Can You Make Money from Cricket Betting? (2022)

When it comes to cricket gambling – or gambling of any sort for that matter – there's one harsh reality: there is no foolproof method to make money. That's right – you can do everything correctly, and still end up at a loss, which is why we remind you to never to bet what you can't afford. This being said, there are still things you can do to improve your chances of coming out on top, and we've listed them below!

9 Tips to Boost Your Chances of Winning Cricket Bets

Earning money in cricket betting is every bettor’s common goal. However, not many realise that consistently earning money through cricket betting is as dependent on research and method as it is on luck.

To become a successful bettor, you need to back your interest to bet on cricket online with some calculated hard work and time-tested methodologies.

Below, we have listed the nine tips to boost your chances of winning cricket bets which you can include in your cricket betting strategy to improve your winning chances over a period of time.

1. Read About Cricket and Its Betting Markets

Cricket is one of the most widely-followed sports globally. The game has a long history and has undergone several fundamental changes over the years. Its long existence offers plenty of data points that can be studied to gauge the game and the outcome better.

Therefore, you must keep yourself updated with the latest cricket developments by tracking sports portals like ESPN and by reading blogs published by bookmakers and cricket pundits.

Moreover, the nature of the game is such that there is scope for bookmakers to curate dozens of betting markets, which vary from format to format and even between different tournaments in the same format.

However, there are certain key betting markets that are common across all formats. Here are five popular cricket betting markets:

  1. Match winner
  2. Top batsman
  3. Player of the match
  4. Top bowler
  5. Century-scorer

Betway cricket market

2. Select a Reputed Bookmaker

There are often instances where people have won cricket bets but not received their money. You might wonder how? The answer is dubious online bookmakers. The online betting space is swarmed with phony bookmakers who will lure you with mind-numbing bonuses and run away with your money later.

The end goal of every bettor is to win money and withdraw it, not keep it parked in their betting accounts forever. If you cannot withdraw those earnings, it’s as good as losing bets. Therefore, always be careful while choosing bookmakers.

Do a background check, read online reviews, check their customer base, and most importantly, check if the bookmaker has a valid gaming licence. These are some elementary checks you should always undertake before zeroing in on a bookmaker.

Selecting a reputed bookmaker ensures that you receive whatever money you have won – they are obliged to pay it to you. Another advantage of going with leading bookmakers is that they do not unnecessarily delay withdrawals. The withdrawal time is mentioned upfront and your money is disbursed in that time without any unjustified excuses.

3. Analyse Past Performances of Both Teams

Bookmakers have specialised teams that develop odds by considering several factors, the major one being the past performances of both teams. For example, for an India vs England T20I match, you will most likely find the match-winner odds to be tilting in favour of India as they have won the last three T20I series against England.

You can gauge the past performances of teams by referring to their head-to-head records. Sports portals and magazines also offer post-match analysis reports that highlight what worked in favour of the team and where they faltered.

H2H records of England vs India T20 encounters

By understanding the past performances, you can predict which markets may work in favour of which team, and accordingly even place bets across both teams with confidence.

4. Gauge Team Strengths and Weaknesses

No cricket team is excellent in all aspects of the game; each team has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. One may have an impeccable batting order but a dismal bowling line-up, whereas the other may have an average batting and bowling order.

It is for you to identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses, and it is not as tough to find as it may seem to be. Newspaper columns and sports portals regularly publish SWOT reports of teams which cover the strengths and pain points of the teams, and where they can improve.

Moreover, regularly watching cricket will help you build a natural ability to decipher where the team lacks and where it performs well.

Knowing these aspects of the team will help you place the right bets depending upon the opponent’s game play and the pitch conditions.

For example, in a T20 match, if you are aware that the team has a strong spin attack and is playing at the Chepauk Stadium (Chennai), you should place your bet on that team choosing to bowl first if they win the toss. The reason being that the Chepauk Stadium is a coastal pitch which favours spinners. However, it also experiences dew at night which reduces the bowling efficiency. Since most T20 matches start in the evening, bowling first gives the benefit of capitalising on the spin benefit, which may wear off later due to dew.

