European Super League: Still On? (2021)

At the time of writing, the European Super League has been cancelled. It remains to be seen whether this competition will remerge, but currently, the UEFA Champions League remains Europe’s showpiece event. The below information was compiled when the European Super League was still planned to go ahead and has been maintained for information purposes. If anything changes, the content will be updated accordingly.

What is the European Super League?

The European Super League has recently been announced following an agreement between 12 European heavyweight clubs, namely: Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. In addition, it is anticipated that a further 3 founding teams will shortly be announced.

What We Know So Far

Plenty of information is yet to be revealed, but this is what we know so far about the European Super League:

  • The league will feature 20 teams
  • 15 of these teams will be permanent founding members, participating every season without the risk of losing their place
  • The other 5 will qualify annually based on their achievements in the previous season
  • The 20 teams will be divided into 2 groups of 10 clubs each
  • The top 4 from each group will proceed to a knockout phase, resembling the current format of the UEFA Champions League
  • Matches take place midweek and should continue alongside domestic competitions

European Super League Format

The European Super League is slated for an August start and will feature a total of 20 teams. 15 of these teams will be the founding members mentioned above, with a further five clubs qualifying based on their annual achievements in the previous season.

The games for the competition will be played in midweek, supposedly allowing the clubs to continue with their own domestic league duties, meaning hugely popular EPL betting can still continue. This is an attempt to ensure that the original match calendar, which sees clubs play their domestic games at the weekend in normal circumstances, preserved, with La Liga betting and Serie A betting also set to continue in earnest.

There would be two groups of 10 teams, with each side playing the other nine teams home and away. The top three in each group would automatically qualify for the quarter-finals. Teams finishing in fourth and fifth-place would enter into a two-legged play-off system for the final quarter-final berths.

The remaining fixtures would be played out as two-legged clashes with the final then being played at a neutral venue in May as a single fixture.

There will also be a corresponding Women’s Super League, with it hoped that this will help to further develop and advance the women’s game too.

European Super League Participants

At the time of writing, there are 12 ‘founding members’ that have seen this European Super League come to light. From the Premier League, the so called ‘big six’ in Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have all voiced their intent to take part in this league.

Away from England, La Liga giants Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are part of the 12 along with Serie A’s Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan are also understood to be part of these plans. Reportedly, Germany’s Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich along with France’s PSG refused to join the Super League, instead deciding to continue playing in their own leagues.

Below, we have given a rundown of the 12 founding members and the credentials that has seen them earmarked as the sides to play in the new European Super League.

Premier League Sides

Manchester United

Domestic Honours: 20 First Division/Premier Leagues. 12 FA Cups. 5 Football League Cups/EFL Cups. 21 FA Community Shields.

European Honours: 3 Champions Leagues. 1 European Cup Winners’ Cups. 1 UEFA Europa League. 1 European Super Cup. 1 Intercontinental Cup. 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

The most successful side in First Division/Premier League history, Manchester United have become synonymous with trophies and winning. Boasting some of the greatest players of all time in Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Wayne Rooney and many more, United may have lost their way somewhat over the last decade, but they have a solid place in the footballing halls of fame. Their winning ways have been lost slightly since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, but they have displayed the fact they are nearing a return to their best, with the side currently sitting in second in the Premier League.


Domestic Honours: 19 First Division/Premier Leagues. 7 FA Cups. 8 Football League/EFL Cups. 15 FA Community Shields.

European Honours: 6 Champions Leagues. 3 UEFA Cups. 4 UEFA Super Cups. 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

The reigning-Premier League champions and the second most successful side in English football, Liverpool boast some truly outstanding players right now. While they may be going through a tough season after being eliminated from the Champions League, FA Cup and EFL Cup, while they are someway short in the league, the Reds are a force to be reckoned with on their day and are deserving of being seen as amongst Europe’s best sides.

Manchester City

Domestic Honours: 6 First Division/Premier Leagues. 6 FA Cups. 7 Football League Cups/EFL Cups. 6 FA Community Shields.

European Honours: 1 European Cup Winners’ Cups.

While Manchester City are seen as new money in the league, it cannot be denied that they have used the resources that have been given to them very well. With Pep Guardiola at the helm, the English side seem to finally be edging towards a Champions League triumph, while they look to be well on course to add to their six First Division/Premier League crowns with a win this year.


Domestic Honours: 6 First Divisions/Premier Leagues. 8 FA Cups. 5 Football League Cups/EFL Cups. 4 FA Community Shields.

