Sheffield Shield Betting 2021

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Sheffield Shield Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

The Sheffield Shield brings together some supreme betting options, with the competition bringing with it the ability to bet on the players, teams and outrights, meaning Sheffield Shield betting can provide big value and some real excitement. 

Sheffield Shield Betting Odds

The odds for the Sheffield Shield are not currently available, but they will be posted here as soon as they are available. 


Sheffield Shield Betting Tips & Predictions

When looking to get involved with Sheffield Shield betting, we recommend doing your research both into the tournament itself, and who is providing the best tips. Of course, you should be aware that we boast a brilliant team of writers who have been covering cricket, and Sheffield Shield betting for some time, while that, coupled with our extensive and consistently updated list of the best cricket betting sites, makes betting on any kind of cricket from the Indian Premier League (IPL) to the Sheffield Shield, so intuitive.

Backing a winner is not always as straightforward as it might seem in this competition. Indeed, in the 2019/20 iteration of the tournament, New South Wales came out on top with five wins in six, while Victoria sat at the bottom of the table with three losses in three matches and just 14 points. However, the year before, Victoria won the competition, winning six of their 10 games meaning they finished 11 points clear of NSW. The competition itself is very changeable. While this can make picking a winner more difficult, it does also increase the chances of you nailing a winner with decent odds. 

You could of course look to back your favourite players in the tournament instead of simply backing a team. For example, some huge names in cricket have turned out for an array of teams, with players like Aaron Finch, Peter Handscomb, Kane Richardson, Alex Carey, Moises Henriques and Usman Khawaja all plying their trade in the Sheffield Shield in the 2018/19 season. This array of talent with both bat and ball means that matches are hotly contested and, as mentioned above, more competitive games and competitions mean that it is more difficult to pick a winner, resulting in better odds. 

Of course, if you want to take a more statistical look than simply backing your team or your favourite players, you can take a look at the number of titles each side has won. Betting this way will mean that New South Wales will be at the top of the list as they have secured 47 titles in the competition’s history. Victoria have 32 total titles, while Tasmania sit at the bottom of the trophy-winning charts with three triumphs. 

At the other end of the table, it can often be just as difficult to call who will finish at the bottom of the standings, although it has generally been one of two sides that have finished in sixth. For the last three seasons, South Australia have finished at the bottom, while Tasmania occupied that position in the two seasons before that. Of course, each new year brings with it a chance to excel and get away from the bottom, but the smart money has tended to be on one of South Australia or Tasmania to finish at the bottom of late, with many Sheffield Shield betting tips and match predictions likely to lean away from the two. 

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Popular Bets For The Sheffield Shield Betting

One of the best things about the Sheffield Shield is the fact that it comes with so many incredible markets for you to make the most out of. Like so many of the top cricket tournaments from around the world, there are a glut of available markets for all types of bettors to get involved with. Best still is the fact that both novice and experienced bettors have a lot of different markets to keep them occupied. This ranges from ones that require a decent grasp of the statistical side of cricket to those that are sometimes just a gut feeling. Below, we have explained a few of the most popular ones and how they work. 

Outright Winner Sheffield Shield Betting

In this market, you will be betting on who you think will win the competition once each and every game has been played. This type of market can offer very good value in a league or competition where there is no clear favourite due to the relative weaknesses or strengths of all of the teams. For example, the Cricket World Cup may have a favourite, such as India, but the likes of Australia, England, New Zealand and Pakistan will not be far behind them. If you place your bets at the right times, you could get some real value in this market. The best value is usually found when betting on this market early. 

If you were to bet on Victoria to win two months before the tournament starts, you may get pretty decent odds on this. However, if New South Wales were to lose their key players to injury, Victoria, as the second-favourite in this scenario, would see their odds shorten and would likely become the favourites. While many would flock to back the new favourites, you would be safe in the knowledge that you had already backed Victoria at the far longer odds meaning if they win, you would get a healthy payout. 

Best Sheffield Shield Betting Sites For Outright Winner: bet365 and Betway

(Outright) Top Batsman Sheffield Shield Betting

This market is one that can either be bet on in an outright sense or per match. If you are betting on the top batsman market in a single match, you will be putting money on the batsman you think will top score in the game. In this market it is absolutely vital you do your research as certain players will perform better in different conditions. 

