Top Wicket Taker Betting

With the huge rise in popularity of cricket and cricket betting, a glut of cricket betting markets have been created to keep bettors of the game happy. Alongside markets like top batsman betting and man of the match betting, top wicket taker betting has proved to be very popular. In this top wicket-taker betting guide we will go over how to use the market, which are the best cricket betting sites to use it with and useful strategies.


Best Top Wicket-Taker Betting Sites

  • Live Streaming
  • Bet Builder
  • Extensive in play betting
  • Great in play console
  • Range of player betting markets
  • Extensive list of competitions offered
  • Live streaming of certain sports
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Outright markets available early
  • Good range of team markets
  • Reload bonuses available
  • Casino and E-sports products on site
  • Free bets and free spins offer
  • Markets for IPL, Big Bash and more
  • NetBet boosts
  • Excellent casino product
  • Men and women’s competitions supported
  • Competitive odds
  • ‘Alternative’ betting markets on offer
  • Range of competitions supported
  • Very good odds for outright betting
  • ‘Season bets’ available
  • Markets for totals, match events and centuries
  • Live streaming of some sports
  • Competitive odds
  • Good in play console
  • Range of team markets on offer
  • Extensive range of competitions supported
  • Stats pack available
  • Handy sports calendar

Try These 10 Cricket Top Wicket-Taker Betting Sites

  1. bet365
  2. 888sport
  3. Unibet
  4. 1bet
  5. Netbet
  7. Dafabet
  8. Leovegas
  9. Funbet
  10. Novibet

How To Bet On Top Wicket-Taker

Top Wicket-Taker betting will see bettors trying to back the player they think will finish the match with the most wickets. Cricket is a game that sees the bat and the ball locked in an eternal battle, with batsmen looking to swell their teams score, while bowlers want to restrict their opponents and take wickets as quickly and as economically as possible. When betting on this market there are a rules you need to be aware of:

  • You are betting on the player to take the most wickets in the match.
  • Usually, you will bet on the bowler taking the most wickets in the first innings if it is a Test match.
  • If there is a reduction in the number of overs then bets will be made void unless the result has already been determined. This is the case in limited over matches.
  • If your bowler does not bowl a delivery in the match then your bet will still lose if another bowler takes more wickets.

top wicket taker betting

When betting on the top wicket-taker betting market, you should be aware of the fact that backing the biggest name does not always mean your bet will come off. Below, we have compiled a number of the most important factors to take into account when utilising the top wicket-taker market.

