Pro Kabaddi League Betting: PKL Tips and Predictions (2022)

After cricket and football, kabaddi is undoubtedly the next most popular sport in India. The country is even home to the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League, a professional-level tournament fashioned on the Indian Premier League.

In 2021, the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League will start on the 22nd December, with 12 teams gunning for the PKL championship. This article serves as your completed guide to Pro Kabaddi League betting – from the best PKL odds and bookmakers to popular markets and Pro Kabaddi League betting tips and match predictions, we have you covered.

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Pro Kabaddi League Outright Winner Odds

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League: An Overview

The Vivo Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) was inspired by homegrown domestic tournaments like the Indian Premier League, one of the world’s top cricket tournaments, and the Indian Super League.

The league was established to provide a platform for kabaddi players to showcase their talent and the true potential of the game itself. The Pro Kabaddi League has been successful in leading the sport into the limelight while also broadening its aspirational value. Previously considered a ‘Hindi heartland’ sport, kabaddi is now garnering a lot of interest among the urbane as well.

The league had a viewership of 522 million in the first season, with PKL 2019 registering over 1.2 billion viewership impressions. That tells you a great deal about the popularity of the sport. Pro Kabaddi League betting sites are more than eager to cash in on this, providing you with competitive PKL odds and multiple markets.

It’s almost as if sports betting in India has got a shot in the arm with the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League, and we reckon the sport will only reach greater heights from here.

Understanding Kabaddi: The Basic Gameplay

Understanding the basics of this sport can help you approach Pro Kabaddi League betting effectively:

  • Two teams have to participate in a game, where they take turns to raid and defend.
  • For the raiding team, the raider must enter the defending team’s court, touch one (or more) defenders, and then get back to his court safely within 30 seconds.
  • The raider must continuously chant the ‘kabaddi’ cant during the raid; otherwise, he will be eliminated.
  • The raider is awarded one point apiece for every defender he tags.
  • At the same time, he must avoid getting tackled by the defending team. This is where the difficulty kicks in, considering a raider could face anywhere from one to seven defenders at the same time.
  • The defending team must function as a unit to achieve either of the two objectives – prevent the raider from tagging them, or stop him from getting back to his court after he has tagged one or more defenders.
  • Each successful tackle is awarded one point.

Pro Kabaddi League Match Rules

Here are some general match rules for a PKL game:

  • Team: Each team should have a minimum of ten players in its squad. The maximum players it can have is twelve.
  • Duration: The match is held for a duration of forty minutes, divided into two equal sessions.
  • Toss: The toss-winning team may decide to choose either the side of the court or the raid. The side is switched in the second half of the game.
  • CANT: The raider has to start chanting ‘kabaddi’, the official cant, before he enters the opponent’s side of the court, and must continue doing so until he returns to his side. He can be eliminated if he stops chanting.
  • Time-Out: Each team is allowed to take a 90 seconds time-out in every match after taking the referee’s permission.

You can read more about general match rules in detail by visiting the Pro Kabaddi League website.

Pro Kabaddi League Betting 2021: Odds, Tips and Predictions

The Vivo Pro Kabaddi League is undoubtedly the biggest kabaddi tournament in the world, attracting spectators in massive numbers. 2014 marked the first edition of the Pro Kabaddi League, while the PKL 2019 was the latest (seventh) edition that beamed on TV channels across India.

Organised by Mashal Sports, the 2021 Vivo Pro Kabaddi League will get underway sometime in December. Seeing as the 2020 PKL was cancelled, this will be the 8th chapter of the league happening after almost 26 months since the 2019 PKL.

The league is a mix of both Indian and overseas players battling it out on the court and treating us to some high-voltage panga (tussle, in English).

2021 Pro Kabaddi League Betting Odds

Tamil Thalaivas 2.10 2.08 2.04 2.12 2.00
Puneri Paltan 2.00 2.09 2.06 2.13 2.00
Patna Pirates 2.10 2.13 2.10 2.17 2.10
Bengal Warriors 2.00 2.05 2.02 2.09 1.95

2021 Pro Kabaddi League Betting Tips

Ideally, you should follow the Pro Kabaddi League live. Below, we've listed all the most important aspects you should pay attention to as a punter. 

