Fantasy Sports: Top 10 Websites & Apps (2021)

Fantasy sports sites and apps give you the perfect chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the biggest tournaments around. If you come out on top, or get a certain number of predictions right, you’ll not only earn bragging rights, but also potentially win some amazing cash prizes. Here, we look at what the best fantasy sports sites have to offer.

Top 10 Fantasy Sports Websites

  • ‘Reverse League’ is a unique feature
  • Users can win a ₹1 Crore + prize every day
  • Amongst the top Indian Fantasy Sports apps
  • 18M+ Downloads of mobile Fantasy Sports app
  • Over 3 Crore in everyday winnings
  • 100+ Daily fantasy sports contests
  • Earn ₹100 Cash Bonus for referrals
  • Over 10 Crore users in 2021
  • ₹25 Crore+ in daily winnings
  • 30% Bonus on deposit between ₹ 5000-10000
  • Play cricket, football & kabaddi fantasy games
  • Terrific mobile app
  • Fantasy sports betting app with phenomenal growth
  • Trusted by 1m+ users across the world
  • Daily prizes and promotions available
  • Over 6m fantasy players currently active
  • Daily fantasy games with significant prizes
  • Quick updates and seamless app interaction
  • Runs smoothly and quickly
  • Popular amongst DFS beginners
  • Generous prizes for contest winners
  • 10 Lakh+ verified users
  • Multitude of different contests
  • 100% Match up to ₹5,000
  • Premier League’s official game
  • Exceptionally easy squad building
  • Dedicated space for FPL tips
  • Easy-to-use Cricket predictor game
  • Huge prizes based on prediction accuracy
  • Win money with custom tournaments

Top 5 Fantasy Sports Websites

  1. HalaPlay
  2. MyTeam11
  3. Dream11
  4. BalleBaazi
  5. Prime Captain

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports games usually take the form of predictors and squad selectors.

With a predictor, you guess the correct score or margin of victory, and points will be awarded depending on accuracy; however, the system varies between different sites. With squad selectors, you pick a team with a virtual budget – where the better players cost more – and nominate a captain, who will earn multiple amounts of the points they get.

Prizes range from smaller daily amounts to big cash jackpots, with the latter usually reserved for winners of a season tournament or league, or anyone who makes a perfect number of selections. For instance, ten correct scores on Superbru (as of April 2021) will win an instant grand prize. 

Popular Fantasy Sports Websites – Reviewed

You can read our reviews of each site below. All apps can be downloaded free of charge.

1. HalaPlay 

Halaplay screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: No

HalaPlay has experienced rapid growth since it launched in 2017, enjoying success equal – or greater – than a number of older DFS rivals. As well as public leagues, HalaPlay also offers a contest, where you build a team and potentially win instant prizes after every game. Users can also play in a ‘reverse league’, which involves selecting players that are expected to perform badly. The lower the score, the bigger the prize!

2. MyTeam11 

MyTeam11 screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: No

Though still barely five years old going into the middle of 2021, MyTeam11 is considered by many to be the biggest around, frequently competing with main rival Dream11. It has over 15m active users worldwide, a number which is certain to grow in light of MyTeam11’s decision to focus mainly on five main sports: cricket, football, basketball, hockey and volleyball, all of which offer an impressive range of contests. Upon verifying their age and entering a promo code, users get ₹100 to use on competition entry tokens.

3. Dream11

Dream11 screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: Yes

Dream11 boasts a decent range of competitions, but with a primary focus on cricket, football, hockey, baseball and basketball, it covers all of the most popular sports in India and worldwide. Subsequently, the growth of users is an assured constant, enabling the year-on-year growth of jackpot prize amounts. The games on Dream11 are also designed to give everyone a chance of winning, not just people who are experts in various sports.

Need some help getting started? Our guide to Dream11 has you covered. 

