Is 10CRIC Down? What to do when 10CRIC isn’t Working (2022)

Despite this site being among the best of its kind for Indian punters, there still is a slight possibility that you might find 10CRIC down on occasion. Read on for a comprehensive guide to dealing with 10CRIC not working, and the possible causes for any issues that may arise. 

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Top 3 Alternatives to 10CRIC

  • Betway
  • bet365
  • Parimatch

Is 10CRIC Down?

If 10CRIC goes down, you'll know one way or another. The website or app will be inaccessible, and you'll be notified via email if something major has occurred. More often than not, you’ll know 10CRIC is down because you’ll attempt to access the homepage and face an error page instead.

Error screen for 10CRIC website

What About My Bets?

Unless you have placed live bets or used the 10CRIC early cash-out feature, this shouldn’t ever be a problem. 

Obviously, if 10CRIC goes down, you won’t be able to see the odds shifting, nor be able to place any in-play wagers. Cash out will be completely unavailable. However, any bets placed before 10CRIC goes down will still stand. Once the event has finished, your bets will be paid out if they are successful.

For example: You place a wager on the Sixers to win in a Big Bash match, but then 10CRIC's site goes down. The bet was confirmed, and the Sixers go on to win the game. Once 10CRIC is up and running again, your bet will be assessed and your return should be processed instantly.

If 10CRIC stops working during a round of in-play betting, it might be worth consulting customer support – they might even give a small bonus reward for disrupting your betting strategy. We highly recommend contacting customer support to get the latest policies for handling a 10CRIC outage.

Reasons Why 10CRIC Is Not Working

Although this leading bookie has a team dedicated to preventing and dealing with site issues, there are a number of reasons why 10CRIC's site could go down. Let's take a look at the most common causes of a 10CRIC outage.

Isolated Incidents

Issues may not always knock out the whole 10CRIC webpage. In some cases, only a small section or a single page of 10CRIC goes down. When an issue like this occurs, only that page will be affected, while the rest of the site will work just fine. 

Common causes of such an issue are a dead link – such as an old bonus page that no longer exists – or a web link that has gone live but hasn’t actually been built yet.

If you suspect the issue is isolated to that single page, simply try accessing a different section of the website.

10CRIC Maintenance

The most common and likely reason 10CRIC is not working is due to planned maintenance. It takes serious work to maintain the high quality of service expected from one of the best cricket betting apps and websites in India. Therefore, every now and then, some 10CRIC maintenance needs to be performed to ensure the website is totally secure and bug-free.

If the maintenance is planned and isn’t urgent, 10CRIC will do their best to schedule the maintenance during a period of low traffic if they can, and will generally let users know about planned maintenance – either via website popups or by email.

Breach of Security

Understandably, INR betting sites are the targets of cybercriminals or hackers. Therefore, if 10CRIC is not working, it could be due to a cyber-attack. 

While it would be a very rare occurrence, if 10CRIC were under attack, the website would be shut down to protect the integrity of the page and its data.

Technical Issues

Making a flawless betting site isn’t easy. There is a lot of complex computer programming required to offer free bets and seamless in-play betting odds. Skilled programmers at 10CRIC do their best to make sure nothing ever goes wrong but sometimes it does.

Bugs can occur and 10CRIC may go down because of them. Other technical issues could be due to hardware glitches or even a major power outage at the 10CRIC offices or the location of their servers. Unusual or unexpected high traffic – say during a massive sports event – can also cripple a betting site.

How to Contact 10CRIC

So if you find 10CRIC down because of a sudden and unexpected outage, what can you do? Thankfully, this platform offers a number of 24/7 support options.

10CRIC also maintains a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. While you’ll likely be unable to get specific assistance with your account using social media, you can certainly find out if 10CRIC is down by shooting them a message.

Is 10CRIC Down? Try Another Bookie

Even though 10CRIC is the perfect bookie to bet on cricket online with, if it goes down for an extended period, you’ll need to consider an additional bookie. And there are actually a few distinct advantages to holding an account with more than one cricket betting site!

10 CRIC Not Working? Advantages of Multiple Betting Accounts

There are more advantages to having a few betting accounts, other than just a back if 10CRIC goes down. Before you consider an additional bookie, just remember they need to offer your favourite betting payment methods and provide competitive odds on as many of the top cricket leagues as possible.

One major advantage of multiple betting accounts is the ability to shop around on the odds for your favourite markets. 10CRIC offers great IPL betting odds but so do other bookies, so with multiple accounts, you can opt to wager at the best odds you can find. 

The other great advantage of having more than one account is the ability to take advantage of bonuses. If 10CRIC doesn’t have any promotions that suit you, you can simply pick one up elsewhere.

10CRIC Down FAQs

Why is 10CRIC not working?

The 10CRIC website is incredibly complex and sometimes things go wrong. The most common reason you might find 10CRIC down is due to maintenance or unplanned levels of high traffic. If the site is down for more serious reasons, you’ll be contacted by customer service in some way.

What are 10CRIC alternatives?

If 10CRIC is down and you need to place a bet, we recommend Betway, bet365, or Parimatch.

Where can I find more information when 10CRIC is down?

When 10CRIC is not working, you might receive an email detailing what is going on. Failing that, it’s a good idea to watch 10CRIC social media pages like Twitter for updates, and you could email the bookie's customer support too.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

10CRIC is one of the best cricket bookies in India and has a team working tirelessly to prevent annoying outages. With our guide, you’ll know what to do if 10CRIC goes down unexpectedly. So, take down those customer support details and pick a few alternative bookies just in case.

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