ODI Cricket Betting Guide

One Day International (ODI) cricket is a format of the game that incorporates a longer style than Twenty20 (T20) cricket but is far more dynamic and explosive than a Test match. In this ODI how to bet on cricket guide, we will look at the best betting sites for ODI betting, the best markets and the most important factors to know when ODI cricket betting.

Best Betting Sites For ODI Cricket Betting

  • Excellent player based betting
  • Bet Builder on site
  • Cricket live streaming available
  • Great in play console
  • Impressive range of competitions provided for
  • Cricket live streaming offered
  • Super depth of cricket tournaments on offer
  • Great team and player based markets
  • Competitive cricket odds
  • Big and small competitions supported
  • Excellent value odds in top batsman market
  • Interface makes betting on different formats easy
  • Informative in play interface
  • Bet Builder function supported
  • Brilliant cricket calendar on site
  • Men and women’s games provided for
  • Stat packs available
  • Good in-game totals betting
  • Acca boost offered
  • Build a Bet function offered
  • Good coverage for smaller cricket competitions
  • Large range of withdrawal and depositing methods
  • Live stats and scores for in play gambling
  • Competitive odds
  • Live streaming available
  • Cashout supported
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Stat packs offered for big games
  • Outright betting markets available early
  • Big and small competitions provided for

Top 5 Best Betting Sites For ODI Betting 

  1. bet365
  2. Unibet
  3. 10cric
  4. 888sport
  5. 10bet

ODI Cricket Explained

A One Day International (ODI) match is in the middle of a T20 and Test match in terms of length. Whereas the former is a 40 over game that is split into two 20 over innings while the latter is a five-day match that contains 90 overs a day for a total of 450 overs, an ODI has 100 overs split into 50 overs for each side.

An ODI will usually take around eight hours to complete meaning that it is nowhere near as long as a Test match. However, it will still seem like an excessive amount of time for a game to take to conclude to non-cricket fans. The 50 over format brings with it a lot of excitement despite taking a long time to come to a conclusion, but there is still a chess-match like tactical game going on, with teams needing to know whether or not to slowly build a score before looking to accelerate or to go big from the start.

ODI cricket does have a number of domestic tournaments across the world but, unlike T20 cricket, which boasts the hugely popular T20 Blast in England, Big Bash in Australia and the IPL in India, ODI cricket does not really get the same publicity.

However, on the international stage, there are so many ODI matches being played out across the year. The 50 over Cricket World Cup brings in massive audiences from across the globe and is universally seen as the biggest event in ODI cricket.

The best teams in the international ODI game right now are England, India, New Zealand and Australia. However, much like the Test and T20 game, any fully-fledged international outfit could realistically beat any of the top sides. This means that utilising most ODI cricket betting markets will provide good value as the game can be very unpredictable.

How To Bet On ODI Cricket

ODI betting is a part of cricket that has seen a huge amount of interest in recent years due to the style of the 50 over game. Below, we’ve outlined what to consider while betting on ODI.

Where Do I Find The Best ODI Betting Markets?

First, you need to log in or sign up to your favoured bookmaker. Next, navigate to their homepage and click on the image of a cricket ball or the ‘cricket’ tab that will be in the sports section that usually appears on the left-hand side of the screen. Clicking on this will reveal all of the available cricket betting options that the bookmaker offers.

Be aware that these matches will be a mix of Test, ODI and T20 games. Sometimes the bookmaker will not do a great job of differentiating between the formats. This can be problematic since your betting strategy will be heavily linked to the type of cricket match you’re betting on.

What ODI Cricket Markets Am I Able To Bet On?

While your strategy across the three formats of the game may change, the betting markets are something that remains almost identical. This means that whether you are betting on Test or ODI cricket, or on a bookie’s website or on the best cricket betting app, you will get all of the same markets to enjoy.

MarketExplanationBest Bookmaker
Match Winner Wager on the winner of a specific match 10cric
Top Batsman Bet on a certain batsman to score the most runs in the game. bet365
Top Wicket-Taker Back a specific bowler to take the most wickets. 888sport
Highest Opening Partnership Market for betting on the opening partnership that will score the most runs. Sportsbet.io
Most SixesBet on the team that will score the most sixes (a six is when a batsman hits the ball over the boundary rope without it bouncing). Unibet
Most Fours Wager on the team that will hit the most fours (a four is when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary rope with it bouncing once or more). Unibet
Highest First Six OversWager on the side that will score the most runs in the first six overs (36 balls). 10cric
To Win The Coin TossBet on the captain that will win the coin toss at the start of the game. 10cric
Player Betting Specific bets on players such as ‘to score over 3.5 sixes’, ‘to score a fifty’, ‘to take three wickets’ and more. bet365
Tournament/Series Winner Centred on betting on the outright winner of a specific tournament or series. bet365
Top Tournament/Series Batsman Back the player you think will score the most runs in a certain tournament or series. Sportsbet.io
Top Tournament/Series Wicket-Taker Wager on a player to take the most wickets in a competition or series. 888sport

When it comes to ODI betting, the possible markets are near-endless. Fortunately for bettors that are new to ODI cricket betting, the markets do transfer well from Test or T20 cricket to ODI matches. This means that there is no major learning curve for novices of the game.