4. BalleBaazi 

BalleBaazi screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: No

With great prizes of up to 1 crore available, BalleBaazi offers a high-quality and fun range of DFS games. Users can participate in premium fantasy games, placing bets and entry fees that can be as low as ₹10 to win prizes 1000x bigger than their wagers! Free contests are also available, with rewards such as cash bonuses available to players. 

5. Prime Captain

Prime Captain screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: No

Often attracted by the lower amount of competition rivals and higher probability of winning top prizes, new users of Prime Captain can get a free ₹50 bonus from this operator. So too can they benefit from a refer-a-friend scheme, which offers rewards for word-of-mouth sign-ups. The mobile app and desktop both facilitate fantasy sports betting, fantasy football, and fantasy basketball, all of which feature free DFS contests.

6. FanFightFanFight screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: No

Fanfight is a huge operator, and known for great generosity, offering users an equal amount of points to spend on a football or cricket team. By default, player lists are sorted by value, making it very easy to add the best players in existence with one click or tap. It is a relatively challenging DFS app to use for beginners, but the rewards are plentiful and rich.

7. My11Circle

My11Circle screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: Yes

This app is designed for its ease of use, and the transition between different contests and games. Entry fees vary, which means that people of all experience levels can benefit from using this site or app. Amongst the unique features of My11Circle app are the ‘Beat the Expert’ game, which can see you multiply your winnings if you outscore an expert’s team (usually, this expert will be a former player or pundit). Another way to multiply points is to play ‘Beat My Score’, where you aim to score more points than a player who challenges you.

8. Gamezy 

Gamezy screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: Yes

The Gamezy app has everything from free contests to jackpot prizes, with the natural progression of players aided by the option of creating multiple fantasy teams. There is a good range of daily free contests, while the fantasy cricket app enables you to jump in and field your team before the end of the first inning! Five-a-side contests are also a very popular feature, shortening the squad picking process by a significant length.

9. Fantasy Premier League (FPL) 

Fantasy Premier League screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: Yes

As the official fantasy sports game of the Premier League, the Fantasy Premier League site commands several millions of users worldwide, all of whom can play for free. It is an integral part of football these days, and you can also enter the paid Fantasy Draft contest, where you play for real money and can pick the best players in a way that isn’t possible on the free game.

Users automatically compete in nation-wide leagues depending on their stated nationality, while also being placed into supporter leagues. For instance, anyone selecting ‘Manchester United’ as their team would be placed into leagues containing other supporters of that club. You can also join private leagues arranged by friends and colleagues, making it a workplace favourite for sweepstakes.

10. Superbru

Superbru screenshot

Mobile app: Yes
Free to Play: Yes

Coming just a decade after the site’s launch, the Superbru app lets you make predictions or build fantasy squads, and enter competitions for free with the possibility of winning a jackpot prize. From cricket and football to F1 and tennis, every major sport is covered by this company’s fantasy games. Our Superbru guide will tell you everything you need to know about this operator.

Most Popular Fantasy Sports Betting Games

Below you will find brief guides to the most popular DFS games, and the best way to approach them.

Fantasy Cricket

Conventionally, fantasy cricket games involve you selecting a full squad of XI players, who earn points depending on their performance levels. The most obvious point-scoring actions are runs and boundary hits (fours/sixes) for batsmen, and dismissals for bowlers and fielders. Micro elements, such as run rate and bowling economy, can also have an impact.

Depending on the competition, squads can be selected from any of the teams involved on a round-by-round basis or with a squad for the whole tournament. In the latter case, you are only allowed a certain number of changes between rounds. Alternatively, a competition may require you to choose a number of players from teams engaged in a particular fixture – e.g. ‘an XI for Mumbai v Delhi’, which is comprised of players from either team.