Team Form

Know the form of the two sides heading into the match and their H2H records. Take rivalries into account, for just like football betting, kabaddi rivalries are crucial if you want to be successful at Pro Kabaddi League betting.

Below is a table showing detailed stats of the 12 teams across all seasons. You'll want to stay on top of information like this for Pro Kabaddi League betting.

TeamTotal matches playedWinsLossesWin (%)Loss (%)
Patna Pirates134705152.2338.05
U Mumba131814261.8332.06
Bengal Warriors129595545.7342.63
Puneri Paltan128506739.0652.34
Bengaluru Bulls130606246.1547.69
Jaipur Pink Panthers126546142.8548.41
Telagu Titans126516040.4747.61
Dabang Delhi126476937.3054.76
UP Yoddha (Since 2017)71313043.6642.25
Haryana Steelers (Since 2017)68322947.0542.64
Tamil Thalaivas (Since 2017)66154222.7263.63
Gujarat Fortune Giants (Since 2017)71412357.7432.39

Past Champions

Patna Pirates have been there and done that the most number of times. The three-time consecutive champion – January 2016, June 2016, and 2017 – is undoubtedly a major force, and it's a good idea to respect their dominance on the court when it comes to Pro Kabaddi League betting.

For instance, Pardeep Narwal, the former Patna Pirates raider (now with UP Yoddha), has reserved to his name the highest total points, most raid points, and most successful raids across all seasons.

U Mumba, another prolific outfit in the Pro kabaddi League and winner of the second edition, has the highest win percentage of 61.83% across all seasons. Fazel Atrachali of U Mumba is third on the list of most successful tackles across the seven seasons.

Get the detailed team stats on Patna Pirates and other PKL outfits!

Dark Horses

Pro Kabaddi League betting odds depend on the interest a match generates. The favourites will typically have lower odds, whereas the dark horses will be priced higher. These are the teams that can outwit the stronger sides and get ahead in the race for the title.

Bear in mind that taking a punt on the underdogs – be it in Pro Kabaddi League betting or sports in general – is always a lucrative proposition.

2021 Pro Kabaddi League: Analysing Team Strengths and Weaknesses

The 8th edition of the PKL is expected to kick off in December this year – 26 months since the last season culminated in October 2019.

Here’s the revised team composition at the end of the August auctions:

Bengal Warriors

Bengal Warriors Logo

Ravindra KumawatAbozar Mohajer MighaniMohammed Nabibakhsh
Maninder SinghDarshan JRohit
Sumit SinghRinku NarwalManjoj Gowda K
Rishank DevadigaVijin Thangadurai
Sukesh HegdeParveen
Akash PikalmundeRohit Banne
/Sachin Vittala
  • Money spent: Rs 4.2 crores
  • Strengths: Strong raiding order. Having retained Maninder Singh and Nabibakhsh, the new inclusion of Devadiga and Hedge adds to the variety.
  • Weaknesses: Not too many, but cover defence might just be that one area of concern.

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Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls Logo

BantySaurabh Nandal
Dong Geon LeeAmit Sheoran
Pawan Kumar SehrawatMohit Sehrawat
Chandran RanjitZiaur Rahman
Abolfazi MaghsodlouMahender Singh
GB MoreAnkit
Deepak NarwalMayur Jagannath Kadam
  • Money Spent: 4.05 crores.
  • Strength: This team's strong raiding department can give any team a run for its money. In More, Ranjit, and Narwal, there is solid cover for Sehrawat. Also, there should be good rapport between members, as the Bulls have managed to retain many players from PKL 2019.
  • Weaknesses: The defence lacks experience; youngsters will have to step up.

Head over to Parimatch for Pro Kabaddi League betting on Bengaluru Bulls!

