Best IPL Offers in India (2022)

There is no time of the year more exciting than the Indian Premier League, bringing with it unique and amazing IPL promotions. We’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about IPL betting offers, and how to get IPL free bets in India.

Top 4 Betting Sites for IPL Offers

  • IPL deal – Deposit 1,000 bet with 2,500
  • IPL Weekly Game Changer 
  • ₹2,000 Bonus when depositing with Astropay 
  • IPL jackpot prize competition
  • Get ₹500 free bet when you make a first time deposit 
  • Bet ₹500 & get a free bet equal to the total runs scored in the match (selected matches)
  • Money Back as a Free Bet if the last ball is a boundary (IPL) 
  • Exclusive IPL 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000 on first deposit

What Are IPL offers?

If you've been betting online for a good while, you're more than likely aware of the best betting offers at cricket betting sites and their regular promotional offers. The latter are fantastic incentives to join a bookie, and are often great opportunities to walk away with a heavier wallet. All this begs the question: are there bonuses and promotions created exclusively for the IPL?

The answer is a resounding yes. An IPL offer is a bonus created for bets on the IPL. This leading cricket league is one of the most exciting competitions to bet on in India, and IPL offers only sweeten the deal.

Types of IPL offers

No two IPL betting offers are the same. Bookies will be trying to one up each other in an attempt to attract more punters and increase their customer base. Of course, this is great for the Indian punter, because it means there will be a plethora of IPL offers available to them. IPL offers come in many forms, and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them. With that in mind, here are the most popular type of IPL offers you will encounter each season.

Free Bets

Free bets are one of the most common IPL offers. Although they are usually small, they are entirely risk free – you can’t lose money on a free bet.

The way they work is simple – the bookie gives you an amount to stake on either any sport or selected matches. If the bet wins, they’ll get the stake back and you take the rest as profit. 

Example: You're offered a ₹100 free bet, which you choose to wager on a winner at odds of 4.00 – with a ₹300 return, the bookie would keep ₹100 and you would receive ₹200. Not a bad deal!


This is certainly another one of the more popular IPL promotions you’ll find when looking to bet on cricket online. The concept is straightforward – INR betting sites offering IPL cashback promos will give back some of the money you lost while betting on IPL.

Example: You come across a promotion offering 10% cashback on losing bets on PL matches up to ₹1,000. In this instance, a maximum loss of ₹10,000 would see a ₹1,000 return from the bookie.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is a staple of online bookmakers, and one of the most enticing offers you can claim as a punter. Come IPL season, betting sites will be altering their welcome bonuses to focus on the league itself. 

10cric the boss welcome offer

Top IPL Free Bets Picks

Free bets may very well be the best type of IPL offers out there. With some strategic thought and cricket knowledge, punters can turn these free bets into great winnings. Below, we have compiled a few tips to consider when using a free bet.

  • Bet on the loser – Essentially, this means hedging your bets. If you’ve already wagered on the favourite, place the free bet on the opponent. That way, if your team loses, you’ll either be covered or, depending on the odds, you may still receive some profit. This is normally done using a betting exchange, which allows you to both back and lay outcomes.
  • Double up – If you are really sure about a wager you have made, why not place your free bet on it as well? If the bet is successful, you’ll win even more money, and if it doesn’t, you’ll have only lost your real-money wager that you placed before the free bet.
  • Unusual wagers – Our third and final pick is to put the free bet on one of the more unique, high-odds IPL markets available. You know, something like First Run of the Over, Most Boundaries in an Over, Next Wicket, and so on. These markets are so diverse and unique, they're perfect for placing a fun free bet!

Popular IPL Bets

The IPL is an exciting and unique league, with many different aspects of the game to wager on – and that’s partly why IPL betting is so thrilling. Here are a few of the most popular IPL bets that punters can make online.

  • Most Sixes – You won’t find many top cricket leagues that showcase as many monstrous sixes as the IPL.
  • First Ball – At most bookies, you can bet on the very first ball of the game. That first ball is so exciting, and literally anything can happen.
  • Overall Winner – The IPL features some of the biggest names in cricket, and that’s why many IPL punters like to wager on the overall winner, even before the tournament begins. Punters usually predict who is going to win based on which team managed to acquire the very best local and international talent.

IPL Offers on IPL Betting Apps

Unfortunately, bookies don’t really offer unique IPL offers exclusively to mobile punters anymore. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a distinct advantage of using apps to claim these offers. 

The best cricket betting apps in India allow punters to claim IPL betting offers at any time, anywhere. Why wait to get home to activate free bet IPL promotions when you can do it immediately on your IPL betting app.

IPL Offers and Free Bet FAQs

What is the IPL?

The IPL is the most popular and most viewed cricket sporting event in the world. Hosted in India, the best players from around the world join franchised teams to play Twenty20 cricket.

Which IPL betting sites offer the best IPL offers?

Come cricket season, the IPL offers will be positively flowing; however, there are a few betting sites that are known to provide the very best. We recommend 10CRIC, MELbet, and Parimatch for some of the best IPL offers in India.

Can I win by using a free bet?

You certainly can! A free bet costs you nothing to wager, and if it comes through, you’ll receive the winnings minus your initial stake.

Are IPL offers different from other offers?

Well, not particularly. The offers are the same as regular betting site bonuses, but IPL promotions will typically be tied in with the league in some way.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

IPL offers give Indian punters even more reasons to wager on the most exciting cricket tournament of the year. Bookies offer plenty of excellent IPL promotions to attract new customers and encourage more activity among their existing customer base – for you, the punter, that means even more ways to bet on your favourite IPL team!

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