Online Baccarat Betting Sites (2022)

As one of the most popular casino card games in Asia, online baccarat is one of the best game available at online casino sites in India. Easy to learn, simple to follow, and incredibly fast to play, online baccarat is a must-play at Indian casino sites.

Top 5 Online Baccarat Casino Sites

  • New website
  • Lightning Baccarat
  • 5% Deposit bonus
  • Multiple baccarat tables
  • Game shows
  • Up to ₹26,000 bonus
  • 1500+ games
  • No deposit fees
  • ₹2,000 Bonus
  • Instant-win games
  • Table games
  • ₹,100,000 Bonus
  • Lucky Streak Baccarat
  • Bingo games
  • Up to ₹26,000 bonus

Top 5 Online Baccarat Casino Sites

  • Royal Panda
  • 22Bet
  • Casumo
  • Spin Casino

Royal Panda – Best Online Baccarat Casino Site

Royal Panda Baccarat Screenshot

Featuring a recent facelift, Royal Panda is a truly comprehensive casino site. You’ll find a huge casino game selection, including live baccarat and online Teen Patti betting, and the recent website overhaul is sleek, responsive, and has a wonderfully modern feel.

Accepts Indian Players: Yes
Accepts Indian Rupees: Yes


  • Big live casino
  • Recently updated site
  • A great sportsbook
  • Progressive jackpot slots


  • Slots and live casino only

What is Online Baccarat?

Online baccarat is a popular and classic casino card game in which a player wagers on which hand is going to win. The best hand is the one closest to 9 points; moroever, it’s not just about the player's own hand – you can bet on the banker too!

Is Online Baccarat Legal?

Worry not – like online rummy betting and many other casino favourites, baccarat is legal in India. There is no federal legislation regarding casino gaming in India, and therefore no laws outlawing it either. That has been left to each individual states to decide, and thankfully, most are permissive. However, be sure to check the laws of your particular region to be doubly sure.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat has been around for well over a century, so it's no surprise that there are many different ways of playing this classic casino card game. If you can’t make your way over to a land-based casino, Indian casino fans can always play baccarat at an online casino in India.

There are two ways to play baccarat online in India – either live or through virtual table games. Both offer players a different experience and are easily found at the best online casino sites available. 

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is the best way to play this classic casino card game, offering the most authentic experience you can enjoy online. Products from the best software providers in the business, such as Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, live stream baccarat games from real casinos and dedicated studios. The games are broadcast in full HD, with an intuitive user interface – it’s as close to the real thing as it gets!

With a live dealer as host, live online baccarat is sure to provide a social and thrilling experience. Players can even interact with the dealer and each other through a responsive live chat.

Betwinner Baccarat screenshot

Virtual Table Baccarat

If you’re not ready for the live baccarat experience – or perhaps you’d just like to play online baccarat in a more relaxing setting – then you can't go wrong with virtual table baccarat. 

The virtual experience varies from very basic representations to a totally realistic 3D environment that almost looks like a real casino. These online baccarat games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure complete fairness, trustworthiness, and legitimacy.

There are tons of different online baccarat versions to play. Most virtual table games even offer a free demo version that you can use to practise or learn how to play. However, you won’t be able to win any real money when playing the free version, as you’ll be wagering virtual chips.

Types of Online Baccarat

A game as old as baccarat has certainly undergone some changes over the years. Be it regional differences, exotic versions with a twist on the rules, or live casino exclusives, there are a great many versions of online baccarat. Read on below for a list of the most popular. 

Live Speed Baccarat

This variation is incredibly popular at many online casino sites, and you’ll need your wits about you if you're in it to win it, as the saying goes. The rules are basically the same as classic baccarat, except the game themselves are played out in less than 30 seconds! Cards are dealt face-up, and you’ll need to make decisions much quicker than usual.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

The Squeeze is a popular component of baccarat. The name refers to the way the dealer reveals that final card – slowly, to build anticipation. In live Baccarat Squeeze, multiple camera angles are put in place to enhance the player's experience.

No Commission Online Baccarat

As the name itself implies, there is no 5% commission on the banker bets in this popular baccarat variant found at online casinos in India. That being said, this actually increases the house edge from 1.06% to 4.07%.

Dragon Tiger

We couldn't possibly leave out this highly sought-after, 2-card version of online baccarat. Dragon Tiger has become tremendously popular in recent years and is ideal for beginners. 

What Are the Rules of Online Baccarat?

One of the chief reasons baccarat remains so popular at online casinos is because it is just so simple to play! To take part, players must wager on three possible outcomes:

  • The Player wins
  • The Banker wins
  • A tie

The winning hand is the one closest to 9 points. Thankfully, it’s very easy to calculate points in baccarat:

  • Cards between 2 – 9 are calculated at face value. (2 = 2, 8 = 8)
  • 10, J, Q, K are all worth zero – very unlike any other casino card game.
  • The Ace is worth one point. 