Dabang Delhi

Dabang Delhi K.C. Logo

Neeraj NarwalSumitBalram
Naveen KumarMohitSandeep Narwal
Emad Sedaghat NiaMohammad MalakVijay
Ajay ThakurJeeva KumarManjeet Chhillar
Sushant SailJoginder Narwal
  • Money Spent: 3.98 crores.
  • Strengths: Reserves of experience, particularly in defence. The Thakur-Naveen duo seem promising. With Naveen in the ranks, Thakur can now take fewer risks. On the other hand, Thakur’s maturity and experience will certainly take the pressure off Naveen.
  • Weaknesses: While there’s plenty of experience, Sandeep Narwal and Manjeet Chhillar haven’t really performed optimally in recent times.

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Gujarat Giants

Gujarat Fortune Giants Logo


Harmanjit SinghSumitHadi Oshtorak
Mahendra RajputAnkit
SonuParvesh Bhainswal
Rathan KSunil Kumar
Maninder SinghSoleiman Pahlevani
Harshit YadavRavinder Pahal
Pardeep KumarGirish Ernak
Ajay Kumar
  • Money Spent: 4.06 crores.
  • Strengths: A strong defence department with proven performers in key roles.
  • Weaknesses: There’s no proven raider in the ranks. Ajay Kumar and Rajput, while promising, haven’t delivered as expected yet.

Try Pro Kabaddi League betting on Gujarat Giants at Parimatch!

Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers Logo

Vikas ChhillarChand SinghHamid Mirzaei Nader
VinajSurender NadaVikas Jaglan
Vikash KhandolaRavi KumarRohit Gulia
Mohammed MaghsodlouRajesh GurjarRajesh Narwal
//Brijendra Singh Chaudhary
  • Money Spent: Rs 3.83 crores.
  • Strengths: With Nada, Rajesh Narwal, and Ravi Kumar in the ranks, defence looks decent. The trio also brings maturity and experience to the table, and Vikash Khandola is one of the finest raiders in the PKL.
  • Weaknesses: Khandola doesn’t have a lot of support, and there are unproven players in vital positions.

Head over to 10CRIC for Pro Kabaddi League betting on Haryana Steelers!

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Jaipur Pink Panthers Logo

Sushil GuliaElavarasan ASachin Narwal
Amir Hossain MohammedmalekiVishalDeepak Niwas Hooda
Mohammed Amin NosratiPavan TRNitin Rawal
Naveen Amit Hooda
AshokSandeep Dhull
Arjun DeshwalDharmaraj Cheralathan
Amit NagarSumit
  • Money Spent: Rs 4.22 crores.
  • Strengths: There’s balance in the squad, with quality all-rounders in Deepak Hooda and Rawal lending flexibility.
  • Weaknesses: A relatively inexperienced raiding order. The likes of Naveen and Arjun Deshwal will have to step up, otherwise there would be extra pressure on Deepak Hooda.

Head over to 10CRIC for Pro Kabaddi League betting on Jaipur Pink Panthers!

Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates Logo

Rajveersinh Pratap Rao ChavanNeeraj KumarSahil Mann
MohitSunilMohammedreza Chiyaneh
MonuSourav Gulia
Jang Kun LeeSandeep
Prashanth Kumar RaiShubham Shinde
Guman Singh
Monu Goyat
  • Money Spent: Rs 3.87 crores
  • Strengths: There’s depth and plenty of variety in this team's raiding ranks.
  • Weaknesses: Weak defence, both in quantity and quality. The Patna Pirates will have to do with just five specialist defenders.

Head over to Parimatch for Pro Kabaddi League betting on Patna Pirates!

Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan Logo

Pankaj MohiteSanket SawantGovind Gurjar
Pawan Kumar KadianBalasaheb Shahaji JadhavVictor Obiero
Mohit GoyatHadi TajikE Subhash
Rahul ChaudhariVishal Bhardwaj
Nitin TomarBaldev Singh
Vishwas SSombir
/Abhinesh Nadarajan
/Sourav Kumar
  • Money Spent: Rs 4.03 crores.
  • Strengths: Strong raiding department with a solid mix of experience and youth. The Paltans have two high-quality corner defenders and plenty of option in their cover areas.
  • Weaknesses: Nitin Tomar and Rahul Chaudhari have struggled in recent times. Their positions in the team are not guaranteed.

