Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Guide: Predictions and Tips

In India, cricket is more than just a sport; it is a religion. And the rise of Dream11 fantasy has only taken the craze up by several notches. In this article, we explain how to play Dream11 fantasy cricket, build your Dream11 fantasy cricket team and start winning real money today. We've also listed a few expert Dream11 fantasy prediction tips to help you up your game!

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What is Dream11 Fantasy?

For starters, Dream11 is a fantasy game of skill that will, in this case, test your knowledge of cricket. Here, you have to build your own Dream11 cricket team comprising real players for any upcoming match, and compete with other cricket buffs gunning for big prizes.

In India, Dream11 is undoubtedly the biggest fantasy-based game today. It has contributed significantly to the rising popularity of cricket betting on some of the cricket betting sites India and cricket betting apps in India. While this post addresses how to play Dream11 cricket, remember that the Dream11 Fantasy app offers a range of other sports as well, including:

  • Dream11 Fantasy Football
  • Dream11 Fantasy Hockey
  • Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi
  • Dream11 Fantasy Baseball
  • Dream11 Fantasy Basketball

You don’t have to be a pro at fantasy sports to play Dream11 cricket. It is relatively straightforward, and you always have Dream11 prediction tips at your disposal.

The aim is to choose the best 11 players from the two sides squaring off in a given game. Your score will depend on how these players perform in the match. When the match is over, the points are totalled, and the performance of the player you selected is compared with other users in the contest.

You win money if your chosen player has performed better than the others.

How to Play Dream11 Fantasy Cricket

Getting started is a straightforward process. We've listed all the steps below:

Download the Dream11 Fantasy App

For Apple users: You can download the Dream11 app for free from the App Store. Once downloaded, you must register with a username and password.

For Android users: You can download the Dream11 app from the Google Play Store. However, you will not be able to play games for real money. To download the full version of the Dream11 app, you'll need to perform the following steps:

  • Search ‘Download Dream11 android app’ on Google and click on the link that appears.
  • Click on the link that says ‘Download APK’.
  • Next, click ‘OK’ on the warning pop-up.
  • Dream11.apk will be downloaded; click ‘Open’.
  • You will see a security pop-up under which there will be two options. Click ‘Settings’.
  • Toggle to ‘Allow download from unknown sources’.
  • When the Dream11 pop-up appears, click ‘Install’.
  • Click ‘Open’ to start Dream11.

Register on Dream11 Fantasy

After you have downloaded the Dream11 app, it’s time to register. You can register through Google, Facebook, your mobile number, or directly with Dream11.

Click ‘Log in’ if you already have a Dream11 account.

Register on Dream11

Choose a Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Match

On the Dream11 home page, you will see a list of all the matches, ranked in order of their scheduled starts. Bear in mind that the app usually promotes international matches over the others that may not be as popular.

Register on Dream11

Create Your Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Team

This is where the fun kicks in – and where your knowledge of the game will be tested. The Dream11 app will guide you through the basic rules of creating your Dream11 cricket team:

  • Choose 11 players you think would perform the best.
  • You will be given a purse of 100 credits to create your fantasy Dream11 cricket team.
  • You can pick a maximum of seven players from a particular team.

While you can mix-n-match player combinations, you must choose from  within the stipulated criteria:

  • Wicket-keepers (Min 1 – Max 4)
  • Batsmen (Min 3 – Max 6)
  • All-rounders (Min 1 – Max 4)
  • Bowlers (Min 3 – Max 6)

Next up, you have to assign a captain and vice-captain for your Dream11 cricket team. Remember, the captain generates 2x points scored in the actual match, while the vice-captain generates 1.5x points.

Creating a Dream11 cricket team

Creating a Dream11 cricket team

Creating a Dream11 cricket team

Top Tips and Predictions on Creating Your Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Team

Stated below are general suggestions and tips that can help with your Dream11 predictions:

Tip #1: Keep an eye out for the elements

Take the weather into account when creating your Dream11 cricket team. Why? Well…

How do weather conditions affect bowling?

Overcast conditions play a significant role in swing bowling. Batsmen don’t like it when the ball is swinging, and a grey sky with moisture in the air is exactly what swing bowlers love to see. In that case, it is a good idea to have fast, swing bowlers in your Dream11 cricket team.

