Bet365 Review for Cricket Betting

Everyone in the cricket world has probably seen a sport betting ad belonging to Bet365 one way or another. Yes! They are that popular. When it comes to cricket betting specifically or sports betting in general, they are an authority website. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, their authority is one of the few that is unquestionable because it is rare to find cricket/sports betting websites that have been in operation that long. They have that traditional betting site attribute which places them on a different pedestal when compared to their competition. In this case, what makes them different is what makes them special to cricket betting fans.

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Name: Bet365

Description: Bet365, a UK based bookmaker, established in 2000, offers great gambling service to its customers. As per as we know it provides the best coverage for cricket betting.

  • Reputation
  • Security
  • Cricket Coverage
  • Customer Support
  • Banking Option
  • Odds market
  • Promotional Offers
  • User Interface

Review Summary

Bet365 is quite reputable for constantly winning awards and this comes as no surprise because they offer everything a cricket bettor could possibly need. They also have an amazing cricket coverage, with odds and other variety of services. These characteristics are what makes them top performers in the cricket betting space.


  •  Good reputation all over the world
  • Well known for its brilliant cricket coverage
  • High-level security for funds.
  • User-friendly Interface for both desktop and mobile
  • Quick Customers supports
  • Provides Better odds 


  • Fewer promotional offers
  • Limiting big winning

Good Reputation:

This site has been in operation for over 15 years with a stellar track record of delivering excellent service. In their many years of operation, they have not been tied to any scandals or theft conspiracies and are one of the most trustworthy sites in the industry. This kind of reputation is what give them the bragging rights which they use in their ads as “the world’s favorite online sports betting company”. Most experts consider them as one of the top online sites in the betting industry. Their sports activities have always been regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission while their gaming activities are regulated by the government of Gibraltar.

Best Cricket Coverage:

At Bet365, they have a strong focus on sports betting and have a specialized cricket section for cricket betting as well. Bet 365 covers a wide range every single major cricket matches and this is one of the many reasons they are used by many professional cricket bettors around the world. They have an extensive list of wagers as well. When it comes to variety, Bet365’s extensive coverage is designed to keep a wider range of cricket bettors with different background satisfied. This is because they cover every single preference a cricket bettor could have. They cover cricket tournaments around the world and keep their users up-to-date with the best cricket betting tips.

Strong Security:

Bet365 is one of the few betting sites that offer the “Cash Out” feature. This feature is available from the moment user places their bets on games and gives them an extra sense of security and protection on their money. This feature can be used in scenarios; when the user is close to winning a bet or when the user is close to using a bet. In either case, the feature gives the users the opportunity to settle the bets before maturity (Bet365 would buy the bet off the hands of the bettor).

When the bet comes close to becoming a winning bet, Bet365 would propose to buy the bet at an amount smaller than the profit to be made. This helps users guarantee and secure their winnings no matter what happens eventually. Also, when the bet comes close to being a losing bet, Bet365 will also offer to buy it at an amount smaller than the original stake. This helps to secure the user's money if the final prediction is wrong eventually.

Reliable Customer Support:

Bet365 has consistently shown that it holds the interests of its users at heart by offering a wide range of support options for its various customers. The reality about betting websites is that there will be customers who either don't know how to get things done, mess things up, or need general information. Betting can be very timely, so the need for reliable customer support is necessary and this is what Bet365 gives its customers. Their customer support is usually in operation 24/7/365 and the amazing thing is that they offer multi-language support because they know they have a global audience. Their various support channels are; live chat, email, freephone, telebet, and regular post. The speed and efficiency of their support team are unrivaled as they are ready to take on any queries that they receive.

They even make sure their website is available in a variety of languages to ensure that their customers are well represented across all regions. These languages range from; English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Dansk, Svenska, Norsk, Português, Japanese, Chinese, Ελληνικά, Polski, Česky, Română, Slovenčina, български, and Magyar.

Various Banking Option:

Bet365 does not have any issues when it comes to its offerings of withdrawal options to its users. They have a strong reputation for offering fast payout options through the various withdrawal channels they have available for their users. Users who make use of the Skrill withdrawal options will receive his money with two to three hours after placing the withdrawal request. If it is a bank wire transfer or credit card withdrawal request, the processing could take up to 1 to 2 working days. It is worthy to note that deposit options vary based on the region the user is located in.

Fantastic Odds market:

An analysis of their odd options has also revealed that they have really fantastic odds to offer their users. Their best odds are seen in soccer games but they also offer amazing odds for cricket and other sports as well, with a few outliers. Their betting market coverage is absolutely brilliant as you can find odds on all forms of sports from horse races to darts.

Their service permits all kinds of bet placements, whiles offering three formats for their odds; American (US style), Decimal (European style) and Fraction (United Kingdom style). The cap on the maximum bet that can be placed varies from sport to sport. However, it is always really high. The maximum payouts on most sports are roughly about 2 million pounds.

Another impressive feat is that; Bet365 runs a bookmaker average of 4.4% and this is really competitive when compared to other major competitors.

Fewer Promotional Offer:

Bet365 offers a smaller variety of promotions when compared to its competition. You can barely find any on the site, as they focus more on their features. This shows the level 0of confidence they have in their ability and the level of trust they have built with their users over the years. However, it also serves as a disincentive for users who value good promotions when making betting decisions.

Excellent User Interface: 

Bet365 does not try to be flashy with its user interface. Instead, its approach is to be; easy-to-use, flexible and straightforward. It has a brilliant range of functionalities you don’t see on most betting websites and prioritizes this over design. It barely has all those flashy promotional material you find on most betting websites and it loads very quickly as well. The site is also well organized and ensures that its customers never have to navigate too far from the homepage to find what they are looking for.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, Bet365 has a well-organized site but this can still be made to look even better. Bet365 needs to offer competitive promotions to its users if it is to maintain its good reputation in the betting community. Most negative feedback about the site that can be found online are over six years old and these are very few. Bet365 is widely used among the cricket betting community for their ability to keep things interesting through variety.

Bet365 is quite reputable for constantly winning awards and this comes as no surprise because they offer everything a cricket bettor could possibly need. They also have amazing cricket coverage, with odds and other variety of services. These characteristics are what makes them top performers in the cricket betting space.



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