Online Cricket Betting from the UK

Cricket betting UK is becoming immensely popular, especially from the last few years and not exclusive to only having people betting on cricket from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Reason – the game is enjoyed by everyone in the country, whether it is the upper British class or the medium earners. Whenever there is a cricket event, capable people reach the stadium and others watch it over the live telecast either on television or websites. Like the game, its gambling is also reaching a considerable height with betting sites like bet365, 888Sports and BetVictor taking centre stage. All thanks to the increasing number of tablets and smartphones.

If you are in the UK and currently looking for the best cricket betting sites and on how to bet on cricket we are here to help. On this page, you will find the best cricket betting websites and all the other information that you need to know before you test your luck.

Best cricket betting UK websites

You can choose among a lot of cricket betting UK sites, but we thought to give you some of the best options. Check the two websites below and sign up on any of them to see how lucky you are.


1. Betway

One of the biggest bookmakers, established in 2006, provides the best cricket betting experience for its users. It has built excellent reputation overcoming murky past by providing world class betting service. This is the reason why we keep it as a top pick in our site.

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2. Bet365

Preferred bookmaker for UK players, Bet365 obtained their betting license in 1974. It offers great odds on all the cricket events including domestic and international. The company has the widest range of payment options and its 24/7 customer service is one of the best you can get.

Other worthy cricket betting UK mentions:

This is a list of more betting sites we recommend you should consider to open an account with:

How to make transactions with a cricket betting UK site?

If you interested in cricket betting online, you have to make sure that you have an account on any bookmaking website. Making a deposit is an easy task in the UK, you just have to use your credit/debit card, e-wallet, PayPal account or virtual card to transfer the money to the betting account. Once you win the bet, that we hope you do – you have to use any one of same to withdraw the winning amount. Do not worry, you will not have to pay any processing charges or commission.

What types of bets can you place on cricket betting UK sites?

Gambling on the winning team was the only option for bettors in the past. However, nowadays the range of cricket betting online is extended to many other betting options. We have included some of the options that can make you lucky.

Cricket Betting UK Bet #1: Best batsman or bowler

You can put your money on a batsman that you think will make most runs in a match or series. Similarly, you can guess who will be the best bowler depending upon the wickets he will demolish. You can also place a bet on the man of the match or man of the tournament.

Cricket Betting UK Bet #2: Maximum boundaries

Another type of bet, where you can guess a batsman who will hit most sixes or four in a match or series.

Cricket Betting UK Bet #3: The score in an inning

You can also predict the target that will be set for the team batting second. Fixtures for the world cup is already decided and the first match is between England and South Africa. You have ample of time to think about the score that the team batting first will make.

Apart from these, there are number of other bets that you can make while watching the live streaming on any bookmaker site. Other famous wages include runs in one over, dismissal type, runs in first ten overs, runs in first 25 overs etc.

Is it legal to legal to bet online on cricket betting UK sites?

If you are a resident of the UK, then there no need to tell you that online cricket betting is legal in your region. Under the Gambling act 2005, Gambling Commission regulates online gambling in the UK on behalf of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The law also protects children and prone adults from the negative impacts of gambling. It is lucky if you are located in the UK as you can do whatever you want with your money. You can place cricket betting through online booking sites or even visit any local sportsbook.

You are safe from the law but you are not danger proof if you are going to dive in the betting sea. There are a lot many crooks sitting in the dark waiting for you. So, we recommend you to do some research before you either visit a local cricket betting place or place bets online. We have already told you the best and reliable bookmakers. You cannot go wrong with Betway, Bet365, and Betfair. Unfortunately, if you were unable to make an account on any of these, then you can browse Ladbrokes, Totesport, and William Hill. These are the other reputed booking sites.

Final Words on Cricket Betting UK sites

Now you are familiar with the best online cricket betting sites in the UK and major betting options, you just have to make a choice. You can either try all the three websites one by one, check the interface, betting options and bonuses to decide which one suits you best. Or, you can simply try the best, which is Betway. It is a bookmaker site that has proved its reliability and trustworthiness time to time and you cannot go wrong with them. We hope that you find this article useful and you will have a better idea about online cricket betting in the UK.


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