5. Update Yourself With the Latest Team News

You should make it a point to read the latest team report before placing bets. It gives you news of which players are benched and who will be in the playing XI. Knowing that helps you prepare your bet list in advance and prevents any hasty bets due to noticing sudden player developments after the match commences.

Moreover, team news also gives you a glimpse into the team’s game plan and how they are planning to approach the game. Team captains generally have a press briefing before match days where they announce injuries and player addition, as well as answering some questions about their game strategy.

News about IPL and RCB

6. Study the Pitch and Weather Report

You might have heard teams complaining that they lost the match due to the pitch, right?

Well, pitches do have that effect. The pitch soil, grass content, and its gradient determine how a game will be played. A green soil pitch is favourable for pacers and batsmen, while a black soil pitch is considered ideal for spinners. However, you cannot look at the pitch condition in isolation. There is the weather factor too.

In coastal cities, there is always the possibility of the dew factor at night. Weather reports confirm if dew is aggravated or not. Dew reduces the ball grip and makes it tough for bowlers to make deliveries, more so for pacers. These reports are especially important for test matches where the game strategy is implemented over five days.

So, a team performing well on one pitch might not necessarily perform well on another. Reading pitch reports gives you information about such trends and helps you place bets accordingly. On the other hand, weather reports indicate the possibility of rainfall, in which case, you can even bet on the odds of a match heading for a draw.

7. Don’t Stop Yourself From Placing Bets Across Both Teams

It is important to stay objective while betting and not be guided by emotions, as an objective mindset brings flexibility to your betting approach. It helps you understand that it is perfectly alright to bet on both teams, not just on your match-winning favourite.

Placing bets across both teams increases the scope, and therefore the chances of winning more bets. To explain, the match-winning team might not necessarily throw up the best batsman or the best bowler. If you convince yourself to bet across both teams, you can boost your chances of winning bets.

8. Set a Limit and Do Not Overshoot

Betting is much about control as about action. You should know when to stop as there is no guarantee that putting good money to recover what you lost will get your money back, nor that if you have won once, you will win again.

Betting is not a perfect science and you are bound to lose money at some point. The key to ensuring a net winning streak in betting is to set a betting limit. Come what may, you will not bet over that amount. This practice will make you bet more responsibly and save you from losing more money than you can afford to.

9. Compare Odds Before Placing Bets

Team bet365 Unibet Betway 1xBet 10CRIC
England 2.87 2.85 2.90 2.92 2.78
India 3.85 3.65 4.00 3.90 3.60
Draw 2.20 2.30 2.10 2.20 2.32

You should make it a point to open betting accounts with multiple bookmakers. Not a dozen, but at least three to four reputed online bookmakers. The reason is that the odds for different markets vary across every website.

The possibility of one website providing the best odds for all markets is next to impossible. Comparing odds gives you an idea of which bookmakers offer the best odds for a particular market. Betting in this way maximises your winnings for a specific market as you will be betting with the odds guaranteeing maximum return.

Rewards of Online Cricket Betting

Betting is not just about earning money, it's also about an experience of enjoying the game at an altogether different level. We have stated the most exciting rewards that online cricket betting has to offer. Read on and start betting!


Nothing drives humans to take action more than the appeal of being entertained, and online betting has bundles of features that will keep you entertained all the while.

Cricket betting sites offer bundles of features, like live-streaming of matches, cashbacks, welcome bonuses, as well as special offers and discounts on your birthday.

Many of the best cricket betting sites also offer exclusive VIP programmes that promise luxury vacations and electronics gifts if you bet with them. There is no end to the scope of offers provided by online bookmakers, and you can only know the true extent of it once you start betting.

Bet From Anywhere

No more noisy rooms packed with people yelling over each other! Online betting provides you the distinct comfort of betting from your computer screen.

Furthermore, most leading online bookmakers also offer a mobile browser version and mobile app, making cricket betting ultra easy. With the app, you get all the desktop version features while enjoying the convenience of betting from any corner of the world while watching your cricket games live.