Top Tips for Fantasy Cricket

Although looking at form is very important, it is always advisable to make the inclusion of top-order batsmen a priority. This is especially true for DFS games themed on T20 cricket. Also of great importance is looking at weather conditions, and the state of the pitch for each game if possible. Some operators, such as Superbru, offer a premium service with in-depth reports on conditions and expert insights that can enhance your chances of getting a vital edge over fantasy league opponents.

As identified in our guide on how to bet on cricket, slow and dry pitches make spinners far more effective, while a pitch with higher dew levels and humidity will favour power hitters and swing bowlers. With that in mind, it is also important to have a good combination of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers and fielders, even if there is no cap on how many players in each position you can have within your fantasy XI. In most cases, known all-rounders should be your primary consideration, alongside top-order batsmen with some history of decent wicket-keeping.

Fantasy Football

This works very similarly, where you pick a formation and a squad of XI, and earn points based on the actions of your players. Goals are the most obvious points booster, with bonus points usually added if the goal-scoring player is a midfielder or defender. Players in either category, along with goalkeepers, also earn bonuses for shutting out the opposition (also known as a ‘clean sheet’). Negative elements such as yellow and red cards, own goals and missed penalty kicks subtract points.

As with fantasy cricket, DFS games based around football enable you to pick any XI, either on a whole-season or per-round basis. Some operators also offer a five-a-side fantasy games, whereby you select five players from within a certain fixture and compete against other squads for prizes.

Top Tips for Fantasy Football

Picking the right players is a challenge, especially with such a limited budget. Finding players with a lower price that exceed expectations is key. An example from recent years would be the key trio behind Leicester’s shock title success of 2015/16, where N’Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy all commanded relatively low prices ahead of the season, but finished top of key metrics, such as assists, clean sheets and goals.

In reality, these are exceptions, and it is very difficult to predict which lower-priced players will overachieve. One possible route is to look at players who have transferred from bigger clubs to less successful ones, and found themselves making a huge impact having learned from the best – even if they were not always playing regularly for the ‘better’ club they are leaving.

A prime example from the 2020/21 season is Jesse Lingard, who was moderately priced and transferred to West Ham from Manchester United in real life in January 2021. He became one of the most in-form players during the second half of that campaign, with West Ham’s higher-than-usual league position making them a focal point for promotions on top football betting sites.

If using all-round form as a factor in making selections, a series of good performances over a period of at least four weeks prior to selection is ample justification to include a player. This allows you to transfer them at a more cost-effective price, before the rate of their price increase is accelerated by a higher league position and any individual player awards.

Fantasy Kabaddi

As a major sport in India, most of the operators in our top ten also offer a regular Kabbadi fantasy game, including Dream11, Ballebaazi and FanFight. It works in the same way as other team sports, whereby you pick a full squad, or draft a set number of players into a lineup of five (or six, seven etc) and earn points based on their actions. The key to success is to stay on top of the schedule, plan ahead accordingly, and look at the top betting tips around. If you read our guide to Pro Kabaddi League betting, you will be able to do this effectively and gain an advantage over your rivals!

Fantasy US Sports

The four major American sports franchises out there, namely the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL, are all covered by more than one DFS operator. The same team-picking conditions apply, where the star players cost more and require close study to determine their true worth. Events such as the annual NBA championships have enjoyed particularly rapid growth amongst Fantasy Sports players in India, and they too have certain keys to success that can lead to rich rewards.

Perhaps the biggest of those ‘keys’ is to relate your picks to the most popular betting markets surrounding US sports. These include:

Handicap Result

The teams that frequently win by margins of multiple goals, or an above-average margin of points, will invariably have some players who are reasonably priced, but good to include in any fantasy squad. It is generally the case that every member of the team, not just one, is exceeding expectations if the team’s results list is heavy with handicap-beating wins.

Top Scorer (Outright)

Teams that regularly win by relatively high margins will always have one player with an ability to score high in many games. They will almost certainly feature near the top of seasonal top-scorer odds markets for their respective leagues. Even if they are expensive, their sheer popularity makes them worthy of inclusion, as they can act as a buffer against conceding DFS points to your league rivals.

