Betway Review for Cricket Betting

If you ever claimed to be an online bettor at some point in your life, then you have probably heard of Betway. They are one of the best India cricket betting sites that has evolved over the years to become a platform that consistently grants its betway cricket audience the opportunity to get extra fun from the sports games they love most. Reading the Betway review below, you will find out that the website is one of the most credible betting sites in the world today. In their journey to greatness over the years, Betway has overcome a murky past with a solid audience and has slowly evolved into the major betting site we all know and love.

Betway Cricket Review: Gained Strong Reputation Overcoming Murky Past

Betway established in 2006 and were being managed by Betway Limited. During the early stage of operation, they had a lot of complaints., a huge sports review site, gave Betway a D-Rating and had their site blacklisted.

This situation was triggered by a high number of complaints from players who were unable to obtain their bonus payments or were prevented from getting their payments due to outrageous bonus terms. There were even times when players would not be able to access bonuses or payouts for no logical reasons at all.

However, the service improved when Betway began to do some heavy restructuring, even going as far as changing their management and customer care two times in 5 years. These immense changes caused Sportsbook Review to raise their rating to a B-. Since then, even their other reviews on sites like and have been above satisfactory.

Today, Betway is currently one of the best betting site on the internet and the best sites for cricket betting.  Their service is excellent for cricket betting fans. They gradually gained a strong reputation in the betting market and overcame the bad past memories.  It is quite reassuring that they do not have any negative feedbacks in recent times.

Betway Cricket Review: Excellent Cricket Coverage

Although, the list of tournaments they cover is not stated on their website. Betway covers every single cricket match across most tournaments you can think of. They provide a non-exhaustive list of all matches they cover on their website. An example of a few tournaments they cover would be; Big Bash League, Big Bash League Women, ODI Series, Super Smash, Bangladesh Premier League, IPL betting, T20 matches etc.

Their betting options allow fans to bet on live games and even future match fixtures using their continuously evolving sportsbook which is constantly updated based on the dynamic odds.

Betway Cricket Review: Strong Security

So far, Betway has not been tied to any security issues, so it is safe to say that the site is secure. In our Betway review we found out that Betway is so secure, they even place a limit on the amount of money you are allowed to cash out on if you have not lost too much already.

Their limits are either a cap of $4,000 every week or 5x the total amount of money you have paid into your account since its creation. This protects the monies of their users in the event of any form of account breaches. When it comes to security, they are top-notch. Betway is also regulated by the Malta Gaming Commission and the UK Gaming Commission as well. Betway’s excellent 128 bits SSL encryption protects the monies of its users and a safe gaming environment. ECOGRA; A gaming regulator also presented Betway with the award of a safe and fair certificate.

Betway Cricket Review: Steller Customer Support

According to our Betway review, with one of the best customer support services in the betting industry, Betway easily comes off as one of the top players in this space. Their support is personalized per issue and they leave each customer feeling like a special player, with many compensations and support channels. Their support can easily be contacted via calls or emails and they are quite reassuring whenever they are needed. Betway also has an FAQ section on their website as well that.

These are tailored towards answering questions concerning most issues a cricket bettor is likely to face. The great part about their customer support services is that; it is available 24/7, hence time zones don't matter much when it comes to the resolution of issues.

Betway Cricket Review: Multi-Method Banking Option

Going through the banking options in our Betway review, we confirm that Betway bettors would never find themselves constrained. Betway offers a wide range payment and withdrawal options to its fans and this grants them the flexibility every bettor needs to place bets the right way. Betway supports a wide range of currencies (GBP, CAD, DKK, EUR, HKD, INR, JPY, MYR, NOK, PLN, RUB, SGD, SEK, USD) and is a low deposit betting site, which gives bettors more confidence in the bets they play. This way, they can worry less about exchange rate issues as well.

In terms of withdrawal and deposit options, the currencies bettors can do these through so eleven different platforms, ranging from; bank transfers to credit card payments etc.

Betway Cricket Review: Better Odds Market

The odds analysis during our Betway review, which has been carried out by many experts has revealed that Betway’s odds are excellent. Every single cricket match of moderate size in almost all cricket tournaments is always open to bet on, and they provide betting options of over 50 options. Odds between 1.3 and 1.74 grants users access to a 100% bonus as well. They even grant 6 times wagering on odds greater 1.75.

Betway Cricket Review: Good Promotional Offer

During our Betway review we confirmed that the promotional offers of Betway are excellent. They provide separate promotion for a separate market. They provide a promotional offer for the big cricket tournament. Even, they offer the promotion for bi-lateral cricket series like India's tour of Australia.

Betway Cricket Review: Nice User Interface But Can Do Even Better

Betway’s design during our Betway review showed that it allows customers to stream live cricket matches, view cricket match stats and even live chat with fans and supporters alike.  It places the immediate needs of cricket fans at their fingertips while providing a responsive and flexible interface that makes betting even more interesting. However, the user interface of Betway is difficult to navigate sometimes. They can improve the interface and even do better for better usability.

Betway Cricket Review: Final Verdict

Betway is an amazing sports betting site and even more amazing for cricket betting as all these amazing services also apply to their cricket section as well.  In our Betway review we found that they keep things interesting by consistently offering their clients variety. Even with their murky past, they have established a solid reputation due to their restructuring and improved services and this is something a lot of cricket fans can benefit from.

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