European Honours: 1 UEFA Champions League. 2 Europa Leagues. 2 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups. 1 UEFA Super Cup.

Much like Manchester City, Chelsea are seen as a newer part of the Premier League big boys. The money of Roman Abramovich has taken the Blues to new heights and seen them win all of the major honours available to them. With Thomas Tuchel now leading the side, Chelsea are just three wins away from winning the Champions League this season and adding only their second triumph in the competition in their history.


Domestic Honours: 13 First Division/Premier Leagues. 14 FA Cups. 2 League Cups/EFL Cups. 16 Community Shields.

European Honours: 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

While Arsenal are some way short of the Invincibles of yester-year, they are still a side that boasts some major talent. Of course, many have questioned their involvement in the competition as they have not won a major honour with the exception of the FA Cup for some time.

Tottenham Hotspur

Domestic Honours: 2 First Division/Premier Leagues. 8 FA Cups. 4 League Cup/EFL Cups. 7 FA Community Shields.

European Honours: 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup/ 2 UEFA Cups.

Much like Arsenal, there are major questions over Tottenham Hotspur’s involvement in the European Super League as they have not won any major trophies of late. Despite boasting some great talent, many believe Spurs would be out of their depth in a competition like the ESL.

La Liga Sides


Domestic Honours: 26 La Ligas. 31 Copa del Reys. 13 Supercopa de Espana.

European Honours: 5 UEFA Champions Leagues. 4 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups. 5 UEFA Super Cups. 3 FIFA Club World Cups.

One of the most well-known and recognisable teams in the modern game, Barcelona are a trophy winning machine with one of the greatest players of all time in Lionel Messi in their ranks. The Champions League has proved a difficult place for the side to ply their trade in recent years so maybe an ESL berth would improve their fortunes in Europe, with Barcelona always featuring prominently on the best football betting sites.

Real Madrid

Domestic Honours: 34 La Ligas. 19 Copa del Reys. 11 Supercopa de Espana.

European Honours: 13 UEFA Champions Leagues. 2 UEFA Super Cups. 4 UEFA Super Cups. 4 FIFA Club World Cups.

The most successful club in the history of the Champions League, Real Madrid are a side that just keep on winning. Some of the greatest players in the game have played for Madrid, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane all plying their trade for the side. Madrid’s legacy in European and Spanish football is one that makes them arguably the greatest team of them all.

Atletico Madrid

Domestic Honours: 10 La Ligas. 10 Copa del Reys. 2 Supercopa de Espana.

European Honours: 0 UEFA Champions Leagues. 1 European Cups Winners’ Cups. 3 UEFA Europa Leagues. 3 UEFA Super Cup.

While Atletico Madrid may not be in the same bracket as their city rivals when it comes to trophy winning, they have proved that they are deserving their place in upper echelons of European football. Atleti may not be the most attractive of sides when it comes to how they play football, but they are probably the most fierce side without the ball, and work incredibly hard for each-other on the pitch.

Serie A Sides


Domestic Honours: 36 Serie A’s. 1 Serie B. 13 Coppa Italia’s. 9 Supercoppa Italianas.

European Honours: 2 UEFA Champions Leagues. 1 European Cup Winners’ Cups. 3 UEFA Cups. 2 UEFA Super Cups.

With Cristiano Ronaldo leading the line, Italian giants Juventus are one of the most powerful and difficult to beat sides in world football. Juve are doing their best to ensure their tag of being a defence powerhouse with attacking football being an afterthought is going well, although they have struggled to put their stamp on the league and Europe this season.

Inter Milan

Domestic Honours: 18 Serie A’s. 7 Coppa Italia’s. 5 Supercoppa Italianas.

European Honours: 3 UEFA Champions Leagues. 3 UEFA Cups. 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Inter Milan lost their way in the last decade but they are climbing back to where their fans believe they should be again. With a good mix of youth and experience in the side, Inter are an Italian side that bring strength at the back along with goals.

AC Milan

Domestic Honours: 18 Serie A’s. 2 Serie B’s. 5 Coppa Italia’s. 7 Supercoppa Italiana’s.

European Honours: 7 UEFA Champions Leagues. 2 European Cup Winners’ Cups. 5 UEFA Super Cups. 1 FIFA Club World Cups.

