T20 Cricket Betting Guide

Best Betting Sites for T20 Betting

  • Cricket live streaming available
  • Excellent Bet Builder function
  • Great team based betting markets
  • Live streaming function available
  • Competitive odds
  • Major tournament odds available early
  • Brilliant domestic Australian and Indian betting options
  • Good in play console
  • Extensive player based markets
  • Excellent Casino and Virtual offering
  • Major and minor competitions supported
  • Stat packs offered for many cricket matches
  • Extensive depositing and withdrawal methods offered
  • Good totals betting
  • Competitive odds
  • Excellent Acca Boost offered
  • Build a Bet function supported
  • Stat packs offered for major events
  • Easy to use cricket calendar
  • Markets for smaller domestic competitions on site
  • Excellent match based betting markets
  • Specialises in cricket betting
  • Competitive odds
  • All major and minor cricket competitions supported
  • An impressive range of payment options supported
  • Large range of sports provided
  • Good team based betting markets
  • Excellent outright betting options
  • Smaller domestic competition betting supported
  • Good player based betting

Top 10 Sites For T20 Betting 

  1. bet365
  2. 888sport
  3. Unibet
  4. 10bet
  5. 1bet

T20 Cricket Explained

A Twenty20 (T20) cricket match is the shortest format of the game of cricket. With only 40 total overs in the game that are split so both teams can bat and bowl for 20 overs each, a game is usually over within five hours. While this may still sound like a long time, it is far quicker than a One Day International (which sees a grand total of 100 overs and a game takes a day to complete) and a Test match (which sees 90 overs a day over five days totalling in 450 overs).

The T20 game draws in big crowds at both domestic and international level as hordes of supporters buy tickets to watch the most explosive batsman go toe-to-toe with one-another. The T20 game seems to favour batting a the moment as pitches are generally flatter and offer less assistance to the bowlers. This, coupled with smaller boundaries, has seen batsmen take the initiative as they try to smash the opposition bowlers to all parts of the ground.

As mentioned, T20 cricket is massive on both the international and the domestic scene, with the biggest tournament in the former being the World Cup, while the Indian Premier League, Big Bash and T20 Blast are the major events in the latter.

T20 matches seem to have become so popular not just because every cricketing country now has a league or competition for it, but because the game itself does not take as long as a Test match. The fact that a Test can take five days to complete and still end in a draw is something that many people dislike. T20’s meanwhile will finish in explosive style quite often and, if the game is to end in a draw, it will be a nail-biting end. However, it is worth remembering that ‘super overs’ (where both teams pick three batsmen and a bowler to represent them as they try to score as many runs in an over as possible) as a way to settle T20 games now.

On the world stage, the biggest teams to back come in the form of the usual suspects like India, England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. While the five have been at the top of the cricketing world for some time, any of the other sides like the West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh have the ability to win big games. This means that T20 odds offer good value as the favourites are not invincible.

Perks of T20 Cricket Betting

Games are over quicker than Test matches meaning you are not waiting days for your bet to win or lose.
• Batsmen are looking to go big quickly meaning that markets for six and four hitting betting are very popular.
• The fielding team looks to attack from the start, resulting in either wickets falling regularly or runs being scored quickly.
As T20 cricket is so short, more matches take place across the world. In the IPL there will usually be two matches happening a day, increasing the opportunities to bet.
• There is a huge amount of pre-game and in-play markets for Twenty20 betting.
• The deteriorating pitch is less of an issue as matches do not last as long, so batting second is not a major disadvantage.
Domestic T20 matches will look more like cricketing dream teams, meaning that you will be betting on a range of the best Twenty20 cricketers in every game.

How to Bet On T20 Cricket

Twenty20 betting has become a hugely popular way to bet on the game of cricket in recent years. With cricket enjoying massive popularity across the world, all of Test, ODI and T20 cricket command places on the sportsbooks of the biggest bookies.

Below, we have listed some of the most important factors that you should be aware of when it comes to Twenty20 betting.

Where Can I Find The Best T20 Betting markets?

Sign up or log in to your favourite bookmaker and navigate your way to their homepage. Next, click on the image of the cricket ball or the word ‘cricket’ on the list of sports that usually appears on the left of the page or at the top. Once you have clicked on this tab you will be shown all of the available cricket betting options.

The matches that you will see will likely be an amalgamation of Test, ODI and T20 matches, with these split further into international and domestic cricket competitions and games. Some bookies will make it very clear which match is a Test match, an ODI or a T20 game however, it is very important you also do your research and know for sure what format the game you are betting on is. This will likely change the way you bet on a game entirely if the clash is a T20 game and not a Test match, for example.

