Pro Kabaddi League Betting Guide: Tips and Predictions (2021)

After cricket and football, kabaddi is undoubtedly the next most popular sport in India. The country is also home to the professional-level Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. You can rest assured that the sport and Kabaddi betting, in particular, have plenty to offer to punters.

The massive popularity of kabaddi in India led to the Pro Kabaddi League, adding four more outfits to the fray in 2017. PKL 2020 will kick off with a total of 12 teams gunning to be crowned champions of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League.

If you are still dabbling with the idea of PKL betting, you have come to the right place. At CricketBettingAdvice, you will find the best Kabaddi betting sites and top Pro Kabaddi betting tips and match predictions for 2020.

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Top Kabaddi Betting Sites

Here are the top 5 Pro Kabaddi betting sites:

  1. 10CRIC
  2. 1xBet
  3. 22bet
  4. Dafabet
  5. MELbet

Understanding Kabaddi: The Basic Gameplay

Understanding the basics of this sport can help you approach Pro Kabaddi League betting effectively:

  • Two teams participate in a game, during which they take turns to raid and defend.
  • For the raiding team, the raider must enter the defending team’s court, touch one (or more) defenders, and then get back to his court safely within 30 seconds.
  • The raider must continuously chant the ‘kabaddi’ cant during the raid; otherwise, he will be eliminated.
  • The raider is awarded one point apiece for every defender he tags.
  • At the same time, he must avoid getting tackled by the defending team. This is where the difficulty kicks in, considering a raider could face anywhere from one to seven defenders at the same time.
  • The defending team must function as a unit to achieve either of the two objectives – prevent the raider from tagging them, or stop him from getting back to his court after he has tagged one or more defenders.
  • Each successful tackle is awarded one point.

Trivia Time

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Kabaddi Betting 2020: Odds, Tips, and Predictions

The Vivo Pro Kabaddi League is undoubtedly the biggest kabaddi tournament in the world, attracting spectators in massive numbers. 2014 marked the first edition of the Pro Kabaddi League, whereas PKL 2019 was the latest (seventh) edition that was broadcast on TV channels across India.

Organised by Mashal Sports, the PKL has 12 teams gunning for the kabaddi championship. The league is a mix of both Indian and overseas players battling it out on the mat and treating us lucky spectators to some high-voltage panga (‘tussle' in English).

At CricketBettingAdvice, our Pro Kabaddi League betting page seeks to offer you a detailed insight into the teams and players’ performance so you, the punter, can take informed decisions to up your betting game.

Kabaddi Betting Odds

PKL 2020 was initially scheduled for a July start, but owing to the global pandemic, has now been postponed. The eighth edition of the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League could be held in December, but there hasn’t been any official word on it yet. It is expected of Mashal Sports to announce the complete time-table and match schedule soon.

Once we get an official confirmation, we shall move quickly to add the complete match itinerary, venues, and the Pro Kabaddi League betting odds here. Be sure to keep checking this space for regular updates.

Pro Kabaddi 2021 Schedule

Location: Hyderabad (July 20 to July 26) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
July 20 Telugu Titans vs U Mumba Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates
July 21Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas
July 22Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas
July 24UP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi
July 25Dabang Delhi vs Tamil ThalaivasN/A
July 26 UP Yoddha vs Gujarat FortuneGiantsTelugu Titans vs Patna Pirates

Location: Mumbai  (July 27 to August 2) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
July 27U Mumba vs Puneri PaltanJaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors
July 28Dabang Delhi vs Haryana SteelersU Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls
July 29 Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna PiratesBengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan
July 31Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba vs UP Yoddha
August 1Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Dabang DelhiN/A
August 2Telugu Titans vs UP Yoddha U Mumba vs Gujarat FortuneGiants

