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The development of online gambling has enormously broadened the opportunities for betting on sports events. Like other sports, Cricket is one of most suited sport to bet on. The characteristics of cricket such as long duration, various formats, individual performance, team performance and statistics provide a vast amount of flexibility to bookmakers when it comes to establishing online cricket betting market. These characteristics also provide the online gambler to enjoy a wager with their cricket knowledge and match outcome.

Best Cricket Betting Site

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If you are looking to place a bet on cricket right now, then register with the best cricket betting site Bet365. It is a well recognized  company. It was established on 2001. Since the establishment, it offers great gambling service to its customers. Now has vast amount of loyal customer from 200 countries, and 1700 employees’ who works hard to serve the best services. It has good reputation, security system, numerous deposit methods and good customer supports. Moreover, it provides the best rate for cricket betting. You can trust them without any doubt.

Best Banking  Option for Betting

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  • Fast payment system
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  • Low fees transaction
  • Excellent Customer Support
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Again, if you’re looking to place a bet on multiple cricket betting sites, then choose from one of the top five best online cricket betting sites listed in the tables below. These sites have been ranked based on the cricket betting markets available, security, deposit method, client support and the odds on offer.


Recommended Cricket Betting Sites
Bookmakers Rating Bonus Visit
Bet365 (5 / 5) £200 Bonus visit
Betfair (5 / 5) £30 Free Bet visit
BetVictor (5 / 5) £25 Free Bet visit
888Sports (4.5 / 5) £25 Free Bet visit
Betway (4.5 / 5) £20 Free Bet visit


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