What to Bet on Cricket

After the invention of shorter format of game like t20, cricket becomes more popular than before. This type variation creates huge opportunity and flexibility for the bookmakers to offer cricket bet. The world cup cricket, t20 cricket, bilateral series and the domestic series make huge opportunity for cricket betting. You can place bet every moment, every ball, every run, team performance, individual performance and other type of statistics. However, not all moments are suitable to bet. You should only bet on selected issues only. You should avoid bet on thing which you cannot predict and analyze. In this post I will describe, in which things you should bet on and which thing you should not.

Bet on who will win:

This is the best thing to bet on cricket. You should always place bet on this topic. Because it is much easier and predictable to do. You can analyze the team performance via technical analysis and fundamental analysis, and predict the result. According to the professional sports bettor, you should invest your 60% budget on this section. Let us see an example about this section: If India and Australia play in Australian condition, you can predict that Australia is favorite and you place your bet with Australia.

Bet on best batsman or bowler:

You can bet on who will be the best batsman and bowler of the upcoming match. But you should be careful in your decision. Because you have to rely on your luck full, not in analysis, whether an individual batsman will score or not.

Bet on highest value not odds:

Bet on thing that provides highest value not only best odds. Here value means the net return or loss from your bet. If you are offered highest odds for weak teams, then you should not go with that. You should go with high probability side even though the odds is low.

Always observe the weather forecast:

Cricket matches rely much on weather. Because, bad weather ruin the matches. So always observe the weather forecast for the upcoming match schedule. Then decide whether you bet on that match or not. If that match is test, then go for draw bet.