What T20 Cricket Markets Can I Bet On?

While you will likely have a very different betting strategy if you are flicking back and forth between Test cricket and T20 betting, despite this, the available betting markets between the formats are not that different.

MarketDescriptionBest Betting Site
Match WinnerBet on the team you think will win the match. bet365
Top BatsmanWager on the batsman that will score the most runs in the game. Unibet
Top Wicket-TakerWager on the bowler that will take the most wickets in the clash. 888sport
Most SixesBet on the side that will score the most sixes (a shot that crosses the boundary rope without bouncing). 888sport
Most FoursWager on the team that will hit the most fours (a shot that crosses the boundary rope bouncing one or more times). Unibet
Highest First Six OversBack the team you think will score the most runs in the first six overs (36 balls). bet365
Highest Opening Partnership Wager on the team you believe will see their opening pair will share the biggest partnership. Sportsbet.io
To Win The Coin TossBet on which of the teams will win the coin toss. 10cric
Outright Tournament WinnerBet on the winner of a particular tournament like the IPL or Afghanistan Premier League. bet365
Tournament Top BatsmanWager on which batsman you think will score the most runs across the tournament. 1bet
Tournament Top Wicket-TakerBet on the player you think will take the most wickets in a certain tournament. 10cric

While not every market will be available across all three formats of the game, if you have a firm understanding of T20 betting markets, then these are transferable across ODI and Test cricket betting.

Why Should I Bet On T20 Cricket?

Twenty20 betting will give you a number of ways to bet on the most exciting format of the game. The gung-ho style of the T20 cricket results in non-stop action across the 40 overs and this means that it can be very tempting to make quickfire bets that you perhaps have not thought through. Below, we have listed a number of the key factors you should take into consideration when it comes to T20 betting.

Value Bets

Unlike many other sports, cricket is a game in which any of the top sides in the world can defeat the other. At the time of writing, the likes of England, India, Australia and New Zealand are the best international sides in the world. However, any side outside of the top four has more than enough ability to beat their opponents.

While this allows for very exciting games, it also makes things very unpredictable. An inability to call a match with total confidence will see the value of certain bets increase, meaning you do not always have to bet a lot to win a lot. This is also true of many other T20 leagues and competitions, while the value in markets like top batsman and top wicket-taker has always seen them earmarked as great value betting market that offer good T20 odds.

Cricket Dream Teams

One of the major draws of T20 cricket betting is the fact that most domestic competitions and teams are given the opportunity to swell their ranks with some of the best T20 players in the world. The IPL auction is the most interesting exponent of this, with their player auction attracting the best of the best.

The teams having such good players means that excitement is high, but it also means that any of the teams could beat the other as no side is left with sub-standard players. This means that most betting markets will offer a lot of value as there are few certainties in T20 cricket.

Available markets

The depth of markets for any type of cricket betting is seriously impressive. Whether you are looking to back outright markets like tournament winner, top tournament batsman and top tournament bowler or single match game like match winner, to score the most sixes or first dismissal method, there is a market for everyone.
Of course, this can be something that is daunting for newer bettors. However, once you feel comfortable betting on these markets you will enjoy just how many available options there are and how this changes the T20 odds on offer.

Depth of competitions

T20 cricket betting provides one of the most diverse and impressive ranges of competitions and tournaments to bet on. The format of the game has become incredibly popular and it has seen almost all of the cricket playing countries across the world create a domestic competition. From T20 Blast betting in England, the Big Bash in Australia, to the massively popular IPL betting and everything in between, domestic T20 competitions are rife right now.

Alongside the domestic game, the international scene sees T20 World Cup betting as the pinnacle of the game, while a country touring another side will usually have a number of T20 clashes incorporated. This exceptional array of leagues and competitions to bet on only adds to what is already a saturated cricket betting calendar that means T20 betting tips are a year round feature.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

T20 Cricket Tips

Below, we have listed some of the most important factors that we feel it is vital to adhere to when you come to T20 betting.