Location: Patna (August 3 to August 9) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
August 3 Patna Pirates vs Jaipur Pink PanthersBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls
August 4Haryana Steelers vs Tamil ThalaivasPatna Pirates vs Puneri Paltan
August 5 Dabang Delhi vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Puneri Paltan
August 7 UP Yoddha vs Tamil ThalaivasPatna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers
August 8 Telugu Titans vs Bengaluru BullsN/A
August 9 Bengal Warriors vs U MumbaPatna Pirates vs UP Yoddha

Location: Ahmedabad (August 10 to August 16) 2021 

DateMatch 1Match 2
August 10Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Tamil ThalaivasPuneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi
August 11Bengaluru Bulls vs Haryana Steelers Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Telugu Titans
August 12Bengal Warriors vs Telugu TitansUP Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls
August 14UP Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Bengal Warriors
August 15Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri PaltanN/A
August 16U Mumba vs Patna Pirates Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Jaipur Pink Panthers

Location: Chennai (August 17 to August 23) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
August 17Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru Bulls Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi
August 18Haryana Steelers vs Telugu TitansTamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan
August 19U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers UP Yoddha vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
August 21Puneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls Tamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
August 22Bengal Warriors vs Patna PiratesN/A
August 23Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Patna Pirates Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba

Location: Delhi (August 24 to August 30) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
August 24Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans
August 25Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls Dabang Delhu vs UP Yoddha
August 26Bengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers UP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan
August 28Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Haryana Steelers Dabang Delhi vs U Mumba
August 29Bengal Warriors vs Tamil ThalaivasN/A
August 30Telugu Titans vs Puneri PaltanDabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates

Location: Bengaluru (August 31 to September 6) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
August 31Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat FortuneGiants U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
September 1 UP Yoddha vs Bengal WarriorsBengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas
September 2 Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas
September 4Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang DelhiBengaluru Bulls vs Patna Pirates
September 5 Puneri Paltan vs U Mumba N/A
September 6Patna Pirates vs UP YoddhaBengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans

Location: Kolkata (September 7 to September 13) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
September 7Bengal Warriors vs Gujarat FortuneGiantsDabang Delhi vs Haryana Steelers
September 8 Dabang Delhi vs Tamil Thalaivas Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan
September 9UP Yoddha vs Gujarat FortuneGiantsTamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates
September 11Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengal Warriors vs U Mumba
September 12Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna Pirates N/A
September 13Telugu Titans vs U MumbaBengal Warriors vs Bengaluru Bulls

Location: Pune (September 14 to September 20) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
September 14Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat FortuneGiantsTamil Thalaivas vs Haryana Steelers
September 15 Dabang Delhi vs Gujarat FortuneGiants Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates
September 16 Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP YoddhaTelugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi
September 18U Mumba vs UP Yoddha Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas
September 19Bengal Warriors vs Haryana Steelers N/A
September 20Telugu Titans vs Patna PiratesPuneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls

Location: Jaipur (September 21 to September 27) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
September 21Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat FortuneGiantsUP Yoddha vs Tamil Thalaivas
September 22 U Mumba vs Gujarat FortuneGiants Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal Warriors
September 23Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru Bulls
September 25 Telugu Titans vs Bengal WarriorsJaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan
September 26Patna Pirates vs Dabang Delhi N/A
September 27U Mumba vs Bengaluru BullsJaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans

Location: Panchkula (September 28 to October 4) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
September 28Haryana Steelers vs UP Yoddha Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Tamil Thalaivas
September 29 Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi Haryana Steelers vs Gujarat FortuneGiants
September 30Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi Tamil Thalaivas vs U Mumba
October 2U Mumba vs Patna Pirates Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru Bulls
October 3Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan N/A
October 4Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru BullsHaryana Steelers vs Telugu Titans

Location: Greater Noida (October 5 to October 11) 2021

DateMatch 1Match 2
October 5UP Yoddha vs Dabang Delhi Gujarat FortuneGiants vs Patna Pirates
October 6Bengal Warriors vs Patna Pirates,UP Yoddha vs Puneri Paltan
October 7Telugu Titans vs Gujarat FortuneGiantsTamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
October 9Bengal Warriors vs Tamil ThalaivasUP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans
October 10U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers N/A
October 11Dabang Delhi vs U Mumba UP Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls
October 14Eliminator 1TBATBA
October 14Eliminator 2TBATBA
October 16Semifinal 1TBATBA
October 16Semifinal 2TBATBA
October 19FinalTBATBA

