Best Banking Option for Cricket Betting

Finding a trusted bookmaker site based on geographic location and register with that is not only the problem arises for new customer, but looking easier and trusted deposit method also a big problem for them. Every now and then new laws are passed in order to reduce gambling activity, sometimes prohibition laws also come to the financial institution about gambling. Therefore, it very important to find a safe way transact with gambling site. By analyzing different banking option, we have found two trusted site that offer online banking services via virtual currency. Those two sites are Neteller and Skrill, and we recommend you to use these sites for your gambling investment.

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imagesNeteller is the best way to transact with gambling site. It is the most used eWallets for betting industry. It was founded in 1999 by NETELLER Plc.  I recommend you to use this site,  even if you have credit card deposit method available, because you can manage your bankroll easily from this site. Here are the several features of Neteller:

  •  Established and well-recognized company
  •  Safe and trustworthy
  • Fast payment system
  • Best banking option for gambling industry.
  • Low fees transaction
  • Quick customer service


indexApart from Neteller, skrill is another popular eWallet payment system. The function of skrill and Neteller are same, both provide quick fund transfer and security. However the main difference is transaction fee. In skrill the transaction fee is much higher that the Neteller, but still one of the best eWallet for betting. Here are the Features of Skrill.

  •  Instant deposits and withdrawals
  •  Accepted by virtually all online gaming operators.
  •  Exclusive bonuses.
  • Benefit from customer support in 24/7.


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