Indian Super League: ISL 2020-21 Betting Guide

The Indian Super League is undoubtedly the country’s most popular footballing league. Thanks to its European-style league format and an exciting mix of domestic and overseas players, the Indian Super League’s popularity has hit the roof with betting enthusiasts — across India and the world – too keen on ISL betting, Indian Super League odds, and the best ISL betting tips to win big with the best football betting sites you need: 10Cric, bet365, Casumo, Pinnacle and many more!

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ISL Betting 2020-21: Indian Super League Odds, Tips, and Predictions

isl betting (A football match in action – Image: Latest News Today | © Divyansh6070 )

The Indian Super League is undoubtedly the most famous footballing league in India, one that has propelled the sport’s popularity to the next orbit. The league attracts hordes of spectators each year, with capacity stadiums being the norm. 2014 marked the first season of the Indian Super League, and ISL 2019-20 was the sixth (and the latest) edition that beamed across Indian TV channels.

Sponsored by Hero MotoCorp and organised by the All India Football Federation and Star Sorts, ISL 2020-21 will see 11 teams gunning for the championship. The Indian Super League features both overseas and domestic talent, which has helped up the sport’s marketability in the country and promote young blood at the same time.

At Cricket Betting Advice, trust our ISL betting page to provide excellent odds and valuable insights into team and player performance.

Did you know?

Dream11 is one of the official partners of the Indian Super League.


ISL Odds 2020-21

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ISL Odds: North East United vs ATK Mohun Bagan

North East United 2.75 2.80 2.80 2.90 2.80
ATK Mohun Bagan 2.37 2.50 2.50 2.42 2.45
Draw 3.00 2.90 2.90 3.19 2.90

ISL Odds: Mumbai City FC vs ATK Mohun Bagan

Mumbai City FC 2.37 2.45 2.45 2.52 2.45
ATK Mohun Bagan 2.70 2.75 2.75 2.80 2.65
Draw 2.30 3.00 3.00 3.15 3.05

