Online Lottery in India (2022): Best Online Lottery Sites

This page is dedicated exclusively to online lottery enthusiasts in India. Here, you will learn about the best online lottery in India, how to play online lottery in India, how to win real money from online lottery in India, and the more famous draws like Lotto247, Lottoland, and India’s very own Kerala Lottery.

So, do you dream of joining the biggest lottery winners in India? You have to be in it to win it – here's how!

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The Best Sites for International Online Lottery in India (2022)

  • Play EuroMillions and PowerBall
  • Popular online lottery in India
  • Huge jackpot on offer
  • Free PowerBall entry
  • Play SuperEna Max and win a handsome jackpot
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Excellent selection of international lotteries
  • Available across Android and iOS devices
  • Win a huge MegaMillions Max jackpot
  • Range of international lotteries popular among Indians
  • Accepts VISA, Neteller, MasterCard, Skrill
  • Get 100% cashback + Live chat support
  • Get your hands on the big PowerBall jackpot
  • Zero commission charged on wins
  • Live chat support available
  • US PowerBall Syndicate
  • Win the handsome jackpot on El Gordo Christmas
  • Play Millionaire Raffle and other popular international lotteries

6 Best Online Lottery Sites for International Lotteries in India

  1. Lottoland
  2. Lotto247
  3. PlayHugeLottos
  5. LottoKings
  6. WinTrillions

Best Online Lottery in India 101

Lotteries involve a series of numbers that are drawn randomly. If the numbers of your choosing match those that are drawn, you win a prize.

Online lottery in India is gaining popularity by the minute, where you can participate in various top-bracket international draws and get your shot at the big jackpot prize.

Remember, while you can play online lottery in India at the dedicated lottery sites mentioned above, some of the best betting sites India and online casinos also host international lotteries.

Best Online Lottery in India Betting Sites (2022)

  • Bet on the best online lottery in India, including EuroMillions and PowerBall
  • UNIBET lottery app available on iOS devices
  • Range of secure payment methods
  • Buy tickets of online lottery in India and win real money
  • Mobile app available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • Instant and hassle-free India-specific payment methods
  • Enviable collection of popular international lotteries
  • Win the EuroMillions jackpot
  • Bet on online lottery in India on the NetBet app
  • Win real money on wheel games and online lottery in India
  • Lucrative promos tailored for Indians
  • Instant deposit and hassle-free withdrawal
  • Excellent selection of online lotteries popular in India
  • Win the biggest jackpots on EuroMillions and PowerBall
  • Mobile lottery app available on Android and iOS
  • Accepts VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and Google Pay
  • Get free lotto bets
  • Play Irish Lotto, EuroMillions, and other international lotteries
  • Choose from multiple international lotteries
  • Mobile lottery betting across Android and iOS devices
  • Range of fast and secure India-specific payment options

5 Best Online Lottery in India Betting Sites

  2. 1xbet
  3. NetBet
  4. 10cric
  5. BetWinner

Moving forward, we will discuss the best online lottery in India, how to go about online lottery ticket booking in India, online lottery in India buying guide, and the most sought-after international lotteries.

Why play online lottery in India?

  • Because online lottery is faster, simpler, and easier compared to its offline counterpart. It means you do not have to skip the lottery on any given day (which, if luck were to have it, could be the day your lucky number comes up).
  • Because online lottery ticket booking in India is extremely flexible and convenient, considering you can choose your ticket from a myriad of lotteries available across lottery and casino sites. This gives you ample time to single out the lottery that allows you to play on the smallest possible outlay.
  • Because online lottery in India = a ton of offers and bonuses. These include free tickets (once you’ve signed up and bought your first lottery ticket, the second ticket usually comes free), discounts, and lucrative referral bonuses (refer a friend or invite your family and win a big prize).
  • Because winning an online lottery in India means lightning-fast withdrawals. You will be notified almost instantly, and you can then withdraw the winnings at any time of your choosing.
  • Because you get 24×7 customer assistance

Various sites offer online lottery in India, ranging from LottoKings, Lottoland, and Lotto247 to WinTrillions, and

If you choose a site that offers live streaming, you’d be able to see the draw results while they’re underway

Is Online Lottery in India Legal?