Kabaddi Betting Tips

Ideally, you must follow the Pro Kabaddi League live. Pay attention to the:

Kabaddi Betting Tip #1: Form of the Team

You should know the form of the two sides heading into the match and their H2H records. Take rivalries into account, for just like football betting, kabaddi rivalries are crucial if you want to be successful at Pro Kabaddi League betting. 

For instance, a face-off featuring the Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba is a significant talking point for punters. That’s because while U Mumba may have the upper hand, you can never count out the Jaipur-based outfit from bringing their A-game on the big day.

Below is a table showing performance-related stats of the 12 teams across all seasons. It's best to stay on top of information like this should you want to try your hand at PKL betting.

TeamTotal matches playedWinsLossesWin (%)Loss (%)
Patna Pirates134705138.0552.23
U Mumba131814261.8332.06
Bengal Warriors129595545.7342.63
Puneri Paltan128506739.0652.34
Bengaluru Bulls130606246.1547.69
Jaipur Pink Panthers126546142.8548.41
Telegu Titans126516040.4747.61
Dabang Delhi126476937.3054.76
UP Yoddha (Since 2017)71313043.6642.25
Haryana Steelers (Since 2017)68322947.0542.64
Tamil Thalaivas (Since 2017)66154222.7263.63
Gujarat Fortune Giants (Since 2017)71412357.7432.39

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

Kabaddi Betting Tip #2: Past Champions

Patna Pirates have been there and done that the highest number of times. These three-time consecutive champions – January 2016, June 2016, and 2017 — are undoubtedly a major force, and you should respect their dominance on the court during Pro Kabaddi League betting.

For instance, Pardeep Narwal, the Patna Pirates raider, has reserved to his name the highest total points, most raid points, and most successful raids across all seasons.

U Mumba, another prolific outfit at the Pro kabaddi League and winner of the second edition, has the highest win percentage of 61.83% across all seasons. Fazel Atrachali of U Mumba is third on the list of most successful tackles across the seven seasons.

Get detailed team stats on Patna Pirates and other PKL outfits.

Kabaddi Betting Tip #3: Dark Horses

Pro Kabaddi League betting odds depend on the interest that a match generates. The favourites typically will have lower odds, whereas the dark horses will have higher odds riding on them. These are the outfits that can potentially outwit stronger sides and get ahead in the race for the title.

Taking a punt on the underdogs — be it for Pro Kabaddi League betting or sports betting in general — is always a lucrative proposition for punters. Betting on the dark horse can offer considerable bang for your buck. So, if you want to make the most of PKL betting and win serious money, you should consider placing a few bets on the underdogs.

Kabaddi Betting Strategies

The following PKL betting strategies are for newbies and seasoned punters alike. The information is kept simple, so you don’t have to run from pillar to post trying to find the best Pro Kabaddi League betting odds.

Kabaddi Betting Strategy #1: Track the markets

Betting markets can change fast, and you do not want to let go of handsome odds. By downloading a mobile betting app, you can make the most of the Pro Kabaddi League betting markets while you are on the move. Mobile betting applications are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Kabaddi Betting Strategy #2: Know the predictions

Keep an eye out for the Pro Kabaddi League predictions. Once the PKL 2020 kicks off, we will swing into action and post experts’ predictions regularly. While they cannot guarantee winnings, you can count on them to hit home more often than not.

Kabaddi Betting Strategy #3: Get the best odds

If you are serious, you should focus on getting the most competitive PKL betting odds. That way, you will get the chance to win much more compared to what you would with subpar odds. The idea is to bide some time and shop around before placing your wager.

Over the next few weeks, we will be compiling the best Pro Kabaddi League betting odds from multiple bookmakers and updating them in this space. So keep an eye out for them.