Indian Super League - ISL Schedule 2020-21

MatchDatesVenueScheduled Time
Kerala Blasters FC vs ATK Mohun BaganFriday, 20 November, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
NorthEast United FC vs Mumbai City FC Saturday, 21 November, 2020 Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
FC Goa vs Bengaluru FC Sunday, 22 November, 2020 Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Odisha FC vs Hyderabad FCMonday, 23 November, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Jamshedpur FC vs Chennaiyin FCTuesday, 24 November, 2020 Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
FC Goa vs Mumbai City FC Wednesday, 25 November, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Kerala Blasters FC vs NorthEast United FC Thursday, 26 November, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
SC East Bengal vs ATK Mohun Bagan Friday, 27 November, 2020 Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Bengaluru FC vs Hyderabad FC Saturday, 28 November, 2020 Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Jamshedpur FC vs Odisha FC Sunday, 29 November, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium17:00 (IST)
Chennaiyin FC vs Kerala Blasters FC Sunday, 29 November, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
FC Goa vs NorthEast United FC Monday, 30 November, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Mumbai City FC vs SC East Bengal Tuesday, 01 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Hyderabad FC vs Jamshedpur FC Wednesday, 02 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Odisha FC Thursday, 03 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Chennaiyin FC vs Bengaluru FC Friday, 04 December, 2020 GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
NorthEast United FC vs SC East Bengal Saturday, 05 December, 2020 Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Mumbai City FC vs Odisha FC Sunday, 06 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim17:00 (IST)
FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters FC Sunday, 06 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Jamshedpur FC vs ATK Mohun Bagan Monday, 07 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Bengaluru FC vs NorthEast United FC Tuesday, 08 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Mumbai City FC vs Chennaiyin FC Wednesday, 09 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
SC East Bengal vs Jamshedpur FC Thursday, 10 December, 2020 Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
MatchDatesVenueScheduled Time
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Hyderabad FC Friday, 11 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Odisha FC vs FC Goa Saturday, 12 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
NorthEast United FC vs Chennaiyin FC Sunday, 13 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium17:30 (IST)
Bengaluru FC vs Kerala Blasters FC Sunday, 13 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Mumbai City FC vs Jamshedpur FC Monday, 14 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Hyderabad FC vs SC East Bengal Tuesday, 15 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
ATK Mohun Bagan vs FC Goa Wednesday, 16 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Odisha FC vs Bengaluru FC Thursday, 17 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
NorthEast United FC vs Jamshedpur FC Friday, 18 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
FC Goa vs Chennaiyin FC Saturday, 19 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Hyderabad FC vs Mumbai City FC Sunday, 20 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium17:00 (IST)
Kerala Blasters FC vs SC East Bengal Sunday, 20 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Bengaluru FC Monday, 21 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Odisha FC vs NorthEast United FC Tuesday, 22 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Jamshedpur FC vs FC Goa Saturday, 26 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Kerala Blasters FC vs Hyderabad FC Sunday, 27 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Bengaluru FC vs Jamshedpur FC Monday, 28 December, 2020Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Chennaiyin FC vs ATK Mohun Bagan Tuesday, 29 December, 2020GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Hyderabad FC vs FC Goa Wednesday, 30 December, 2020Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Mumbai City FC vs Kerala Blasters FC Saturday, 02 January, 2021GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
SC East Bengal vs Odisha FC Sunday, 03 January, 2021Tilak Maidan Stadium17:00 (IST)
ATK Mohun Bagan vs NorthEast United FC Sunday, 03 January, 2021Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Chennaiyin FC vs Hyderabad FC Monday, 04 January, 2021GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
Bengaluru FC vs Mumbai City FC Tuesday, 05 January, 2021Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
SC East Bengal vs FC Goa Wednesday, 06 January, 2021Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Kerala Blasters FC vs Odisha FC Thursday, 07 January, 2021GMC Stadium Bambolim19:30 (IST)
NorthEast United FC vs Hyderabad FC Friday, 08 January, 2021Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
Bengaluru FC vs SC East Bengal Saturday, 09 January, 2021Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)
Chennaiyin FC vs Odisha FC Sunday, 10 January, 2021GMC Stadium Bambolim17:00 (IST)
Jamshedpur FC vs Kerala Blasters FC Sunday, 10 January, 2021Tilak Maidan Stadium19:30 (IST)
ATK Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC Monday, 11 January, 2021Fatorda Stadium19:30 (IST)

ISL Betting Tips & Predictions 2020-21

Our experts are avid football followers who beat the clock to get you the most effective ISL betting tips and match predictions. For starters, you should ideally follow the ISL live to stay on top of team and player performance, injury updates, and other news.

Before betting on the Indian Super League, consider the following factors:

  • Form of the team and H2Hs

This is a no-brainer. Know the form of the two teams squaring off on match day and their head-to-head records. Factor in the rivalry, for that is crucial if you want to register big winnings with ISL betting.

For example, ATK taking on Chennaiyin FC is a big talking point among football buffs and bettors alike. Tell you why — in their 15 H2Hs till now, while ATK has won seven times, the Chennai-based outfit has reigned supreme on four occasions. Four of their encounters have ended in a draw.

Sample this to understand their fierce rivalry. In these 15 matches, ATK has netted 24 goals and Chennaiyin FC 23. That should give you a fair idea of how crucial H2H records are, especially when it comes to football and cricket betting.

The table below shows stats of the 12 Indian Super League teams across all seasons:

ClubGames PlayedTotal GoalsWinsLosesDraws
FC Goa108205513423
Chennaiyin FC107165414026
ATK Mohun Bagan FC107138413234
ATK Mohun Bagan FC107138413234
Mumbai City FC100123383824
Kerala Blasters FC102118293835
Delhi Dynamos FC82114253126
Bengaluru FC6298351512
FC Pune City8097273419
NorthEast United FC9895274229
Jamshedpur FC5467171720
Odisha FC1828774
Hyderabad FC18212124

For the ISL 2019-20 table, click on standings. For detailed club stats, head to the club stats section of the Indian Super League and toggle between the seasons and stats heads.