Top Wicket-Taker Betting Tips

As with any other market when cricket betting, we first recommended familiarising yourself with how to bet on cricket, before also keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Big names don’t always mean wickets. Some of the biggest names in cricket are those of bowlers that have struck fear into the hearts of the batsmen they are facing. At the moment, the likes of James Anderson, Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult all feature prominently in any type of wicket-taker betting, but this does not always mean they are the player to back. Indeed, James Anderson is one of the best exponents on swing bowling in living memory, meaning that backing him in England would be a savvy wager. However, when touring a different country, he may not get as much help in Australia or India as he would in England. This means that being intelligent and picking your choice wisely can translate into a better chance of getting wickets. However, it is worth bearing in the mind the fact that Anderson is not usually fancied to take wickets outside of England, but he has continually done so throughout his career, although this has been more sporadic than when he plays in England.
  • Inspect the pitch. Pitch conditions in cricket are amongst the most important pieces of information in the game. If you do your research prior to the start of a match then you will likely give yourself a massive advantage over those that choose to ignore the pitch reports. For example, if the pitch in Australia is hard and flat, with the overhead conditions likely to be blisteringly hot for the next five days, then fast and aggressive bowling over the course of the first few days will be lethal, while the pitch will then likely break up and crack meaning that spin bowling will then play its part. Similarly, if the pitch in England is grassy with the conditions overhead looking overcast, then swing bowlers will likely get a lot of assistance in getting the ball to move.
  • Value bets. Backing the big player or team in cricket is not always the right way to go if you are looking for value. For example, backing Australia to beat the Netherlands will likely offer very little value meaning that, despite the chances of your bet coming in being high, you will have to wager a lot of money to get anything back. Indeed, backing the Dutch to win would offer a good payout, but the chances of the side beating Australia are slim to none. Instead, you are better off doing your research and looking into making bets that have some chance of losing, but will give you a good payout if they come off. Indeed, Trent Boult may be the favourite to take the most wickets for New Zealand in the match, which means he offers little value. Instead, you could look to back Lockie Ferguson to end with the most wickets as he offers more value. While this means your bet has a slightly higher chance of losing according to the bookie, you will not have to wager as much to get more back.
  • Know your formats. With top wicket-taker odds available for all of Test, ODI and T20 cricket, it is very important to know what the different formats of the game will likely bring. For example, T20 cricket, which is the shortest format of the game, will likely see a lot of betting done via the most sixes betting as batsmen will usually look to go big from the start. In Test cricket meanwhile, different batsmen, bowler and partnership betting options will be more popular. Alongside this, the different formats of the game will see different tactics used while the pitch will deteriorate and change far more in a Test match than it will in a T20 game. This means that if a pitch is particularly good for fast bowling in a T20 game then it will not change all that much over the match, while in a five-day Test the pitch will change a lot.
  • The venue. The venue will see the likelihood of the top wicket-taker massively. Like the pitch inspection, it is very important to know where the match is being played as this will have an impact on which bowlers, and which type of bowlers will excel. For example, a venue in India will see spin bowlers excel. Ensure that you know where a match is taking place before making your bet.
  • There is no such thing as a definite win. Earlier, we recommended finding value in your bets. While this does mean your wager has a higher chance of losing if they come with longer odds, you should always be aware of the fact that an odds-on choice or a favourite does not equal a definite win. Cricket and sport in general is so incredibly unpredictable, which adds to the excitement of betting, with even the massive odds-on favourite able to lose. This is why it is important not to make a mammoth bet on an odds-on runner. This big bet would be to ensure you get something back if you win, but you should always be aware of the fact that the potential risk of the bet should not outweigh the potential reward.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Best Tournaments for Top Wicket-Taker Betting

Top wicket-taker odds are often enhanced greatly when you are betting on a major tournament or event as there are so many world class players to bet on. Below, we have listed a few of the biggest tournaments in the world, where top wicket-taker odds will likely offer good value.

The Ashes

The biggest Test match series in cricket. The Ashes is played out between England and Australia, with some of the greatest contests in the game coming between the pair. While Australia tend to dominate the series when England tour them, the battle is far tighter in England, with winners of the series on English soil very difficult to call. These matches will often see big runs scored by players but there have also been very low team scores too. When a team score is particularly low, it means that wickets will have tumbled quickly, and this is usually when one or two bowlers are on a real hot-streak.

The Cricket World Cup

The biggest event in the 50 over game, the ODI Cricket World Cup will see all of the best teams in the world converge on one country in a cricket tournament that is unlike any other. While the tournament has so often been dominated by Australia, with the Aussies really impressing when it comes to ODI cricket, it is a competition where any side could lift the trophy. For top wicket-taker odds and betting, the Cricket World Cup is a great time to place your bets,


The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest T20 tournament in the world. Played out in the earlier portion of the year, the IPL begins with an auction for the best T20 players before the real fun begins. All of the sides resemble cricketing dream teams with the best batsmen and bowlers shared out before a round-robin competition begins with semi-finals and a final following this. The IPL very quickly established itself as the most popular T20 competition and it is in the conversation about the most popular cricketing event. With the fans cramming into stadiums to watch their favourite players, the IPL is one of the most watched sporting events in the world.

Best Alternative Cricket Betting Markets

While top wicket-taker betting sites and top wicket-taker betting odds are very popular with cricket bettors, there are a number of alternative cricket betting markets that can help to keep things fresh. Below, we have listed the most popular markets and how best to use them.