It is standard practice in most baccarat games to charge the player a 5% commission on winning banker bets.

Basics of Online Baccarat

Online baccarat is fast, with games often finished in less than 60 seconds. To begin, players must place a wager on who will win, or if there will be a tie. The cards are then dealt.

  • If what is dealt initially to a player adds up to a total of 8 or 9, then that is considered a ‘natural win’.
  • If a player is dealt 6 or 7, the player must stand.
  • If a player receives a total of less than 5, then the player will draw a third card.
  • A hand of 10 or more will only count the 2nd digit. For example, a 3-card hand of 12 (6, 4, 2) would actually be worth only 2.
  • A hand of 10 would, unfortunately, be worth 0.

Unlike online blackjack betting, in which the player must have the better hand than the dealer, players can bet on the banker to have the best hand.

Side Bets

There are many side bets that a casino can offer for online baccarat. However, not every baccarat game will feature every possible side bet. With too many side bets available to mention them all, here are some of the most popular and common online baccarat side bets.

  • All Red/Black – A simple wager that the player's hand will contain either all-red or all-black cards. An all-red payout is typically 22:1, while an all-black payout is usually 24:1.
  • Banker/Player Pairs – This is a wager on either the banker or the player’s hand. It’s a very commonly seen side bet and has a payout of 5:1 or 10:1. It is a wager that the initial deal will be a pair. For example, 2 and 2 or 8 and 8.
  • Perfect Pair – This is the same as the above wager, except that the pair must be of the same suit. The payout of this side bet is typically around 25:1.
  • Double 8 – With a payout of 15:1, this side bet can provide a handsome profit. This is a wager that both the player and the banker will have an 8 in their hand.

How to Win at Baccarat Online

Online baccarat is entirely a game of chance. You don’t get to make game-changing decisions like with online poker, but there are still some tips to improve your chances of winning. Just remember that there is no guaranteed way of winning every hand.

  • Know the house edge – The different bets in baccarat carry different odds. Betting on the banker carries a house edge of 1.06%, but betting on the player has a higher edge of 1.36%. The tie bet has the largest house edge at 14.40%.
  • Think about side bets – The pairs side bets payout is at 10:1, though online casinos in India may even pay out at a higher rate. Side bet payouts can vary, with some reaching as high as 70:1.
  • Follow a basic strategy – A common recommendation is to make the same wager 3 times. If you lose 3 bets in a row, walk away. You statistically stand to lose more when you make inconsistent bets.

Acceptable Payment Methods for Online Baccarat

Online baccarat is offered by some of the best online casinos in India, which in turn accept some of the best betting payment methods available to players. Be sure to look out for Indian favourites like UPI and Net Banking – the more options you have, the better.


Ah, the e-wallet. A payment solution perfectly designed for a market where the major banks look upon casino gambling unfavourably. Offering fast payments, secure accounts, and banking detail anonymity, e-wallets are perfect for Indian casino players. There are many NETELLER and Skrill betting sites online and will ensure you are always able to easily fund your account, leaving you ready to play online baccarat any time you like.


You'd have to be living under a rock to not heard have of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Dogecoin. Cryptocurrencies are the most private, advanced, and safest way to fund an online baccarat casino account. Their security features are second to none, and acceptance is widely available these days.

Visa and Mastercard

We’ve all used one of these cards at some point, particularly if you've ever opened a bank account. Visa and Mastercard are the world's leading payments network. Offering debit, credit and prepaid cards, these industry titans are accepted the world over.

You can make deposits and withdrawals with total peace of mind as Visa and Mastercard offer high levels of security. Physical cards can quickly be made into a virtual cards using Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Indian Favourites

If you are going to play online baccarat in India, a sure-fire sign of a quality casino is an offering of Indian payment methods. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is available in many different apps, such as Google Pay, Paytm, and PhonePe, and offers one-click payments at casinos featuring online baccarat.

For those who really want to keep things simple, there is Net Banking. This payment option lets Indian punters make online casino payments using their personal bank account. Payments are safe, secure, and incredibly fast.

Online Baccarat FAQs

How many positions are there on a baccarat table?

In a classic game of online baccarat, there are 14 betting positions. They are actually number 1 – 15, but number 13 is omitted due to good old-fashioned superstition.

What are the best online casino sites for online baccarat?

There are so many amazing online casinos that offer online baccarat to Indian customers; however, we would single out Royal Panda, 22Bet, and Casumo as the absolute best.

How much can I win playing online baccarat?

While there is no guarantee of winning any online casino game, online baccarat is among the highest stake and highest payout live casino games in India. 

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

There are few online casino card games more perfectly suited for beginners than online baccarat. A simple comparing card game, baccarat offers plenty of betting options, some thrilling final card reveals, and multiple side bet possibilities. The very best online casinos in India will be sure to provide players with multiple variants and an overall highly enjoyable experience!

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