Top Batsman Betting: Rules & Tips (2024)

Cricketing tournaments have a few common, in-demand betting markets across game formats. One such example is the Top Batsman market, available among some of India's best online bookmakers. In this article, we talk about what makes this a popular wager and provide you with a few useful betting tips.

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Top Batsman Betting Market: Overview

  • The Top Batsman market typically requires you to predict the player you think will score the highest runs for his team.
  • Some bookmakers offer variations of this highly profitable cricket betting market, depending on the game format.
  • It is usually only available for pre-match betting.
  • Players' odds will vary based on factors, including their recent performances, type of wicket, and match venue (home or away). For example, Faf du Plessis scores consistently in a few games, so his odds would change accordingly to reflect his form.

Rules for Top Batsman Betting

There can be situations where the batsman you chose for this bet does not end up playing, or the game itself is cancelled due to bad weather. To factor in all these anomalies, there are a few rules to the top batsman betting market, as we shall see below:

  1. Dead-heat rules apply if two (or more) players score an equal number of highest runs in the match. This means your stake will be divided by the number of players tied for the most runs. If two players are locked in a tie, you'll get half of your winnings; if three players are involved, you'll get a third, and so forth.
  2. If you bet on a player who eventually does not feature in the Playing XI, your stake is refunded.
  3. If you bet on a player who does not get to bat in the game, it will be settled as a lost wager.
  4. If the game is suspended early because of inclement weather, there is a minimum quota for overs (differing across formats) for the bet to stand. This number varies from one bookie to the next. As an example, the below image shows what 10CRIC stipulates:

Overs Quota 10cric

Explained: Top Batsman Betting Across Formats

A lot of thought goes into predicting the top batsman (in a game) for each format, as someone like KL Rahul, who plays well in T20s, might not perform the same way in Tests.

We'll discuss below what factors you should consider in order to place smarter and more informed bets. We also recommend that you pair this with information from some of India's leading cricket betting analysis websites.

Top Batsman Betting in Tests

Test cricket is all about persistence, dogged determination, and the will to put a price tag on your wicket. To be a successful batsman in the longest format of the game, a player's got to have technique, stamina, concentration, and resilience.

  • When searching for the highest run-scorer in a test match, try and pick someone with a career average of around 50.
  • To further weed out players, select the ones with the most half-centuries (and above) in their Test career.
  • Additionally, do some prior research on the match venue and the wicket to determine how that could impact the players' chances of hanging in there at the middle and amassing the maximum runs for his team.

Top Batsman Betting in ODIs

Think of ODIs as the sort of middle ground between Test matches and T20s. Of course, they are nowhere near as demanding as Test matches, but you've still got to hang on to your wicket and bat out 50 overs.

  • Now, considering the number of overs is capped at 50, chances are the top and the middle-order batsmen will spend the most time at the wicket. This makes the batting position an essential determinant (alongside batting average and the kind of form he's in) for the Top Batsman market.
  • Then there's the pitch and the weather at play as well. For example, overcast conditions favour pace and swing, whereas a dry, sunny day gets batsmen licking their lips. To learn more about this, check out this explainer on how the weather can have a significant impact on batting and bowling.

Top Batsman Betting in T20Is

Things change drastically in T20s. The batter’s got to score at a decent strike rate while, of course, ensuring a long stay at the wicket. This format challenges many batsmen, as the pressure to score fast and score big can get to a lot of players:

  • Remember that T20s are just for, well, 20 overs. So go for batters in the top- and middle-order, considering they usually get to spend a longer time in the middle. However, this equation can change quickly should the bowling side manage to take a few quick wickets.
  • A T20 specialist ought to have a good strike rate, typically above the 120-mark. That said, batting average is an equally crucial parameter when it comes to top batsman betting in the shortest format of the sport. Therefore, the higher the strike rate, the better. That said, remember to check the batter’s average as well, as that will tell you how many runs he’s expected to score per match.
  • As an example, Evin Lewis has a strike rate of 155.5 and a batting average of nearly 31. This means, as an approximation, you can expect the Trinidadian to hit 30-odd runs off 20 balls per game. Which isn’t exceptional batting, but a handy, quickfire innings for sure.

Betting Tips for the Top Batsman Betting Market

To consistently place successful bets on the Top Batsman betting market, you need to have researched relevant statistics and data thoroughly.

In Test cricket, just selecting players with a higher endurance is not enough. Make sure they have a high career batting average and a decent number of half-centuries and centuries in their test career.

Since ODIs have a limited number of overs, ensure that the batsman you select plays within the first five batting positions. In addition, try and avoid betting on the team that bats second in the game, as they’re more focused on chasing the score, which might result in average run scorers.

In T20I, concentrate on players with the highest batting strike rate and batting average. Our IPL batting stats table shows the number of runs players scored in all the matches to get the strike rate. Select those with consistent stats on the higher side and make sure they’re openers.

For more Top Batsman tips, and an in-depth look at betting and predictions in IPL, head over to our detailed guide on IPL betting online!

Current Top Batsman

These are the ICC rankings of the top five batsmen across the three formats of cricket:

Top Batsmen in Test

  1. Marnus Labuschagne
  2. Joe Root
  3. Steve Smith
  4. Kane Williamson
  5. Virat Kohli (one of the top Indian batsmen of all time)

Top Batsmen in ODI

  1. Babar Azam
  2. Virat Kohli
  3. Rohit Sharma
  4. Quinton de Kock
  5. Aaron Finch

Top Batsmen in T20Is

  1. Babar Azam
  2. Mohammad Rizwan
  3. Aiden Markram
  4. David Malan
  5. Devon Conway

Top Batsman Betting FAQs

What are the best betting apps for Top Batsman betting?

Betway and 1xBet are some of the best apps for Top Batsman betting.

Is there any golden rule, as such, for Top Batsman betting?

Yes – quite a few, actually. But probably the most important one is for you to remember that if you wager on a player who doesn't eventually feature in the Playing XI, it will be considered a losing bet.

How is a player’s career batting average calculated?

A player's batting average refers to the total runs scored divided by the number of times he’s been dismissed in all his innings. Let's say that Ramesh plays 10 games, bats in 8 innings, and scored 10 runs in each. However, he remained not out on two occasions. Therefore, his average = 80/(8-2) = 13.33.

What does a player’s batting strike rate mean?

The batting strike rate is basically the number of runs a player would score every 100 balls. It is calculated as runs scored / balls faced × 100. So, if a batsman scores 20 off 10 balls, his strike rate = 20 / 10 × 100 = 200.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The Top Batsman betting market is filled with opportunities to score big, as the odds for each player vary drastically and outcomes can be highly predictable in certain circumstances. In order to place smarter bets, remember that knowing how to read a player’s statistics can significantly increase your chances of turning a decent profit.

New to cricket betting online? Check out our recommendations for the best best cricket betting sites and cricket betting apps to get started!

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