The answer to this isn’t as straightforward. But if you were to ask us, we’d say that online lottery in India is indeed legitimate. Let us know how:

  • ‘Legal’ lottery in India would be the various state-run (read government-approved) lotteries. However, only the residents of those states can participate and claim the money.

More about state-owned lotteries in a while.

  • However, legal online lottery in India isn’t restricted to any state. You can be in any part of the country and still participate in top-notch international draws over the internet. All you must do is sign up at a site offering international lotteries, and you can take home a jackpot bigger than the maximum prize money at traditional state-owned lotteries.
  • Playing online lottery in India is legal, provided the sites are offered by offshore companies. For example, one of the more prevalent lotteries in the country is Satta Matka, a homegrown game that dates back to the 1950s. The two best operators offering this game are Lottoland and 1xBet. Now, since these are based overseas, they aren’t subject to India’s gambling laws. You can do it all – create your account, book lottery tickets, and claim your prize money without any legal hassle whatsoever.

That is also the best part of online lotteries. You can be in any corner of the world, but that doesn’t matter. You can participate from different countries and win big! Suppose you’re based out of Bangladesh. In that case, you can play online lotteries and bet on various sports, thanks to some of the best Bangladesh betting sites.

Note: One must be 18 years and older to play online lottery in India, be it international or state-owned ones.

Is Online Lottery Ticket Booking in India Safe?

Of course, it is safe. Only make sure you buy the tickets from a reliable lottery website or a trusted operator. You can scroll up and choose your preferred lottery site from the two lists we’ve curated.

When playing online lottery in India, you might have to disclose personal information like phone numbers and card details. A genuine lottery website uses data encryption to keep such sensitive information under wraps and prevent any data breach.

Suppose you wish to play any of the state-owned lotteries, the Kerala lottery, for instance. In that case, you have to buy your ticket directly from the state’s lottery site. But should you want to participate in international draws, you will have to buy your tickets from a credible lottery website.


  • Check if the site has a customer support team in place, 24×7
  • Verify if the site offers a range of payment options popular among Indians
  • Run a safety check on the site before buying a ticket
  • Read user reviews of the site in question
  • Verify if the website holds a valid license from regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority, UKGC, and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Know the terms and conditions thoroughly

Sit back and relax. We have carried out all the necessary hygiene checks and listed the best online lottery sites here, so you can access the most popular draws worldwide and send the cash registers ringing.

India’s State-run Lotteries

First, the basics.

  • Remember, there’s no sweeping ban on lotteries in the country
  • States that allow online lottery in India are Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, West Bengal, Mizoram, Manipur, Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, Nagaland, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, and Meghalaya.
  • Online lottery in India is hugely popular, especially in Maharashtra, Kerala, and Sikkim
  • Lottery Sambad results are keenly followed in West Bengal and Mizoram. The same is with the results of the Nagaland Lottery, Kerala Lottery, or Sikkim Lottery.
  • Lottery is completely banned in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Stated below are the best state-approved online lotteries. Please note that Punjab has banned the sale of all online lottery schemes but continues with the traditional (offline) state-run lottery.

Sikkim Lottery Online

Sikkim State Lottery is the official lottery in the Himalayan state of Sikkim. The Dear Smart Morning lottery is one of India’s highest-payout schemes, with a top prize of Rs. 2.6 million and ticket price of Rs.6 only.

Kerala Lottery Online

Established in 1967, Kerala Lottery is India’s oldest state-run lottery. This legal online lottery in India has turned out to be a grand affair, its success buttressed by 1,40,000 + ticket retailers and the billions of rupees that flow into the state’s coffers.