On the contrary, sunny and clear blue skies often bring out the best in spin bowlers. A dry and dusty track helps the ball get more grip off the surface, making lives difficult for batsmen.

Similarly, the wind is another crucial factor. When there is a breeze across the surface, you can expect fast bowlers to swing the ball from around the equator!

How do weather conditions affect batting?

Similarly, overhead conditions impact batting as well. Top-order batsmen lick their lips at the sight of clear and sunny skies, considering bowlers don’t get enough purchase. A lovely sunny day is not what pacers are fond of. If rain is forecasted for the day, it is wise not to have many fast bowlers in your Dream11 cricket team, considering showers usually slow down play and make it easier for the batsmen.

Tip #2: Follow the pitch report

Understanding the 22 yards is critical to unleashing winners and making precise Dream11 predictions.

A green top

These are just the perfect conditions for fast, medium-fast, and seam bowlers. Matches are typically low-scoring, with wickets falling in a jiffy. Of course, it can be tempting to pack your Dream11 cricket team with fast bowlers.

A damp pitch

This sort of surface makes batsmen iffy in their approach. Chances are the match would be low-scoring with the batters adopting a defensive style of play. Also, fast bowlers will generally thrive in such conditions, so you can back one of them to be the top wicket-taker.

A dead wicket

This is a paradise for most batsmen, typically the big-hitters from the sub-continent. Generally, spinners are the most effective, but you can expect the batting side to scan the conditions and get on top of the bowling camp. Fast bowlers, bowling anything short of a length, will be severely punished. It is an excellent idea to have big-hitters and spinners in your Dream11 cricket team.

A dry and dusty wicket

This sort of pitch is generally referred to as a ‘rank turner’. Here, as the play progresses, batsmen find it challenging to read the spinners. Therefore, you must keep off inexperienced batsmen while making your Dream11 predictions. A team that’s chasing down a big total will find it frustrating as spinners begin to get purchase off the pitch.

Tip #3: Keep the contest in mind

This includes having all team-related data at hand, including head-to-head of the two teams, the players’ recent form, the sides’ win/loss ratio, their standing on the league table, and the Playing XIs to take the field on that day. Dream11 allows you to mix-n-match your player combinations right up until the game begins.

Remember, it is a rookie mistake to pick a player in your Dream11 cricket team who does not actually take the field on match day. It can significantly bring down your chances of winning your Dream11 predictions.

If you'd like further tips on how to sharpen your predictions, check our post on the best cricketing websites for cricket betting analysis.

Tip #4: Aye Aye, Captain

When we say that the captain and vice-captain are the make-or-break elements for your Dream11 cricket team, rest assured that we aren’t over-stressing it. While the captain will get you 2x, the deputy will get you 1.5x the points they score in the actual match. You must be thorough with your selections if you want to win your Dream11 predictions and take a shot at the massive prizes.

Tip #5: Keep track of ongoing updates

Watch out for all game-related news and up-to-the-minute updates. Look out for players who are likely to sit on the side-lines, either due to a last-minute injury or other forced changes in keeping with the conditions. Additionally, see whether there’s a wicket-keeper or an all-rounder who can come up the batting order and score quick runs, or a tailender who can smack some lusty blows lower down the order.

Points System for Dream11 Fantasy Predictions Cricket

Get to know the fantasy points system as well as the back of your hand. Batsmen get points for the runs they score, as well as ‘boundary bonus’, ‘six bonus’, ‘half-century bonus’, and ‘century bonus’. Similarly, bowlers get points for every wicket, four or five-wicket hauls, and maiden overs. Economy rate (for bowlers), strike rate (for the batsmen), catches, run-outs and stumping also carry points.

The points vary across the format of the game.

