Top 2 Online Teen Patti Betting Sites (2023)

There is an almost endless number of casino games available to play at online betting sites, but in India, one game reigns supreme over all others. Sometimes referred to as ‘Indian Poker’, Teen Patti is an elegantly simple poker variation played the world over.

Top 2 Online Teen Patti Betting Sites

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Best Online Teen Patti Betting Sites

  1. Casumo

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a multiplayer card game that incorporates elements of both 5-card poker and 3-card brag. It originated in India and is played between 3 – 6 players with a single deck of 52 cards. The aim of Teen Patti is to have the best 3-card hand in order to win the total pot.

How to Play Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti betting sites offer the best alternative to playing the game at home with friends. All you have to do to get started is register an account with one of these sites, many of which will even offer exciting casino bonuses as a welcome offer.

Once you've signed up, all you’ll need to do is head to the casino games section and search for the game you'd like to play. Below, we've listed all the game types you'll find at Teen Patti betting sites.

Live Dealer Teen Patti

There are a great many Teen Patti betting sites in India, and they all offer live dealer casino games. Live dealer Teen Patti shares many similarities with 3-card poker – in fact, they are almost identical, except for the uniquely different payouts in Teen Patti.

The aim of live dealer Teen Patti is for all the players to build a better hand than that of the dealer.

Players place their bets via an intuitive user interface, communicating through a live chat feed. The dealer will even speak to players via a live video stream, creating an authentic, real-life casino experience!

Dealer and Teen Patti Table

(Source: 1xbet)

Video Teen Patti

Often called ‘Poker Teen Patti’ at several Teen Patti betting sites in India, this is a virtual 3D graphic version of Teen Patti. Using the latest technology, Video Teen Patti is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Considered to be the perfect tool to learn how to play Teen Patti, players compete against the dealer alone.

Most Teen Patti betting sites will also offer this game for free as a demo version, which makes it perfect for experimenting with different betting types and learning the best hands.

Poker Teen Patti Table

(Source: Campeonbet)

Play Online Teen Patti at Casumo!

What Are the Rules of Teen Patti?

Whether you are playing with friends or at Teen Patti betting sites, the rules of the game are fairly simple. We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide below:

  • The game begins with 3- 6 players.
  • Teen Patti betting sites set a fixed ante at the beginning of the game, and all players must place a bet to start the round.
  • The dealer will deal three cards to each player, face down.
  • At this stage, players must choose whether to fold or continue to play.
  • Just like in online poker, if you fold, you will be excluded from the rest of the round and forfeit the ante amount.
  • Players who choose to play on will then have to decide whether to play Blind or Chaal.
  • To win the game, a player must have a better hand than every other player. If two players remain after the betting rounds, there will be what is known as the “show”.

Chaal & Blind Betting

Betting in online Teen Patti is unlike many casino games, such as online blackjack betting. The betting types in online Teen Patti are known as Chaal and Blind.

If you decide not fold your cards after the deal, you must choose how you will be wagering. Your decision cannot be changed, and you must stick with it until the next betting round.

Blind – Blind betting is the decision to make another bet, but without actually seeing your cards. Your bet must be at least the current ante amount, but it cannot be double the amount.

Chaal – This means that you wish to see your cards instead of betting blind. However, those betting Chaal must wager at least double the current bet placed by players who are betting Blind. Chaal wagers cannot be more than 4x the Blind amount.

That’s right! There are multiple ways to bet, which makes the gameplay very different to online rummy betting or poker betting.


When there are only two players remaining after all the betting rounds, there will have to be a show. One of the players will ask for the show; however, this part of the game is not as simple as a typical poker showdown. Instead, the rules will differ depending on Chaal and Blind players.

Regardless of how the show is called, the winner is always the player with the best hand. In the instance both hands happen to be equal, the player who called the show will be declared as the loser.

Two Blind Players – Any player can ask for the show when both remaining players are Blind players. However, both players must bet the current bet amount again before the show begins. Once the bet has been made, both players must reveal their cards, and the winner will be decided.

One Blind and One Chaal – In this scenario, only the Blind player is allowed to call for the show. A Chaal player is only allowed to bet or fold while waiting for the Blind player to call the show.

When the show has been called, the Blind player must wager the current bet amount whilst the Chaal player must bet twice that amount. After the wagers have been made, the players can reveal their hands, and the winner will be determined.