Over / Under

One of the most popular betting markets out there is ‘Over/Under’, where the total points – accrued by one team or within an entire game – must (or must not) exceed a certain threshold for the bet to prevail. Looking at a team’s history of being involved in high-scoring fixtures is particularly useful in some niche DFS contests, particularly those where you pick a certain number of players from within a certain fixture.

Quarter / Half Win

Some fantasy games allow you to jump in after the end of certain periods in play. An example would be fantasy cricket games, where you might play only one of the two innings, enjoying a quicker-paced game while also fielding players who thrive either early or late in games. With US sports, the same principles apply, and for any DFS tournaments where you can switch players in-play, looking at which teams and players improve as play progresses can be a very important element of success.

Rookie of the Year (Outright)

Players in their first season out of a US college will always see their prices tempered somewhat, given that they are inexperienced at professional level. Players that are selected in the first round of drafts at the start of every year usually command shorter odds for Rookie of the Year, so these are always worth considering as an inclusion if selecting a season-long squad, rather than selecting one on a per-round basis.

Other Sports

Tennis, rugby, F1 and UFC are other popular sports amongst players. Each sport boasts its own unique dynamics, which dictate how fantasy games run. With tennis, the scoring changes very quickly, so you will invariably need to make shrewd calls before the start of play to experience any real success.

Formula 1 races also provide a unique challenge, as the fantasy games associated with it require you to either guess the correct finishing order or select racers from different ‘tiers’, depending on how well you think they will do. With Fantasy UFC, meanwhile, you pick a ‘stable’ of several different fighters, all of whom earn points based on win method and the speed of the result.

Top 3 Betting Sites With Fantasy Sports Betting Markets

The below shortlisted operators offer sports wagering and/or year-round Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests. Based on our research, all of them provide a great range of odds markets that pertain to key elements of DFS games.


Users of 1xBet can win up to a ₹60,000 DFS bonus and claim cashback on lost wagers. There are also some very impressive bonuses and promotions on offer, along with loyalty schemes that are tailored to the user’s needs. The site also has an excellent app for fantasy sports betting, and is considered one of the best cricket betting sites around.


Anyone who newly signs up to bet365 can get up to ₹ 4,000 in bet credits, after which they are met with a huge array of sports markets to bet on. These are also readily accessible via a mobile app that many consider to have few equals, as is it is well-maintained and offers the same value for money as the desktop site.


Users of Unibet can play fantasy sports and win big money daily on the site; however, this isn’t the only perk on offer. Anyone who also wants to use the sportsbook for wagering can get up to a ₹ 3700 bonus if the first bet loses. The site also provides in-depth stats for pre-match and in-play betting.

Fantasy Sports FAQs

Is fantasy sports free to play?

Unless otherwise stated, Fantasy Sports is free to play. You can also get fantasy sports tips for free with most apps and sites.

Which are the most popular fantasy sports websites?

At present, the most popular Fantasy Sports websites are HalaPlay, MyTeam11 and Dream11.

Do any betting sites offer fantasy sports betting markets?

Yes, some do. Considering both are operators that offer DFS games and ones that provide a good range of odds, which could be used on the DFS squad selection / prediction process, we have identified 1xBet, bet365 and Unibet as the best bookmakers offering fantasy sports betting markets.

What sort of prizes could I win from fantasy sports betting tournaments?

Theoretically, there is no upper limit to fantasy sports tournaments. Prizes upwards of 1 crore in DFS games are commonplace amongst A-list operators.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

Fantasy sports offer any player the opportunity to win huge prizes, without necessarily needing to know a great deal about the history of the most popular leagues out there. There is an ever-growing variety of games available, and with a growing number of users comes steadily increasing prize pots. In short, there is no better time than now to get started with fantasy sports betting games – who knows, you could be the next big success story on a top DFS site!

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