Top Bowler Betting

Cricket betting has gained huge popularity in recent years as more competitions continue to popup in T20, ODI and Test cricket. One cricket betting market that has really caught the eye of bettors is the top bowler betting market. In this top bowler cricket betting guide, we will look at the best betting sites for top bowler betting, how the market works and betting alternatives to it.

Best Top Bowler Betting Sites

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Top 5 Cricket Top Bowler Betting Sites

  1. 10cric
  2. Unibet
  4. bet365
  5. 888sport

How To Bet On Cricket Top Bowler

The top bowler cricket betting market – also sometimes referred to as top wicket taker betting – will see you backing the player that you believe will finish the match with the most wickets. The game of cricket, whether T20, ODI or Test, is one that can turn in a second with a few well-placed deliveries. Whether this is an unbelievably fiery fast bowler, a big turning spinner or a swing bowler that turns the ball into the batsman’s pads, bowlers are always looking to get one over on their batting counterparts.

While the market itself is simple to understand, there are a few important factors that you must know to be successful in this market.

  • You are betting on the player that you believe will take the most wickets.
  • The market is first innings orientated. In a Test match, each side can have up to two innings, but only the top bowler from the first innings will be counted.
  • Bowlers must usually bowl at least one ball for bets to be counted.
  • If a bowler does not bowl at all because they are not needed, injured during the game or the match ends before they bowl then your bet will not be voided, it will lose.
  • In the events of a tie, bets are quite often voided.
  • If there is a reduction in the number of overs in a limited overs game (T20 or ODI), depending on the bookmaker, bets will quite often be voided.

When you utilise the top bowler betting market, most will state that the biggest names in the game are always the way to go. For example, the likes of James Anderson, Mitchell Starc, Trent Boult and Jasprit Bumrah take wickets in abundance and rank amongst the very best on their day.

However, backing the big names does not always offer the best odds and it is not always the shrewdest investment, which is something we will go into in more detail later.

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Top Bowler Betting Tips

Before you start wagering your hard-earned money on the top bowler betting market, there are a number of key factors you should be aware of. These include:

  • Read the pitch report. When it comes to bowling, the pitch report is incredibly important. The pitch report will tell you everything you need to know about which bowlers will likely excel, who might struggle, and what the pitch will do as the game wears on. In a Test match for example, the pitch may start off lush and green, and with weather conditions overcast, it means that swing bowling will likely feature prominently in the match. It may also allude to the fact that the pitch will dry up and crack quickly, resulting in spin bowling becoming more dangerous as the Test wears on.
    In ODI and T20 cricket, the pitch report and how the pitch would likely deteriorate is not quite as important as the match is over within a day, meaning it will stay largely the same. However, in the limited overs format, you should be aware of how quick the outfield is. This can be the difference between the ball flying off the bat to the boundary rope and it getting stuck in the pitch. When the ball does not reach the ropes often, it puts pressure on the batsmen and can see them make uncharacteristic mistakes, which is a vital piece of information.
  • Know your formats. As mentioned above, the format of the game is very important. Different bowlers will be more effective in a Test match than they are in a T20 game. For example, James Anderson of England is a superb exponent of swing bowling with the red ball and is the all-time leading pace bowling wicket-taker in Tests. While he often cleans up in the longest format, he would likely struggle in a 20 over game as the white ball does not swing as much. Recognising which style of bowlers will excel in a certain format is very important in cricket betting.
  • Don’t blindly back big names. The temptation in any sport can be to only ever back the big name in a betting sense. This is usually the result of a novice bettor or someone that has not done their research properly taking the easy option and just backing someone or something they know. In the top bowler betting, this is not always a good idea. As mentioned, the pitch and format of the game will have a big impact on which players will excel, meaning that just because a bowler has 30 wickets in their last five ODI matches, they may be a part time bowler in the Test side as they have to play second-fiddle to the strike partnership in the team.
  • Look for good odds. The top bowler betting market generally offers pretty good odds as there are so many players that could take the most wickets. Generally, you will see the biggest names heading up this market, and this is where some good value can be found. Trent Boult may be New Zealand’s premier strike-bowler, but his popularity means that likes of Lockie Ferguson, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee and more will all offer good odds too. All of the factors above will have a large bearing on who will offer the best odds, which is why research is vital.
  • The Venue. Much like the pitch conditions, the venue will have an impact on which players will play well and which will struggle. If a game is being played in India then spin bowling will have a big impact on the match as the pitches are often dry, cracked and dusty. In Australia meanwhile, the blazing sun and dry conditions mean that fast and aggressive bowling will be prominent. Similarly, some teams and players may have struggled at a certain stadium meaning they have something of a mental block and may not be a good bet to back.
  • The player’s calendar. Backing a bowler that is a handful of matches into the new cricketing year will likely mean you are wagering on a player that is still physically fresh but is back into their stride. Backing a player that is a few games away from the end of the year will bring a brain and body that is fatigued, possibly resulting in performances that are below par for them. Ensure you know where a player is in their schedule before you back them.