Two Chaal Players – If both players happen to be Chaal players, then either one of them may call the show. Both players will be required to wager twice the current bet amount. Once the bets are complete, the players reveal their hands to decide the winner.


Another unique part of Teen Patti is the compromise. The compromise can only be requested in special circumstances, and can occur after the ante bets have been placed. A player can only call compromise if they are a Chaal player and the previous player is also a Chaal player.

A player who calls the compromise must place the current bet amount of the player before them, and then choose a player who must accept or reject the compromise call. If a player rejects the call, then nothing happens. The game will continue as normal.

However, if the player accepts the compromise call, a private sideshow will occur. In the sideshow, the two players will compare their cards in private. Whoever has the lowest ranking hand will be forced to fold. In the event that both players hands are equal, the player who called the compromise will have to fold.

Teen Patti Hands

To be a successful Teen Patti player, you must be aware of the hands of Teen Patti and their rankings. You’ll need to know which hand combinations are the strongest and which are likely to lead to a loss. Read on to fully understand the rankings of each hand:

  • Three of a Kind – The strongest possible hand, made up of three of the same cards – for example, Q, Q, Q or 4, 4, 4. The lowest three of a kind would be 2, 2, 2, whilst the highest would be three Aces.
  • Pakki Round (Straight Flush) – Just like in poker, a straight flush is a series of consecutive cards of the same suit. Teen Patti players call this a Pakki Round, and it would look something like 7, 8, 9 of hearts or A, K, Q of diamonds.
  • Straight – A straight is made up of three consecutive cards of any suit, meaning it could be (for example) 5, 6, 7 of hearts and diamonds. The highest possible combination is a A, K, Q and the lowest a 2, 3, 4.
  • Flush – Any three cards of the same suit are known as a flush. If the dealer also gets a flush, the highest card out of the flush combinations would be declared the winner. For example, a flush with a high card of K would beat a flush with a high card of 6.
  • Pair – A pair is the combination of any two cards of the same rank. Sometimes the third card is important too. If two pairs must be compared, then the combination with the higher third card will be the winner.
  • High Card – The lowest hand in Teen Patti, this is not a hand you want to be holding most of the time. When no combination by the player or the dealer can be made, the hand with the highest card wins. Ace is the highest possible card and 2 is the lowest.

Hand Probabilities

Rank Hand Probability
1 Three of a Kind 0.24%
2 Pakki Round (Straight Flush) 0.22%
3 Straight 3.26%
4 Flush 4.96%
5 Pair 16.94%
6 High Card 74.39%

Side Bets

Side bets are extra ways to gamble on a round of Teen Patti. Types of side bets may vary between games offered by different game providers, but there are a few common popular side bets.

Pair Plus

The Pair Plus side bet is completely irrelevant from the dealer’s hand. This side bet is scored on a paytable that is based on only your cards and not the dealer's. The pay table can vary from different games, but will look a little something like this:

Three of a Kind – King through to 230x

Three of a Kind – Aces 50x
Straight Flush 30x
Straight 6x
Flush 3x
Pair 1x

Correctly wagering on the result of your own hand can be quite profitable, if you get it right.

6 Card Bonus

This Teen Patti side bet involves both the player and the dealer. The 6-card bonus can result in mammoth payouts, and is determined by the best 5 card poker hand that can be built out of 6 cards.

A common paytable for this popular side bet at Teen Patti betting sites would look like the following:

Royal Flush 1000x
Straight Flush 250x
Four of a Kind 100x
Full House 20x
Flush 15x
Straight 10x
Three of a Kind 6x

How to Win at Teen Patti

There is no fool-proof way to win any casino game, and Teen Patti is no different. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tips and strategies that can increase your chances of picking up big wins.

  • Fold if you need to – There is no shame in folding. If you get a bad hand and you don’t feel comfortable bluffing, then it is best to fold and live on to play the next round.
  • Boost the pot – If you play Blind, you will reduce your risk of losing bets, as you can make smaller bets and therefore risk smaller losses. You can also pick up some easy wins since many Chaal players tend to fold at the sight of their weak hands.
  • Begin with low-value stakes to play longer – If you’re new to playing at Teen Patti betting sites, it can be a good idea to start with smaller bets. Not only will you reduce your risk, but it’ll keep you playing longer. You’ll gain more experience, get a read on the other players, and you can always increase your bets as you go on.
  • Learn to bluff – Bluffing is a pretty big part of Teen Patti, and it's a skill you’re going to have to learn at some point. If you know when and how to bluff, you’ll be able to beat the competition when you have a weak hand.

