1xBet Review for Cricket Betting

1XBet Cricket is popularly known today in the cricket betting market due to the fact that they offer cricket betting services all around the globe. Records show that they achieved this by offering their services in over 40 different languages. This allowed them to be one of the most flexible cricket betting platforms on the internet catering to a massive customer base, making them one of the best India cricket betting sites out there.

In more recent times, the company decided to take its flexibility a whole notch higher by adopting the use of bitcoin and an online casino with a wonderful user interface that their audiences love.

1xBet Review: Gradually Building Reputation

1XBet cricket’s reputation precedes them for both excellent and average service experiences of their customers. As much as this cricket betting website is concerned, they have decided to leave no stone unturned as regards customer convenience. 1XBet ensures that it is always at the top of its game when it comes to the latest software or technology in the industry for cricket betting.

They are known far and wide for their amazing platforms and smooth interfaces that allows even beginners to get the hang of things quite quickly. The excellent performance of their mobile and desktop apps have been consistently praised over time for being one of the best in the market. For a company that was just established in 2011, this is an impressive feat.

1xBet Review: Need Extra Work in 1xbet Cricket Coverage Section

As a betting site, 1xbet cricket coverage is not as large as the competition. They currently cover major tournaments like; 1st ODI, Big Bash League, Big Bash League: Women, Super Smash and Bangladesh Premier League. 1XBet cricket also covers major matches to ensure that their audience stays connected to a wide range of betting options.

It is also a bit obvious that they are not looking to be effective competitors in the cricket sport alone, as they cover most major sports as well. Either way, their cricket coverage needs some extra work.

1xBet Review: Better Security

1XBet has been known to pursue security of funds from a different perspective. Unlike most cricket betting websites that place a cap on amount their customers are able to withdraw. 1XBet does not. Instead, they allow customers to withdraw all their money especially if the customer feels cheated or like his account has be compromised.

1xBet Review: Customer Support Could be Better

Over the years, 1XBet has consistently exhibited a very limited customer support services. Their support is also not well-tailored to handle English-speaking customers as well. This language barrier sometimes leads to estranged ties with customers, making these customers not fully enjoy the benefits of 1XBet's personalized support.

1xBet Review: Innovative Banking Options

For this, the creators of 1XBet outdid themselves as they are one of the few online cricket betting sites that allows their customers pay with bitcoins. Apart from this, they also allow payments via the following channels; Skrill, NETELLER, paysafecard, Qiwi, OKpay, Yandex Money, Webmoney, EcoPayz, B-Pay, Euteller, Paykasa, Trustpay and Bolto. As a low deposit betting site it just requires you to deposit ₹75 to start your betting journey.

Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that electronic wallet is the fastest way for customers to get their money easily. Regardless, 1XBet still offers their audience many other payment options like; bank transfers and credit cards would require the customer to wait for about five days to receive their money.

1xBet Review: 1xbet Cricket Odds Market Need to be improved

Cricket bettors who are looking to have access to high betting odds would not find 1XBet cricket as the ideal site to accommodate their needs. However, recreational customers would not have a problem with this. This is because the number of bets that can be placed is still adequate enough to keep them interested.

Although, the established limits at 1XBet cricket isn't high in comparison to other cricket betting sites, however, it is fascinating to know that the customer support is always happy to increase the limits on request. This largely dependent on if you are a consistent winner or not.

1XBet cricket also accepts the house edge along with 50/50 outcome games that usually have odds of about 1.92. This may slight vary for different markets due to fluctuations.

1xBet Review: Excellent 1xbet Cricket Promotional Offer

When it comes to promotions, 1XBet cricket is a pro. They are guaranteed to have more offerings than a regular bookie and their execution is brilliant. Cricket bettors are definitely going to enjoy fluid because, 1XBet cricket's bonus portfolio could be carrying as many as twelve different offers at a time.

These offers are usually interesting and intuitive to participate in granting that extra incentive to its users. A good example would be the $100 free-bet they offer customers when they have made a minimum of 20 losing cricket bets in a row. For most, this will be a bit soothing.

They also offer other interesting promotions and “Cups” who have placed a certain number of bets on the site over a period of time, and offer them free bets as well.

1xBet Review: Elegant User Interface

1XBet cricket offers its customer base a beautiful and user-friendly website that is conducive for cricket betting. Their design is simple and elegant, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of cricket enthusiasts consistently mix them up the bigger cricket betting sites.

Regarding their mobile interface, it is flexible and beautiful, while paying a focus to those who prefer to place bets while on their way. This interface comes in the form of a mobile app that is available via Android and Ios. One interesting thing is that, 1XBet cricket grants beater odds to those who use the mobile app as well.

1xBet Review: Final Words

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in search of a cricket betting site with amazing betting options and promotions, a brilliant user-interface that into to clustered and easy to use, then 1XBet cricket is the place to go. While they still have a few things to improve on, it is of no doubt that they still remain a force to be reckoned with the cricket betting industry.

This is something that they can leverage in the coming years to easily compete with the bigger cricket betting sites globally. 1XBet cricket shows how easy it can be for other sites with an average reputation can displace the competition if they choose to go the extra mile. Either way, they are worth checking out for so many reasons and they have the potential to grow even bigger.

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