  • Past champions

Across the Indian Super League's six editions, ATK has been crowned champions thrice — 2014, 2016, and 2019-20. Giving them a run for their money is the ISL 2019-20 runners-up and two-time champion Chennaiyin FC – their two titles coming in 2015 and 2017-18. Bengaluru FC tasted sweet success once in 2018-19.

Want to win big with ISL betting? The mantra is to respect the champions, teams who have been there and done that.

NOTE: Till the end of ISL 2019-20, three teams have won the championships while one team got their hands on the League Winners Shield.


YearChampionsFinal ScoreRunners-up League Winners ShieldRunners-up
2014ATK1-0Kerala Blasters
2015Chennaiyin FC3-2FC Goa
2016ATK1-1(4-3)Kerala Blasters
2017-18Chennaiyin FC3-2Bengaluru FC
2018-19Bengaluru FC1-0FC Goa
2019-20ATK3-1Chennaiyin FCFC GoaATK


  • Form of the player

It is another crucial determinant of ISL betting. Whether you go for match betting or wager on individual player markets, make sure you check the players’ current patch of form. While we have compiled the crucial bits of stats later in this post, take a look at the players’ ratings to understand who have been the MVPs across seasons and clubs.

  • Venue

Home advantage is arguably not as pronounced in any other sport as it is in football. A quick glance at your history books will tell you the impact home grounds have had on the team’s performance. Uruguay (1930), Italy (1934), Spain (1964), England (1966), Argentina (1978), France (1984, 1998). Spot a pattern here? These teams have all won while playing hosts in the FIFA World Cup or European Championships.

Home teams have traditionally done well, primarily because of an all-out attack, familiarity with the crowds, and the pride attached with defending their home turf. However, all that is going to change as ISL 2020-21 kicks off in November.

Given that all the matches will be played behind closed doors and hosted across three neutral venues in Goa, an obvious departure from the norm is there will be no ‘home’ or ‘away’ team this year. Remember this while approaching ISL betting.

Jinxed or What!

The 2015 ISL final was played in Goa, and the home team lost to eventual champions Chennaiyin FC. The 2016 final was played in Kochi (Kerala), where Kerala Blasters was pipped to the post by three-time champs ATK. In 2017-18, Bengaluru played hosts to Chennaiyin FC in the final, and guess what? The Chennai-based outfit walked away superior on that day.

These factors aside, heed the buzz and track the latest updates, news, and press releases. It will help you stay on top of all the developments, last-minute injuries, squad strength, team formations, and more, which will undoubtedly help you in ISL betting.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

ISL Betting Strategies

Irrespective of whether you’re still dabbling with betting or a seasoned punter, the ISL betting strategies listed below are for you. We have kept it simple, so you don’t have a hard time figuring out a water-tight ISL betting strategy:

  • Track the markets

ISL betting markets change thick and fast, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a pass at handsome odds. Download from a wide range of cricket betting apps, and you can then explore the various ISL betting markets while you’re on the move. These mobile betting apps are usually available across iOS and Android devices.

There’s another type of market you should follow – the transfer market. The web has dedicated ISL transfer market sites that give you all the latest information on which club signed whom and their transfer fees. Remember, much like the Premier League, there is a specific transfer window. However, mid-season transfers are not uncommon as well, so keep vigil.

  • Go for reliable predictions

Keep an eye open for Indian Super League predictions. Once ISL 2020-21 kicks off, we will move quickly to update regular experts’ predictions.

However, remember that predictions cannot guarantee results. Be it ISL betting or IPL betting for that matter, predictions can only take you so far. Sports betting winnings will depend on whether you put your money on the team (or player) that gets their A-game on the D-Day. And, of course, that gentle push of luck along the way.