Maharashtra State Lottery

Operational since 1969, the Maharashtra Lottery is one of the most prestigious and credible online lotteries in India, which has produced as many as 2400 winners over the last five years.

Online Lottery in India: Buying Guide

“How to play online lottery in India?”

Is that on your mind? Look no further, for below is a tell-all account of online lottery in India. Let’s get started:

How to Register at the Best Online Lottery in India?

Registration is a cakewalk. Choose from among the online lottery sites and betting operators on this page, and you are good to go.

  • Suppose you choose Lotto247 or Lottoland, for that matter. You will be directed to the official website, where you must provide the necessary information, including your name, age, and email ID. You can also use your social media accounts to register, considering the lottery site has the provision.
  • That is all. Once you’ve created your account, you can then proceed to enter select international draws.

More about the best international lotteries, in a while

Online Lottery in India: Syndicate vs. Bundle

Lottery Syndicate

Let’s break it down:

  • A lottery syndicate involves multiple stakeholders. You can collectively bet on several lines (can be up to 1000 lines, in some cases) for a particular lottery. If any line wins, you get your payout, in proportion to the number of shares you bought.
  • The more the lines in a syndicate, the better your odds of winning. Usually, every syndicate has a specific number of shares.
  • Suppose you choose a syndicate that has 100 shares, and you buy one share. Let’s consider the total prize value to be Rs.100 crores. Now, if the line wins, you get a windfall of Rs.1 crore. Had you bought two shares, you’d have got Rs.2 crores, three shares for Rs.3 crores, and so on.
  • The winnings can be for any prize tier, including the jackpot

A lottery syndicate betters your chances of taking home a massive bounty. Leading online lottery sites like Lottoland and Lotto247 offer lottery syndicates.

Lottery Bundle

This offers the best of both worlds – a personal entry + syndicate entry.

  • While you play your ‘lucky’ numbers with the standard personal entry (that’s not possible with syndicate entries), the syndicate shares help improve the odds of success (which is challenging with individual entries).
  • Suppose you buy one share in a 650-line syndicate + another personal line. That is essentially your bundle. Now, if your personal line wins, only you win the prize money, not other stakeholders.
  • If any of the syndicate lines win, every stakeholder gets a share of the winnings, divided proportionately.
  • Lottery bundles are usually of different categories, namely Classic, Deluxe, and Premium. The names may vary across lottery websites.

Think of online lottery bundles as an excellent cost-effective deal

Online Lottery in India: Payment Options

A critical point to tick off your checklist while dabbling with the idea of playing online lottery in India is choosing a site that offers the best banking options popular among Indians. Look out for the following payment/withdrawal methods:

  • Card payment through debit and credit cards
  • E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller

Know how to open a Neteller account, verify a Neteller account, and deposit money into your Neteller account.

  • Internet banking is extremely straightforward, considering you can use it to transfer funds instantly to your E-wallets.

Summing Up

Follow the steps below to play online lottery in India:

  • Register with any lottery site listed here
  • Enter the necessary details and sign up
  • Choose your preferred payment/withdrawal method
  • Deposit money to fund your account
  • Choose from the veritable range of international lotteries
  • Select your lucky numbers, preferably manually
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Purchase your lottery ticket
  • Hope the draw results go your way
  • Get notified through SMS or via email
  • Cash out, if you get lucky

Popular International Lotteries in India

Now that we have covered the state-run lotteries, we shall move to the three top international lotteries Indians absolutely love.

Key: Hot numbers are the ones that appear more frequently in the draws; cold numbers rarely appear

US PowerBall

Thanks to its fixed second-tier prize money of $1 million, participating in this lottery can fetch you a fortune, irrespective of whether you hit the mega jackpot. Courtesy of leading lotto sites, you can now play this online lottery in India.

The US PowerBall jackpot was a whopping $1.58 billion in 2016!