The tables below display the points system for T20, ODI, and Test cricket:

Batting Points

FormatRunBoundary BonusSix BonusHalf-century BonusCentury BonusDismissal for a Duck (Batsman, W-K, All-rounder)

(A batsman scoring a century will be awarded points only for the century and not for the half-century)

Bowling Points

FormatWicket (Excluding Run-outs)4-Wicket Haul Bonus5-Wicket Haul BonusMaiden Over

Fielding Points

FormatCatchStumping/Run-out (Direct)Run-out (Thrower)Run-out (Catcher)

(In case three or more players from the fielding team cause the run-out, only the last two players to have effected the run-out will be awarded the points)

Economy Rate Points

FormatBelow 4 runs/over4-4.99 runs/over5-6 runs/over9-10 runs/over10.01-11 runs/overAbove 11 runs/over

(Minimum 2 overs to be bowled)

FormatBelow 2.5 runs/over2.5-3.49 runs/over3.5-4.5 runs/over7-8 runs/over8.1-9 runs/overAbove 9 runs/over
ODI +6+4+2-2-4-6

(Minimum 5 overs to be bowled)

Strike Rate (For Batsmen) Points

Format60-70 runs/100 balls50-59.9 runs/100 ballsBelow 50 runs/100 balls

(Negative points for low batting Strike Rates are only applicable for individual Strike Rates below 70 runs per 100 balls)

Format50-60 runs/100 balls40-49.99 runs/100 ballsBelow 40 runs/100 balls

(Negative points for low batting Strike Rates are only applicable for individual Strike Rates below 60 runs per 100 balls)

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money from Dream11 Fantasy

There is no play-on-credit on the Dream11 app. You must prepay your account to start making Dream11 predictions.

How to Deposit Money in Dream11 Fantasy

Click on the icon at the top left-hand corner of the home page. On certain Android devices, you can find this icon on the top right-hand corner.

Click on ‘My Balance’ to see your current Dream11 app balance. If you wish to deposit money, click on ‘Add Cash’.  Select the denomination you wish to deposit and click on ‘Add Cash’ again. Then, you will be directed to the payment gateway.

The banking options available include debit card, credit card, net banking, e-wallets, and UPI.

How to deposit money in Dream11

How to Withdraw Money From Dream11 Fantasy

You must verify your mobile number, email address, PAN, and bank account details to withdraw money from the Dream11 app. Click on ‘My Balance’ and follow the cues. Once you have verified the details above, you can withdraw all your Dream11 prediction winnings and have them credited to your bank account.

5 Expert Tips for Dream11 Fantasy Predictions Cricket

The idea is to keep strategising simple. While tactics will vary across matches, the following tips can serve as a general guideline to winning your Dream11 predictions.

  1. Remember that you are allowed to make changes to your Dream11 cricket team up until the game starts. So it is advisable not to join a contest too early, considering you might forget to introduce the last-minute changes, thereby potentially costing you your Dream11 predictions.
  2. Pick top-order batsmen from both sides, considering they get to face the maximum deliveries. If you are making a Dream11 cricket team for a T20 game, keep in mind the length of that format. There is a chance that players lower down the order don’t get to wield the willow, in which case you’d lose out on vital scoring points.
  3. Go for floaters – wicket-keepers and all-rounders who are comfortable batting higher up the order.
  4. When it comes to bowling, go for death over specialists. Since batsmen will try to up the scoring ante, this tactic might bring a wicket or two, creating a sizeable difference in points.
  5. Pick players with a higher chance of contributing across departments – batting, bowling, and fielding.
  6. Remember that a top bankroll management strategy is paramount, be it in Dream11 predictions or general cricket betting.

Remember, Remember

  • There are no points for substitutes. However, Concussion and COVID-19 Substitutes, if permitted, will be awarded 4 points for making an appearance in the game. For any other contribution, points will be awarded according to the points system.
  • Even if a player has been transferred to another team, he will be available for selection by his old team until the next Dream11 cricket team update.
  • Non-starters in the match don’t get awarded any points. However, the player who replaces the non-starter will get points for being both in the Playing XI and match contribution.
  • Any action during a Super Over will not be awarded any points.
  • Once the match is marked ‘complete’ and the winners declared, no other adjustment will be allowed.
  • No negative points are awarded for low strike rate in Test matches.
  • Dream11 Small Leagues and H2H contests are easier to win, and therefore, attract regular players more. These are single-entry contests where you must field the best side to beat the competition.
  • Grand Leagues are mega contests where you can make up to 11 different teams to maximise your chances of winning Dream11 predictions.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Dream11 Fantasy Cricket

  • When creating your Dream11 cricket team, don’t make it batting-heavy. Strive for that delicate balance between top-order batters, a keeper who can bat, handy all-rounders, and death over specialists.
  • Don’t gamble with your captain and vice-captain. If these two fail to come up trumps, you will lose crucial points and might have to say goodbye to any chance of winning your Dream11 predictions.
  • You cannot rely on stats alone. The scoreboard can only guide you up to a certain extent; you need to follow the game and its latest developments, be aware of any players being rested, and keep tabs on the two sides’ H2H and past encounters.
  • You cannot overlook general conditions, including the weather and pitch report. Pace-bowling battery will not help on a rank-turner; neither will spinners get the job done on a green, seaming wicket.