Kabaddi Betting Strategy #4: Grab the Best Bonus

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like freebies? Lucrative promos and handsome bonuses can provide you with a much-needed leg up during Pro Kabaddi League betting. Of the more significant advantages, the most obvious one is that you can bet on the PKL without shelling out a dime from your pocket.

All the Pro Kabaddi League betting sites we recommend offer a healthy range of welcome bonuses and tailored promotions that you can use to make big real money winnings. Importantly, kabaddi sites have low wagering requirements – a definite added boost to your betting endeavours.

Kabaddi Betting Strategy #5: Manage your money

In sports betting, your bankroll is the amount of money you are comfortable punting with. Learning bankroll management is the key to mastering online betting and registering consistent winnings with the best bookmakers out there.

Popular Pro Kabaddi Betting Markets

Here’s the exciting part: all the kabaddi sites we feature, besides offering top-draw odds, also have a variety of betting markets on offer. Stated below are the more popular Pro Kabaddi League betting markets you can explore:

Kabaddi Betting #1: Match betting

Much like in cricket betting, the match betting market demands attention in kabaddi as well. Here, you simply predict the favourites to win a match on a given day. Match betting is a hit among PKL fans, considering there is a variety of exciting matches every day.

In this market, past champions are usually popular options. By that logic, defending champions Bengal Warriors can be a tempting proposition to put your money on.

Kabaddi Betting #2: Outright betting

Here, you try to predict the favourites to win the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. A hit among kabaddi betting enthusiasts, the outright betting market should feature on every bookmaker’s list of markets when the eighth chapter of the Pro Kabaddi League finally commences.

Consider the teams’ win/loss stats from the past seasons to have a fair idea of who could clinch the PKL championship this time. While it is a safe strategy to punt on the sheer favourites, remember that they will have shorter odds. Also, the PKL is immensely competitive, so don’t rule out possible shockers. Remember, for example, how three-time champion Patna Pirates crashed out of the league stage in PKL 2019.

Kabaddi Betting #3: Individual betting

While not widely available, you can punt on individual performers in Pro Kabaddi League betting. These will typically include betting on the most successful raider or tackler of the season. For your convenience, we have compiled key PKL stats, across the league's seven editions, farther down this article. That should be helpful, so keep reading.

Pro Kabaddi League Live Betting

If we were to put a finger on that one innovation that indeed was a watershed moment for millions of punters worldwide, it would be the introduction of live betting. Live betting has taken online betting by storm, and it gives you the chance to bet on a match while it’s underway.

The distinctive perk of Pro Kabaddi League live betting is that you can access a few unique markets on top of the usual ones we discussed. The experience of live streaming and betting simultaneously is unmatched — you can make informed bets as you will know which way the fortunes are shifting.

Pro Kabaddi League live betting assumes significance in tight encounters that could go down to the wire. If you have been following PKL closely, you will know that teams often win from behind and that you can seldom rule out a last-minute shift in fortunes.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League: General Play and Match Rules

Kabaddi is an exciting team sport, one that is incredibly popular in India. However, if you are new to the sport and wish to test the Pro Kabaddi League betting waters, you must understand the rules of the game, specifically the ones tailored to the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League.

Let’s begin:


  • Each participating team in the PKL must have minimum 10 and maximum 12 players in its match-day squad.
  • However, only seven players are allowed to be fielded at any given time while the remaining players (three or five, depending on the squad strength) shall be substitutes.
  • Every team must have at least one overseas player in its match-day squad.


Every match will run for 40 minutes, and be equally divided into two halves of 20 minutes each, along with a five-minute interval between the two halves. After the interval, both the teams must change sides.

Note: The last raid of any half must be completed, even if that means exceeding the scheduled time limit.

Scoring system

  • Each team will score one point for every opponent that it puts out. The team that scores an All-out will score two additional points.
  • For every bonus point awarded, each team will score one point.
  • If only three (or less) defenders manage to contain the raider, the defending team gets an extra bonus point. Therefore, in such an instance, the total points awarded are two.