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Tamil Thalaivas

Tamil Thalaivas Logo

K PrapanjanSagarAnwar Saheed Baba
ManjeetM AbhishekSourabh Tanaji Patil
Bhavani RajputHimanshuSagar B Krishna
Ajinkya Ashok PawarMohammad Tuhin TarafderSanthapanaselvam
Athul MSSurjeet Singh
  • Money Spent: 3.86 crores
  • Strengths: In PO Surjeet Singh, Tamil Thalaivas have probably the best cover defender in the Pro Kabaddi League. Young raiders Manjeet and Prapanjan have had excellent seasons in recent times; the duo will likely forge a decent combination.
  • Weaknesses: Relatively inexperienced defence, which will leave Surjeet Singh without much support. The raiding order, barring Manjeet and Prapanjan, doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

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Telegu Titans

Telugu Titans Logo

Ankit BeniwalAkash Dattu Arsul
RajnishAkash Choudhary
Rakesh GowdaManish
Hyunsu ParkPrince
Siddharth DesaiAbe Tetsuro
Rohit KumarSurender Singh
G RajuSandeep Kandola
Amit Chauhan Ruturaj Koravi
/Adarsh T
/C Arun
  • Money Spent: 4.22 crores.
  • Strengths: Their raiding department appears strong, thanks to Rohit Kumar, Desai, and Rajnish. Rohit has demonstrated smart leadership abilities and will be an asset for the Titans. The corner defence looks decent with Ruturaj Koravi and Sandeep Kandola.
  • Weaknesses: The Titans’ cover defence could be an area of concern. Surender Singh is a top-notch defender, but he can be slightly rash sometimes. He will have to cut down this tendency, especially with inexperienced defenders by his side.

Try out Pro Kabaddi League betting on Telegu Titans at 1xBet!

U Mumba

U Mumba Logo

NavneetHarendra KumarAjinkya Kapre
Abhishek Singh Fazel AtrachaliMohsen Maghsoudlou Jafari
Ajith V KumarRinkuPankaj
Jashandeep SinghSunil SidhagavliAshish Kumar Sangwan
Rahul RanaAjeet
  • Money Spent: Rs 3.77 crores
  • Strengths: Skipper and top defender Fazel Atrachali + a good lineup of all-rounders.
  • Weaknesses: The raiding and defence department seems slightly lacking in experience. The likes of Abhishek Singh and Atrachali will have a lot riding on them.

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UP Yoddha

U.P. Yoddha Logo

Surender GillAshu SinghNitin Panwar
Mohammad TaghiSumitGurdeep
Md Masud KarimNitesh Kumar
Pardeep NarwalGaurav Kumar
Shrikanth JadhavAashish Nagar
Gulveer Singh
  • Money Spent: Rs 4.12 crores
  • Strengths: Undoubtedly Pardeep Narwal. Apart from the super signing, UP Yoddha have done well to build a strong support team. In Surender Gill, Shrikanth Jadhav, and Mohammad Taghi, the raiding order looks strong.
  • Weaknesses: There are quite a few unproven names in the defence department. The onus will be on Sumit and Nitesh Kumar to make the others rally around them as a unit.

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2021 Pro Kabaddi League Betting Markets

Below are the two most popular PKL betting markets that draw the maximum attention from bettors, and which will likely be provided by the best kabaddi betting sites.

PKL MarketDescriptionRecommended Pro Kabaddi League Betting Site
Match WinnerThe easiest of the lot. Simply predict which team will win a particular match. Take a look at the two teams’ H2H records to increase your chances of coming out on top. Parimatch
Outright WinnerBet on the team you think will win the 2021 Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. Be sure to do your research well first! 10CRIC

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League: Tournament Structure

  • First edition: 2014
  • Latest edition: 2019
  • Next edition: 2021 (the 2020 edition was cancelled because of COVID-19)
  • Format: Double round-robin league, followed by playoffs

In PKL 2019, 132 matches were played in the league stage. The top six teams headed to the playoffs. Four knockout matches (Eliminator 1, Eliminator 2, Semi-final 1, Semi-final 2) were played leading to the final. The same format will be followed in 2021.

