10 Best Cricket Websites to Follow for Cricket Betting Analysis

“Cricket Fever” is on the rise in India, as the Indian Cricket Team continues to grow from strength to strength. The number of Indian punters looking to delve into cricket betting too, is increasing with each passing day. Before placing a bet on any cricket market, you must perform your due diligence, and create a … Read more

Why Cricket Betting is so Popular in India?

Betting in India is probably as old as the civilization of India. The history of gambling in India is dated back to Kautilya’s era when the gambling was protected by state and a tax of 5% charged over winning. After that, gambling takes place on different sports in India including animal’s racing and fighting and … Read more

13 Best Sites for Cricket Betting Tips and Today’s Match Prediction

Given the rising popularity of cricket betting in India, it is of no surprise that punters are flocking towards the best cricket betting sites. You must prepare a sound cricket betting strategy, and conduct due research at all times. In due course of this article, we will delve into cricket betting tips, and match prediction … Read more