General match rules

  • The field of play will measure a minimum of 17 metres x 18 meters or maximum 20 metres x 20 metres.
  • Every player should weigh a max of 85 kgs. Any player weighing more than that will not be allowed to take the court on match day.
  • Every play, known as a ‘raid’, involves one raider trying to get into the opposition’s ranks, and attempting to tag the players.
  • While trying to do that, the raider must make sure the opposition team’s defenders don’t manage to stop him.
  • Every tagged player from the defending team is eliminated from the contest. Similarly, every raider stopped/caught by the defending team while raiding is eliminated.
  • With every tag, a player from the raiding team can return to the contest
  • Each raid should be completed in a single breath. The raider must continuously chant the accepted cant, ‘kabaddi’, and not break the breath. In case the raider fails to do so, the defending team will be awarded one point and the opportunity to raid.
  • Each team will get one ‘time out’ of 90 seconds during the match.
  • The team that scores the maximum points within the stipulated time limit will be declared the winner.
  • In case of a tie, extra time of seven minutes will be allowed to arrive at the match result. Regular play rules will be followed at this time.
  • If the game is a tie even at the end of the extra time, the Golden Raid rule will become applicable.

PKL's rules are similar to those followed across the sport’s indoor team versions. However, additional rules have been introduced to the PKL to make the play more exciting and encourage scoring.

Read all about the Pro Kabaddi rules in detail.

Pro Kabaddi League: Tournament Structure

Kabaddi captivated the spectators at the 2006 Asian Games, and it was the sheer popularity of the sport that nudged the formation of the Pro Kabaddi League. The format of this professional-level tournament was influenced by the Indian Premier League.

Similar to the IPL, the PKL relies on a franchise-based model, and its first season was held in 2014.

  • First edition: 2014
  • Latest edition: 2019
  • Next edition: 2020
  • Format: Double round-robin league, followed by playoffs

In PKL 2019, 132 matches were played in the league stage. The top six teams headed to the playoffs.

Four knockout matches (Eliminator 1, Eliminator 2, Semi-final 1, Semi-final 2) were played leading to the final.

  • Total number of teams currently: 12
  • Current champions: Bengal Warriors
  • Most successful team: Patna Pirates (Three-time champion)
  • Total prize money at PKL 2019: Rs. 8 crore

Pro Kabaddi League: Brief History

The Vivo Pro Kabaddi League, since its first season in 2014, has genuinely been a ground-breaking initiative for the sport that is arguably the most followed in India after cricket and football. The PKL has introduced necessary innovations to the game, making it a grand event for both players and punters seeking to win at Pro Kabaddi League betting.

The PKL, backed by the AKFI, IKF and AKF, has witnessed a massive rise in popularity over the past seven seasons.

Star India and Mashal Sports have worked in tandem to ensure kabaddi got the attention it deserved at the International level. Thanks to the exciting innovations and tweaks across general play and match rules, fans and betting enthusiasts are treated to some of the most exhilarating kabaddi action every year.

The sport got a much-needed breather with the Pro Kabaddi League getting an increasing foothold in India’s metropolitan cities and other regions where kabaddi wouldn’t be given its due previously. Today, the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League boasts participation from several parts of the country, thanks to Mashal Sports’ outreach to motivate young talent from across India.

Today, courtesy of the Pro Kabaddi League, several domestic and overseas players can think of kabaddi as a full-time career. Since its inception in 2014 up until 2016, the league had eight participating teams. In 2017, four new teams – Gujarat Fortune Giants, Tamil Thalaivas, UP Yoddha, and Haryana Steelers — were added to the PKL fold.

In the latest edition that’s expected for a late-2020 start, kabaddi superstars will once again square up against each other for some high-octane action on the mat.