Why Should I Bet On ODI Cricket?

ODI betting provides the thrill of a T20 game alongside the tactical battle of a Test match. There are a number of factors that you should take into account when it comes to betting on ODI cricket. Below, we have listed some of the most important points and while you do not need to necessarily adhere to them all, you should at least be aware of them all.

Value Bets

The potential value you can find in cricket betting is massive. ODI betting can provide big value across the board, whether this is in match betting or more player-based markets.
For example, in any given match there will generally be a favourite and an underdog. In cricket, a team like Bangladesh, which has star talent but is not at the pinnacle of the game, has every chance of beating a team like England as the gap between them is not massive, while pitches and plans play a big part in the game.

When ODI cricket betting, do your research into finding value, as this is the difference between you having to bet big and risk a lot to win a lot, and betting smaller in markets that offer a lot of value. You can also try to maximise the value in your bets by backing the best cricket prediction in the world too.

Competition Betting

While ODI betting may not have quite as many domestic competitions as T20 betting, the international scene sees a massive amount of games played. As standard, most international teams play five-match ODI series, meaning there are plenty of games for you to bet on.

In conjunction with this, the Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest draws in not just ODI betting, but in cricket betting. An enormous amount of fans tune in and travel to see their favourite teams battle for World Cup glory, and this sees bookmakers match the enthusiasm with a lot of betting markets.

The newly formed Cricket World Cup Super League also brings more ODI betting opportunities. This competition is played across several years and is part of the qualification process for the next World Cup. The tournament sees the 12 full member nations and the Netherlands battle it out to make the next World Cup. Each side will play an ODI series against eight of the 12 other teams, with four series taking place at home and four taking place away. This competition will bring a glut of new betting opportunities as the ODI cricket calendar will be overflowing with matches.

ODI Cricket Tips

Below are some of the most important ODI betting tips that you should take into account when you are looking to back a team in the 50 over format of the game.

  • Value Bets – The most important factor when it comes to ODI cricket betting is value betting. Finding value in your bets refers to when you will see a decent return on your initial investment without having to wager excessively. Betting big to win anything of note is generally what you have to do when you bet on the favourite and while backing the odds-on choice in a big way may seem safe, the potential reward does not warrant the risk. If you can instead find markets and bets that provide good odds along with a fairly high chance of winning, then this will see you finding value in your bets and means you can bet less and still win a decent amount.
  • Form – Form will not necessarily show you exactly who will win a game, but it can be very telling in who will likely dominate the match. For example, if India go into their ODI match on the back of 15 wins in a row then they will be confident of winning their next match. If South Africa go into the game on the back of seven losses on the bounce, then the form will point to India being the side to back. Admittedly, this is where cricket shines, as there are so many different variables in a game meaning that anything could happen. However, if you are struggling to split two sides then the form is often a good way to do this.
  • 50 Over Format – The fact that an ODI match is played across 100 overs (50 overs per side) means that betting on the game comes thick and fast. This makes the in-play betting scene even more alluring as every ball there is usually something happening. However, you should not let this distract you from making shrewd bets that you have taken your time with. The impulse can be to place a bet on a batsman to score a fifty after a quick start sees them to 10 not out. However, if you have not read the game properly, you could have missed that his two risky boundaries have narrowly evaded the fielders twice, meaning a quick exit is likely.
  • Back The Batsman – The ODI and T20 games both see a lot of fireworks, but these usually come from the batting side, and not the bowlers. Positively for the batsmen, boundaries seem to have gotten smaller in recent years, while bats are now so finally tuned that they are incredible weapons in the middle.
    In conjunction with this, pitches are often purposefully catered to batsmen, giving them the advantage over the bowlers, with the turf being flat and offering little assistance to specialist bowlers. Most matches end in huge run-fests, with the fielding team trudging off the pitch at the end of the game wondering what happened.
  • The Pitch Report – Reading the pitch report before the game has begun is an excellent way to get the inside scoop on which bowlers and batsmen might excel on the day. A pitch report will often allude to a certain style of bowling being more dangerous (such as a dry and cracked pitch being better for spin bowling). It will also help you to decide which batsman you should back as if the pitch is conducive to spin bowling, then you will likely want to shy away from a player that finds a spinning ball difficult to play against.
  • The Venue – The location of a match will have a big impact on the conditions that players will have to utilise and this can see the so-called better team put at a disadvantage if they do not have the tools to adapt. For example, England may be a better all-around side than Bangladesh but, if the former were to travel to the latter, then spin would play a big role in the match. England may then be put at a disadvantage as their spinning options may be lacking while their batsmen may not be used to playing on spinning conditions against bowlers that can really turn the ball.
    Be aware of how the location and venue may see the game turned on its head.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Best Markets For ODI Betting

