Why Cricket Betting is so Popular in India?

Betting in India is probably as old as the civilization of India. The history of gambling in India is dated back to Kautilya’s era when the gambling was protected by state and a tax of 5% charged over winning. After that, gambling takes place on different sports in India including animal’s racing and fighting and became the part of Indian traditions. Even today, these sports are happening in different parts of India with different style so thus the betting. Today betting habits in India change from these old local sports to the international type of sports including cricket.

The betting in India is completely banned and is considered illegal by the government authorities. But people in India are doing these activities continuously irrespective of its illegality. The best way of avoiding action by the relevant authorities is the use of the online cricket betting websites that provide a safe way of betting.

How popular is betting on cricket in India?

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, but in India, it is the most popular sport. This would not be wrong to say that the betting is equally popular as is the cricket itself. When India plays a high voltage match with other teams like Pakistan or Australia, the stake of the people in India are very high and this is the prime time when the business of gambling thrive. The magnitude of the popularity of betting on cricket can be understood by the statistics provided by the Betting Adda-UK based betting website which claims it gets some 5000 new registrations and 500000 visitors from India every month.

Reasons for cricket betting popularity in India:

Engaging in any type of support activity be it physical or mentally is the most enjoyable time for most of the people. Most of the people in India spend their weekends playing cricket or watching cricket. The addition of cricket betting allowed people to enjoy this support in a different way. The introduction of online cricket betting makes the betting process really easy and popular as well. Other reasons besides the online betting behind the popularity of cricket betting include the opportunity to earn the money fast, to support their favorite team and to enjoy the spare time.

1. Online Betting is a Popular Option

It is quite natural that not every cricket aficionado would wander under local bridges asking around if anybody is taking wagers on cricket. This is, in fact, the biggest reason for the popularity of online cricket betting for matches in India. It is legal to place bets on the bookmaker and you can withdraw your winnings in a heartbeat. Betting online has paved the way for the niche markets. Punters these days are going out of their comfort zone to try things like handicap betting which is quit common in T20 cricket. If you are someone who is not into cricket, then sports betting is not likley to offer much. But, if you are die-hard fan, there is a mountain of reasons to opt for cricket betting.

2. To support the favorite team:

It is rightly said that India is a cricket crazy country, from a 5-year-old child to an old man everyone in India is a cricket lover. Whenever a high voltage match played between India and other teams some 400 million people from India watches the match, this is 1/3 of the total population. These numbers are just staggering so is the passion of betting in them. To support the favorite team either in the world cup or the IPL tournament people fined betting especially online betting the best way to support their favorite team. Looking at the passion of cricket, one can say the for sure that the business of betting is only going to increase in the coming year.

3. The attractive market of gambling:

The business of betting is huge and every bettor wants to take a pie from this huge market. The total market size of gambling is mind-blowing and is worth $150 Billion. This amount is huge by any means and attracts a lot of people towards betting in India. While the revenue earned by the bettors alone clogged at $130.340 million this year alone. This presents an attractive picture of the betting process in India that can attract more people toward itself. The following graph shows the revenue earned by the bettors from the year 2008 to 2018.

Online Cricket Betting Data

(Data were taken From the Statista.com)

4. Accessibility

As mentioned above, majority of people in India are not affluent, so every opportunity of making money is always welcome. Since cricket is regarded as a religion in India, people crave for these matches and betting comes naturally to them; even though the results may be contrary to their expectations. So, it is easily accessible for anyone interestes to place a bet and there are no special requirements. There are quite a number of matches played by the Indian Cricket Team quite frequently. There are no waiting time because there is always a cricket match in a month or two.

5. Simplicity

The game of cricket is very easy and betting on this sport does not require any prior training or special knowledge. There are plenty of good players and their popularity is constantly on the rise. This in turn, makes it easier for any punter to understand the complete background behind cricket popularity. After placing the first bet, the jitters are over. There is no dearth of people who have won the bet and want to win some more. At the same time, there are peope who have lost bet but want to win next time. The good thing is there are plenty of online resources available where anyone can learn about the process of betting and get in the loop in no time.

6. A good way to spend leisure time:

This is an amazing fact that many people participate in betting to spend the extra time in enjoyable fashion. Many people participate in betting due to their deep habit to do so. The betting fever is at the peak when a high voltage cricket match being played on the weekend when most of the people have a lot of spare time. So why one should not earn some easy money and kill the extra time simultaneously?

7. The rise online platforms of betting: 

The online platforms of betting make the process of betting very easy. The betting is illegal in India in all its means but online betting is a safe way for bettors. This makes the betting process very easy and in access of every other person. As the coverage of mobile network will increase to the popularity of online betting.

As you see, though betting is illegal in India, people still participate in online cricket betting from India through some convenient sportsbooks. This is one of the main reason for the popularity of gambling in India. However, from our point of view, making some quick money is the main reason for this. 


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