For example, a batsman may be adept at facing a certain team, but he may struggle to play against leg-spin. Unfortunately for that batsman, he is about to come up against the tournament’s top wicket-taker, who is a leg spinner. This means it would be brave to bet on the batsman if he is likely to fall foul to familiar failings. Equally, if a batsman enjoys playing on a certain ground, then it may be worth backing him to top score. 

In the outright sense, you will be backing the batsman you believe will finish the competition as the highest scorer. Just like the outright tournament winner, backing a player early is often a very good move as you may be able to find a strong contender with decent odds. However, better still may be waiting for a few games to pass before making your bet. 

If you were to back Aaron Finch after he had failed to get out of single figures in his first two innings before blasting a magnificent unbeaten century, for example, he may offer very generous odds that make it worth gambling on him to continue his form and come from behind to top score. However, cricket is a fickle game, with big scores in one innings often followed by a lean patch. 

Best Sheffield Shield Betting Sites For Top Batsman Betting: 888Sport, bet365 and Betway

(Outright) Top Tournament Bowler Sheffield Shield Betting

As with the above, you can bet on these markets either as an outright bet or in a single match. The single match bet will see you back the bowler you think will end the match with the most wickets. Although it is worth noting the terminology some bookmakers use, as they may stipulate ‘1st innings’, meaning it will only be the bowler with the most wickets after the first innings, and not after the whole match. Like the top batsman market, this one is an area you need to do your research on. 

If a pitch is particularly green then it will help swing bowlers, while if it is hard and fast (conditions more likely in Australia) then a fast bowler will likely thrive on it. Either way, you should always assess what the pitch looks like and how the weather is looking going into the match. 

With regard to the outright tournament top bowler, you will instead place a bet on who you believe will finish the whole competition with the most wickets. This one can be quite tricky to pick as injuries and dips in form can really take their toll on this market. You are usually best off taking a look at the different grounds and the types of pitches that will be turned out in each match. If most pitches will boast a hard and dry pitch (as is the norm in Australia), then you are better off backing an old-school fast bowler as the conditions favour them. 

Similarly, if pitches are breaking up quickly in games and cracks are appearing, then a spin bowling option could be your best bet if they are able to make the most out of these conditions.

Best Sheffield Shield Betting Sites For Top Bowler: Betway and Novibet

To Score A Century Betting Odds

This market requires you to do a fair amount of research on both the batsman and the opposition team. Here, you will be betting on which batsman you think will score a century, also known as 100 runs. Scoring a century in cricket is a huge honour for any batsman, and the physical toll and focus it takes to achieve it means it rarely happens consistently. Despite this, the ‘to score a century’ market will invariably see the ‘yes’ option marked as odds-on. Therefore, if you can pick a game in which the bowlers are going to be well on top from both sides, then you could be in to make a decent profit. 

Best Sheffield Shield Betting Sites For To Score A Century Betting: bet365 and Betway 

Tournament Structure For The Sheffield Shield

The Sheffield Shield is a round-robin competition where every single side plays the other twice, both at home and away. The six teams play in a four-day format in this first-class competition, with the top two sides meeting in a final since the 1982/83 season. This final is played over five days at the home venue of the top-ranked side. Between the years of 1983 up until the 2017/18 season, in the event of a tie or a draw, the winner of the Shield was the team that had finished at the top of the competition before the final. However, this was altered in the 2018/19 season, with the outfit that scores the most first innings bonus points winning the Shield. 

The points system for the competition has evolved over the years to incorporate the following:

  • A win – 6 points 
  • A tie – 3 points 
  • A loss – 0 points 
  • Abandoned or drawn match – 1 point 
  • Bonus batting – 0.01 points for every run above 200 in the first 100 overs of the innings. 
  • Bonus bowling – 0.1 points for taking each wicket in the first 100 overs of the first innings

History of the Sheffield Shield

The Sheffield Shield was first contested back in the 1892/93 season between Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. The Shield they played for was donated by Lord Sheffield and has retained the name ever since. It took over 30 years for another side to get entered into the competition, with Queensland added for the 1926/27 season, while Western Australia (1947/48) and Tasmania (1877/78) were also late entrants. 