  • The Pitch – In cricket, the pitch has a massive impact on how the teams will approach a game and the plans batsmen and bowlers will have to implement. If the pitch is grassy and the overhead conditions are overcast, then the ball will swing. This means that a side will likely give their swing bowlers a lot of the ball and batsmen will have to be aware that the ball could swing both into their pads or away from them. You can view the conditions of the track in the pitch report before the game.
  • Form – The form of two sides does not necessarily show which way the game will go. However, if a side comes into the game on the back of five wins in a row and their opponents have not tasted victory in 10 games, then the form book will tell you the former are the side to bet on. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt though as there are certain factors that we will discuss below that may see you questioning backing form.
  • Historic Results – While the form will give you some insight into how the two sides are currently playing, the historic form will show you how the two sides have played against each-other across their history. This can be important as it may help you to pick out a big upset in the betting as the underdog may be a bogey team for the favourite meaning that they may hold a psychological edge over their opponents.
  • The Location – Much like the pitch, the venue is very important in cricket matches. While different venues will bring different types of pitches (some may spin, swing or provide extra bounce), the psychological advantage one side may have other the other can be huge if a team has struggled on that ground. Certain players may also find it difficult to bat or bowl in a particular stadium, while the home fans may be able to get under the skin of the opposition, making it difficult for them to concentrate, resulting in uncharacteristic mistakes.
  • Value Bets – You need to be able to spot the difference between a side’s chances of winning and the team’s chances of winning in conjunction with the odds offered. You must find a balance between finding good odds and your bet having some chance of winning though.

For example, major upsets are not massively uncommon, and shrewd bettors will pride themselves on their ability to wager on the upset. Finding value in your bets may seem like a sure-fire way to lose money, but some of the best bettors in the world are able to pick out the upset that nobody else sees and win some serious money because of this.

Best Markets For T20 Betting

T20 Betting: Outright (Competition) Winner

bet 365 cricket outright winner*Odds correct at 15:49 GMT on 24/3/2021

This type of market will see you betting on the side that you think will win the competition you are wagering on. For example, if you are betting on the Indian Premier League (IPL) and you fancy Royal Challengers Bangalore to win, then you can back them to do just that in this market. This means they will have to stave off the competition from all of their competitors and lift the trophy at the end of the campaign.

There are a number of ways to play this market and they will offer differing value on the side you choose to back. The first way will see you backing a team before the competition has started. This will provide you with the available odds before a ball has been bowled.

The second way you can use this market is to back a team during the tournament. Of course, keep in mind that odds are more likely to fluctuate once the event starts due to the impact of results. For example, if England were to lose their first game then their odds would likely drift.

Best T20 Betting Site For Outright (Competition) Winner: bet365

T20 Betting: Most Sixes

888sport cricket most sixes

This market is best used in the shorter formats of the game, with T20’s and ODI’s often seeing a string of maximums scored. A six refers to when a batsman hits the ball over the boundary rope without it bouncing. The ‘most sixes’ market refers to which of the two sides will score the most maximums.

As the screenshot above shows, there is some value in backing the draw or the underdog option. T20 cricket provides very little time for the batting team to make a big score. This means that they will look to hit boundaries far more often than they would in Test cricket. An upset here will usually come when the bowling team can get early wickets and put the favourites under pressure. The so-called better team will therefore have to play more cautiously, resulting in fewer boundaries.

The best teams to back in this market will be the ones with the most notorious and consistent six-hitters. For example, England’s T20 team will usually boast Jos Buttler, Jonny Bairstow, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, Eoin Morgan and Moeen Ali, meaning the Three Lions will have six batsmen that are renowned for their six-hitting. Be warned though, the conditions will play a big part in this market as if the pitch is slow and giving little to the batsmen, then sixes will be far harder to hit.

Best 20 Betting Site For Most Sixes: 888sport

T20 Betting: Top Batsman

T20 Top Batsmen Cricket market

Betting on the top batsman market will see you wagering on the player you think will score the most runs. This can either be a top team batsman market, which sees you betting on one player to outscore his 10 other teammates, or it can be the top batsman market which will allow you to wager on the player that you think will score the most runs in the match.

Best T20 Betting Site For Top Batsman: Unibet

Top Matches From T20 Cricket History

T20 cricket has quickly established itself as the most exciting and possibly the most accessible format of the game. The all-action style of the game means that some of the most incredible matches in cricket have been played in the 20 over game. Below, we have recounted some of those great games with supreme performances from both individuals and teams.

Chris Gayle (175 not out) for Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors (IPL, 2013)

Chris Gayle’s record-breaking 175 not out was an innings of some power and concentration, as the veteran West Indies batsman went about destroying Pune Warriors India and their bowling attack.

The left-hander smashed 12 fours and 17 sixes in a knock that needed to be seen to be believed. Gayle’s monster score helped RCB onto an incredible 263-5 on a very good wicket before they restricted Pune Warriors India for just 133-9. While the bowlers were superb with the ball, it was Gayle that was head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch in perhaps the greatest innings in T20 history.

West Indies vs England (T20 World Cup Final, 2016)

England looked to be well on course for victory in the 2016 T20 World Cup final in India after Joe Root (54) and Jos Buttler (36) had helped to lead England to 155-9 in tricky conditions. Their strong position was improved as they had the West Indies at 11/3 in their pursuit, with Root (5-2) impressing with the ball too.