Much like bitter-rivals Inter, AC Milan are are side that are once again finding their feet in football. While they are still looking to move past Juve and Inter, AC Milan have been able to build a side of real talent, with the Italian outfit looking closer to the team of old than they have been for some time.

European Super League Fixtures

There are no fixtures currently confirmed for the competition due to moving parts and the fact that the tournament is supposedly meant to be commence as soon as is possible.

Despite this, the league is slated to have an August start, although there are a lot of hurdles that would have to be jumped before this league could begin.

As soon as the European Super League fixtures have been confirmed, they will be posted here.

Will these clubs still take part in domestic leagues?

The fact that the European Super League participant’s will play their games in midweek is a clear sign of intent from the sides and organisers, showing that they want to continue with their current domestic league duties.

However, UEFA, FIFA, the Premier League and the Football Association are all strongly against this. This comes alongside rumours that players will also be banned from playing for their national teams in major tournaments too such as the European Championships.

European Super League vs Champions League vs Europa League

The European Super League has certainly shaken things up with regards to football. Indeed, the current competitions across each major footballing country along with Champions League betting and Europa League betting will be impacted if the league becomes a reality. But what are the similarities and difference between the European Super League, Champions League and Europa League?

Number of teams in the competition203248

European Super League Champions League Europa League
Format 20 teams are split into two groups of 10 teams with each side playing the other home and away. The top three teams from both groups go into the quarter-finals with the fourth and fifth-placed teams playing in a play-off style clash to decide who takes the final spot. Two-legged games are used in the following rounds before a one-off final at a neutral venue. Group-stage with four teams in each group playing each other home and away. Followed by two-legged last-16, quarter-finals and semi-finals before a one-off final. Group-stage with four teams in each group playing each other home and away. 24 teams progress into the round of 32, with eight third-placed sides from the Champions League falling into the competition. Then follows the quarter-finals and semi-finals before a one-off final.
Qualification 15 ‘Founding Members’ to take part in the competition every year. Five clubs to be invited annually depending on their performances over the prior season. Champions League qualification is secured by finishing in the upper-echelons of a countries domestic standings. It can also be secured by winning the Europa League. Europa League qualification is gained by finishing in the upper positions in a countries domestic league, but below those that provide Champions League sports. Winning domestic cup competitions can also provide access.
Prize money It is reported that if a team wins every single game in the ESL, they stand to win £212 million, while a team that losses every game would pocket £130 million. A club that wins the competition is reported to pick up around £55 million. The winner of the Europa League is reported to take away between €13-15 million.

European Super League Opposition

The European Super League has, despite only being announced a very short time ago, come under huge fire, with a lot of criticism being aimed at its inception. Many football fans have taken to different forms of social media to voice their opposition to the proposed league. Former players like Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville have been very vocal about their opposition, while even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has voiced his disapproval.

However, perhaps most important of all is the condemnation of FIFA and UEFA. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin has said that bans will be issued for any players playing in the European Super League, meaning they will be unable to play for their national teams at the World Cup and European Championships.

Indeed, all of FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League, the English Football Association, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, La Liga, the Italian Football Federation and Serie A have said that they will remain united in their attempts to stop the European Super League from happening. The project has been called cynical by many, with the inability for any of the founding members to be relegated from the competition seen as creating a closed-off European competition, where the best teams are immune from ever falling out of the tournament.

Part of the opposition has come from the reported financial winnings teams in the ESL could enjoy. Indeed, it is reported that, with JP Morgan financing the league, even if a team were to lose all of their games, they would still stand to make £130 million, while if a side were to win all of their games, they would scoop £212 million.

Current Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is reported to be the chairman of the Super League, with Joel Glazer (co-chairman of Manchester United) and Andrea Agnelli of Juventus slated to be vice-chairmen. Both Manchester United and Liverpool are set to pick up £310 million.

European Super League Betting FAQs

When will the European Super League start?

The competition was expected to get underway in the 2021/22 season, however, at the time of writing, it has been cancelled.

Which clubs will be in the European Super League?

The following 12 clubs were announced: Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Another 3 teams were expected to join this list of founding members.

Does the European Super League replace the Champions League?

Clubs taking part in the European Super League would not have been able to participate in the Champions League, however the latter tournament is still expected to continue with oth-er teams.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

The bombshell announcement of breakaway European Super League has shocked the footballing world to its core. This competition will see Europe’s giant clubs clash and prove themselves against the very best. Whatever your opinion on it may be, there won’t be a lack of action, which is great news for us bettors. 

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