Betting on the Super Basketball League: Tips & Advice (2021)

The Super Basketball League (SBL) is the top tier semi-professional men’s basketball league in Taiwan. In this Super Basketball League betting guide, we will go over the best online bookmakers for this event, and provide you with a few useful Super Basketball League betting tips.

Best Betting Sites for Super League Basketball Betting

  • Bet Builder available
  • Live streaming for many sports
  • Good range of team-based SBL markets
  • Competitive odds for match winner market
  • Customer support available through live chat, phone and email
  • Cash Out available for many sports
  • Impressive range of withdrawing and depositing methods
  • Great points betting markets
  • High betting limits

Top 3 Best Super Basketball League Betting Sites 

  1. bet365
  2. 1xBet
  3. Pinnacle Sports

Super Basketball League Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions 

Super Basketball League betting has grown massively in recent years, and now boasts some genuinely talented players and powerful teams. The list of available betting sites may be smaller than for other basketball competitions such as the NBA, but this simply means that Super Basketball betting odds often provide more value, as fewer people will be wagering on them.

Super Basketball League Betting Tips & Predictions 

Before you get involved with Super Basketball League betting, there are a number of important factors you should be aware of. We have listed a number of these points below:

  • Value bets – This term is music to the ears of most experienced bettors who are looking to ensure they are not being short-changed when they come to placing a bet. Getting value from your bet requires you to find good odds that provide a decent return, along with having some chance of actually winning. 

  • Research – Many bettors tend not to do any research before placing their bets, instead choosing to wager on the biggest name. While this will sometimes end in your bet coming in, it is not the greatest strategy. Indeed, if you always back the big name in a match, then you will miss out on what would likely be a big payout if the underdog were to snatch victory.

    Similarly, while following your gut instinct is something many people swear by, you would be far better off using statistics available to everyone online. Carefully analysing facts and figures may show you that a big upset may be on the cards, for example, and you'll be able to make more accurate predictions this way. 
  • Form – While the form of a team does not definitively point to one side or the other winning, it can be a very good barometer as to which direction the contest may go. If a side comes into the match on the back of a 15-game winning run and they take on a team that have lost every game in the current season, then the form would point to the more successful team winning again.

    You should also take into account past clashes between the the two sides in question; however, if a side is showing signs that their match to an unbeaten season is inexorable, then backing against them is not usually advised.
  • Niche bets – Just like finding value bets, utilising niche markets can provide you with bigger wins, and can sometimes be a refreshing change from constantly betting on the match winner (for example). 

  • Head-to-head – While it is a good idea to be mindful of the form when wagering on a game or player, it is also very important to do your research into head-to-head performances as well. If the favourite has dominated the league so far, but then come up against an underdog that has beaten them three times in their last five meetings, then there may be scope to back the other side instead.

    This should be taken with a pinch of salt, though, as historic results are just that – things that have occurred in the past. The two sides may not have played one another for a decade, during which time a lot could have changed.

Popular Bets for the Super Basketball League

Aside from our Super Basketball League tips above, we have noted below the most popular markets for Super Basketball League betting and how to use them.

Super Basketball League Outright Winner

This market allows you to bet on who you think will lift the trophy at the end of the competition. Simply choose one team to back, and if they triumph over the rest of the field, then your bet will win.

Best Super Basketball League betting site for Outright Winner: bet365

Match Winner

bet365 basketball odds market*Odds correct as of 08:22 GMT on 11/03/2021

The Match Winner betting market is the simplest of all the markets you can wager on. Here, you are required to back the team that you think will win the match.

You can look to increase your chances of winning, along with the value of your bet, by wagering on games where there is no clear favourite. When neither side is really fancied over the other, then both will offer considerable value, as neither the bettors nor the bookies can split the two sides. This, coupled with a good chance that either side could win, means that you could potentially get a nice profit if your bet comes through.

Best Super Basketball League betting site for Match Winner: bet365

Points Betting

Pinnacle basketball points betting

Points betting is another very easy and exceptionally popular way to bet on the Super Basketball League. As shown in the above image, you will usually have the opportunity to bet on a number of different points markets. 

For example, you can bet on ‘Race to 20 Points’, which will allow you to place a bet on the team you think will score 20 points or more first. This market can offer decent odds, and it could genuinely go either way if the underdog is playing well and the favourites are struggling to find their rhythm.

Another popular points betting market is ‘Result and Both Teams to Score x Points’. Here, you'll be required to back the side you think will win, and whether or not the two sides will score a certain amount of points. For example, this could be Taiwan Beer to win and score 60 points. By amalgamating the match winner and ‘to score’ markets, you will get better odds than if you backed both separately.

There are a number of other ways to wager on points scored in a match, depending, of course, on your bookmaker of choice.

