The 15 Lowest Minimum Bet Bookies in India (2022)

We’re not all high rollers seeking a high maximum payout. Whether it's part of a betting strategy or your bankroll is a little light, it helps to play at a bookie that offers a low minimum bet amount. Read on for all the details on the lowest-stake betting sites in India.

Top 14 Lowest Minimum Bet Bookies

  • ₹1 Min. Bet
  • ₹1 Min. Bet
  • ₹5 Min. Bet
  • ₹5 Min. Bet
  • ₹10 Min. Bet
  • ₹10 Min. Bet
  • ₹10 Min. Bet
  • ₹10 Min. Bet
  • ₹10 Min. Bet
  • ₹10 Min. Bet
  • ₹20 Min. Bet
  • ₹20 Min. Bet
  • ₹20 Min. Bet
  • ₹100 Min. Bet

Top 5 Lowest Minimum Bet Bookies

  1. Marathonbet
  2. LeoVegas
  3. 10CRIC
  4. Parimatch
  5. bet365

What Is a Minimum Bet Amount?

A minimum bet is the lowest possible stake allowed at betting sites in India. The minimum bet amount will vary from bookie to bookie and even market to market. In short, it is the lowest amount of money you’ll be able to place as a wager on a particular market or event.

Typically, the highest minimum amount you’ll find at popular Indian-focused bookies is around ₹100, but some INR betting sites like 10CRIC and Betway accept minimum amounts as low as ₹10 or even ₹5. There are even a small handful of exceptional bookies that allow minimum bets as low as ₹1!

Why Place a Low Stake?

Naturally, when it comes to sports betting, like placing a bet on cricket online, we all want to achieve the highest payouts possible. Usually, this involves placing very high-stake wagers in the hopes of scoring big profits. However, this isn’t financially feasible for everyone, and probably not the most sustainable strategy in the long run either.

Lowest-stake bets are perfect for those who like having a punt but prefer to enjoy sports betting without too much risk. Low minimum bets are ideal for new players too, since they can have a go at different bet types and markets without risking too much money. There are many other advantages to wagering with the minimum bet amount – such as when using the remainder of a bonus, or for placing a bet on a long shot with high odds.

Get Bigger Wins From a Minimum Stake

Just because you’re betting the minimum bet amount doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any decent winnings. Normally, low stakes at typical odds won’t fire up your bankroll, but there are actually a few ways to turn the lowest stakes into major earners. If you are looking to make some money with minimal financial investment, then consider the strategies below.

Full Cover Bets

Another interesting way of taking advantage of low bet minimums is through a strategy known as full cover bets. As an advanced betting strategy, most new punters may have never heard of it. Full cover bets are a combination of multiple bets that can include doubles, accumulators, trebles, and much more. They have fun nicknames such as Yankee, Trixie, Heinz, and a Super Heinz.

The big advantage of full cover bets is that you don’t need every result to go your way in order to receive a payout. 

Take a Trixie for example, which consists of 3 doubles and a treble. This means a single treble bet in which all three selections must win and 3 double bets in which only two selections must win. If the minimum bet amount is ₹10, you would only need to put down a stake for four bets – adding up to a total of ₹40. You could also hedge your bets to mitigate risk.


An accumulator bet, also known as an ‘acca' for short, is a single bet made up of bets from markets across multiple matches from a single sport, or even multiple sports. In order for the accumulator to be successful, all selections within the betting slip must win – so an acca made up of three football match results must all come through for the bet to pay out.

Accumulators are useful to minimum bet punters because the odds of each bet within an acca are multiplied by each other – potentially resulting in immensely high prices with monstrously large payouts. This makes it possible for low-stake Acca bets to be worth several crores!

Obviously, the odds of a 9-leg accumulator winning are pretty high, but the risk can be very low if you take advantage of the low minimum stakes available at some of the best cricket betting sites in India.

A screenshot of an accumulator bet

Jackpot Prizes

Many bookies that accept a low minimum bet amount feature large jackpot prize pools regularly throughout various sporting seasons. You’ll see this at a lot of British bookies with a particular focus on football. Jackpot prizes allow punters to make low-stake wagers to gain entry into competitions offering huge payouts.

One such common jackpot game is predicting the results of selected matches during a particular week – get them all right, and you'll be awarded a share in a massive prize pool! With a very low minimum bet, there is no harm in throwing a cheeky wager on a jackpot game.

Defying the Odds

While an accumulator is probably the simplest way to build some very high odds, it is not the only way. Some sports allow punters to place very specific wagers on a single event. The most obvious choice is horse racing. Here, punters can place a wager on not only the winner of a race, but also which horses will place 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and, depending on the bookie, even farther.