Pro Kabaddi League: Past Champions

It helps to know the past champions should you wish to get into Pro Kabaddi League betting. While U Mumba, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Bengaluru Bulls, and Bengal Warriors have won the Pro Kabaddi League once each, Patna Pirates has won the PKL thrice, having defended their title twice.

Bengal Warriors are the current champions, having won the seventh edition of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2019.

SeasonNumber of TeamsWinnerRunner-upFinal Scoreline
201912Bengal WarriorsDabang Delhi KC39-34
201812Bengaluru BullsGujarat Fortune Giants38-33
201712Patna PiratesGujarat Fortune Giants55-38
2016 (June)8Patna PiratesJaipur Pink Panthers37-29
2016 (January)8Patna PiratesU Mumba31-28
20158U MumbaBengaluru Bulls36-30
20148Jaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba35-24

Statistically Speaking: Pro Kabaddi League Key Stats

Listed below are relevant stats you will find helpful if you want to send the cash registers ringing with Pro Kabaddi League betting. Use the following data to your advantage:

Total points (All seasons)

RankPlayerCurrent TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Pardeep NarwalPatna Pirates1071169
2Rahul ChaudhariTamil Thalaivas1221014
3Deepak Niwas HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers123943
4Ajay ThakurTamil Thalaivas115811
5Maninder SinghBengal Warriors79740

Most raid points (All seasons)

RankPlayerCurrent TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Pardeep NarwalPatna Pirates1071160
2Rahul ChaudhariTamil Thalaivas122955
3Deepak Niwas HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers123856
4Ajay ThakurTamil Thalaivas115790
5Maninder SinghBengal Warriors79731

Most successful raids (All seasons)

RankPlayerCurrent TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Pardeep NarwalPatna Pirates107880
2Rahul ChaudhariTamil Thalaivas122788
3Deepak Niwas HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers123698
4Ajay ThakurTamil Thalaivas115640
5Maninder SinghBengal Warriors79586

Most tackle points (All seasons)

RankPlayerCurrent TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Manjeet ChhillarTamil Thalaivas108339
2Ravinder PahalDabang Delhi KC112326
3Fazel AtrachaliU Mumba103317
4Sandeep NarwalU Mumba125310
5PO Surjeet SinghPuneri Paltan94278

Most successful tackles (All seasons)

RankPlayerCurrent TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Manjeet ChhillarTamil Thalaivas108324
2Ravinder PahalDabang Delhi KC112307
3Fazel AtrachaliU Mumba103297
4Sandeep NarwalU Mumba125282
5PO Surjeet SinghPuneri Paltan94260

Pro Kabaddi League Glossary

Before you tinker with Pro Kabaddi League betting, it's important to know some of the typical terms and their definitions used in any match. Refer to the image below to understand the various court lines and their functions:

  • Court refers to the area on which the Pro Kabaddi League matches are conducted. A court measures 13 metres x 10 metres.
  • Lobby refers to the yellow-coloured trips on both sides of the court. These measure one metre in width.
  • End lines are the four boundary lines that demarcate the court. The end lines must be 3 to 5 cm wide.
  • Mid-lines divide the court into two equal halves.
  • The two baulk lines in the court run parallel to the mid-line. Their distance from the mid line is 3.75 metre.
  • Bonus lines lie in between the end lines and baulk lines. The distance between the bonus line and baulk line is one metre.
  • A raider must enter the opponent’s court while chanting the ‘kabaddi’ cant. He must begin the cant when he is still in his court.
  • A defender refers to a player who is in his court trying to stop/contain the opposition camp’s raider from executing a successful raid.
  • A defender is ‘put out’ if a raider touches him (without breaching the rules of play) or should any part of the defender’s body touch the raider and then the raider reaches his court while chanting the cant.
  • To hold a raider refers to the defending team being able to hold/stop the raider, contain him in the defenders’ court (without breaching the rules of play), and not allow the raider to reach his court until the referee blows the whistle or the raider breaks his cant.
  • If a raider touches his court with any part of his body (without breaching the rules of play), he is said to have reached court safely.
  • Struggle refers to when one (or more) defenders come into contact with the raider. The lobby areas are activated and considered a part of the court after a touch or struggle.
  • A raid begins when the raider enters the defending team’s court while chanting the cant. The maximum limit for any raid is 30 seconds.
  • If a raider crosses the defending team’s baulk line (at least once during a raid) and comes back to his court (with the cant) but without scoring, it is said to be an empty raid.
  • A super tackle happens if a raider is successfully defended by three (or less than three) defenders.