Best Super Basketball League betting site for Total Points: Pinnacle Sports

Match Handicap and Total Betting

bet365 basketball match handicap and total betting*Odds correct as of 08:22 GMT on 11/3/2021

The Match Handicap and Total market is a twist on Match Winner and Team to Score x Points. Here, you will be given the opportunity to wager on a side with a handicap. 

A handicap can be both positive and a negative. This means that if you are backing Yulon Dinos with a handicap of -3.5, then they must beat their opponents by four points or more in order for your bet to win. Therefore, if Yulon Dinos win the game by two points, your bet will not come in. 

Similarly, if you bet with a handicap of +3.5 and the Yulon Dinos lose by three points, then your bet will still come through. 

The Total Points element of this market will see you wagering on whether or not the total points will be over or under an amount specified by the bookie. In the above image, the bookmaker has offered Yulon Dinos -3.5 and over 148.5 points. This would mean that the Yulon Dinos would have to win by four points or more, and there would need to be over 148.5 points scored in the match for your bet to come in. Your bet will not win if both parameters of the bet are not met.

Best Super Basketball League betting site for Match Handicap and Total: bet365

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

History of Super Basketball League

Originally founded back in 2003, the Super Basketball League is unofficially viewed by many as the successor to the Chinese Basketball Alliance (CBA), with the latter running from 1994 to 1999.

Across the competition’s history, there has been a total of seven teams competing. The sides currently in the tournament are Bank of Taiwan, Kaohsiung Jeoutai Technology, Taiwan Beer, Taoyuan Pauian Archiland and Yulon Luxgen Dinos.

The Dacin Tigers and Taipei Fubon Braves were also a part of the competition once, but they now compete in the A-League and P. League+ respectively. Of the two sides that left, the Dacin Tigers were able to win the competition twice, although they unfortunately went on to lose four finals in a row between 2009-2013. Fubon Braves, meanwhile, won the tournament in 2018-19.

The first iteration of the competition back in 2003 saw the Yulon Dinos defeat the Sina Lions (now known as Taoyuan Pauian Archiland), which started them off on a winning run that saw them claim three titles in a row. However, the success they enjoyed in the early days was short-lived, with only one further victory run in 14 attempts.

Taiwan Beer and Taoyuan Pauian Archiland have enjoyed the most success in the competition, picking up five titles each. The former go into the new season as the current holders, and will be looking to repeat their former success a sixth time. If they manage, this would see them become the most successful club in the history of the competition.

Past Winners of the Super Basketball League

2019/20Taiwan BeerYulon Luxgen Dinos
2018/19Fubon BravesTaiwan Beer
2017-18Taoyuan Pauian Archiland Fubon Braves
2016/17Dacin Tigers Yulon Luxgen Dinos
2015/16Taiwan BeerPauian Archiland
2014/15Pauian Archiland Taiwan Beer
2013/14Pauian Archiland Taiwan Mobile Clouded Leopards
2012/13Pauian Archiland Dacin Tigers
2011/12Pauian Archiland Dacin Tigers

Super Basketball League Key Info/Stats 

  • Taiwan Beer are the current reigning champions of the Super Basketball League, having defeated Yulon Luxgen Dinos in the 2019/20 final.
  • Taiwan Beer and Taoyuan Pauian Archiland are the most successful sides in the history of the competition, with five titles each.
  • Chang Yu-an of Taiwan Beer has been named the Regular Season MVP for the last two seasons in a row.
  • The league currently consists of Bank of Taiwan, Kaohsiung Technology, Taiwan Beer, Taoyuan Pauian Archiland and Yulon Luxgen Dinos.
  • Dacin Tigers and Taipei Fubon Braves were originally part of the league, but the sides now compete in the A-League and P. League+ respectively.

Super Basketball League FAQs 

Which are the best Super Basketball League betting sites?

The best Super Basketball League betting sites are bet365, 1xBet and Pinnacle Sports. The three bookies offer a good range of markets for the competition, while their Super Basketball League odds are also very competitive.

You'll also be able to enjoy features such as bet builders, an array of payment options, generous offers and a good selection of other sports. All this means that these three sites not only endear themselves to basketball betting fans, but also to many other sports bettors.

Can I watch Super League Basketball games?

In order to find out whether you can live stream Super Basketball League games, you will need to check with your preferred bookmaker.

To use most live streaming functions offered by betting sites, you will usually have to have a positive balance in your account, have made a bet in the last 24 hours or have a bet on the game you want to watch. 

Which are the best markets for betting on Super League Basketball?

Super League Basketball betting offers many of the bet types and markets you find with most other types of basketball betting.

The most popular markets for Super League Basketball betting include Match Winner, different types of points betting, Match Handicap and Total and Outright Tournament Winner. These four markets can provide good value and are fairly easy to understand, meaning they attract both new and experienced bettors, and have become very popular for sports betting in India.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Pair the Super Basketball League tips mentioned in this article with one of the bookies we've recommended, and you're sure to have a great – and hopefully profitable – experience!  

As always, do your research, bet responsibly, and don’t wager more than you can afford!

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