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Best Tournament For Cricket Top Bowler Betting

The top bowler betting market is best used alongside the biggest cricket competitions in the world as many of the greatest bowlers tend to grace these tournaments and series. Below, we have gone over the biggest competitions that the best betting sites offer this market for.

The Ashes

The Ashes is the oldest and most hotly contested Test cricket rivalry in the game. Played out between England and Australia, the Ashes sees one side touring the other in a five-match series that sees the best of the two sides come together to battle for The Ashes. Some of the truly great Test performances have happened in an Ashes Test, with the likes of Ian Botham, Andrew Flintoff, Steve Smith and Ben Stokes all excelling at one time or another in the battle.

Whether you are a fan of Test cricket or not, the Ashes is a contest that transcends the game itself.

Pakistan vs India

Not to be outdone by The Ashes, India vs Pakistan is just intense, with some incredibly hard-fought battles being played out between the sides. While the two have not played one-another very much over the last decade or so, the passion that is shown both on and off the field in a cricketing sense is often spine-tingling, and whenever the two meet in a top cricket tournament, fireworks always follow.

Australia vs New Zealand 

While Australia have historically been seen as THE cricketing team, New Zealand have been slowly building a side that can not only match the Aussies, but better them in certain aspect. Right now, the mercurial Kane Williamson is leading the side and they look like a real force in all three formats of the game. Australia meanwhile are rebuilding, and look to be edging back towards the summit. With the sheer amount of world class talent that is always on show when the two sides meet, Australia vs New Zealand is not a clash you will want to miss.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The number one event in ODI cricket, the ICC World Cup brings together the best of the best in a battle royale that sees one side crowned the champion of the world. Australia have historically dominated the competition, but the gap between themselves India, England and New Zealand is one that has shrunk in recent years. This, coupled with the competitive nature of a round robin competition that leads into a knock-out stage results in some truly incredible matches. England are the current world champions following their 2019 victory over New Zealand, but they face stern competition if they are to defend their crown in India in 2023.

T20 World Cup

Just like the 50 over iteration of the competition, the T20 World Cup is the most explosive international 20 over tournament. The fact a side only has 120 balls to build a score means batsmen look to tee off from the first ball, and while this often ends in the white ball flying out of the stadium, it does also give bowlers a lot of opportunities to take wickets. This quickfire battle between bat and ball is usually the most entertaining format of the game.

The Indian Premier League (IPL)

While the T20 World Cup is the biggest Twenty20 competition in the international game, the Indian Premier League is undoubtedly the most popular club tournament. Starting with the exceptionally popular IPL auction, the best players are bought and traded across the sides. This then leads into a group-stage where each sides plays the others twice before play-offs precede a final. The entirety of India seems to drop when they are doing to watch each game, such is the level of passionate support they display, while the rest of the cricketing world also tune in to watch the very best T20 players take each-other on.

Big Bash 

Australia’s answer to the IPL comes in the form of the Big Bash. Usually played out across the latter-stages of the year into the new year, the Big Bash sees big shots, cartwheeling wickets and ridiculous catches as the norm, and this simply means that every game keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

T20 Blast

England’s own T20 competition, the T20 Blast is a mix of big hitting and disappointing rain delays, making it a T20 tournament like no other. While it does not have the global appeal of IPL betting, there are still many opportunities to get involved with.

There are a number of other competitions out there including other series and club tournaments, but you will generally be safe in thinking that any of the above will allow you to bet on top bowler cricket betting market with the best cricket betting sites.

Best Alternative Cricket Betting Markets

It is far too much to ask for a single market to keep your attention completely when you come to betting on cricket. With this in mind, we have handpicked the best alternative betting markets to top bowler betting that utilise similar knowledge and factors, but will help to keep things fresh for you.

Top Batsman Betting

bet365 Cricket market*Odds correct at 11:48BST on 30/3/2021

Top batsman betting is the direct antithesis to top bowler betting as you will be wagering on who will score the most runs. Like the top bowler market, you must do your research into the conditions, the venue, the players you can back and their schedules before you bet. It is not good enough to simply back the biggest name. With proper research here you can find excellent value in your bets.