Pro Kabaddi League Betting FAQs

1. Is Kabaddi betting legal in India?

Indian gaming and gambling laws are ambiguous. They relate to physical gambling at brick-and-mortar establishments. Besides, certain states in the country have legislation in place that legalise gambling. However, remember that none of these laws expressly talk about or prohibit online gambling. So technically, Kabaddi betting (and online sports betting in general) is legitimate in India.

2. Where can I bet on the Pro Kabaddi League?

The top three Kabaddi betting sites are 10CRIC, 1XBet, and Dafabet. However, there are other betting sites we recommend as well. For the full list, please scroll to the top of the article.

3. When does the PKL 2020 start?

As of now, the tournament is slated for a December start, postponed from July due to the global pandemic. However, there hasn’t been any official communication regarding this matter. As things currently stand, at the time of writing this article, the PKL 2019 was the last edition, and the PKL 2020 is scheduled to be the eighth season of the immensely-popular kabaddi league.

4. How can I go about Kabaddi betting online?

The process is fairly straightforward:

  • Choose from the recommended kabaddi betting sites.
  • Head to the site you prefer.
  • Enter the necessary details to create an account.
  • Make the first deposit.
  • Choose an appropriate kabaddi betting market.
  • Place your bets.

5. Can I win real money with Kabaddi betting?

Of course you can. All you need to do is choose a PKL match, back a team, and pick a betting market. We've also provide Kabaddi betting tips and predictions above to help you along the way.

Expect to find the best Pro Kabaddi League betting odds here at Cricket Betting Advice once PKL 2020 gets underway. Our team of experts follow the PKL closely and will update the odds regularly. 

6. What is the best market for Kabaddi  betting?

If you are still testing the betting waters, we advise you to keep things simple. Start with match betting, where you have to predict the winning team in a particular match on any given day. With experience, you can explore the other Kabaddi betting markets, including betting on the outright winner (the team to win the PKL) and individual performers, like the most successful raider and tackler.

Seasoned punters like to bet on Pro Kabaddi League live, considering it is much more exciting to watch live action and bet at the same time. Also, you have a better shot at making an informed bet, something that may not happen with pre-match betting.

7. Do mobile betting apps offer Kabaddi betting?

Yes, most of them do. You can download mobile betting apps for free, and bet on the go. Even if your chosen bookmaker doesn’t have a mobile betting app, don’t worry. You can still use their mobile-optimised website and bet easily through your mobile browser.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The Pro Kabaddi League is a blockbuster sporting event. Passionate kabaddi buffs will stay glued to their TV screens as the 12 star-studded sides lock horns in what will be the eighth edition of the PKL. Rivalries will be renewed as PKL 2019 champions Bengal Warriors try to defend their title.

The last time these outfits got down to panga on the mat, three-time champion Patna Pirates could not make it past the league stage. Can they be beaten once again, or will the Pardeep Narwal-led outfit be able to exact sweet revenge with their fourth title? Whatever be the case, we will be treated to some high-voltage kabaddi action and nail-biting finishes.

We’ve got all bases covered for the punter in you. All the Pro Kabaddi League betting sites we've recommend here are licensed and certified, their fairness verified by an approved testing agency like eCOGRA. They also offer sizeable welcome bonuses, tailored promos, and excellent odds, as well as provide you with an assortment of kabaddi betting markets, secure and hassle-free banking options, and round-the-clock customer support.

At CricketBettingAdvice, we try and give you the best online betting tips to maximise your winnings. 

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