Common bet types are doubles, trifectas, and superfectas. By placing a small bet on the exact placements of multiple horses, you’ll actually receive some incredibly high odds. Historically, there have been huge winners who have placed the minimum bet amount on bets like these.

Biggest Low-Stake Winners

The proof is in the pudding! History itself has shown us that it's indeed possible to receive monumental payouts from even the lowest stake, with many big winners having won big accumulators by wagering the minimum bet amount. See for yourself below:

  • The 50 INR Crorepati – You read that right! One man in the United Kingdom won a little over ₹10 crores with a ₹50 stake. The 60-year-old placed an 8-leg accumulator on several runners during a day of horse race punting. With odds of 2,000,000/1, his ₹50 was certainly a long shot. Goes to show that even a low wager can potentially make you richer than you’d ever imagine!
  • Pocket Change Winner – If you thought 50 INR was a low wager, imagine ₹30! That’s how much a lucky Manchester United fan staked on a whopping 15-leg accumulator that ended with the Champions League final. The odds were 1,66,666/1 and netted the football fan with a huge ₹5 crores. With odds like that, why not throw a minimum bet amount on a large acca?
  • Not Just Accas – Two guys in the US placed a measly ₹7.4 on a superfecta – a horse racing bet in which a punter wagers on the exact placement of the first four horses of a single race. That means you’re not just picking a winner, you’re picking who'll places as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th! As you can imagine, such an astounding wager results in especially high odds. At 88/1, these two lucky men predicted all four horses successfully, and took home a massive ₹55 Lakhs from only ₹7.4.
  • ₹200 Acca and Jackpot Winner – Some people have all the luck. Steve Whitley placed a minuscule ₹200 on an accumulator with odds of 368,639/1 and won. But that’s not all. That small bet also gave him entry into a jackpot contest on selecting the winning horse in all six races of the day – his exact acca! Consequently, Whitley walked away with more than ₹10 crores from a simple ₹200 wager.

What to Look for in a Minimum Bet Bookie

Low minimum bet amounts are great, but there's a lot more that goes into what makes a great bookie. You’ll need to make sure that the betting site has some other important features before leaping to sign up at a bookmaker accepting a low minimum bet amount. 

For one thing, you really want to make sure that they offer a wide range of betting payment methods to ensure that your preferred option is included, along with any other suitable alternatives if not. 

Here are some of the most important things to look for in a minimum bet bookie in India.

Fast Withdrawals

When wagering at low stakes, you don’t want to be waiting around forever to actually collect your winnings. Fast withdrawal betting sites allow Indian punters to take out their funds quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, you’ll want to find a bookie that offers low withdrawal minimums to match the payouts of most low-stake wagers.

Low Deposits

It would certainly be annoying if a bookie offered a low minimum bet amount but required a high minimum deposit. You’d basically have to fund your account with far more than you need or want. Thankfully, there are many low deposit betting sites in India that feature very small deposit minimums – often around ₹200–500. The combination of a low deposit minimum and low-stakes requirements is the perfect way for new bettors to get started.

Regular Promotions

Another great way to take advantage of low minimum bet amounts is by leveraging bonuses and promotions offered by bookies in India. We’re not just talking about welcome bonuses here. Some of the best cricket betting apps and sites feature regular promotions during various sporting seasons.

Take the IPL season, for example. Many leading bookies offer free bet bonuses that require very low initial stakes in order to be claimed. That means that, with a few very low wagers, you can obtain free bets that could potentially net completely risk-free payouts.

Minimum Bet FAQs

What is the lowest minimum bet in India?

While most major bookies offer a minimum bet that ranges between ₹5 and ₹100, you’ll find that some bookies will go as low as ₹1. Note that the minimum bet amount can vary between different markets, and is up to the discretion of the bookie.

Which betting sites offer the lowest minimum bet amount?

There are loads of betting sites that provide seriously low minimum stake requirements, but some are certainly lower than others. We found that Marathonbet and LeoVegas offer the lowest minimum bet amount of ₹1.

Can I win a big payout from a low-stake wager?

Yes, it is possible to take home a massive payout from even the lowest wager. It’s all about increasing the odds. A many-legged accumulator has been proven to net considerably large winnings if successful, and some bookies even feature massive jackpot competitions that can be entered with a low wager.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

When it comes to sports betting, most of us would prefer to go for a big payout with as little risk as possible. Popular betting sites in India are well-aware of this, and many provide punters with very low minimum bet amounts to accommodate. So, if you’re looking to have a punt on some of the top cricket tournaments with minimal financial risk, simply scroll up to our list above and choose your favourite bookie to do so!

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