However, Marlon Samuels led an inspired fightback with a sublime 85 not out off 66 balls. Despite top-scoring, it was actually Carlos Brathwaite who won the match for the West Indies. Needing a hefty 19 from the final over, Brathwaite went about dismantling Ben Stokes’ bowling as he smashed the al-rounder for four sixes in four balls to see the Windies lift the famous trophy and reduce England’s World Cup challenge to rubble.

It was England’s to win going into the final over and if not for the brilliance of Brathwaite and Samuels, Eoin Morgan’s men would have been the ones lifting the trophy.

Chennai Super Kings (205-5) beat Kolkata Knight Riders (202-6) by 5 wickets (IPL 2018)

Kolkata Knight Riders looked to be well in with a chance of picking up a vital win in their game with Chennai Super Kings after posting a mammoth 202/6 in their 20 overs.

However, they did not ever really look like they would get anywhere near the 200 mark until Andre Russell came in to bat. Batting at seven Russell went on a blitz of quite extraordinary batting, smashing 11 sixes as he made 88 not out from 36 balls, meaning he ended with a strike rate of 244.44.

His efforts were ultimately for nothing though, as Chennai Super Kings powered to a five-wicket win. However, the sight of Russell smashing the bowlers to all corners of the ground is something few fans that were in the stadium or watching on from home would ever forget. It was this sort of performance that ultimately saw Russell become one of the premier T20 players and the Most Valuable Player for 2018’s IPL.

Cricket T20 Betting FAQs

Which are the best betting sites for Twenty20 betting?

Any of the 10 betting sites we have listed above will give you everything you need to utilise your T20 betting tips. However, if you want the best experience when T20 betting, we recommend bet365, 888sport and Unibet. The trio boasts a brilliant array of competition betting, team and player based markets and competitive odds. Alongside this, they also bring live streaming, a range of payment options, generous promotions and niche markets to take them above and beyond the others to earmark themselves as the best cricket betting sites.

How is T20 Cricket Different to Other Cricket Formats?

T20 cricket is the shortest format of the game. Played over just 40 overs (20 overs per side), the T20 game delivers batsmen trying to smash the ball out of the park from the first ball and bowlers trying to send their wickets flying.

The markets for T20 cricket are similar to those available in Test and ODI betting, but more focus is placed on six and four betting, while you will usually back batsmen that are more explosive to top score as the game is all about scoring quickly.
The rules across the three formats of the game are almost exactly the same, making it easy to hop between Test, ODI and T20 cricket.

Can I watch and bet on T20 cricket?

Many of the best T20 betting sites will offer you the ability to watch and bet on the biggest cricketing events. To find out if your bookmaker of choice provides a live stream for cricket, you simply need to head to the best live cricket streaming sites and check if your bookie is on that list.

If they appear on this list then you simply need to sign in and head to their live streaming section to see if the match you want to watch appears on this list. Alternatively, you can look out for the tv icon that usually appears next to a match that is available to watch.
In order to live stream, you will usually need to either have a positive balance in your account, have made a bet in the last 24 hours or have placed a bet on the game you want to watch. Live streaming T20 matches is the perfect partner to the best in play betting sites, meaning you can watch and bet on the biggest T20 events in perfect harmony.

Which are the best markets for T20 betting?

This depends on your own personal preference. The most popular usually prove to the outright tournament winner market along with top batsman, top wicket-taker and most sixes betting. However, the best market for you may be entirely different, as you may enjoy the volatility of the man of the match markets or the fact that match winner betting only offers three options in total. Regardless, there is a betting market for everyone when it comes to T20 betting.

Which are the best teams to bet on in T20 cricket betting?

This depends on the format of the game you are betting on. If you are wagering on the IPL then the best team will be different to the side you will back in the Big Bash. Similarly, this will change if you are wagering on international tournaments with the likes of India, England and Australia always strong favourites to perform. Ensure you do your research into the favourites for a particular competition before you place your bet or you can follow the best cricket prediction in the world to get the best tips on both domestic and international T20 betting.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

When you are looking to use your Twenty20 betting tips, you need to ensure you find the right bookie for you. Whether this is because they offer niche betting markets, competitive odds, live streaming, the fact theft offer the best cricket betting app or any number of other features, you need to do your research.

T20 betting provides a lot of different betting options which have filtered down from the array of competitions in both the domestic and international versions of the game. The gung-ho nature of the game means that big hits and shattered stumps are a constant, and betting on the game only adds to the excitement of T20 cricket and backing T20 betting tips.

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