Our Predictions for ISL Betting 2020-21

ATK Mohun Bagan

With forwards like Roy Krishna and David Williams (two top goalscorers in ISL 2019-20) and a midfielder par excellence like Javier Hernandez, the Indian Super League defending champions should definitely start as firm favourites. The signing of high-profile defender Sandesh Jhingan should also augur well for the Kolkata-based camp.

Can they do an encore?

Chennaiyin FC

Three-time finalists, two-time champions, and runners-up of ISL 2019-20

Led from the front by Brazilian Rafael Crivellaro and Lallianzuala Chhangte, Chennaiyin FC has a pleasing mix of youth and experience in their squad. Head Coach Csaba László’s second foreign signing, Brazil’s Emerson Gomes de Moura (fondly ‘Memo’), should be a valuable addition to the roster. The 32-year-old’s transfer from Jamshedpur FC should inject the desired stability and experience to Chennaiyin’s ranks.

Bengaluru FC

Champions of 2018-19 and sitting pretty at the third spot in the 2019-20 ISL Table, Bengaluru FC has always been a force to reckon with. Led by captain Sunil Chhetri (9 goals across 15 matches in ISL 2019-20) and coached by former Barcelona defender Carles Cuadrat, this outfit seems to be in a happy place (at least on paper).

  • Get the best odds

Bide your time and shop around for the most competitive ISL betting odds. That way, you have the chance to win much more than what you would with modest odds compiled by shoddy research.

From November up until March 2021, trust us to explore multiple bookmakers, hunt down the best ISL betting odds, and regularly update them here. So keep checking this space.

  • Grab hefty bonuses

Multiple bookmakers offer all-season promos and free bets, which you can use to win real money with ISL betting. One of the most significant benefits of these is that you can wager without shelling a dime out of your pocket. The ISL betting sites we recommend offer a bevy of welcome bonuses and promos tailored to your wagering requirements.

Who said there’s no free lunch?

  • Learn to manage money

Betting is a funny endeavour. As much as you should play the waiting game, don’t push your luck beyond a point. This is precisely where bankroll management comes in.

Your bankroll is the money you’re comfortable betting. If you get into a losing spiral, know when to hang your boots. Learn bankroll management, for it is central to online betting and registering winnings consistently.

Popular ISL Betting Markets 2020-21

10cric ISL

A significant reason why the Indian Super League makes for a compelling betting opportunity is the league's structure itself. The matches' quality has surpassed spectators’ expectations, and it only seems to get better with each season. Big names like Javier Hernandez, Sunil Chhetri, Marcelinho, and the likes have played fantastic football to liven up the night skies, no matter what the venue has been.

The ISL betting markets are exciting as well, as you will see in this section.

For instance, in one of the ISL 2018 semi-finals, FC Goa routed Mumbai FC 5-1. In fact, Goa had won several matches in that season by a margin of two goals or more. In a situation like this, handicap betting and wagering on the number of goals to be scored can be valuable options.

On that note, check out the more popular ISL betting markets that should be on offer this time:

  • Outright betting

You try and predict the team that could win the Indian Super League in 2020-21. Popular among ISL betting buffs, the outright betting market should feature on multiple bookmaker sites when the seventh season kicks off.

Factor in the teams’ win/loss stats, recent form, and player performance when betting in this market. Yes, it is safe to wager on the favourites, but they’ll have modest odds. Moreover, the Indian Super League is fiercely competitive, so never rule out shockers.

Best ISL Betting Sites for Outright Betting ISL odds: 10Cric, betway and bet365 

Outright betting

  • Match betting

Also known as full-time result, this ISL betting market is as straightforward as it gets. You simply predict the winners in a given match, on any given day. The match betting market is usually the most popular with punters.

Best ISL Betting Sites for Match Betting ISL Odds: bet365, Pinnacle and NetBet

Match betting

  • Both teams to score

Another popular market that you should find at any ISL betting site, BTTS requires you to accurately predict if both the sides would score within the stipulated 90 minutes + injury time.