One Day International Betting: Series Winner

bet365 cricket market*Odds correct at 11:28 GMT on 19/3/2021

This market has become incredibly popular in ODI betting as it allows you to wager on the winner of a series between two sides. A series can be anywhere from two ODI matches or more and is usually played between two international sides.

If you come to betting on a series then you should be aware of factors such as the location of the series, the players that are available to the teams, historic results for the sides against each-other and at certain grounds, the proximity of the series to a major tournament and where the matches fall in the international calendar.

All of the factors can have a large impact on which way you will bet. This type of betting has become so popular because there are multiple ways to wager on it, with all both different value.

First, you can bet on the series winner before a ball has been bowled, while you can also wager on the victor after a game or two has been played. The first will give fairly stable odds up until he first game is played while the second will see odds fluctuate following the first match. If you back the latter at the right time and in the correct way, you could win big.
Your timing when it comes to betting on the series winner betting market is crucial.

Best Betting Site For Series Winner Betting: bet365

One Day International Betting: Most Fours/Sixes

Unibet cricket market screenshot

Most fours betting refers to wagering on the team that you think will score the most fours in a match, with most sixes referring to scoring the most maximums. A four is scored when a batsman hits the ball to the boundary rope and it bounces at least one time or more. A six meanwhile is when a batsman hits the ball over the boundary rope without it bouncing at all.

This type of betting is perfect for the ODI format as batsmen are constantly looking to score quick runs, and this is done best through hitting boundaries. For this style of betting you should do your research into the batsmen and bowlers that will be on show in the game. Similarly, this betting market is excellent with the best in play betting sites as an ODI match can swing so quickly meaning that this market can go from offering very short odds to long odds in the blink of an eye.

Certain bowlers are incredibly miserly when it comes to the opportunities they give away. Indian superstar Jasprit Bumrah is one of the best limited overs bowlers and, alongside taking wickets, gives batsmen few chances to score boundaries due to his style of accurate and aggressive bowling.

On the other side of the fence, certain batsmen will be better exponents of boundary hitting than others. A player like Jos Buttler will score a very high percentage of his runs via boundaries when he is in full flow. However, it is worth looking at the state of the game if you are going to utilise this market in play. If England were 15-4 with Buttler at the crease, he is far less likely to score boundaries and instead look to poke ones and twos in order to minimise the threat of him losing his wicket.

Always ensure you have a sense of the way the game is going and who the momentum is with.

Best Betting Site For Most Fours/Sixes Betting: Unibet

One Day International Betting: Top Wicket-Taker

top wicket taker on 888sport

Top wicket-taker betting allows you to wager on the player you think will take the most wickets in the match. This can be split down further into two categories. The ‘top team wicket-taker’ refers to when you are betting on one player to take more wickets than his teammates. This market offers less value than the top wicket-taker market but there are only 10 other players that could take more wickets than your choice.

The second option is the ‘top wicket-taker’ market. Here, you will be able to wager on the player that you think will take the most wickets in the entire game. This market can provide your pick with longer odds as they must now take more wickets than all 21 other players on the pitch.

When it comes to wicket-taking betting you should ensure that you do your research into the bowlers and batsmen on show, the venue and overhead conditions, how the pitch will play and who it will give the most assistance to and how your choice has performed against the opposition batsmen in the past.

The options in this market will invariably provide a lot of value but, as mentioned, there are a number of players that could out-perform your choice, meaning it can be hard to nail a winner here. Despite this, top wicket-taker betting market usually feature prominently on the best cricket betting sites.

Best Betting Site For Top Wicket-Taker Betting: 888sport

Top Matches From ODI Cricket History

ODI cricket is exceptionally popular in the modern game as it provides the excitement and fireworks of a T20 game along with the more drawn out elements of a Test match. Below, we have listed some of the great ODI matches and performances in the history of the 50 over game.

England (241 and 15/0) beat New Zealand (241/8 and 15/1) by boundary count (Cricket World Cup Final – 14th July, 2019)

Billed by many as the greatest cricket match ever and by some as one of the most nail-biting finals in sport, England’s World Cup final victory over New Zealand was anything but straightforward.

With the two teams tied on 241 at the end of the match, it became the first ODI match requiring a Super Over.

