yourself chasing bets.

Know your formats

The three formats of the game are Test, One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 (T20) cricket. Test cricket is the longest format, ODI is a 100 over game split into two 50 over innings, while T20 cricket is the shortest and most explosive of the three, with a 40 over game split into two innings. When looking to bet on any of the three, it is important to take into account the different styles of players, while the tactics for one format will be very different to the other two. For example, a big betting market in T20 cricket is the ‘Most sixes’ market. As the shortest and most explosive format of the three, T20 cricket sees players looking to smash the ball to all corners of the pitch. Meanwhile, Test cricket is more like a chess match, with players looking to preserve their wicket and make a big score for their team, meaning that sixes are not always assured. 

Read up on form

While a few wins in recent games does not always mean that a side will win, it can be a good indicator as to the direction a result will go in. This is even truer if the other side has struggled and is going into the match in no form at all. Similarly, when it comes to backing a player, if a bowler has struggled for wickets on a tour and is going into the match with no confidence due to a poor run, you would be better off betting away from this player unless you think they are about to pull a big performance out of the bag.

How important is the match?

Simply put, if a match is a dead rubber, the teams may decide to field an inexperienced team to rest their best players. This means that a bet on Australia to beat Afghanistan in the final ODI with Australia 4-0 up in the series may be a risky bet if the Aussies decide to give their peripheral players some game time. Always be aware of the importance of the game and where it places in the grand scheme of a tour or tournament.

The winner of the toss

The toss is when the two captains try to call a coin toss at the start of the game, with the winner deciding whether they will bat or field first. While this may sound inconsequential, if a captain wins the toss on a pitch that looks perfect for batting, then they will have given themselves a big advantage for the rest of the game, especially if the pitch will deteriorate quickly.

The weather

Cricket is one of the few games where the rain can see a match called off. If rain is forecast then a draw in a Test match may be the call despite a side dominating their opponents for three days straight. Similarly, immense sunshine in Australia can see the conditions change just like overcast conditions can see the ball swing a lot more in England.

The Risks And Rewards Of Cricket Betting


When looking into how to earn money in cricket betting, it is vital that while you look at the potential rewards, you also need to know what is at risk. Below, we have gone over a number of the biggest risks you take when betting in any capacity.

  • Loss of money – One of the major points in the risks and rewards of cricket betting guide is the fact that your own capital is at risk everytime you bet. If you are constantly wagering on different sports and events then it can become very dangerous if you exceed the amount of money that you can comfortably gamble. As previously mentioned, sports betting should not ever be used as an alternative source of income as it is so unpredictable. This can leave you in sizeable financial debt and so you should set yourself limits on the amount you deposit or can comfortably lose. This can help you to keep the amount you lose to a minimum, thus keeping gambling fun.
  • Loss of pride – This is an odd one as it refers to two different factors. The first is when you bet using your pride. Often, fans of a certain team will back their side even if neither they nor the bookies believe they have a chance of winning. While it is always good to be proud of your country, being too proud when betting can see you make foolish bets that seem destined to lose you money. Some bettors will purposefully bet on games that do not include the side they support so that pride does not cloud their judgement. The second factor is the loss of pride through losing your bet. Like chasing a bet, this can be dangerous as you could try to recoup your losses to feel like a winner once again after hurting your pride with a loss.
  • Chasing bets – There are players that try to utilise gambling as an extra source of income. This means that they will sometimes make a big bet in the hope of winning big, but then lose their wager. Chasing a bet will then see them placing another big bet to try to recoup their losses. This process is often repeated again and again with their losses getting bigger and bigger. By not chasing your bets and deciding to take a step back, you can limit the amount you lose, as you should never use gambling to try to recoup losses.
  • Addiction – One of the major risks of sports betting is gambling addiction. You can help yourself to either avoid it entirely or help to get over an addiction by utilising the safer gambling tools usually located on a bookmaker site. These can include time outs/time limits, betting limits, deposit limits, self-exclusion, gambling support and more. All of these tools are designed to help keep gambling fun.


When you look into trying to earn money from cricket betting, you will of course focus more on the possible rewards. Below, we will go over the potential rewards that could come from betting, although we stress that you take the most notice of the potential risks.