Use Your Knowledge To Try Earn Extra Money

As a cricket spectator, you may have an eye for predicting the course of the game better than many others. On top of this, your ability to sift through the underlying stats and conduct expert cricket analysis can set you apart from the rest. Betting gives you the opportunity of using that skill to make money from predicting and sensing the possible outcomes. We reiterate that sound cricket knowledge doesn't guarantee making profit – that's just the nature of sports gambling, so don't be hard on yourself if you aren't winning more than you're losing.

Given its unpredictability, one should avoid depending on betting as their primary source of income. Enjoy the thrills while being responsible, and this activity is a great source of entertainment.

Bet with great odds at bet365!

Risks of Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting is laden with its fair share of risks. Betting itself hinges on uncertainties, so the risk element in it is natural, so as a bettor, you should be aware of some common betting risks before you participate in it. Here are some of the major risks associated with online betting:

Betting Addiction

The biggest source of distress among gambling regulators is betting addiction. Unrestricted gambling pushes people into addiction and has adverse physiological and psychological consequences. Addiction can alter sleep cycles, lead to behavioural changes, and may even translate to violence.

Most of the leading bookmakers provide the option of setting gambling limits in betting accounts and limiting playtime. Bettors must exercise self-control and approach betting just as a leisure activity rather than a full-blown occupation.

Linking Success in Life With Betting Success

While not an addiction, certain people start equating their betting success with success in life. A person on a winning spree may think he has won over everything in the world, while a person having a bad day may think there is nothing more to live for.

These are mood fluctuations that should not be ignored and are potential health warnings. If you feel that your betting performance is regularly influencing your daily actions, consider consulting a counsellor.

Financial Instability

Uncontrolled and addictive betting usually translates to financial instability. The person does not know how much he has already spent and puts more money into the betting account.

There might be a windfall on a lucky day, but one wrong bet is all it takes to wipe away all the earnings. Then, good money will be spent in attempt to recover those earnings. The person might end up digging into their personal finances meant for household expenses and investments.

No clear betting limit can severely hamper your finances and put the entire family in a financial mess. Therefore, always approach betting as a fun activity with a predetermined sum of money that will not jeopardize your lifestyle even if you lose it all.

How Do I Select the Right Bookmaker?

As discussed earlier, it is important to find a reputed bookmaker to place bets. Here are some things to keep in mind while selecting a bookmaker to ensure you select one that is genuine and trustworthy:

  1. Association with gaming authority: Every bookmaker is required to register with the gaming authority in their country and display the licence number on their website.
  2. Promoter: Find out about the website’s promoters and their background and check if they have any other ventures.
  3. Customer reviews: Scan the internet to find actual customer reviews and read them to know the bookmaker’s performance.
  4. Security: Ensure you use a website that follows basic safety protocols like using an SSL certificate and using a secure payment gateway.

The five bookmakers mentioned in the table above are not only genuine, but also offer a highly user-friendly interface along with market-leading odds, free bets and promotions.

How To Earn Money in Cricket Betting FAQs

Which is the best online cricket betting site?

While it is difficult to single down the best cricket betting site, bet365, 10CRIC, and 1xBet are presently the top three betting sites on the market.

Is there any age limit for online betting?

All players should be eighteen years old and above to be eligible for betting on any platform.

My bookmaker has set a minimum withdrawal limit. Is it normal industry practice?

Most bookmakers set a minimum withdrawal limit taking into consideration several cost factors. It is a common business practice.

Can I use my existing betting account on the mobile app too? Or do I have to make a new account for the mobile app?

No. Your desktop betting account can be used with the mobile app too.

Is there any bookmaker which accepts cryptocurrencies?

Of course. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are gaining a lot of traction in the online betting world. It is accepted by bookmakers like 1xBet and, among several others.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Now that you know the risks and rewards associated with betting, and have also read some effective tips to make money through betting, why wait?

However, like always, we advise you to choose value over everything else while selecting bets. Be safe, bet safe!

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