Best ISL Betting Sites for Both Teams To Score ISL odds: betway, Casumo and

Both teams to score

  • Total goals

Here, you have to tell whether a specific number of goals would be scored in a match. This ISL betting market is a huge draw in international league matches as bettors try to punt on the total number of goals being over or under (o/u) a specific limit, usually 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5.

Best ISL Betting Sites for Total Goals ISL odds: 888Sports, 10Cric and BoyleSports

Total goals

  • Correct score

With this ISL betting market, you get what it says on the tin. You bet on the exact (hence the name) final scoreline in a match, for instance, 2-1, 3-2, or 4-0. Remember, correct score betting is arguably one of the more knotty markets when it comes to ISL betting.

Some bookmakers will offer both full-time correct score and half-time correct score betting. If you are a newbie or only betting for the fun of it, our advice is to keep off this market.

Best ISL Betting Sites for Correct Score ISL odds: Marathonbet, bet365 and Pinnacle

Correct score

  • Goalscorer

This ISL betting market is edge-of-the-seat, no doubt about it. But it is also difficult to predict, for there is so much more to just players’ form that determines who would score during a match.

The more popular markets here include first goalscorer (you predict the player you think would score first in a match), last goalscorer (punt on a player you think would score last), and anytime goalscorer (relatively straightforward as you only need to back a player to score any time during a match).

Best ISL Betting Sites for Goalscorer ISL odds: 888Sport, bet365 and Casumo


ISL Live Betting

Football live betting is a riveting experience in itself. When you throw ISL into the mix, it becomes a whole new beast altogether. Remember the gripping 2019 final? Finalists Bengaluru FC and FC Goa didn’t cede an inch for the whole 90 minutes. Suddenly, the Sunil Chhetri-led side drew blood in the 117th minute when defender Rahul Bheke scored the game's solitary goal.

Bengaluru FC clinched the hair-raiser to bring home their maiden Indian Super League title.

Imagine the buzz and thrill of live betting on a match like that, where you are trying to punt on which side could score next!

ISL betting while you’re live streaming a match is a rip-roaring adventure. The tension is palpable, and you cannot beat that experience.

Moreover, the ISL betting sites we recommend are mobile-optimised. So get your popcorn ready, watch ISL live, and place in-play bets on your phone. You know what amps up the excitement quotient? Indian Super League matches are tight encounters where any team can come from behind and win. So don’t be surprised with those last-minute twist-in-the-tales.

Best ISL Betting Sites for ISL Live Betting Odds: bet365, betway and 888Sport

Indian Super League Tournament Structure

Basic Details

  • Country: India
  • Confederation: Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
  • Number of teams (As of ISL 2020-21): 11
  • Defending champions: ATK
  • Current League Winners Shield: Goa (1st title, 2019-20)
  • Most championships: ATK (3 titles)
  • Most appearances: Mandar Rao Dessai (97)
  • Top goalscorer across seasons: Ferran Corominas (48)
  • Television partners: Star Sports, Disney + Hotstar
  • Official website:

