Best Banking Option for Cricket Betting

Finding a trusted betting site, such as 1xbet, 22bet, 10cric and bet365, based on geographic location and register with that is not only the problem arises for new customer, but looking easier and trusted deposit method also a big problem for them. Every now and then new laws are passed in order to reduce gambling activity, sometimes prohibition laws also come to the financial institution about gambling. Therefore, it very important to find a safe way transact with gambling site. By analyzing different banking option, we have found two trusted site that offer online banking services via virtual currency. Those two sites are Neteller and Skrill, and we recommend you to use these sites for your gambling investment.

Debit and credit card

These are the most used forms of online payment. Using debit card is simple, fast and safe. Visa Debit, Visa Electron, and Maestro are the most accepted debit payment methods. Naturally, a debit card allows you to access your bank account at any time and make payments. You need to have funds in your bank account for transfer or payment.

For security purpose, you’ll need to create a password. You’ll also have to give a three-letter code usually at the top of your card’s backside.Using debit cards, you can deposit into your betting account instantly. It is also a perfect payment method when making your last minute bets. Again, there are no payment charges when depositing funds into your betting accounts using debit cards. You can also withdraw from your betting account into your bank account.

But, this mode of payment has its cons too. Most betting sites will save your card details in their files automatically. Betting firms assure you of your personal and financial details’ safety. However, a slight breach of this may cause you great harm. You may lose your finances in a fraction second. Again, you may have to go through a long and hectic process to recover your lost funds.

Also, many banks track most of your transactions. They may not hinder you from betting. However, they may withhold your account in case of some unusual activities. Some betting sites will also appear on your bank statements. So, if this may affect you in some ways, you’d better look for some other ways to deposit into your betting accounts.

Talking of credit cards, Master cards, Visa and Discover are the most used. Depositing money into your online betting accounts is charged by the banks. Again, most betting sites will not allow you to withdraw to your credit cards.

Electronic Wallets (E-wallets)

Today, the use of e-wallets proves to be the most efficient, fast and safest methods.  Using these methods, betting firms cannot access your bank details.   You also have good control of your finances. All you need to do is deposit funds from your bank account to your e-wallet. With the e-wallet, you can then deposit to and withdraw funds from your betting accounts.


imagesNeteller is the best way to transact with gambling site. It is the most used eWallets for betting industry. It was founded in 1999 by NETELLER Plc.  I recommend you to use this site,  even if you have credit card deposit method available, because you can manage your bankroll easily from this site. Here are the several features of Neteller:

  •  Established and well-recognized company
  •  Safe and trustworthy
  • Fast payment system
  • Best banking option for gambling industry.
  • Low fees transaction
  • Quick customer service

Online gambling requires that you have a certain amount of money in your account. No firms will allow you to bet on credit. Here are the best banking option to deposit and withdraw in a cricket betting site:

Benefits of using Neteller e-wallet

Using Neteller, you keep your bank account details separate from your betting activities. You don’t have to disclose your bank account details to the various betting sites. Hence, the names of the betting sites will never appear on your bank statements. To withdraw cash from your Neteller account is also simple.  You can choose to send it to your bank account or withdraw directly from the Maestro ATM using Net+ card.

Though opening Neteller account is lengthy, it is all for your financial safety. Again, you’re not charged to deposit cash into your Neteller account. However, there’s a fee incurred when withdrawing.

How to open and verify a Neteller account

Step 1:

After clicking the Neteller link, click join now. You can use your Facebook or email address. A table will appear prompting you to state your email address, your country of residence and desired currency. Take caution when choosing your desired account mode as you’ll not be able to change it later.

Step 2: Filling personal details regarding your account

Amongst other details, you’ll be prompted to give a secret question and answer. This question will be used to help you set a new password. Again, when setting your password, avoid using your Facebook password.

Step 3:  Verifying your account

To this step, you already have your account, but you still need to verify it. You’ll also get an account ID. To verify, click on unverified. Next is to enter either your passport or driver license to verify your account. If successful, you’ll get a notification within one working day. Again, you are free to apply for the Net+ card.

Step 4: Fund your account

The last step is funding your e-wallet. You can do this using your Visa debit or credit card, Mastercard, through the bank, etc.

Your Neteller account is now ready to use.


indexApart from Neteller, Skrill is another popular eWallet payment system. The function of skrill and Neteller are same, both provide quick fund transfer and security. However the main difference is transaction fee. In skrill the transaction fee is much higher that the Neteller, but still one of the best eWallet for betting. Here are the Features of Skrill.

  •  Instant deposits and withdrawals
  •  Accepted by virtually all online gaming operators.
  •  Exclusive bonuses.
  • Benefit from customer support in 24/7.

Is Skrill safe?

Yes. Skrill’s safety systems are like those of banks and other share traders. It also relies on the most recent security technology. Skrill uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) approved by VeriSign. SSL ensures that your login and personal details are safe. Skrill also has an expert team that deals with Risk and Anti-Fraud. This team’s duty is to check your account and ensure your security.

Skrill deposit and withdrawal charges

Depositing into your Skrill account using your debit card should be free. Using your credit card, you pay 1.9% of your transaction. With Skrill, you can withdraw to your Visa credit card only. You pay 2.28 USD. To transfer to the bank, you pay a fee of 2.28 USD too.

For charges on other currencies, visit their website.

How to open a Skrill account

Opening a Skrill account is simple. You should be over it in a couple of minutes.

  1.   Go to and click ‘open a new account.
  2. Next, a page will appear prompting you to enter your account details and personal credentials. When choosing your preferred currency, choose the same as that which you’ll be using at your betting site.
  3. Enter your personal account details. Here, you are creating your account. When setting your password, use a different password from any other online account you own. Your registration is complete. Skrill will send an email to your email address.
  4. Open the email from Skrill and click ‘verify your email address.
  5. The next step is to register your debit card, credit card or bank account.
  6. Fund your account and start using your Skrill account.


Ukash has been in the industry for close to eleven years now. FSA regulates it. This, therefore, shows that you can trust Ukash when paying for goods or online gambling. With Ukash, there is a guarantee for your online safety. Ukash is somehow different from the other two types on e-wallet.

Ukash uses vouchers with a 19-digit code. This means that you change your cash into a voucher, which you can then deposit into online accounts. Just like Neteller and Skrill, you don’t have to disclose your bank details to the betting sites. You use your voucher code.

Ukash is in six continents and uses 14 currencies. Again, many bookmarkers are accepting Ukash vouchers as a mode of payment. There are over half a million places where you can buy Ukash vouchers. These areas include filling stations, post offices, supermarkets, etc.

You can buy Ukash vouchers using cash or debit cards. The 19 digit code is what you present when using the coupon on the betting sites. It’s important that you take care of your voucher. Ukash will replace your voucher in case of damage or it's stolen. But, you’ll have to prove where you purchased it, at what amount and when. Furthermore, losing it may inconvenience you when you want to make that last minute bet.

Ukash also offers Master cards known as Ukash neo. You can pay for goods with this MasterCard just like other Master cards. You’ll just have to load them with as much money as you like.

Ukash charges

Buying and using Ukash coupons is not charged. You are also not charged to use these vouchers on the betting sites. When using Ukash Neo, you are charged the same amount as other types of Master cards.


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