Top Batsman Betting

Top Batsman betting is exactly the same as top wicket-taker betting, only it is centred on the batsman scoring the runs. Here, you will look to back the player you think will end with the most runs in the match from a certain team. This means that your choice of batsman must outscore his teammates in order for your bet to win. This market generally provides pretty good odds as there are 11 players that can technically top score. Of course, backing a dedicated bowler to top score will provide excellent potential value, but the chances of your wager coming in are low. Backing one of a team’s top players to top score will generally offer good value too, but if you are looking to really enhance your potential payout, you will be looking towards the middle-order to top score.

Best Betting Sites For Top Batsman Betting: bet365

Man of the Match Betting

Man of the Match betting is very exciting and it is even more unpredictable top wicket-taker betting. Man of the Match betting is based upon the player that will have the biggest and most profound effect on a game. This could be a batsman scoring a century, a bowler taking a five-wicket-haul or a player excelling with both bat and ball. The confusion here comes in the awarding of the title. Unlike the top wicket-taker market, which is decided by the bowler with the most wickets, meaning it is entirely black and white, the Man of the Match award is usually awarded by a commentator or, in some circumstances, by the public. This means that the award is very subjective. For example, you may value the 150 not out scored by a batsman in a game and you are sure your bet will come in after his knock. However, the commentator has instead decided to award the Man of the Match to the bowler that took seven wickets in the first innings and dismissed the opposition’s best player as part of his five-wicket-haul in the second innings. The nature of the awarding of the Man of the Match means that sometimes you could lose out despite being sure you are going to win.

Best Betting Sites For Man of the Match Betting: 888sport

Most Sixes Betting

Most sixes betting is something that is generally more popular in the shorter formats of the game. Just like top wicket-taker betting odds, most sixes betting provides some real value, and this can be its allure. Here, you will be looking to wager upon whether you think there will be a certain number of sixes scored in the match. The reason why this is most popular in the shorter formats of the game is because batsmen are looking to swell their scores quickly, with a six (where the ball is hit over the boundary rope without it bouncing) the biggest possible scoring shot. However, while this does seem like an entirely batsman orientated market, it is also one that sees the bowlers looking to restrict the amount of sixes scored. This means that if you enjoy researching bowlers and wagering on them, this market provides that option.

Best Betting Sites For Most Sixes Betting: bet365

Top Wicket-Taker Betting FAQs

Which are the best betting sites for top wicket-taker betting?

Any of the 10 betting sites listed above will provide you with a very good way to bet on top wicket-taker betting markets. However, we would recommend bet365, 888sport and Unibet the highest. The three offer very competitive top wicket-taker odds, a glut of alternative markets, good payment options and some great features.

Which players should I back in the top wicket-taker market?

This is down to the format, match and venue. If the format is a Test match, then looking at how the pitch will deteriorate over the five days will be key, meaning different bowlers will have more of an impact as the days go by. If certain bowlers have struggled against their next opposition then you should take that into account, while the venue will see conditions change, meaning that a fast bowler may be more potent than a spinner and vice versa.

Can I live stream cricket matches?

Yes, you can live stream certain cricket matches. If you are keen on watching cricket via your chosen bookmaker, we recommend checking out the live cricket streaming sites to ensure your bookie of choice is on this list. Live streaming cricket matches are perfectly utilised alongside the most exciting competitions, meaning IPL betting and the best cricket prediction in the world are a brilliant match.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Top wicket-taker betting and top wicket-taker odds provide bettors with the ability to get a lot of value from their bets. Of course, some caution is required as betting on bowlers, much like betting on batsmen, can be tricky to do. A game could be perfectly set up for the front-line spinner to excel, only for a part-time spinner to take the most wickets. When betting on this market, doing so with the top cricket tournaments can provide the best top wicket-taker odds. These tournaments can quite often be paired well with dream11, while looking out for the best cricket betting app can make your cricket betting experience even better.

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