Jackpot: Begins at $40 million (approx. Rs.296 crores as of Nov 2020)

How it works: There are 69 balls labelled 1-69 + additional 26 Powerballs labelled 1-26. You have to choose 6 numbers – five between 1 and 69, and one Powerball number from 1 – 26.

How to win: If all the numbers match those produced in the draw, you win the jackpot and walk back home a multimillionaire. Even if only five numbers match (and the one Powerball number doesn’t), you still walk away a lot richer than before.

Hot numbers: 41, 32, 23, 20

Cold numbers: 68, 67, 66, 65, 60

Minimum ticket price on Indian lottery sites: Rs.200 (approx.)

Play US PowerBall online lottery in India: Lottoland, Lotto247, PlayHugeLottos, UNIBET, BetWinner

Odds of winning US Powerball

Odds of winning US Powerball


Launched in 2004 and identical to the US PowerBall in its format, EuroMillions is one of the most reputed and highest-payout lotteries worldwide. The maximum jackpot up for grabs is a staggering €190 million!

Jackpot: Begins at Rs.120 crores

How it works: There are two pools of numbers — one marked from 1-50 and the second marked from 1-12. The latter is called the Lucky Star pool.

How to win: You must choose 7 numbers – 5 from the pool marked from 1-50 + 2 from the Lucky Star pool. You can also select the ‘system pick’ option, where the system automatically chooses the numbers on your behalf. If all the seven numbers (5+2) match, you get the epic jackpot!

Payout mode: Lumpsum

Minimum ticket price on Indian lottery sites: Rs.270 (approx.)

Play EuroMillions online lottery in India: Lotto247, Lottoland, PlayHugeLottos, WinTrillions, UNIBET, NetBet, BetWinner

NOTE: The prize pool will vary, depending on the number of lottery participants. So, you can expect variations on D-day.

Odds of winning EuroMillions

Odds of winning EuroMillions

Mega Millions

Formerly called the ‘Big Game’, the Mega Millions lottery is as popular in the US as the PowerBall. Thanks to the various lottery sites, you can play this online lottery in India. In 2018, the Mega Millions jackpot stood at an astonishing $1.53 billion, just a few millions shy of beating the massive 2016 PowerBall jackpot.

Jackpot: Begins at $40 million (approx. Rs.296 crores as of Nov 2020)

How to play: You must pick six numbers in total – five of them between 1 and 70 and one Mega Ball number between 1 and 25. If all the numbers match with those in the draw, the big jackpot is yours! You can also turn to ‘Quick Pick’, where the system automatically chooses the numbers on your behalf.

Payout mode: Lumpsum or spanning over 30 years

Gameplay options: Single game (you can purchase maximum 20 tickets), System game (up to 792 combinations with a single ticket), and Group game (cost of a ticket is less, but winnings are divided among all the stakeholders)

NOTE: All prizes, except the jackpot, will be paid out immediately after the draw results are out. The jackpot may take up to 15 working days to be paid out.

Play Mega Millions online lottery in India: Lotto247, PlayHugeLottos, Lottoland

Online Lottery in India: Tips & Tricks

Now that you understand how to play online lottery in India, there are a few tricks you must know as well. What follows below is the real deal, the essential ‘trade secrets’ you want to remember if you wish to play and win. Think of these as your watertight betting tips and predictions that can separate you from the average Joe.

