Is Betway Down? What to Do When Betway Isn’t Working (2022)

From time to time a website may go down. Hopefully, it doesn’t last long but even major INR betting sites like Betway go down. We’ve got all the insight on what to do when Betway goes down and where to turn to continue betting.

Top 5 Alternatives to Betway

  • Live cricket streaming
  • Excellent global reputation
  • ₹4,365 in Bet Credits
  • Great cricket promotions
  • Loads of Indian payment methods
  • ₹10,000 Welcome offer
  • Fast withdrawal times
  • Brilliant cricket odds
  • Up to ₹10,000 welcome bonus
  • Two different web platforms
  • Advanced live betting screen
  • Up to ₹8,000 first deposit bonus
  • Cricket-focused bookie
  • Fast UPI withdrawals
  • Up to ₹8,000 first deposit bonus

Top 3 Alternatives to Betway

  1. bet365
  2. 10CRIC
  3. 1xBet

Is Betway Down?

If for any reason Betway goes down, you’ll know about it pretty quickly. Leading cricket betting sites like Betway have a reputation to uphold, so not only will they be working as fast as possible to resolve the issue, but they’ll bring it to the attention of all their customers.

The most common way you’ll know Betway is down can be seen when attempting to access the website. You’ll either be unable to access it or certain sections will be unavailable. Instead of the intended page, you’ll receive an error page of some kind instead. 

Another way you’ll know if Betway is not working is when the bookie contacts you. If a major outage occurs, Betway will email its customers to let them know what is happening.

Betway error screen in Black

What About My Bets?

For many of us, this won’t be an issue. Unless you plan on live betting and using the cash out feature, it won’t matter if Betway is down as the match will continue. If your bet has been confirmed before an outage, then you will still be paid out if the result is a winner.

Example: You place a bet on David Warner to score a hundred in a specific IPL match and Betway goes down. The bet is confirmed and Warner hits 110. Your bet will be paid out as soon as Betway is back online. 

Unfortunately, cash out won’t be accessible during this time, and you won't be able to take advantage of dynamic odds during live betting either. If you bring this up with customer support, they’re likely to reimburse you in some way, possibly via free bets or by refunding your stake.

We recommend contacting Betway during an outage for the most current rulings on confirmed bets while the website is down.

Help! Why Is Betway Not Working?

It can be frustrating if and when it happens, but there are actually a few reasons why Betway may be down. These instances are sometimes unavoidable, but top bookies like Betway will do their best to resolve any issues quickly and keep their customers informed. Here are the most common reasons why Betway is not working.

Single Page Situations

The entire Betway website may not be the issue – it may be that the page you're trying to reach is down instead. Thankfully, this usually won’t affect the rest of the website. It could be that the page in has been removed if it was a dated blog entry or and old promotions page.

If you enter a Betway page that isn’t working, try another section of the website to see if all of Betway is down or not.


This is probably the most common reason why Betway is down. Websites need to be updated all the time. Maintenance is important for ensuring the security of your data, funds, and the smooth operation of the betting site. Obviously, this can be annoying if you absolutely have to place a wager, but most of the best cricket betting apps – including Betway – will try to time maintenance during times of low traffic.

Bookies like Betway will usually give sufficient notice if the website will be down for maintenance, and the website will typically direct you to a page that lets users know that Betway is down due to this reason, rather than a major issue.

A Security Breach

This is the rarest of reasons why a bookie like Betway is down. A betting site may be under attack or recovering from one by patching any weaknesses or ensuring no data has been breached.

Again, this is a very rare occurrence, and regulators will ensure that sites like Betway are transparent in their reporting of any security instances.

Technical Issues

Betting sites won’t ever like to admit it, but sometimes things simply go a little wrong. Maintaining a website can be difficult, let alone a major betting site like Betway. Programming changes, bugs, hardware, or software issues can affect an online portal – even the best of them.

Most of the time, a betting site like Betway can prepare for these issues and will plan a maintenance schedule to be as unintrusive as possible for customers. However, sometimes technical issues are unexpected and may cause a website like Betway to go down.

Another unexpected issue for betting sites is unexpectedly high traffic, which can typically occur during major events, such as the finals of top cricket leagues, causing the servers of a betting site to become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, the website won’t usually recover until after the event; however, it’s a very rare occurrence.

How to Contact Betway

You open up the Betway mobile app or attempt to access the Betway website, but nothing happens. Either the page doesn’t load at all, or you’re faced with a notification that Betway is down. So what do you do next? Your options will depend on the level of disruption.

If Betway is down for maintenance, you may receive an email with some contact information or a set of answers to frequently asked questions. When only a small section of the Betway site is down, you may still be able to navigate to the Help section, and if you are logged in, you can use the live chat function for assistance.

Of course, if Betway is down in its entirety, then you may struggle to find information. Having said that, you could try contacting their Twitter account, which is a handy final resort if you can’t reach the site itself during an outage. It is a good idea to write down the Betway's contact details somewhere in case they can’t be located when the site is down. We've listed their details for Indian customers below:

  • Phone: +44 207 062 5466
  • Email:

Is Betway Down? Try Another Bookie

As much as you may really want to bet on cricket online with Betway, a lengthy outage may prevent this. In that case, it may be a good idea to have an account with another betting site. 

Advantages of Having More Than One Bookie

Apart from having an alternative when Betway (or your usual bookie) is down, there are several advantages to having an account with another bookmaker. To add on to this, so many of the most popular betting sites accept Indian betting payment methods that you shouldn’t have a problem placing bets with any of them.

You can also take advantage of more bonuses and promotions – bookies are very competitive when it comes to these offers, so you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to both variety and quality. Don't forget to compare and shop around for the best odds too.

Is Betway Down? FAQs

Why is Betway not working?

There are several reasons that could cause Betway's site to go down, such as maintenance or high traffic. Always try to refresh the page, and if all else fails, attempt to contact Betway to find out what the issue may be.

What alternatives to Betway are there?

Thankfully, there are a few amazing alternatives for cricket and sports betting out there if Betway goes down. We recommend bet365, 10CRIC, and 1xBet in the event of an outage.

How can I find more information when Betway is down?

If Betway is only down in specific sections, you may still be able to access the live chat function. If not, make sure that you have the contact details (meaning the phone number or email address) on the bookie’s website written down somewhere. That way, you can find out more information from Betway directly.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

It's unfortunate but ultimately inevitable – sometimes, a major bookie like Betway may go down for whatever reason. However, it is a rare and usually short-term occurrence. When it does happen, there are easy ways to contact Betway to find out what the issue is, and more than a few excellent alternatives should you want to continue betting in the meantime.

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