Competition Format

  • Since ISL 2017-18, every season has been running from October to March. However, ISL 2020-21 will run from November to March — a slight shift in the time table owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The season comprises the league stage (October to February/early March) and the final that’s played in March.
  • The ISL league stage has a double round-robin format, where each team plays the others twice – once at ‘home’ and once ‘away’. With 11 teams in ISL 2020-21, each outfit will play 20 matches in total.
  • Teams get three points for a victory, one for a draw, and no points for a loss
  • Teams are ranked based on total points. At the end of the league stage, the table topper will get the League Winners Shield that was introduced in ISL 2019-20.
  • The top four teams will head to the business end of the league
  • The Indian Super League finals haven’t changed since the inaugural ISL
  • The semi-finals follow a two-legged format, where both teams will play the other twice – once at ‘home’ (semi-final Leg 1) and once ‘away’ (semi-final Leg 2).
  • After both the matches, the two teams leading on aggregate will square off in the final
  • If the aggregate scores are tied, the away goal rule would kick in
  • The winning team in the final is crowned the season’s champions
ClubHome Joined ISLHead Coach
Bengaluru FC Bangalore, Karnataka 2017 2017Carles Cuadrat
ATK Mohun Bagan Kolkata, West Bengal 2015 Antonio López Habas
Mumbai FC Mumbai, Maharashtra 2014 Sergio Lobera
FC Goa Margao, Goa 2014 Juan Ferrando
Chennaiyin FC Chennai, Tamil Nadu 2014 Csaba László
Hyderabad FC Hyderabad, Telangana 2019 Manuel Marquez
Jamshedpur FC Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 2017 Owen Coyle
East Bengal Kolkata, West Bengal 2020 Robbie Fowler
Odisha FC Bhubaneswar, Odisha 2014 Stuart Baxter
Kerala Blasters Kochi, Kerala 2014 Kibu Vicuña
NorthEast United Guwahati, Assam 2014 Gerard Nus

Indian Super League: Brief History

  • Officially launched in October 2013 by the All India Football Federation, the Indian Super League’s inaugural season was scheduled from January-March 2014, but was later postponed to September 2014.
  • ATK was the first team to be officially launched on May 7, 2014. On July 7, 2014, the team declared that Antonio López Habas would be the first Head Coach.
  • ATK also announced the first big-ticket signee in the ISL – 2005 Champions League and 2006 FA Cup winner, Luis Garcia.
  • Eventually, the eight teams were — ATK, Bangalore Titans, Delhi Dynamos, Kerala Blasters, FC Goa, Mumbai City, Pune City, and NorthEast United. However, Chennai was handed a franchise since the Bangalore outfit’s owners quit. The Chennai-based team was called Chennaiyin FC.
  • At that time, Luis Garcia, Alessandro Del Piero, Elano, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, David James, David Trezeguet, and Joan Capdevila were the original marquee players.
  • The inaugural season kicked off at the Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata. ATK defeated Mumbai City 3-0, with Ethiopian Fikru Teferra scoring the first goal in ISL history.
  • Balwant Singh from Chennaiyin FC was the first Indian to score a goal in the Indian Super League.
  • ATK defeated Kerala Blasters 1-0 in the inaugural final held at the DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai.

Indian Super League: Key Stats

Stats don’t lie. We hope you use the following statistics to your advantage and rake in the moolah with ISL betting.

We have only mentioned the top five players in each category. For the comprehensive list and other categories, refer to player stats and toggle between the stats heads, clubs, and seasons.

Top Goalscorers (All seasons)

RankPlayerLast Active ClubMatches PlayedGoals ScoredYears
1Ferran CorominasFC Goa57482017-20
2Sunil ChhetriBengaluru FC 74392015-present
3MarcelinhoHyderabad FC 63312016-present
4Iain Hume FC Pune City 69282014-2019
5Bartholomew OgbecheKerala Blasters34272018-present

Most Assists (All seasons)

RankPlayerLast Active ClubMatches PlayedAssistsYears
1Marcelinho Hyderabad FC 63182016-present
2Hugo Boumos FC Goa 42172018-present
3Ferran Corominas FC Goa 57162017-20
4Brandon Fernandes FC Goa 52152015-present
5Florent MaloudaDelhi Dynamos 32132015-17
5Dimas DelgadoBengaluru FC54132017-present

Most Clean Sheets (All seasons)

RankPlayerLast Active ClubMatches PlayedClean SheetsYears
1Subrata Paul Jamshedpur FC 85262014-present
2Gurpreet Singh Sandhu Bengaluru FC 5825 2017-present
3Arindam Bhattacharya ATK Mohun Bagan 56192014-present
3 Amrinder Singh Mumba City FC 72192015-present
4TP Rehenesh Kerala Blasters 62152014-present
5Karanjit Singh Chennaiyin FC 49132015-present

ISL Betting FAQs

1. ISL betting legal in India?

Indian gambling laws leave a lot to interpretation. They primarily concern physical gambling that happens across brick-and-mortar establishments. Additionally, individual states in the country have legislations that provide legitimacy to gambling. However, please note that none of these laws categorically talk about online gambling. Therefore, technically, ISL betting, and online sports betting in general, is legal in India.

