Best Cricket Betting Sites:

In our post “how to choose the best cricket betting site”, we have described several criteria you should look for when deciding upon which bookmaker you should deposit to bet on cricket. We have said that the first and foremost criterion is the security of fund. Yes, should look a site which takes care of your fund. Otherwise, you will be in great trouble. Moreover, we have also said that you should select a bookmaker which has good reputation in market, provides best odds, suitable deposit methods and importantly good customer supports.

There are plenty of websites available in the market for cricket betting, but not all they are good for you. You should select a site which fits your needs most. By analyzing these above criteria’s, we have listed three best website here. We call them best because they meets the criteria’s to be the best betting sites and we mostly bet through these sites.


indexThis is the number one betting site for cricket without any doubt. Bet365 is a UK based bookmaker. It was established on 2001. Since the establishment, it offers great gambling service to its customers. Now has vast amount of loyal customer from 200 countries and 1700 employees’ works hard to serve the best services. It has good reputation, security system, numerous deposit methods and good customer supports. Moreover, it provides the best rate for cricket betting.

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downloadBet Way is another recognized brand name in betting industry. It was founded in 1934 in UK, but online since 1998. Later it was listed in London stock exchange. According the updated statistics, it has more than 2 million online customers from 175 countries. You can trust this site because it has good reputation, security system and customer support. The cricket betting odds is also good in BetWay. The betting service is the addition of their main service such as online casino, skill games, online bingo and poker.

888 Sports:

download888 sports opened their service to customer in 1998 and has since then grown into one of the best online sportsbook all over the world. The business model of pinnacle sports is slightly different from other sportsbook. It operates its business with low bookmaking margin which gives the customer to get best odds from betting. If you want to get the highest odds from your betting then I recommend you to join 888 sports.

All sports betting site we recommend:

Recommended Cricket Betting Sites
Bookmakers Rating Bonus Visit
Bet365 (5 / 5) £200 Bonus visit
Betway (5 / 5) £30 Free Bet visit
BetVictor (5 / 5) £25 Free Bet visit
888Sports (4.5 / 5) £25 Free Bet visit
Betfair (4.5 / 5) £20 Free Bet visit