Teen Patti Variations

The best thing about exploring Teen Patti betting sites is finding the many variations on offer. Since there are quite a few variations of Teen Patti, we have rounded up the most popular types for you to play.


In this variation of Teen Patti, the two joker cards act as wild cards, which are interchangeable to help build better hands.


No, we're not referring to a rifle here. In this popular Teen Patti variation, the A, K, 4, and 7 are wild cards. It’s basically Joker, but with more wild cards.

Bet on Teen Patti

This variation will come in different names at some Teen Patti betting sites – for example, 10CRIC call it 20/20 Teen Patti. Unlike regular Teen Patti, where players receive a single hand, players instead receive two hands. Players must bet on which hand is the winner, and the payout is just under double your wager.

Acceptable Payment Methods for Online Teen Patti

Teen Patti betting sites are known for providing some of the best betting payment methods for Indian customers. The best online casino sites will offer as many of these payment methods as possible to ensure you’ll always have the means to play.

Visa and Mastercard

Visa and Mastercard betting sites are among the most common in India. Since both Visa and Mastercard are by far the biggest payment services networks in the world, they offer a near-flawless product. Thanks to industry-leading security features, global acceptance, and different ways to pay, Visa and Mastercard are popular ways of making deposits and withdrawals at Teen Patti betting sites.

Indian players can even use apps like Google Pay to turn their debit cards into virtual cards, making transactions even faster and easier to process at Teen Patti betting sites. Google Pay betting sites are also among the most common in India.

Visa and Mastercard also provide prepaid cards to Indian customers. With a prepaid option, punters can purchase a card with cash rupees at retail stores, and use the card at Teen Patti betting sites without revealing any personal banking information.


No payment method is more perfectly designed for online gambling than e-wallets. These payment solutions can be kept completely separate from your personal bank account, and boast some of the most up-to-date security technologies of any payment service. In addition, Skrill betting sites offer super-fast payouts, while NETELLER betting sites offer advanced anti-fraud measures and instant deposits.

Many Indian punters will be aware of the incredible popularity of PayPal as a payment service, and that popularity has shifted into PayPal betting sites. Plenty of Teen Patti betting sites will still accept PayPal as a payment method for both withdrawals and deposits.

There are a few payment methods that are only available to Indians, and you'll be glad to know that many Teen Patti betting sites will offer as many of these as they can.

UPI betting sites are among the most common of these payment solutions. The Unified Payments Interface allows Indian punters to make one-click payments at Teen Patti betting sites. Several apps such as Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe allow Indian punters to use UPI at online bookies.

Net Banking is the most popular way for Indian punters to use their personal bank account to make safe payments at Teen Patti betting sites. Fortunately, there are many Net Banking betting sites in India that offer online Teen Patti.


Cryptocurrency betting sites have come a long way. Once a payment method that only a few knew how to use, today, every punter in India can easily use cryptocurrencies to play at Teen Patti betting sites. Cryptocurrencies are highly accepted by online bookies in India, and are the perfect payment solution for the privacy-conscious punter.

Using a cryptocurrency will prevent any third parties from accessing your personal bank details, and crypto payments can be processed instantly at Teen Patti betting sites.

Online Teen Patti FAQs

Which are the best online Teen Patti betting sites?

Being one of the most popular casino games in India, you won't be short of options when it comes to finding an online casino that offers online Teen Patti. We'd single out Casumo as the best of these sites.

What is online Teen Patti?

Online Teen Patti is a popular multiplayer card game, played extensively in India and south-east Asia. Teen Patti betting sites allow players from India to enjoy this game with a live dealer and other online players.

How can I win Teen Patti?

There is no guaranteed way to win at Teen Patti. However, there are some strategies and tips that players can follow to increase their chances of winning whilst playing at Teen Patti betting sites, which we've outlined further above in more detail.

Play Online Teen Patti at Casumo!

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

One of the most popular casino card games in India, Teen Patti is a multiplayer game similar to 3-card poker. Teen Patti betting sites offer multiple ways to play this Indian favourite, including even a live dealer version – widely considered to be the ultimate way to experience online Teen Patti.

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