  • Lottery is a game of chance, but you shouldn’t rest on Lady Luck all the time. Instead, learn to spot past trends and analyse the winning numbers. While this cannot guarantee success, it can at least help you get a look-in. However, remember that the presence (or absence) of any number in past draws has zero influence on upcoming draws.
  • Don’t be chasing jackpots all the time, for you will only reduce your chances of winning the humbler (but mind-boggling nonetheless) fortunes. Instead of running after monsters, make sure you spot and go for the single-digit million jackpots more often. Remember, smaller pots may just be the key to unlocking bigger profits over time.
  • Don’t go for system-generated numbers. Since you aren’t really analysing the picks here, it may be a futile exercise. Instead, choose your numbers by yourself.
  • A big NO to special numbers, lucky digits, birth dates, anniversaries, and the likes. When you stick to the ostensible ‘lucky numbers’, you only limit your chances of winning. For instance, you can choose any number from 1-50. But due to your special-number-and-dates bias, you may compress your range till only 31 or 20. Think what if the number for that lottery were to be 40!
  • Stick with the same numbers if you have arrived at them through considerable judgment and analysis. Remember, lottery numbers change with every draw. So, if you’re swearing by the same numbers, you are keeping the door ajar for the riches to come your way.

And lastly, do we even need to tell you to stay away from fortune-tellers?

Best Online Lottery in India FAQs

1. Is online lottery in India legal?

Yes, online lottery in India is legitimate. You can safely play all international lotteries in India, so long they are online and provided by offshore companies. Online lottery ticket booking in India is also possible via the web, thanks to the mushrooming of multiple online lottery sites and mobile betting apps.

2. What are the best betting sites offering online lottery in India?

When it comes to online lottery in India, some of the best betting sites offer famous international lotteries for you to pile on the winnings. Our top picks? UNIBET, NetBet, and BetWinner.

3. Where can I play international online lottery in India?

Please refer to the top table in this article. We have included the best sites dedicated to providing international online lotteries in India. The ones we recommend are Lotto247,, and Lottoland.

4. How to play online lottery in India?

First, choose the lottery you wish to play. Remember, online lottery in India is primarily of two types – local (hosted by the various Indian state governments) and international lotteries. Tickets to the local online lottery in India can be bought both offline and online.

As for the international lotteries, we have listed the best lottery websites on this page. However, you can select other legitimate suppliers, so long they are regulated, offer fair games tested by approved independent agencies like eCOGRA, and support secure banking options.

5. How to win online lottery in India?

Unfortunately, there’s no real strategy for winning big in online lottery in India. There are, however, two alternatives:

Alternative A: You can buy more tickets to improve your chances of winning. But this will also raise the cost of participation in online lottery in India.

Alternative B: You can join a lottery syndicate, but you will have to share the winnings with multiple stakeholders.

6. Can I win real money playing online lottery in India?

Of course, you can. All the online lottery sites we’ve mentioned here allow you to play for handsome real money rewards and huge jackpot prizes.

7. How can I collect my winnings from online lottery in India?

Your lottery website accounts will collect all the winnings on your behalf and deposit the same in your wallet/bank account. There is no commission involved in the process. After that, the lottery site will get in touch with you over the phone or email ID you furnished while signing up.

8. How can I withdraw my online lottery winnings from my Neteller account?

We have a separate page on this. You can get your information here.

9. Can I play online lottery in India for free?

Absolutely. Some of the leading lotto websites offer free tickets when you sign up, purchase the first ticket, or subscribe to the site.

10. Can I play online lottery in India for free and still win real money?

Of course, you can. In fact, a free ticket can fetch you the same winnings that a real money ticket would.

11. How do online lottery syndicates in India pay out?

All winnings are paid in full to the manager overseeing the syndicate. He/she will distribute the total prize money among all the stakeholders equally

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

They say that knowledge is power, and we couldn’t agree more. While online lottery in India (or anywhere, for that matter) is a game of chance, you can always improve the odds of success by knowing how to play online lottery in India (and everything else that’s here in this page).

Moreover, online lottery ticket booking in India can happen anytime, anywhere. The best lottery sites mentioned in this page either have mobile-optimised websites or dedicated live apps which you can download on your Android and iOS devices and start playing lottery while you’re on the move.

Online lottery in India is a popular pastime, the success of which can be compared to betting on the English Premier League or its Indian cousin, betting on the IPL.

Good luck!

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