England batted first and with Buttler and Stokes reunited, the pair smashed their way to 15/0, meaning that New Zealand required 16 to win, with England the winners in the event of a draw as they had scored more boundaries in their innings.

The Black Caps got off to a great start as a wide from English bowler Jofra Archer was followed by a booming six from James Neesham off the third ball of the over. Neesham’s excellent batting left Guptill needing to score two runs off the final ball. The opener nailed to ball down to deep mid-wicket which allowed Jason Roy to gather and fire a pin-point accurate throw into Jos Buttler behind the stumps who whipped the bails off with Guptill well short of the crease to spark jubilant celebrations on and off the pitch.

The game itself saw England crowned World Cup champions for the first time in the 50 over game and earmarked this game of ODI cricket as the most dramatic and pulsating in the history of the game.

England (481/6) beat Australia (239) by 242 runs (19th June, 2018)

England’s total of 481/6 remains to this day the highest ever total scored in an international ODI match. The home side went about completely dismantling Australia’s bowling attack as Jason Roy (82 from 61 balls), Jonny Bairstow (139 from 92) and man of the match Alex Hales (147 from 92) sent the ball to all corners of Trent Bridge stadium. Incredibly, this massive score came without England’s most explosive player, Jos Buttler, not getting a score of note, as he was caught off the bowling of Jhye Richardson for just 11. In reply, Australia knew they had a mountain to climb and, despite looking to be positive from the off, were always well behind the required rate as wickets fell regularly. Ultimately, the touring side were skittled for just 239 inside 37 overs as they suffered the ignominy of having the highest ever ODI total scored against them.

Rohit Sharma (264) for India vs Sri Lanka (13th November 2014)

Rohit Sharma’s complete domination of the Sri Lankan bowlers in India’s 3rd ODI was nothing short of special. Batting at the top of the order, Sharma took just 173 balls to smash his way to a world record score of 264 which featured nine sixes and 33 fours.
Such was Sharma’s dominance, he was able to score well over half the teams total of 404/5, while he scored almost 200 more runs than the next highest Indian scorer (Virat Kohli).

However, the most incredible stat of the day was the on his own in just short of 30 overs, Sharma outscored what the entire Sri Lankan team (251) scored in 43.1 overs. To this day, Sharma’s total has not been touched and, such was the level he was playing at on that day, we cannot see it being broken for some time.

One Day International betting FAQs

Which are the best betting sites for ODI betting?

Any of the betting sites we have listed above will give you a fantastic platform to bet on any of the top cricket tournaments. However, if you want to utilise the best of the best for your ODI betting, then we would recommend bet365, Unibet and 10cric. The three bookmakers offer a range of tournaments, competitive odds and excellent cricket based stats and graphics, while they take themselves above and beyond the rest by excelling with their generous promotions, live streaming, range of alternative sports and a good selection of the best betting payment methods.

Which are the best markets for ODI betting?

Depending on your own personal choice, the best ODI betting market could be any number of choices. If you like having fewer options when you bet and you are happy to wager on shorter odds, then the match winner market may be for you. However, if you like to test yourself, then top batsman or Man of the Match betting may be for you as there is good value in trying to pick the right option from a large selection of players.
Similarly, you can also look to specialise in outright betting, such as series winner or Cricket World Cup winner, with these markets offering good value if you time your bets right.

Can I live stream ODI cricket matches?

Yes, you can live stream certain ODI matches. To do so, you will need to go to our live cricket streaming sites page and see if your bookmaker of choice is on there. If they are not, you can sign up for one that takes your fancy. If your bookie does feature on this page then you simply need to sign in with them and go to their live streaming section or go to the game you want to watch and see whether it has a live streaming symbol next to the match (usually denoted by a tv or play button symbol).

In order to live stream, you will often need to have a positive balance in your account, have made a bet in the last 24 hours or have placed a bet on the game you want to watch.

Be aware of the fact that live streams are usually subject to a delay of a few seconds though.

Which is the best tournament for ODI betting?

Unlike T20 cricket, which has World Cup, Big Bash, T20 Bash and IPL betting to keep players happy, ODI cricket is much more streamlined in its offering of competitions.  ODI cricket instead focuses more on the series between international teams and the Cricket World Cup. Of course, ODI tournaments are happening all over the world, but these are not given as much publicity as the T20 competitions.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Like T20 and Test cricket betting, wagering on One Day International cricket can offer big value and, just like betting on soccer, tennis or getting involved with the best online lottery, wagering on cricket only adds to the excitement of betting on cricket. Be aware of the fact that there are several important factors you must adhere to when betting on the game, while you should also know that betting on the other two formats of the game is transferable to ODI betting, with the markets and methods very similar.

As always, do your research and be smart with your money, and you could make a decent profit on ODI betting.

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