Other Dream11 Fantasy Sports

Dream11 Fantasy Football

Every Dream 11 football team must have 11 players, with a maximum of seven players from any one team playing the actual match on the day. While you can have multiple player combinations, they must conform to the 100 credit-cap and the stipulated selection criteria.

The captain and vice-captain will generate 2x and 1.5x the points (respectively) they score in the actual match.

Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi

Every Dream 11 Kabaddi team must have seven players, with a maximum of five players from any one team playing the actual match on the day. While you can have multiple player combinations, they must conform to the 100 credit-cap and the stipulated selection criteria.

The captain and vice-captain will generate 2x and 1.5x the points (respectively) they score in the actual match.

Dream11 Fantasy Baseball

Every Dream 11 baseball team must have nine players, with a maximum of six players from any one team playing the actual match on the day. While you can have multiple player combinations, they must conform to the 100 credit-cap and the stipulated selection criteria.

The captain and vice-captain will generate 2x and 1.5x the points (respectively) they score in the actual match.

Dream11 Fantasy Basketball

Every Dream 11 basketball team must have eight players, with a maximum of five players from any one team playing the actual match on the day. While you can have multiple player combinations, they must conform to the 100 credit-cap and the stipulated selection criteria.

The Star Player and Pro Player will generate 2x and 1.5x the points (respectively) they score in the actual match.

Dream11 Fantasy Hockey

Every Dream 11 hockey team must have 11 players. While you can have multiple player combinations, they must conform to the 100 credit-cap and the stipulated selection criteria.

The captain and vice-captain will generate 2x and 1.5x the points (respectively) they score in the actual match.

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Dream11 Fantasy FAQs

Can I play Dream11 Fantasy for free?

You can download the Dream11 app for free. What’s more, you can also play for free, but your options will be limited to games that don’t have any prize money riding on them (unless, of course, there are ongoing promos at that time).

Can I win real money playing Dream11 Fantasy?

Of course you can. With Dream 11, you get a ton of games to play and along with the potential to reap handsome rewards. The money up for grabs ranges from Rs.15 – Rs. 5 crores for mega contests. The money required for you to enter these contests varies, and so does the number of participants.

Be advised that there is no federal law that bans online betting in India. While some states have relaxed the regulations, others have been sitting on the fence about it. However, make sure to first check with your own local laws to be on the safe side.

Are Dream11 Fantasy contests fixed?

No. Till this day, there has been nothing that proves that Dream11 was (or can be) fixed. As you play Dream11 fantasy sports, you will realise that the entire process is unambiguous and straightforward.

What are the odds of winning my Dream11 fantasy predictions?

Dream11 fantasy sports – whether Dream11 cricket or any other sport – are a mix of luck and skill. For example, if you are going H2H against a player, the chances of getting your Dream11 predictions right is 50-50. At the same time, odds of winning aren’t as great if you compete in the mega contests.

What are the best betting sites offering fantasy sports?

Some of the best betting sites offering fantasy sports are 1xBet, Betway, Sportsbet.io, and NetBet. To see a complete list, please scroll to the top of the article.

CricketBettingAdvice Final Say

We hope you have now understood how to play Dream11 cricket. Remember, whether you're betting on Dream11 fantasy sports or cricket in general, you must know how to choose the best betting site that offers value on betting markets and cricket betting odds. A sizeable welcome offer and promos are additional perks.

Also, look out for multiple banking options, as having a variety of choice helps making deposits or withdrawing your money that much easier. Oh, and lest we forget, good customer service is, of course, non-negotiable. In addition, don't forget to check out our post on the best online betting tips to maximise your winnings

On a final note, at the time of writing this article, the Indian Premier League 2020 is currently underway in the UAE across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Be sure to check out our IPL betting guide for some top tips!

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