Best Betting Site For Top Batsman Betting: bet365

Man of the Match Betting

Unibet cricket market*Odds correct at 12:17 BST on 30/3/2021

Man of the Match betting applies to when you wager on the player you believe will be named the Man of the Match in a particular contest. Unlike the top bowler or top batsman markets, this one can be changed by a bowler, batsman, fielding performance, or an amalgamation of the three. However, a word of warning for this market. Unlike top bowler, which is decided solely on stats, the Man of the Match award is usually given by a commentator or a fan vote, this means the market result itself is very subjective. For example, you may perceive a player that score 150 to be the Man of the Match, but the commentator selects a bowler that took six wickets including a hat-trick as more deserving.

Some bookies utilise stats-based sites to work out their own Man of the Match, but this is unfortunately done more with football than cricket.

Best Betting Site For Man Of The Match Betting: Unibet

Most Sixes/Fours Betting

sportsbetio Cricket market*Odds correct at 12:29 BST on 30/3/2021

Most fours/sixes betting can be utilised with any of the three formats, but it is most popular in the ODI and T20 games. A four is scored when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary rope and it bounces one or more times. A six meanwhile is when a batsman clears the rope without it bouncing at all.
Betting on fours and sixes will see you wagering on which side will score the most, and it’s that simple. The reason this market is best used with the shorter formats is because the batsmen in ODI and T20 cricket is constantly trying to score maximum runs, whereas Test match batsmen are looking to preserve their wicket and build a big score, which does not always see boundaries scored. Here, you should do your research into the percentage of runs scored by teams and players via boundaries, as this will give you an insight into which is the team to back.

Best Betting Site For Most Four/Sixes Betting:

Key Top Bowler Betting Stats

  • Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan is the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket, with 800 wickets.
  • Muttiah Muralitharan is also the top ODI wicket-taker, with the spinner taking 534 wickets.
  • Sri Lanka’s Lasith Malinga has take 107 T20 wickets, making him the leading wicket-taker in the shortest format of the game.
  • Jim Laker has the best bowling figures ever in a Test match, taking 10/53 for England against Australia back in 1956.

Top Bowler Betting FAQs

Which are the best betting sites for top bowler betting?

Any of the betting sites we have mentioned above will give you a great experience when it comes to top bowler betting. However, of the above, we would recommend 10cric, Unibet and the most. The three bookies provide competitive odds for the top bowler market along with most of their other sports, while they also offer a number of payment methods, good features, great customer support along with offering one of the best cricket betting apps too.

What is the difference between top bowler betting & top wicket-taker betting?

There is no difference between these two markets. In both cases, you’re wagering on which player will take most wickets.

What other betting markets are the to the top bowler market?

If you are looking for popular markets in cricket, then the outright tournament/series winner, to score a fifty/century and top opening partnership betting are all good choices. However, if you want to utilise the tools you have used for the top bowler betting market then you can wager on top batsman, Man of the Match and most fours/sixes betting, which all provide good odds and a great chance to make money If you do your research.

Which players should I back in the top bowler market?

This comes down to the research you have done. Information like the teams, the venue, the pitch report, where the game lies in the player’s calendar and the format will all have an impact on which way you should bet. Perhaps most important is the location of the match itself, as the conditions underfoot and overhead will change which bowlers are likely to excel. If you do not feel comfortable enough to do your own research then you can back the best cricket prediction in the world instead, with this giving you all of the expert opinion and insight you will need.

Which competitions should I bet on with the top bowler betting market?

Most of the biggest and best competitions in the world will see bookmakers make space on their sites for the top bowler market. This means you will be able to enjoy the betting opportunities that come with it, whether this is in the Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, the IPL or the Big Bash.

Can I watch and bet on cricket?

Yes, you can watch and bet on cricket. Most betting sites will have an in play section in which cricket betting can be accessed. You can also couple this with a site that has a live streaming function. Check to see if your bookie of choice appears on the list of the best live cricket streaming sites. If it does, then you can head to their site, log in and look to see which sports and matches are available to watch.

If they host any cricket live streams then you will usually only have to have a positive balance in your account, have placed a bet in the last 24 hours or have made a bet on the match you want to watch. It is worth noting that live streams are usually subject to a delay of a few seconds.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Top bowler betting has become a very popular market in the world of cricket. Following the right top bowler betting tips can result in you making decent profit as the odds are generally quite good on any player in any team taking the most wickets. It is of course worth doing research into the bowlers as top bowler stats will tell you who might excel in a contest.

Of course, be aware of the factors outside of the control of the bowler like the pitch, the overhead conditions, the venue, their opponent and their schedule too. If you adhere to all of the points into learning how to bet on cricket top bowler markets, then there is a lot of value to be enjoyed here.

As always, bet smart and have fun.

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