How to Verify Your Betting Account in India (2024)

In 2022, all the best betting sites require customers to pass a verification process, which should be straightforward for Indian punters. Check out our easy guide on how to verify your betting account today.

How To Verify Your Betting Account

It is a requirement of the best online cricket betting apps and websites that all customers must verify their accounts in order to prove that the person playing at their website is genuine and does not represent any other individuals. It is also a requirement made by the gambling licences that leading INR betting sites hold, to further ensure that operators are safe to bet at.

In short, the process takes next to no time at all and ensures that both you and the operator are safe online. All you’ll need are a few documents and to provide some basic details about yourself.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

So, how do you verify a betting account? Once you have signed up at a bookie, you’ll be asked to complete a process known as a Know Your Customer. This is the verification process, and it is very simple to complete. Depending on the bookie you choose to wager with, there can be different ways to access this form. For example, we have a detailed guide on how to verify your account at Betway, as it may differ from some other bookies online.

Most bookies will provide the form as a popup on your screen, in an obvious location at the top of the page, or you’ll need to access your account menu to see the KYC form. KYC forms just require basic information such as your name and address – once these details are provided, you’ll be asked to prove them by supplying some documentation.

Betway Homepage with verification pop-up

(Source: Betway)

The following documents are typically accepted by the best cricket betting sites in India to prove your identity:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Provisional Driving Licence

Some bookies may also accept:

  • Voting Card
  • Armed Forces ID Card

When it comes to providing proof of your address, some different documentation is required. These documents must be no older than 3 or 6 months, depending on the chosen betting sites requirements:

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statements or passbooks
  • Local authority tax bill
  • Gas connection booklet

Finally, some bookies will request a Source of Wealth (SoW) document too. This can be a bank statement or passbook and it’s a check to ensure the funds used to gamble are legitimate.

Each bookie may have different specific requirements for how files are uploaded. However, the standard across most bookies are that files must be scanned or well-photographed copies, uploaded in either JPG or PDF format. This can easily be accomplished using your mobile device, and operators do allow KYC procedures to be completed using your smartphone or tablet.

A quick tip is to ensure that your documents are clearly visible, which includes all corners of a scanned document – so don’t cut off the edges of your passport or Aadhaar card in a photo.

How Long Should Verification Take?

Now that you know how to verify a betting account, let’s talk processing times. Verifications at leading bookies are very fast and your account verification should be processed within 24 – 48 hours.

It can sometimes take longer and that may be because of factors such as:

  • Technical issues with the operator
  • Human error
  • Uploaded documents are of poor quality
  • Incorrectly-uploaded documentation

It is very important to always read the requirements by the bookie to ensure you upload not only the correct documentation but also in the correct file types and at an acceptable level of quality.

What Should I Do if Verification Fails?

Don’t be too concerned if the verification fails. You know how to verify a betting account and the reason is usually something that can easily be fixed. More often than not, the bookie will inform you of the reason the verification failed.

In the instance of a basic problem, simply complete the process again but remedy the issue this time. In the event that the problem is more complex, such as lacking a permanent address, then it is best to contact the betting site's customer support department for further instructions.

Why You Need To Verify Your Account

You now know how to verify a betting account, but what about the why? Verification is important and is there for good reason. There are several crimes that can be prevented through verification and problem gambling protection that can be implemented via the verification process.

  • Financial Crimes – Punters can wager using a large number of betting payment methods that cover multiple currencies from around the globe, including Indian rupees. The verification process helps operators identify users who don’t intend on betting legitimately and may use their website to launder illicit funds.
  • Underage Gambling – Some punters like to start young, but it is illegal to bet on sports or casino games when you are under the age of 18 in India. Since the verification process requires evidence of your identity, only legitimate adults above the age of 18 can pass the KYC process.
  • Safe Gambling – The verification process also helps operators determine the likely means of each customer on their platforms. This is a department that bookies take very seriously and do daily checks to ensure punters are engaging in safe gambling. Through verification, the bookie can see if punters are making overly frequent bets, excessively large wagers, or do not have the means to bet the amounts that they currently are.
  • Withdrawals – Punters won’t be able to make any withdrawals from betting sites until they have completed the KYC procedure. This means that if you want to take home any winnings, you’ll need to complete the verification process. There is no way around this!

How To Tell a Betting Site Is Safe and Legitimate

There are so many amazing betting sites out there accepting Indian punters, however, a word of warning: there is also the odd dodgy one. Thankfully, spotting a legitimate and safe bookie from a dangerous one is incredibly easy in 2022.

There are quite a few factors that shape a legitimate sportsbook. Since you know how to verify your betting account now, you better learn how to spot a safe bookie too.


The safest and secure betting sites in India have all acquired at least one gambling licence from a reputable regulator. When it comes to Indian betting sites, the best regulatory licences to look for are:

To earn a licence from one of the above regulators means that the betting site must adhere to strict regulations and must be regularly audited for safety and security. This means their business and gaming practices are scrutinised, and that extends to security features, fair odds, payout speeds, and the quality of their KYC procedure.

So, not only do these bookies have a KYC procedure, but they must  maintain a higher standard of gambling services too.


Honest opinions and reviews are often the best sign of a quality outfit. A betting site that is legitimate and offers a high-quality service will have a great reputation. Users will want to leave positive remarks and tell others of their excellent experience. Check user reviews of a bookie before you try them, or read all about the best bookies at CricketBettingAdvice.

Look up how to verify a betting account at any particular bookie to see if other punters think that the bookie's KYC procedure is simple and fast.

Superior Customer Support

Poor quality, unsafe, and low-security betting sites do not offer quality customer support. The very best bookies do offer a customer support department that is easily reachable, has human agents, and provides information that is relevant. You should be able to ask them how to verify a betting account and receive an easy-to-follow guide.

The best customer support should be provided 24/7 through several different channels like live chat, email and phone lines. A legitimate bookie will also promote safe gambling and provide avenues for users to seek support for problem gambling too.

Quality Design

If a bookie has put the time and effort into the quality of their product, you can assume they’ve put the same effort into their KYC policies too. A good site should be intuitive, easy on the eyes, and be SSL-encrypted.

It should also be simple to find the sports you wish to bet on, and deposits and withdrawals should be pain-free. Moreover, a well-designed betting site will feature an intuitive KYC form.

How To Verify a Betting Account FAQs

What is KYC?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. Every punter who wants to learn how to verify a betting account must understand this process. KYC is basically using documentation to prove your identity, and helps ensure the safety and legitimacy of the bookie and yourself online.

How long does it take to verify your account?

When people ask how to verify a betting account, they usually need to know how long it will take too. Depending on the bookie, the verification process shouldn’t take longer than 24 – 48 hours.

Which betting sites have easy verification processes?

The easiest verification betting sites in our opinion are MELbet, and 10CRIC.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Before anyone in India can wager at top bookies, they will need to know how to verify a betting account. The verification process is so simple and only requires a few documents to complete. Once verified, punters will be free to wager and withdraw their winnings at their leisure.

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