  • Winning – One of the main plus points in this how to earn money in cricket betting guide is the feeling of winning. Whether this is through playing a sport, watching your side win or having a bet come in, the feeling is a great one. The enjoyment you contrive from sport can be enhanced by betting. This is doubly true if the team your support wins which sees your wager on them come in.
  • Thrill of betting – The thrill of betting on a sporting event is something that brings bettors into the world of sports betting even if they do not enjoy sport that much. This thrill is something that many bettors seek but you should ensure that you do not go looking to hard for this as it can lead to betting too much.
  • Enjoyment – When done right, betting can be very enjoyable. Many enjoy trawling through statistics and looking at the recent form of players and teams before a match. Equally, having a bet on a game can make a match even more exciting, while if your bet on a top batsman for a certain team has already come in then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the game knowing that your bet is already a winner.
  • Pride – Just like the thrill of betting, many people enjoy being able to tell their friends that they nailed a bet, while there are social media accounts dedicated to celebrating big wins or wagers that have come in on events that were near-impossibilities. However, be sure not to let your pride get the better of you when betting.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Which Are The Best Cricket Competitions To Bet On?

Next in this how to earn money in cricket betting guide, we will take a look at the biggest competitions to bet on below:

Best Test Cricket to Bet On

Best ODI Cricket to Bet On

Any of the top cricket tournaments above will provide you with an array of betting markets whilst, coupled with the the best cricket betting app or sites will give you all you need when betting. When looking into how to earn money from cricket betting, finding the right tournament for you is crucial, and if you need any further help on how to bet on cricket, we have got you covered on site.

Alternatives To Cricket Betting

If this how to earn money in cricket betting has peaked your interest, then perhaps you should look into one of these alternative sports that provides an array of ways to bet.



Football is the most popular sport in the world and has the betting markets and interest to back this up. Whether you are looking to bet on Liverpool and Manchester United in the Premier League, Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga, Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, or all of the above in the Champions League, most betting sites will have a glut of markets available with specific features and promotions aimed at football bettors.



One of the most exciting and unpredictable sports to bet on, tennis provides bettors with a brilliant alternative to cricket betting. Betting on legends of the game like Roger Federer and Serena Williams has provided bettors with a lot of value and profit in the past, while up and coming stars are consistently giving tennis bettors exciting and valuable players to wager on. Like the best live cricket streaming sites, tennis betting sites often allow their customers to watch and bet on the biggest tennis matches.

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Another incredibly popular sport to bet on, horse racing has become one of the biggest sports on the planet. Betting on the Cheltenham Festival, Ascot, Aintree or any event outside of the UK, horse racing betting provides value along with the thrills and spills of live sport. Like tennis, many betting sites offer customers the ability to watch a live stream of many races, while for the biggest events in the world, bookmakers will often provide fantastic promotions centred around those events with an array of betting payment methods also available too.

How To Earn Money In Cricket Betting FAQs

Which Are The Best Cricket Betting Sites?

Any of the sites mentioned above will give you a fantastic experience when betting. However, this how to earn money in cricket betting guide rates bet365, 888sport or 1bet as the very best. The trio offer competitive odds, a range of markets, good payment options and great features for all of their customers.

How Do I Earn Money Through Cricket Betting?

Many bettors ask how to earn money in cricket betting, and we would recommend a few factors that you must take into account. First of all, look for value in your bets rather than always going for odds-on wagers. Next, set yourself a limit on what you are willing to wager so that your losses do not exceed what is comfortable, while you should also look into the stats for the games you are betting on along with pitch reports and head-to-heads before making a bet. 

What are the Risks Involved in Cricket Betting?

As mentioned above in more detail, the risks of betting are that you could lose your money and your pride could take a hit. If you were to lose more money than is comfortable for you then it could lead you to chasing bets and trying to recoup this money. This could lead you into further debt and you could possibly develop a gambling addiction. Be sure to set yourself deposit and wagering limits, take a step back when necessary and do not ever chase bets.

How can I bet responsibly?

Responsible betting is vital in making your experience with any bookmaker enjoyable. After all, betting is meant to be fun, and as soon as it isn’t, you should stop. To ensure you bet responsibly, you can use any of the responsible gambling tools that many bookmakers have. These include time outs/time limits, betting limits, deposit limits, self-exclusion, gambling support and more. Make sure that what you bet is what you can comfortably afford, meaning that if you were to lose, you will not have to chase bets looking to make that money back as this is not something you should ever do.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

How to earn money in cricket betting is a subject that many enquire about, but you should always tread carefully when betting. Make sure you take note of the risks and rewards in cricket betting. Always make sure that your betting is fun and you are not doing it whilst chasing losses, as this is a very dangerous game to play. There are a number of responsible gambling tools on the internet and on bookmaker sites and, to try and make sure you do not develop a problem, make sure you use them. When done properly, you can couple different in play betting sites and the best cricket prediction in the world with different competitions like the Cricket World Cup or IPL betting to enhance the excitement of watching cricket.

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