  • Total number of teams currently: 12
  • Current champions: Bengal Warriors (1 Title)
  • Most successful team: Patna Pirates (Three-time champion)

Pro Kabaddi League : Past Winners

SeasonNumber of TeamsWinnerRunner-upFinal Scoreline
201912Bengal WarriorsDebang Delhi KC39-34
201812Bengaluru BullsGujarat Fortune Giants38-33
201712Patna PiratesGujarat Fortune Giants55-38
2016 (June)8Patna PiratesJaipur Pink Panthers37-29
2016 (January)8Patna PiratesU Mumba31-28
20158U MumbaBengluru Bulls36-30
20148Jaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba35-24

Pro Kabaddi League: Numbers That Matter

Total Points (All seasons)

RankPlayer2021 PKL TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Perdeep NarwalUP Yoddha1071169
2Rahul ChaudhariPuneri Paltan1221014
3Deepak Niwas HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers123943
4Ajay ThakurDabang Delhi115811
5Maninder SinghBengal Warriors79740

Most Tackle Points (All seasons)

RankPlayer2021 PKL TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Manjeet ChhillarDabang Delhi108339
2Ravinder PahalGujarat Giants122326
3Fazel AtrachaliU Mumba103317
4Sandeep NarwalDabang Delhi125310
5PO Surjeet SinghTamil Thalaivas94278

Most Successful Tackles (All seasons)

RankPlayer2021 PKL TeamTotal MatchesTotal Points
1Manjeet ChhillarDabang Delhi108324
2Ravinder PahalGujarat Giants122307
3Fazel AtrachaliU Mumba103297
4Sandeep NarwalDabang Delhi125282
5PO Surjeet SinghTamil Thalaivas94260

REMEMBER: The stats listed above are not exhaustive. To be successful at Pro Kabaddi League betting, you want to have the comprehensive PKL stats list, both season-wise and overall.

Pro Kabaddi League Glossary

  • Court: The area on which a game is played. A court measures 13 metres x 10 metres.
  • End-lines: The four boundary lines demarcating the court. The end lines are 3-5 cm wide.
  • Mid-lines: These divide the court into two equal halves.
  • Baulk lines: The two baulk lines run parallel to the mid-line.
  • Bonus lines: Lie between the end lines and baulk lines.
  • Raid: A raid begins when the raider enters the defending team’s court while chanting the cant. The maximum limit for any raid is 30 seconds.
  • Raider: He will enter the opponent’s court while chanting ‘kabaddi’. He will have to begin the cant while still being in his court.
  • Defender: The player trying to stop the rival team’s raider from carrying out a successful raid.
  • Put out: A defender is ‘put out’ if a raider touches him (without breaching the rules of play) or if any part of the defender’s body touches the raider, and then the raider reaches his court while chanting the ‘kabaddi’ cant.
  • Hold: This is when the defending team holds/stops the raider (contains him in the defenders’ court), not allowing him to reach his court until the referee blows the whistle or the raider breaks his cant.
  • When a raider touches his court with any part of his body (without breaching the rules of play), he is said to have reached court safely.
  • Struggle: It refers to when one (or more) defenders come in contact with the raider. The lobby areas are activated and considered a part of the court after a touch or struggle.
  • Empty raid: This happens when a raider crosses the defending team’s baulk line (at least once during an ongoing raid) and comes back to his court (with the cant) but without scoring.
  • Super tackle: This happens when a raider is successfully defended by three (or less than three) defenders.

Pro Kabaddi League Betting FAQs

When does the 2021 Pro Kabaddi League start?

It will begin on the 22nd of December and will run until the 20th of January. 

What are the best Pro Kabaddi League betting sites?

You can bet on the PKL with 10CRIC, Parimatch, and 1xBet. However, there are other Pro Kabaddi League betting sites as well that we’ve listed at the beginning of this article. Do check them out.

Where can I watch the Pro Kabaddi League live?

In India, you can follow Pro Kabaddi League live on the Star Sports network. Live streaming of PKL matches is also available on Hotstar. 

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The Pro Kabaddi League has emerged as another exciting domestic sports league for Indian sports enthusiasts and bettors apart from IPL betting. The widespread recognition and betting volumes for PKL matches in India indicates an increasing trend of sports enthusiasts to look for sports other than cricket to fulfil their betting needs.

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