2. Which are the best ISL betting sites to bet on the Indian Super League?

The best ISL betting sites are 10CRICBetway,, NetBet, and bet365. However, we also recommend other bookies for betting on the Indian Super League. For the full list, please scroll to the top of the article.

3. When does Indian Super League in 2020-21 start?

According to reports, the seventh edition of the Indian Super League will kick off on 21st November 2020, and the final will be played on 21st March 2021. To observe necessary health protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic, only the Indian state of Goa will host this season of the ISL. All the matches will be played behind closed doors, across three venues in Goa – Fatorda, Vasco, and Bambolim.

4. Who won ISL 2019-20?

Atlético de Kolkata (ATK) was crowned the champions in ISL 2019-20 in what was the sixth edition of the league. ATK defeated Chennaiyin FC 3-1.

5. How do I go about ISL betting online?

The process is reasonably straightforward:

  • Head to the ISL betting bookmaker you prefer
  • Enter relevant details and make your account
  • Make the 1st deposit
  • Pick from a range of ISL betting markets
  • Place your bet
  • Don’t forget to make the best use of free bets and other bonuses.

6. Can I win real money with ISL betting?

Of course, you can. Just choose any match, pick your favourite Indian Super League team, and choose from an array of ISL betting markets. Our ISL betting tips and predictions should also be helpful for you to make an informed bet.

You can find the best ISL odds at Cricket betting Advice once Indian Super League 2020-21 gets underway. Our experts are football buffs, and you can bet on them to regularly update the best ISL odds here. So keep checking this space for exhilarating ISL betting experience.

7. What markets can I explore for betting on the Indian Super League?

If you are still new to betting, our advice is to keep things simple. You can begin with match betting where you simply have to predict the winning team in a match on any given day. With experience, you can then explore other ISL betting markets, including outright betting (the team to win the Indian Super League 2020-21).

For seasoned bettors, ISL live betting presents an exciting opportunity to rake in the winnings thick and fast. ISL live betting is as electrifying as it gets, considering you can bet and watch live action unfold at the same time. That way, chances are you will be able to make more informed bets as compared to pre-match betting.

8. Do mobile apps allow betting on the Indian Super League?

The ISL betting sites we have listed in this article allow mobile betting. However, even if the preferred ISL betting site doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, don’t fret. Almost all betting sites are mobile-optimised today, where you can simply bet through the mobile browser.

9. What happens to my wager if a scheduled game is postponed?

If any match is rescheduled or cancelled, the chosen ISL betting site can either consider the bet void and return your stake or re-stake it for when the game has been scheduled next.

10. Does ISL betting include extra time?

Football bets with most online bookies usually include the stipulated 90 minutes of play time + injury time. However, any extra time (or penalty shootouts) is generally not included. It would be best if you verified this clause with your preferred ISL betting site.

Geo-restrictions apply. You must have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The Indian Super League is an excellent hit with Indian sports buffs and punters alike, its fandom almost on the IPL’s heels. Football enthusiasts will be glued to their TV screens to watch the 11 star-studded Indian Super League teams take on each other at what will be the seventh edition of the league. Get ready to witness renewed rivalries as the champions of ISL 2019-20, ATK, try to defend their crown.

For the bettor in you, we have covered all bases. The ISL betting sites recommended here:

  • Are licensed by approved testing agencies like eCOGRA
  • Offer excellent odds, round-the-year free bets, and periodic special promos
  • Offer extensive ISL betting markets
  • Support instant and secure banking options, and
  • Provide 24×7 customer support

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