The Sheffield Shield has seen some truly world-class talent take to the field across the competition’s history, although none have shone brighter on the stage of cricket than Don Bradman. Arguably the greatest cricketer of all time, Don Bradman put his skills on full display throughout his time batting in the Sheffield Shield. However, it is easy to pinpoint when he was at his best. Bradman fired a seemingly impossible 452 not out for New South Wales against Queensland back in the 1929/30 season, and it was one of these innings that made it possible for the legend to post his incredible average of 110.19 in 96 matches. 

Incredibly, while Darren Lehmann leads the way with the most centuries (45 in 147 matches), Bradman recorded 36 centuries in 62 matches, meaning he would have 85 matches to score the 10 centuries he needs to go to the top of the list if he was still playing. At the other end of the field, Clarrie Grimmett leads the way in the wicket-taking ranks. Grimmett snared an incredible 513 victims in 79 matches at an average of 25.29 in what was an amazing Sheffield Shield career. 

The most successful side in the Sheffield Shield is undoubtedly New South Wales. With a massive 47 titles, they lead the chasing pack, with Victoria (32 titles) the closest to them. Tasmania are the side with the least titles (3), although their late inception into the compeittion is a major reason why they are so far behind. 

Past Winners Of The Sheffield Shield

YearChampionRunners Up
2019/20New South WalesVictoria 
2018/19Victoria New South Wales 
2017/18Queensland Tasmania 
2016/17 Victoria South Australia 
2015/16Victoria South Australia 
2014/15Victoria Western Australia 
2013/14New South Wales Western Australia 
2012/13Tasmania Queensland 
2011/12Queensland Tasmania 
2010/11Tasmania New South Wales

Sheffield Shield Key Stats

  • New South Wales are the most successful team in Sheffield Shield history, with 47 titles. 
  • Tasmania are the least successful side in Sheffield Shield history, with three wins. 
  • The highest team total ever recorded in a Sheffield Shield match was 1107 all out by Victoria against New South Wales in the 1926/27 season. 
  • The lowest team total ever recorded was 27 all out by South Australia in their game against New South Wales in the 1955/56 season. 
  • Don Bradman’s 452 not out for New South Wales against Queensland is the highest score ever recorded in the competition. 
  • Darren Lehmann (13,635 runs) is the highest runs scorer in the competition.
  • Simon Katich’s 1506 in 17 innings in the 2007/08 season is the most by any player in a single season. 
  • Don Bradman (110.19) and Barry Richards (100.09) are the only two players in the competition to boast an average of 100+.
  • Clarrie Grimmett (513 wickets) is the only bowler to record more than 500 wickets in the competition. 

Sheffield Shield Betting FAQs

Is the Sheffield Shield betting popular to bet on?

Yes, the Sheffield Shield is very popular to bet on. There are so many different cricketing competitions around the world that bettors are always spoiled for choice. The Sheffield Shield provides bettors with the ability to wager on Australia’s best talent in a first-class format, and you can make the most out of our Sheffield Shield betting tips and match predictions if you want to follow the tips of experts. 

Are there a lot of Sheffield Shield betting options?

Yes, there is an impressive range of betting markets for Sheffield Shield betting. These range from outright markets like the winner and top batsman down to match specific markets like to score a century and to win the toss. There are also usually live and in-play markets that you can get involved with too. 

Who Is The Best Team In The Sheffield Shield?

While this does vary due to the competitive nature of the competition, New South Wales have been the best side historically, with the most titles across the history of the competition. 

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CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The Sheffield Shield is a superb competition to bet on for both novice and experienced bettors. The glut of betting markets coupled with the array of bookmakers that supply markets and odds for the competition means it is very well stocked for bettors. Of course, this sort of competition does require some more niche knowledge than betting on a big T20 competition would, but it would not take a massive amount of research to gain the upper hand when betting. Similarly, you can make the most out of our own best Sheffield Shield betting tips along with the glut of betting tips and match predictions we have on-site.

The first-class format of this competition means that it may not be to everyone’s taste as four-day cricket can be too long for non-cricket fans. However, the Sheffield Shield gives new and experienced bettors of cricket yet another brilliant way to bet on cricket.

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